Anonymous prompted: Kurt runs into Adam back in NY and he is wearing the ring

Kurt hadn’t been avoiding him. Not consciously, anyway. He just had been away. That wasn’t avoiding, that was going home to visit family. Right?

It wasn’t like he hadn’t been super nice about everything. He understood Kurt’s troubles and hesitations. He was gentle and tried to take things slow. He was nothing but kind and sweet. He was an amazing friend, he would have been a great something more if that was Kurt’s life was destined for. Kurt was happy to have him.

But Kurt hadn’t seen him since he’d abruptly sent a text saying their little flirtations couldn’t continue.

So Kurt kind of panicked when he ran right into him.


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This is my mother’s fault. And Dani’s. Based off this:

Essentially, Klaine flirts like fools. 

Kurt let out a dramatic sigh for the thousandth time.

“You’d think they’d have told us if this was going to take more than an hour…” He mumbled, checking his watch. He and his father were at the hospital for his father’s usual check up. Ever since the cancer scare in Kurt’s first year of college, Kurt made sure to be there for every single one of his father’s checkups.

But that didn’t mean he had to enjoy them.

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