kissed by the baddest bidder

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  • Would be surprisingly open with MC, complimenting her without any teasing
  • He really does think the world of her
  • Lowkey amazed that she puts up with him all the time
  • Seriously, how did he get this strong person next to him?
  • Tells MC how he sees her as an equal
  • Can’t hold MC close enough while he’s revealing his innermost thoughts 
  • “I never knew there was someone out there who could keep up with me until I met you”


  • He loves MC so much so at night he’s like??? So smitten???
  • How did he get so lucky?
  • Loves to hold MC in his arms and tell her how much he appreciates her
  • Knows he can truly be himself around her
  • Jumin isn’t afraid to show his emotions and share his fears with MC 
  • Really becomes self-reflective at night 
  • “Do you think I can become the kind of person who opens up to others?”
  • MC smiles and runs her fingers through his his hair. 
  • “I know you can”
Chapter 3- Shadows

Samejima POV

I groan, my body twisting in agony as I sleep. The same torturous images playing on repeat each night. It was a vicious cycle… one I fear I’ll never break.

Nakiro- May running to him, her little arms up in preparation for a hug. The underling- where was he-

Where was he-

The underling coming up from the building. The underling raising his gun.

I was going to die- my little girl she was going to die-


“INUI!” I screamed, my shout too loud and my voice a breathless cry. Tears were in my eyes, but I refused to let them fall as my broad chest thumped hard.

I collapse against the bed sheets, putting my arm over my eyes in an attempt to calm myself. I breathe in deeply, and try to collect my swimming thoughts.

Where was my phone?

The device lay beside me on the table I had next to the cupboard- the only two other pieces of furniture in my room.

I shove myself out of bed, checking the time on my the screen that was too bright. I stretch, and throw my shirt on and jumper. This one was black, still worn but not as much as the navy favourite.

The jeans I had on were new and fitted: I was a tall male, almost as tall as Soryu, and would have been lanky had it not been for the extraneous amount of working out I did.

As I wipe my face once more, I step out of the room and start out on my duties for today. It was hardly past 5am; I leave the house and stroll to my car.

The vehicle started with a purr, and I headed into the main city, wishing I could have said hello to the little girl across the hall before I went.


I was being followed. I’d concluded halfway through negotiations between mafia groups that somone was watching me, keeping their distance.

I keep diverting but the shadow followed me.

Stayed with me.

My hand came rest at my holster: the cold metallic of the gun prepared to kill. I take myself into a deep ally, and the movement behind me let me know I was still being followed.

I edge into the shadows myself…




I shove the body of the person against the wall harshly, and too late I realised it was female. The harsh squeal of pain shamed me.

I loosened my harsh hold, but did not remove my arm from just above her chest. I hated the idea of hurting whoever it was but she could be just as violent to me.

“What are you doing following me?” I ask coldly.

The response I got came out in gasps, and I pull my gun out: “I’m going to ask you one last time, female. You’ve been on my tail since 6 this morning.”

“I-I..” she was terrified, her soft.. soft.. body pressed against mine shivering from fear. I tried to distract myself from the way her body was perfect against mine by shaking my head harshly.

“I.. I’m sorry… my brother..” she was clearly too scared to get out a coherent thought. I backed off, shadowed in darkness. I couldn’t see her face and she couldn’t see mine.

“I’m going to put the gun away, but I need you to tell me what you were doing,” I say, my cold edge trying to dispense to a neutral one.

“I t-think.. you know my brother..” she says and I almost shiver. Her voice..was beautiful…

I wanted to hear more.

“I doubt that, what’s the males name?” I respond, and wish I hadn’t entered the shadows. I was desperate to see her face; what did she look like?

“H-his name… is-” BANG.

Gun shots shrill through the alley, the female screamed and I forced us up against the alley wall once more. Pressed against me, she was covering her ears with her hands.

Flecks of stone fell over us as the stone wall falls apart.

This… was not a mafia woman.

“Come out. Oh, scum!” the voice shouted, and pulling out my gun I smirk sinsterly.

“No, Mr. Oh here.” I reply, and take my aim. The underling had been stupid enough to lose the cover of the darkness.

