kisses are hard to draw guys

Dean and Cas meeting in high school, when Dean is shoved hard in a fight and Cas, walking past, grips his arm to steady him. “Urgh, don’t touch him, you’ll catch what he’s got!” yells the guy who doing the pushing. “You’ll start kissing boys too!”

Cas keeping his hold on that arm as he calmly draws back his fist, and punches the guy in the face. Left-handed, the nose doesn’t break, but it bleeds. The guy takes a look at the pair of their murderous faces, and leaves.

Cas keeping his hold on that arm as he pulls Dean into the bathrooms and cleans him up, slopping water messily over his neck and face. Dean, one eye swelling up beautifully, makes faces at Cas in the cracked bathroom mirror.

Cas keeping his hold on that arm as, day after day, month after month, they have each other’s backs. A fight every other week or so, some light shoving in the halls most days. “Shouldn’t have kissed that boy,” Dean says. “It started this mess.” Cas shakes his head. “There’s nothing wrong with kissing boys,” he says. 

Cas keeping his hold on that arm as Dean kisses himself another boy. He’s pretty sure he grips tight enough to leave a handprint. Dean doesn’t seem to mind, though. “Is there anything wrong with just kissing one boy?” he says, softly, lips still brushing against Cas’. “Like, forever?”

Cas keeping his hold on that arm as they walk out of school on graduation day, triumphant. When he moves into his room in college, Dean’s there to help him shift his stuff. And at the end of the year, Dean’s there again to move it all back out. “You guys are so cute,” says his roommate. “What’s your secret?” 

Dean looks over at Cas and raises his eyebrows.

Cas shrugs. “Hold tight,” he says. “And don’t let go.”

BTS Reaction - walking in on them while having sex under the shower


Privat time was rare at the moment, so you took a heated shower before the other members caught you in action.


His big hands slowly wandered down your wet body until they lay flat on your breasts, massaging them before Namjoon leaned down to press his full lips on yours. As always did he taste good, his lips wetted by the warm water running down his face ere he pushed you down on your knees.

“Do me a favour and suck me off”, Namjoon said aloud, shivers running down your spine while doing as he said. He was a good lover, perfectly dominant and utterly cute outside the bedroom.

“You’re so turned on”, you said, gliding your hands around his cock.

“I am baby”, he just said, head falling back as you took him in your mouth. Slurping sounds filling the room, from the water that splashed constantly over your bodies and you, sucking on his dick extremely loud. You looked up, seeing him grin at you with his dimples for your display, hair falling on his forehead and as you were deepening your motion you heard someone opening the door, a loud inhale letting both your heads shoot to the door.

“Ever heard from knocking?”, it was Namjoon who scoffed at Jimin who stood there, eyes drawn by your naked figure and Namjoon’s cock close to your face.

“Sorry guys!”, was all the shocked boy said and the door was shut again. Laughing you tried to stand up, the mood ruined, but a big hand stopped you.

“Who said you’re done, baby?”, Namjoon whispered with his deep voice pulling your hair to finish what you started, not bothered by Jimin any further.


Jin had waited for you inside the bathroom for several minutes. You were finally here with him and why not showering together as the other members were out partying? And then you stepped inside the room, nothing but a bathrobe covering your shoulders. Jin grabbed you by the waist, pressing his pink lips onto yours and as you two deepened the kiss he slowly slid down the robe from your shoulders. The water of the shower was already dampening the air around you as you two giggling made your way inside the booth, hot water dripping off your bodies. In no time he held you in his arms, his kisses getting more passionate as you clung on his wide, muscular shoulders.

“I want you”, he whispered and while you two played with each others tongues you heard faint footsteps, but as all sounds stopped you were sure that it was nothing. Therefore you grabbed his cock, Jin hissing, and started bumping up and down. The tall man began peppering your jaw with kisses whereas your hand circled around his cock to make him ready to have sex.

“Holy shit, guys lock the door!”, a shocked Namjoon disturbed your private time, his eyes narrowed were your hand met Jin’s dick while the spoken one tried to cover your body with his wet one.

“Don’t you stare at her and get out!”, Jin said, his voice laced with anger, but as he looked at you, you both started to hysterically laugh falling into each others arms.

“God, these boys never learn to knock!”

