Anonymous prompted: Kurt runs into Adam back in NY and he is wearing the ring

Kurt hadn’t been avoiding him. Not consciously, anyway. He just had been away. That wasn’t avoiding, that was going home to visit family. Right?

It wasn’t like he hadn’t been super nice about everything. He understood Kurt’s troubles and hesitations. He was gentle and tried to take things slow. He was nothing but kind and sweet. He was an amazing friend, he would have been a great something more if that was Kurt’s life was destined for. Kurt was happy to have him.

But Kurt hadn’t seen him since he’d abruptly sent a text saying their little flirtations couldn’t continue.

So Kurt kind of panicked when he ran right into him.


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Affogato: The Epilogue (Crema verse)

Title: Affogato: The Epilogue
Pairing: Klaine AU
Rating: PG 13 for language and implied sexual situations. The overall rating is now upped to NC-17 for smut (in Dirty Chai)

Summary: Kurt’s just landed a job at Vogue as Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant.  One morning he meets Blaine at the Starbucks in Times Square, and the shy, adorable barista catches his eye right away.  This is the story of how they change each other’s lives.

Previous installmentsCon Panna, DoppioAmericanoShot In the DarkRistretto, MacchiatoCorrettoBreveUndertowPeppermint MochaDirty ChaiIrish Coffee Part 1Irish Coffee Part 2, Cappuccino

So this is it, in a way.  Thanks to everyone who’s read and left me comments about it.  I’ve read them all and appreciate every one of them.

There is now also a Crema Masterpost.

Find the whole fic on AO3.

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This is my mother’s fault. And Dani’s. Based off this:

Essentially, Klaine flirts like fools. 

Kurt let out a dramatic sigh for the thousandth time.

“You’d think they’d have told us if this was going to take more than an hour…” He mumbled, checking his watch. He and his father were at the hospital for his father’s usual check up. Ever since the cancer scare in Kurt’s first year of college, Kurt made sure to be there for every single one of his father’s checkups.

But that didn’t mean he had to enjoy them.

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crisscolfer au | in which chris is a football player for the los angeles galaxy and usa nt, and darren is his boyfriend and biggest supporter.

Open skies and open fields, the ball at his feet, the burn in his legs, the sweat rolling down his back - football is the only thing in the world that keeps Chris grounded. Was. There’s that important bit - was. 

Before, he had football - it kept him safe when nothing else did, could. Brought his wandering mind to knife-sharp focus. It got him to University and then to a national team and there’s still more places for him to go. It was all he needed. It was everything.

But then there’s Darren. And Darren rearranges things without thinking, without even realizing, and suddenly, where there seemed to be this single thing that took up all the space in his life, there’s room for more. So maybe there’s holes he wasn’t aware of, spaces between his ribs and his heart and his lungs that needed filling. Darren’s persistent enough, sure enough of himself, to find them.

Darren has this habit of being everything Chris needs, even if Chris doesn’t know he needs it at all in the first place.

(written by the lovely Nik ♥)