Talk about painting a target on your head. I take a calming breath, and shoot back with far more accuracy than he had.

The man goes down, usually I’d finished him off- but I had this woman to think about. “Can you find my hand?” I ask to the blackness and feel her soft skin reach to grasp mine.

“Don’t let go, okay?” I say and see the movment of a nod. I take off, running through abandoned buildings, the speed making the debris flash quickly as we travel far, fast.

I didn’t stop until we were at a safe distance. I didn’t turn to see her until I knew I could protect her. Her hand was warm against mine, and I was stopping myself from giving her comforting touches.

I was positive she wasn’t a mafia girl; you couldn’t fake shivers like that. She had been genuinely terrified.

Later, after some time we came to a clearing, in a building with little to no walls. I pulled her into the light and I saw…

the most beautiful female I’d ever seen.

“What.. was the males name?” I cough, my voice doing a weird high pitch thing. I clear it once more, wondering what was happening to me.

What the hell…

“His name.. was Ryosuke.”

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"Book” (Eisuke/MC)

Honestly this is silly and light hearted and I had this happen to me, not with my super hot, rich, criminal boyfriend, but with a friend.

Sort of NSFW around the end, but very mild. You will be disappointed.

“Really!” (y/n) could feel excitement bubble up in her chest as her coworker nodded at her.

“I’ll bring them during tomorrow’s shift.”

“Thank you so much!” She grinned, bowing energetically at the slightly embarrassed man.

He waved his hands at her, sheepishly smiling,“(y/n) it’s perfectly fine, you help me with my work all the time. It’s the least I could do.”

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Chapter 2- Numbers

Auroras POV

Apart from the coulrophobia I had developed after watching the IT film when I was young, the only other fear I had developed during my lifetime, bar clowns, was the incessant fear of losing a loved one.

So when the brown letter addressed to the house came through last month, and I can tell you I would have rather faced an entire parking lot of tiny cars with a million clowns than hear my beloved brother had passed away.

“Aurora?” my mother called from the basement room. I sigh, and dig my nails into the countertop. Taking a deep breath and throwing my hair back into a ponytail I head in her direction.

Ryosuke had always sent money back home once he had moved to southern Japan. It had only ever been on the house payments and bills. He had always phoned every weekend and would sometimes tell me about the jobs he was doing on different construction projects.

But he lied.

As I open the basement room door I notice the lighting was on, and thank myself lucky that today was not a bad day for my mother. “Mother?”

“Aurora, come here! I have made a great discovery!” came the response and I sigh, wondering which scribbled writings that made no coherent sense I would be forced to look at for 20 minutes.

My brother should have known that I wasn’t stupid enough to believe that he was an engineer; for one, I had always been the one to fix anything around the house and for another he had a tell when he was lying that caused him to blush behind his ears.

Despite the deception, I hadn’t pushed him to tell me his real job, primarily because I was the younger sister that looked after Mother, whilst he had always been chasing his dreams.

My brother had never told me where he lived, who he was with or most importantly-

Who or what could have wanted to kill him.

Ryosuke and I had looked after our mother; Inui had gotten a job at 16 and I had done the same in order to keep a roof over our head. Life had never been perfect, and sometimes we’d gone hungry but we had each other. Which had been important.

After the death of my father, the sadistic bastard that he was, my mother as a victim of domestic abuse had formed depersonalisation disorder.

She could no one longer separate reality from fiction and often had episodes; on good days she would simply write her “inventions” down and iron. On bad days?

I sigh, thinking of what a role model my mother could have been if she had simply stayed away from my “father.” Heather Oui had been a fully educated scientist that had been on the way to succeed in her field to the extent of a Nobel Prize.

Now? “See my Aurora!” she says, looking down at the page with a look of adoration. The page full of incoherent scrawls was the ‘best work’.

“That’s very good, mother. Would you like your tea now?”

“Oh yes, thank you.” She says with a small frown indented in her forehead. I had to wonder whether in her mind she was aware of the fact I give her medication via her tea every morning.

Perhaps not.

After dealing with my mother I stretch back and put everything I had used back into the correct draws just in case she decided to go for a walk in the house. The fears that my mother had were of everything and anything.