It wasn’t what you expected, but after you got out the shower your love game finally started inside his locked bedroom.


Hoseok moved inside you, your leg wrapped around his hip while he held you by your waist, head buried in the crook of your neck. It was midnight already as to why you tried to stay quiet, the other boys already sleeping as it was the first night they came back from their tour. Hoseok had pulled you in as you handed him a towel and one thing topped the other. He had the hips of a dancer, moving them like a god. This motion muffled your loud moans, the feeling of his cock inside your pussy making you mewl his name.

“Stay quiet, y/n baby”, he chuckled, his beautifully shaped face looking at yours. “Or do you want the members to hear you?”

You shook your head, but what should you do? The hot water and his movements turning your mind upside down. You clung onto him, arms wrapped around his neck to pull him closer, kissing his lips to muffle your next moans. His thrust got deeper as he pulled your leg higher. You felt how close he was, his breaths shallow, held back as far as possible not to pant.

“I’m coming, baby-”

“Sorry, sorry sorry”, Jungkook held a hand in front of his face, ashamed at the sight in front of him as he barged in the room almost soundless. “I haven’t seen anything. Good night, guys.”

You heard a shriek on your boyfriend’s lips as Jungkook opened the door, shock rushing down his spine, but Hoseok didn’t stop, his cum already spurting into you as the younger boy opened the door. You hadn’t even realized that your boyfriend just had his orgasm, but his relieved glance told you he just did.

“I couldn’t hold back, baby. I’m sorry”, he shot you his sunshine smile, awkwardness lacing it as you kissed him.


“Yoongi?”, you called for him a hundredth time already, running through the house. You just had seen the other guys leaving their home, except your boyfriend. You wandered from room to room as you finally heard it. Smiling you opened the door, stopping dead in your tracks. Yoongi stood there, head narrowed to his cock, a hand wrapped around it moving up and down fast. Licking your lips you knocked on the open door, his head shooting towards you. At first he looked damn angry, but then he had the usual mocking smirk plastered on his lips.

“Wanna stand there forever or suck me dry?”, his voice was laced with annoyance, but you didn’t hesitate another second, stripping off your clothes before you lasciviously walked towards the boy who crossed his arms in front of his chest. “Or should I take you from behind as a punishment of your disturbance?”

You purred holding up your ass high while leaning against the cold wall, the heat of the water flowing onto your bare heat. Yoongi didn’t wait and put his cock at your entrance. But as he wanted to push inside your folds you both heard it. The creak of the door, Taehyung and Hoseok fighting to get inside the bathroom first.

“Hyung, I had to pee from the begging, you only-” Four wide eyes watched as Yoongi’s head slowly turned around, his wet hair covering his eyes. He didn’t have to say a word and the door was shut again.

“Sorry Hyung!”, Taehyung shouted through the door. “Yes, sorry bro, just do whatever lewd things you wanted to start right now”, a chuckling Hoseok shouted.

Embarrassed you tried to get up, but a hand on your neck pushed you back down. “Now I’m furious.”


Jimin’s hands roamed around your ass, finger grazing your entrance from behind. His face was covered with his hair that he pushed back, his plump lips wetted from the flowing water. It was ice cold as he was sheltered by your body and the wall, but you stood under the sprinkler he had puposely opened to the cold side. Shivering his fingers slid over your heated pussy, kissing your soft flesh from behind. You had agreed to shower with him, most of the guys out or in their studios, too busy with themselves to disturb your actions in their main bathroom.

“You know why cold water, princess?”, Jimin hummed, his lips slowly reaching your bareness from behind. “My tongue will feel a lot hotter on your pussy and look at those hard nipples and goosebumps, princess. So beautiful.”

With that you felt his lips on your core, tongue drawing lines from your folds to your clit as you arched your back, head now under the ice water. He was right, your body vibrated as you felt his muscle on your pussy, the heat making you moan immediately. Jimin knew his way around you, some experiences with other women helping him turn your coin several times a night.

“Princess, you’re as delicious as ever”, he sent vibrations through your core which made you tremble. His one hand around your hip to help you stand he licked a stripe back down from your clit to your folds, roaming inside your pussy. Then the water got warmer, Jimin turning it around until you felt his fingers back at your entrance, pushing one in the moment the door opened.

