more mpreg!kurt sweetness. 

this one’s for you, mpreg anon

He’s nearly asleep when beneath him, the bed dips once again, Kurt tossing and turning for what can only be the hundredth time tonight. The room dark and his mind lightly clouded with sleep, Blaine reaches his hand out for his husband, gripping his waist softly. “Baby, what’s wrong?” he mutters, although his eyes remain shut, his sleep still calling him.

“The baby,” Kurt lets out a frustrated breath, and yet again, underneath Blaine, the bed moves as Kurt turns and lays on his back. “She’s awake and kicking and driving me insane, and I can’t sleep. Again.”

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Kurt/Blaine, 5x05 reaction tiny tiny little ficlet. Top!Blaine for Dani and Tawny.
NC-17 for sexxxx, baby, sex. 

The best part of the tongue ring, Blaine thinks, is the flash of it that he sees when Kurt’s mouth falls open. It’s the gleam of it when Kurt is panting Blaine’s name, the warm and unnaturally smooth roll of it against Blaine’s own tongue as Kurt surges up to kiss him while Blaine pounds him into the mattress. 

He’s so, so glad that he talked Kurt into leaving it in just long enough to get through Blaine’s visit. He knows it’ll be gone after that - thanks to the fury of Kurt’s vocal teachers, the quiet disapproval of Burt, and Kurt’s own sudden and complete irritation with the way it clacks incessently against his teeth, Kurt had decided that while it was what he needed in the moment it wasn’t what he needed once the moment had passed. 

But he has it now and that’s all Blaine cares about. He can’t even find the words to explain to Kurt that the ring is exactly the reason why Blaine suddenly pushes his hands down against Kurt’s shoulders and starts to fuck him at a faster clip, the reason Blaine goes nuts against Kurt and hammers his cock in until Kurt is keening high and loud. Maybe later he will, when he’s come back to himself, after he’s left Kurt filled and dripping, after he’s licked his tongue into Kurt’s ass to draw his own come back out and sucked Kurt off to a second orgasm just out of sheer gratitude for how fucking hot he is to Blaine in everything he is and does. Maybe then he’ll be able to tell Kurt all the different ways he completely and totally approves of that fucking tongue ring. 

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so lets talk about chris' eyes rolling the back of his head or how his eyelids fluttered with the neck kisses. or how about how they probably did take after take of this, so after a while darren probably licked chris' neck playfully or nipped at the skin, or bit his earlobe and tugged, and towards the end he ducked his head just enough to be hidden from view and managed to push chris' neckline down enough to suck on the skin and leave a hickey


after take

after take

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Glee has ended. I don’t know what to do.

I started watching this show in the middle of season 2 (USA) and in the middle of season 1 (NL). It was on dutch television and I just… tried.

My first ep was Sectionals, then Hell-O and my first full ep was Power of Madonna. After season 1, RTL5 started airing season 2 and after that, I joined tumblr somewhere after The Purple Piano Project (USA). That’s when I started watching it with America.

I cannot describe how much glee means to me. I’ve given it a lot of crap, yes, I must admit that. But I will always carry this in my heart.

But the show isn’t the thing that made me love glee. Sure, it did great things and in a way, saved my life. But it was also full of shit. Still, it’s my favourite show.

But the fandom is the thing I loved the most. I loved our rants, our riots, our speculations, our edits, our everything. Sure, there were bad parts, but every good thing has them.

I’d like to thank a lot of people, so this wil be under a read more.

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For What Binds Us - Chapter 5/5

Title: For What Binds Us
Pairing: Chris/Darren
Length & Rating: ~5,000 / ~31,000 (R-ish) (completed)
Summary: It’s five years after the end of Glee and Chris and Darren haven’t seen each other since everything fell apart.  When Chris shows up unexpectedly at Darren’s new home, he struggles to find out if they still have a place in each other’s lives.
 Brief mention of Chris/OMC, who never makes an appearance.  Additionally, Lea Michele is with an unnamed, unseen husband and pregnant with their first child.

AN: This would quite literally not exist without the weeks of endless support and thousands of text from Katie

And thanks to anyone and everything who’s been reading this.

“And when two people have loved each other
see how it is like a
scar between their bodies,
stronger, darker, and proud;
how the black cord makes of them a single fabric
that nothing can tear or mend.”

- Jane Hirshfield, “For What Binds Us”

(AO3 Link) (AO3 chapter 5 link)

Chapter 5:  And I’ll Kneel Down

Chris fumbles with the locks, fingers gone numb and useless, and it seems to take too many breathless moments before he can yank the door open.  The warm breeze rushes inside his house.

“You were right,” Darren says before Chris can even open his mouth.  “I was hiding.”  He’s wearing a beanie and a soft hoodie, shoulders drawn in and arms folded across his body, making him look small.

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I love that Kurt says “we’ll always belong to each other” instead of “we’ll always belong together” because there’s a difference. We’ll always belong together is like we’re great for each other, we fit, we’ll make it work no matter what, and we’ll always belong to each other means that too, but it’s so much deeper than that. It’s not just we’re supposed to be together and we can make this work, it’s Kurt saying that Blaine is actually a part of him and he is a part of Blaine, irretrievably.

No matter what happens, no matter where life takes them, they as people and friends and lovers and soulmates are so connected and intertwined that they will always carry a piece of the other with them that nobody can take away. I don’t know if this is what the writers had in mind when they wrote this dialogue, but the way I take it is Kurt and Blaine are acknowledging that under any circumstance Blaine is another part of him that is as vital as an organ or a limb.