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forever bitter that kingsglaive gave us this guy then took him away from us

Because I love to go back and overanalyze every single Malec scene and find meaning in every subtlety, I just noticed in this scene after Magnus says “…different?” and Alec agrees that Magnus looks so heartbroken. The realization of their differences is daunting but he looks like he’s trying to gather any strength he has before he faces Alec again, thinking that he’s going to lose him for good. This makes me appreciate the moment when Alec turns around and chooses him even more, because they’re both saying “bitch I’m the one who will be deciding what I deserve.” Goddamn, Harry plays the hell out of this role. Bless his soul and bless Matt for being the most perfect Alec.

Also, we all know how this turned out 😏🙃 (definitely my favorite kiss of 2A).

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Imagine Sam accidentally kissing you

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(Y/N): We need to reverse the spell

Dean: *Face falls first* Duh, I hate those son of bit-

Sam: anyways how are we suppose to reverse this spell that makes us clumsy

(Y/N): I don’t know and that’s why I’m going to do research

Sam:I’ll help you *Walks towards you, but trips and falls on top of you as a result your lips connected with his*

(Y/N): *Blush*

Sam: *Blush*

Dean: *Looks up* Woah I fall on my face for one second and you guys are kissing

Sam: *Stands up awkwardly and holds on counter for support*

(Y/N): *stands up*

Sam: *Blush* I…um so s-sorry

A/n: hey guys so this was just stuck in my notebook for a while so I decided to type this up. So this probably will have a second part and I’ll try tomake this a one shot but lets see where my productivity gets me

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Hey, there they are! Over here! We got Jack!! -Arrows

Race- Boy, are we glad ta see ya! I was startin’ ta get worried.

Spot- The feelin’s mutual. Good thing ya found Jack, I thought Davey was gonna lose it.

Jack- Oh God, Davey… What did they do ta ya…?

Davey- Jack, it’s not that bad. I’m fi- mmph!

Spot- Whoa!

Race- Well, looks like Mush owes me a dollar. I bet ‘im Jack wouldn’t kiss Davey first, an’ there ya go.

pretty convincing

I was thinking ‘what would happen if Fiddleford and Ford only got together after the finale’ so heres some old man first kisses (400 words)

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just a little heads up, lovely humans. mod knope, mod andy, and i will be a bit sparse on the main blog until around saturday evening. we will all still be on our GHOs if you need to get in contact though. we’re not going to have access to our laptops until then and i’m sorry for the inconvenience. please bear with us as the real world kicks our asses (mostly just mine. 911 please help). we love you all.

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Favorite color: Blue and black. 

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  1. Peter Parker. 
  2. Naoki Irie. (Itazura Na Kiss/Mischievous Kiss.) 
  3. Finn Nelson. (My Mad Fat Diary.) 

Top three ships:

  1. Chuck Bass x Blair Waldorf. 
  2. Naoki Irie x Kotoko Aihara. 
  3. Finn Nelson x Rae Earl. 

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People get drunk. They kiss the wrong people. And pretend to be okay. People will do anything to distract their heart. They will do anything to distract it from missing someone.