Jin’s eyes met yours. “For real? God, I-I’m going. Lock the door next time, jesus!” The lewd sounds of Jimin’s tongue on your skin stopped as you looked back to see Jimin holding his hands up his face before he fell on his naked butt, laughing in waves as he held onto you not to fall down again.


Another stinging smack on your ass you cried out his name in pain mixed with pleasure. Taehyung and you stood under the shower, his hips mercilessly thrusting into you from behind while he bruised your ass in front of him. The boys were busy with their own stuff and Tae already through with the recording session for the new album as to why you two sneaked inside the bathroom to fuck inside the shower.

“You should be quiet, Kitten”, Taehyung’s voice was hoarse, the warm water spilling from his lips as he rubbed the spot he just hit. You hummed, your own voice distrusting as his hips hit your ass, the flesh wobbling for his display. “You turn me on so much”, he said breathlessly, head falling back, eyes closed while he grunted every time his cock was newly buried inside you.

Your breasts bounced up and down, the heated water fogging the air around you, sweat pooling on your back. As Taehyung’s body was covered with the warm water out of the sprinkler you moaned, a moan that was loud enough for everyone to hear. Then a faint knock was heard at the corner of your brain, but Tae didn’t seem to hear it as to why you closed your eyes again until a cough woke you. Yoongi stood in the door, leaning casually against the frame with crossed arms. Taehyung didn’t stop seeing his hyung while you just stared at Yoongi with wide eyes.

“Faster Tae, I have to pee or lock the fucking door next time”, he was pissed, tardily closing the door behind him while you felt another smack on your ass.

“Ignore him, Kitten.”


It was a winter day, snowball fights, cold weather and hot chocolate the best things in the world. Except for one thing. Jungkook holding you against the wall inside the shower, hot water flowing down your bodies, fucking you. His strong arms lifted you up while he wrapped your legs around his waist. Jungkook’s pink lips moved on yours while he thrust deep into you, your toes curled as you closed your hands in his hair, passionately making out while his hips hit yours, cock buried deep inside your pussy.

“I might come too fast, y/n”, the boy’s voice was raspy, his breaths stuck in his throat from your exhausting position. “You’re just too hot, babe.”

Whimpers fell from your lips as you buried your face in his neck, your fingers pulling at his dark, wet hair while you felt him slowing down. It was perfect, the heat inside the shower leaving both of you panting. Jungkook’s thrust became sloppy, his quiet moans a whisper in your ear as a shocked Jimin locked eyes with you over Jungkook’s head. Your breath hitched as to why Jungkook thought you liked how he circled his hips, starting to do it over and over again.

“J-Jungkook”, you tapped at his shoulder signalling the boy to turn around and as he did he was furious that Jimin didn’t move an inch.

“Look away! Close the door before I get you, fuck man”, he shouted, covering your body with his big one as Jimin closed the door without another word. “Sorry, babe.”

You shook your head, a faint smile on your lips as you kissed him, his angry self vanishing as you rolled your hips against his, motioning him to at least finish what he started before he would rip his older brother’s head off.

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chuxas chuxas chuxas

Anonymous said to livelivefastfree:  Can I put in a request/vote for chuxas on the compromise list?

Anonymous said to livelivefastfree:  Request drawing from your fic list huh? Hmmm, would be a crying shame if somebody requested some Chuxas to the list now wouldn’t it? *nudge nudge wink wink*

WELL OKAY THEN!  Some drama/angst and some cutes, since so many people asked!

Texas stares at it for a second, and then up at Chuck, and then back at the bruise.

“…you sure that was me?”

“Well seeing as how that’s where you ‘friend-punched’ me so hard I fell over, and then laughed at me…” Chuck pulls his shirt back up. “…yes.”

Texas settles back, looking distinctly unsettled.  “…It was just a buddy-punch,” he says, a little bit plaintively.

god chuck third person is HIS thing you can’t just STEAL A GUY’S THING

A Girl and Her Dragon - GIF 

“You’re the man from my dream.”
And what if I were? 
“…You kissed me.”
She felt her heart pound in her ears, flushing at the thought:
all she wanted to do was kiss him again.

A wild gif appears!! Featuring The Back of Kylo’s Head and glorious freckled shoulders. ( ಠ‿ಠ)  I cut up some of the dialogue to keep the post short, but you get the gist of it.

So he was human once, a very long time ago. We don’t know what happened yet. Kylo can appear in this form to Rey only in her dreams, according to @littlemanicmonday


Day 1 // Types of Kisses

Happy SoMa Week to everyone!

Unfortunately my contributions will be delayed for a day (or a few days depending on my busy life sched and motivation). But as you can all see, I will be animating for this year’s SoMa Week! (which will take more time omg)

To help a lil Mak out, 1 like and/or reblog = 1 encouragement for Mak!!! I don’t want to stress out on this week, so if you guys want to see more animation from me for this week, please send out your support!

Nonetheless, hope you all enjoy the rest of the week, and have a lovely time!! I’ve seen a lot of art and fics and I will reblog some of them soon after I’ve finished my works.

For now, have all the SoMa kisses w/ some of their cool outfits <3 Tag your fave kiss!

Imagine taking Steve to the mall

Request by @itsanerdlife with the prompt, “That should be against some sort of rule.” Spanish translation at the bottom.

The mall was hardly crowded and you knew bringing Steve during a weekday was the right choice. You were tired of seeing the man in nothing but work out clothes, okay he looked fine as fuck. Still, he needed knew digs and pronto. So you dragged him away for an afternoon of clothes shopping and he was surprisingly up for it. You chuckled at his civilian disguise and strolled hand in hand with him to each department store. It was nice to just be a regular couple, who didn’t fight bad guys or had amazing abilities. It was just the two of you, being normal for once.

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5x Bruce Told Tony to be Quiet and 1x He Didn't

We all  love science husbands and when Tony fics are angst free so here ya go!


“Say Bruce.”

“What is it Tony?” Bruce didn’t even look up from his desk, staring at the lay out for the weapons systems for the new QuinnJet. The Team had requested some pretty intense upgrades and he was struggling with the final plans. He just didn’t know how it would be possible to fit-

“Say, BRUCE.” Tony repeated louder.

“Yes.” Bruce sighed and sat back, rubbing his eyes. “Yes, Tony what is it?”

“So does, you know, being big and green make it difficult to date? Or do ladies really go for that?”


“No I’m really asking here. You know, for science.” Tony’s eyes were sparking playfully even as he tried to keep a straight face. “Do you start the date all hulked out, or pull out the big guns after she’s back at your place?”

“Tony. I live here. The Tower is ‘my place’. And I’m sure everyone can vouch for me when I say I’ve never brought a woman back here.”

“Well, we have a Hulk-safe containment room. Nobody REALLY knows what you do in there.”

“That’s enough.” Bruce turned away to go back to working, and Tony frowned at his back.

“For a scientist, you sure aren’t open to discussing theories.

“ENOUGH Tony.”

Tony shut his mouth.


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The Vongola making-out ~headcanon [includes Varia]


The majestic sky has to be the sweetest of them all. Just like his element indicates he has the power to make you understand you most definitely belong to him and only him. Tsuna’s kisses are usually slow, affectionate and romantic, but when he is in a more bossy-mood and gets more serious he can unleash amazing passion that will just make you melt right away. Hint: While making-out you should let your hands roam on every part of his body. It boosts his confidence and he takes it as a sign that he has the permission to get it further.


The man is the definition of the term “raging, restless storm”. When he is in a good mood, his kisses begin slow, with a steady rhythm, until he unleashes all those hidden feelings with passion and impatience. Because let’s face it; he is a tsundere, a bad boy and a drama queen. I could easily picture him playing the role of a werewolf in Twilight. When he is in a bad mood, meaning he is jealous, insecure or even angry, he attacks with ferocity, the make-out session turning rough and hot. With Hayato, you explore the meaning of eros. It’s a love you need, a love unexplainable which you should never approach with logic. He is unpredictable and extremely passionate. Hint: Don’t chase him. He likes feeling like a predator. Also, touch his abs while kissing, he will feel proud of himself.


The tranquil rain that washes away everything… that’s exactly how his kisses are. Just one of those sweet, loving kisses and all the troubles are forgotten. Takeshi is usually the calm and soft type, giving light to every dark day that clouds your mood. However, you shouldn’t be fooled by his cheerful and sweet demeanor. He can be surprisingly playful and dirty and allow me to say that his kisses hide a certain amount of possessiveness. When he’s serious, the passion he displays amazes you to the very end. Every kiss is a raindrop and sometimes they can hit like bullets in miniatures. Hint: He loves it when you make the first move, because he doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable and he is secretly a bit insecure. He is honestly husband material.


This guy… Ryohei will seriously get you burning and not only because he is the sun guardian. His lips are rough, his tongue is fire and his hands are beams. Most of the time his kisses are hot, fervent and eager but there are days when he is EXTREMELY sweet, loving and romantic. He can clearly be a cute cinnamon roll. He is also very very playful and is able to cheer you up with just a smile of his. Hint: He can hold his breath for a long time so you better practice beforehand or you’ll probably drown in his abyss.


As the drifting cloud, he rarely takes initiative to engage in a make out session. However, when he is in the mood… run devil run! It’s not a coincidence that he refers to himself as carnivore and his catchphrase “I’ll bite you to death” is not for humor. He always has that dangerous confident smirk when he is about to attack and his tone becomes a bit more playful, but bossy nonetheless. Oh yeah, Kyoya gives orders during a make out session. “On the table”, “lie down”, “pull my tie”… the orders become more and more inappropriate as the actual intercourse approaches.  Hint: he might, just might, be into dirty talking among the kisses.


This guy is very skillful when it comes to making out. He has an incredible technique that makes you melt into the kisses as his mist dulls every corner of your mind. He is confident, playful, very naughty and likes to tease you. But the best part is his voice. Oh that raspy, sexy, breathless tone of his while he murmurs sweet and dirty nothings, with your faces only 3 centimeters apart…! He smirks into the kisses as you gasp every time his hands snake to inappropriate places of your body. He kisses passionately, rarely rough and he can be surprisingly sweet when it fits the atmosphere, kissing you softly, lovingly. Hint: You can always trap him with a challenge.  Something among the lines of “Think you can deceive me with your skills?” and he will capture you in no time.

(Adult) Lambo:

Okay this guy is totally into classic kissing. He is romantic most of the time, approaching you with a rose in hand and a cheesy pick-up line hanging from his lips. He will try movie quotes too. His kisses are mostly slow and rapturous giving the atmosphere an air of flirt and romance. He loves teasing you and he can also get pretty playful if he’s in the mood. Hint: Pretend you are actually falling for his sweet nothings. He will feel much more comfortable.


The definition of rough. His lips are rough, his movement are rough, his skin is rough, his hold is rough. Of course, what would you expect from the boss of an assassination squad, who also carries both sky and storm flames? He dominates each and every kiss, his impatience getting the best of him. But he needs competition, as his lover you have to try as hard as you can to gain control, even though it’s practically impossible, otherwise he’ll get bored and probably drop out of the relationship. His powerful kisses are those that awake all of your senses, draw out your breath and make you reach a level of existence you didn’t even know existed. Hint: he likes hearing you moan while your lips and tongues are connected, it’s a sign that he has established his dominance.


Ahh, this guy is the honest proof that there are sharks out of the water too. His kisses are hungry, desirous and sometimes rough. He is into french-kissing and has developed a rather pleasurable skill concerning his tongue. The make out session gets very hot until he can’t control himself any longer and proceeds to the next step. As his lover you should pose a challenge for him, making him unable to turn his back at the chance of getting with a confident woman.  He also likes cornering you, trapping you between his arms so you won’t have a choice but accept his kisses. Hint: You should use your teeth to bite his lips, he likes having a tough woman.


This prince belongs to the storm clan as well, meaning he is a bit difficult to deal with. He is playful and probably sadistic, his kisses being special, swift and thrilling. During a make-out session with this blond you will clearly sense an air of possessiveness. He rarely asks for permission to explore your body. His movements are haste and his tongue slips in your mouth without warning. He promises to leave you breathless. Hint: Moan as much as you can into his mouth. It will definitely feed his ego. 


Our lovable poker-faced boy is a case that requires patience. Despite being able to insult people right into their faces, his honesty getting the best of him, he is rather shy when it comes to girls, feelings and kisses. So, until he gets really used to it, you will be the one making most of the moves. The kisses are brief, sweet and neat. Nothing too complicated. Hint: He secretly likes surprise pecks, do that more often.

[Lussuria and Levi excluded for obvious reasons]


Hey guys!! ;W; I still can’t believe that this ship has sailed <3333
I planned to do a lot of Victuri/Victuuri art before they’re canon XD but I never thought that it would be canon that soon <33 Episode 7 was sooo damn wonderful! Love them <3

Actually I wanted to redraw a screenshot..but now it turned out a little bit differently ^^“ I hope you don’t mind c;
I haven’t drawn a kiss scene for ages!! It was so hard for me ;w; But it was a nice experience <3 I really want to draw more kiss scenes in the future<3

I hope you like it c; 

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Omg omg omg do a jealous kind of thing!!!! Like Laurent needs to feed but doesn't want to on damen or something so he goes out and tries to feed on someone else and damen sees and he's heartbroken because he doesn't know what's going on and he's hella jealous and shit happens

i wasn’t really sure how to go about this so i sorta toyed with it, i hope you still like it!

Damen checked the time on his phone for the third time, feeling more restless as the minutes passed. it wasn’t that Laurent was that late, only about ten minutes, it’s just that this wasn’t the first time. To be honest, Damen wouldn’t have been entirely surprised if Laurent cancelled on him. More than once Damen had gotten ready to go pick Laurent up and just as he was heading out, Laurent texted him saying something else had come up.

He was sitting on the bed of his truck, kicking his legs as he picked his phone up again. Just as he began to type his password in he heard a weird thudding, a bang like a sound of impact. He turned his head to the right slightly, nearly jumping out of his skin when he saw Laurent there, sitting beside Damen.

Fuck,” Damen said, looking around for Laurent’s car. “How did i not hear you?”

Laurent shrugged, smiling at the look on Damen’s face. “I’m quiet.”

Damen looked over Laurent’s shoulder again, not seeing his car. “How did you get here?”

“I walked.”

“It’s freezing out.”

“I like the cold,” Laurent said. His cheeks were slightly flushed, his eyes looking bright and animated. Damen still didn’t get it. The cold made him close in on himself, but Laurent looked replenished.

“Sorry i’m late,” Laurent continued. “I had to do something.”

“Anything important?” Dame asked casually. He was good at subtly,

“Just something,” Laurent repeated, tucking a strand of hair behind his ear. Damen’s eyes naturally followed, but he paused, his entire body seizing up. He wasn’t expecting it. 

He saw the small droplet of blood by Laurent’s lip, his mind immediately zeroing in on it. He looked for a few seconds before turning away.

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(Translation) Enemy Coupling vol. 1

CV. Nakazawa Masatomo (R18! Proceed only if you’re above 18)

Get this CD from Amazon

Summary: The setting is an alternate universe where humans + animals mixed breed exist and live together. You happen to fall in love with a species that’s the natural enemy of your own species. This volume is about your story as a mouse-type working in the same cafe that your cat-type boyfriend frequents.

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So yeah, I hope I can get back to normal updates asap - let’s just take this moving thing as a little summer break ;)

Also I hope you like my little sketchdump of Alek & Levi - I had so much fun giving them a little alone time for once ;) You can’t imagine how much I love these guys actually. The more I draw them, the more natural and honest their relationship gets :) I like how this develops.

Btw, these are some of my very first explicit scenes I’ve ever drawn tbh, and still struggling with kisses :D This is so hard…

Anyway: Thank you all for your support so far and I hope you don’t mind the little (semi) hiatus :)

Now (Part 2)

Here’s part two of the following request:  Daryl and Y/N were together before the apocalypse, but he broke up with her right before everything started cause she was too young for him and didn’t “understand” him nor his life choices. Now they live with everyone in the prison and there’s a guy who’s trying to get Y/N’s attention and Daryl’s pissed about that even tho he is the only person who’s got Y/N attention.

Part 1

Tags: @we-are-the-walking-dead-daryl @missnina1701 @namelesslosers @yellowtheremarvelfan

It’s been over a year since the outbreak and you finally found a place where you can live.
The prison seems like the perfect location for all of you and since Lori is about to give birth soon, settling in seems right.

After you found some survivors Rick took care of the problem while you supported Maggie and Beth over Hershel’s recovery.
Daryl and you haven’t spoken ever since and after everything that has happened, you don’t really want to because there is nothing left to say.
Merle is dead and Daryl never made an attempt on making things right with you ever since.

Instead he brought another guy with him to the prison, Lucas.
He said he found him on the side of the road while he was out on a run and thought he might be a good catch for your group.
And he was right. In fact, you have spend a lot of time with him over the last couple of days even though you couldn’t stop watching Daryl while you did.

“Hershel is going to take his first steps today.”, Lucas shows up next to you while you sit outside and watch the sunrise.
That kind of has become your morning ritual because you finally have the opportunity to do so.
“Oh my god that’s awesome. Do Maggie and Beth know?”, you smile at him while he sits down next to you and wipes his hair out of your face, to get a closer look.
“Yeah, they have been talking about nothing else for that last hour.”, he laughs and you giggle a bit before your eyes spot someone down the fences and you sigh a little.

Daryl is already awake and busy killing the walkers behind the fences.
You wonder if he even slept but then again, he is no longer your concern.
“Where’s your head?”, Lucas looks over to you and you shake your head before getting back on your feet, stretching.

“Some of us should get to down today. See if we can find more supplies and more stuff for when the baby is born.”, you mumble before heading back inside, where Carl is already dressed up and getting his gun ready.
“Morning. You’re up early.”, you smirk and cross your arms in front of your body while you watch him closely.
“Couldn’t sleep anymore. Dad snores like hell.”, he giggles and you can’t help it but laugh before walking over to Hershel’s cell.

“Well you look good.”, you smile as you see him already sitting up in his bed and ready to start walking again.
“Sure you are up to this?”, Beth and Maggie show up at the cell and Hershel nods before getting up on his feet with the crutches in his hand.
“Easy.”, you can barely keep him up but after a while he is able to walk out of the cell block on his own, followed by you and Beth because Maggie wanted to talk to Glenn real quick.

You can spot Rick, Daryl and T-Dog standing at the fences while Lucas and Carol are talking to them.
“Look who is back on their feet again.”, you yell and smile bright while pointing your finger at Hershel.
Lori and Maggie join your group and at this moment all of this feels kind of right. It feels like family.

But suddenly Rick’s and Daryl’s faces change and they start screaming at you to run away.
“What?”, you raise an eyebrow and turn around.
Immediately you face a bunch of walkers coming towards you and reach for your knife.

“Y/N!”, Lucas yells and starts running with the other towards you, while you try to get Beth and Hershel safe.
“I’ll look for Maggie. I’m sure she will be fine but I need the two of you to walk over there and close the grids behind you. We will come to you when we’re clear.”, you yell at them while killing a walker that is approaching you.

When you turn around you can see that Maggie took care of Carl and Lori in relief.
“This way.”, Lucas grabs your upper arm before he kills a walker with his gun and pulls you inside with him.
“I thought we cleared everything? Where are they coming from?”, you wipe your hair out of your face and lean against the wall behind you while catching your breath.

After what seemed like hours, Lucas opens the door a bit to see that the area is clean.
“Come on.”, he mumbles and you follow him outside the halls where you find Beth and Hershel as well as Daryl, Rick and Glenn.

Relived you watch over to Daryl and just look at his beautiful face.
He made it out. He’s alive.
“T-Dog and Carol?”, you ask and they shake their heads, making your eyes fill with tears.
But you don’t have much time to mourn now because another door is opened and Maggie and Carl come outside with Maggie carrying a baby in her arms.

You start to smile because Lori had her baby but your smile fades pretty soon because Maggie and Carl look like they have just been through something traumatic.
“Oh No. No. No. No. No.”, Rick starts to collapse on the floor after Maggie shakes her head and gets pulled into a hug by Glenn.

Tears stream down your face and you shake your head before turning around and running back into the prison.
Sobbing you walk around like a trapped animal in a cage and try to sort your thoughts.
“Damn it.”, you kick away a chair when suddenly two strong arms pull you into a giant hug.

Confused about who that is you look up and see Daryl’s worried face looking down on you.
“What are you doing?”, you whisper and he shrugs his shoulders before carefully letting go of you.
“I know you are with Lucas but..”, he starts and you shake your head to shut him down.
“I..I am not with Lucas. We’re just friends.”, you whisper and he scratches the back of his head in embarrassment.

“But you two have been together ever since he got here..”, he tries to explain and you wipe away a tear while shaking your head.
“I spend time with him because you froze me out. Daryl, ever since you broke up with me the night everything happened you haven’t talked to me. Why did you safe me?”, you’re finally able to ask him and he shrugs his shoulders while running around.

“Because I loved you.”, he bursts out on you and you raise your head up in surprise while he slowly makes his way over to you.
“Because I still love you.”, he admits and you raise an eyebrow before stepping a few steps back from him.
“Then why did you break up with me? Why did you say all those mean things to me if you obviously loved me?”, you shake your head and cross your arms in front of your body.

“Look Y/N, I’m not good at romance. Never was. And I thought you’d be better off without me. I’m a mess, why don’t you see it?”, he mumbles and you sigh before walking towards him and reaching for his hands.

“Should have talked to me Dixon. At least in the last year. I lived with you, thinking that you hate me.”, your voice is now nothing more than a whisper.
“Sorry for that, girl. Thought you were with that guy.”, he mumbles again and you still shake your head before reaching out for him.

“I love you, Daryl. Always have and always will.”
“Don’t make me say it again.”, he mumbles and you start to laugh before placing a hard and meaningful kiss on his lips.

“Things are going to be okay, right? We will get over this and honor the dead by celebrate the living?”, the two of you lay in your bed together and Daryl draws circles on your back with his thumb.
“Almost forgot how amazing you are.”, he whispers and places a soft kiss on your head before pulling you closer to him.
“Answer to your question is yes, by the way. That exactly how we are going on. And someday we will be rewarded for it.”

anonymous asked:

Soulmate AU for any of your ships where whatever one person writes on their skin appears on the other's.

this got out of hand. it was going to be like 3 paragraphs of Justin Schultz/Olli Maatta feels. i dedicate it to @jjustinschultz who was a great source of feedback and justin schultz trivia.

Justin is fifteen the first time writing appears on his skin. It’s not even writing, it’s a massive, jagged streak of blue texta that draws itself into being when he’s sitting at the kitchen table eating cereal. His mom drops her mug in surprise at the sight of it, before she’s smiling at Justin so wide, taking his face between warm palm and pressing a kiss to his forehead.

She’s so happy for him.

The Schultz’ haven’t had a child born with a soulmate in four generations. Soulmates are not so rare that they’re scarce, but not everyone is born with one. Scientist have been studying correlation and cause and effect and genetic predisposition for years and still don’t know how it’s determined.

So when Justin’s soulmate manages to transfer their half assed body art attempt across to his skin, it’s the universe sending him a sign that his perfect other half is out there- and is apparently an aspiring artist. He heads into school with an indelible blue mark on his skin and he’s never felt so happy in his life.

Until it all comes crashing down at hockey practice.

They’re in the locker room, changing into gear and shooting the shit- most of the guys saw his marks at school (the blue line blurring away around lunch, being quickly replaced with messily drawn red stars up and down his wrist. Justin had spent most of history carefully colouring in the stars with black biro, smiling to himself as new ones had started piecing themselves slowly together after every one he filled in.

“So you have a girl now Schultzy?” One of the wingers is smirking at him from across the room, the rest of the guys glance at him in interest- none of them have soulmates, so Justin is for once the centre of attention.

“I guess.” He doesn’t meet anyone’s eyes and keeps pulling on his gear.

“What’s her name then? D’ya think she’s hot?” he feels like hot lead is sinking in his stomach. Because he knows. He knows there is no way his soulmate is a girl. Because Justin- Justin doesn’t like girls. Has never liked girls.

When the guys in the locker room talk about their girlfriends and hot chicks they’ve seen and sex they’ve had, Justin’s kept quiet. Because when he lay in bed at night, he didn’t think about soft breasts and curves and thighs- he thought about strong shoulders and hard bodies. He thought about boys at school he’d seen and how it might feel to kiss them, to grind into them, to know what it felt like to get on his knees for them.

“I dunno, she’s just been drawing on me.” He trains his eyes on his stall, pulling on his jersey. It feels like deceit. It feels like he’s somehow betraying his soulmate.

“Ooooh, an artist. Fucking fancy.” his D partner teases, and Justin forces himself to smile and check him in the shoulder.

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