Her brain couldn’t comprehend any changes to her environment, and this meant that even a fork out of the draw could cause an episode.

I throw my backpack over my shoulder, and breathe deep. Stepping out of the house wearing a white threated jumper and grey jeans I pray that I can find more information about my brothers death on the internet at school.

I had managed to get into an Ivy- League type simply by my grades and practical work via a scholarship. The government paying for my education meant that I worked part time at a convenience store to pay for the lighting and gas in the house.

Now I would have to reconsider my education.

House payments don’t make themselves, and today would be the first time that I would fail to see a payment in my bank from Ryosuke.

Thinking bad to the days of my father, and the domestic abuse he put us through helped remind me that things, could in fact get worse and not to tempt fate.

It had already dealt me a pretty shitty hand, thank you very much.

Whilst walking out of the house I sigh as I stroll on the broken pathway leading out to the ruined fence I couldn’t afford to replace yet.

The neighbourhoods my family had lived in had never been good, but since my father’s passing it had become far too obvious that we were stuck here. My mother couldn’t cope with any new surroundings which meant staying in this run down house that shared a street with 2 brothels and a crack house.

The neighbours had left my family and I alone during my father’s life, probably understanding that the guy spent all our money on alcohol and continued to take chunks out of his wife and daughter. Nowadays I got told I could work in “whatever establishment I fancied” but it was simply fleeting comments, and most were nice people trying to get buy and left me to myself as long as maintained their houses once and a while.

The working girls were already patrolling as I got to the end of the street and they wave at me in recognition. I wave back, never one to smile, and climb the bus that took me to my spotless white Ivy League college and sat down by the window.

Sighing to myself, I open the app for online banking on my phone. If I cut the money I had for the bus this month and walk to the college I could make my loan stretch over to half the house payment.

Once I had done that I could cut our food in half, and whilst taking less hot showers I thought..

Yes, you can do this.

That’s when the transfer came in.

Bank Account **** 6511: Deposit: £1000

New Available Balance: £1,312.22

What? I sit there in puzzlement, for one this was not my brother’s bank account number and for another that was twice what he usually gave me. Oh, another small, tiny detail…


My heart seizes with pain and I try to manage the bitter resentment I felt. My big brother had left me to deal with this by myself, and here I was still getting payments. I sit on the bus staring blankly out of the window, and tie my hair up in frustration.

Coming to a decision I decide not to use the money for the house payment; instead I was going to find out what the hell had happened to my brother.

Inside college I run to the library, and fire up the nearest computer I could find. At 6am, no one was in here, but I still placed myself at the back of the room. With fierce determination, I flip open my coding framework, and once again thank the magical ability I had to recognise numbers. Soon I had tracked the balance account number to a name:

Soryu Oh.

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Eito likes to have his mom (aka MC) sleep in the bed with him at night, but after he falls asleep, Eisuke brings her back to their own bedroom. So Eito gets mad at his father for ‘taking Mom away’. So this ⬆️ happens all the time.😊

5 Reasons to Play Blue Hatter’s Route

I don’t even know where to begin from to be honest. I was awake till 3am playing his route and I’m so satisfied and happy with everything so I decided to make this post. I highly recommend all the voltage and KBTBB fans to give Rhion a try and here’s why:

1. Same story….but different!

I’m not a huge fan of KBTBB’s plot but Rhion’s story is a bit different. The story has a different prologue and just a tiny bit of change has made the story more fun. In a spoiler-free nutshell:

2.Excellent Relationship Development

I liked how you could actually see why and how MC falls in love with him and vice versa. You can actually feel yourself be the MC and that’s what I’m really looking for in an otome game. The development doesn’t jump from 0 to 100 and everything is built up quite nicely.


Rhion ……. one of the most sensitive sweethearts I have ever played! He is so pure and innocent that is too much for this world! His unpredictable character made the game so fun and I kept looking forward to what he would do next. 

He’s an angel accidentally fallen from the sky….not even kidding!u_u

4.MC…You have come a long way ! *pats her shoulders*

KBTBB’s MC has been one of my least fave MC’s in Voltage games but much to my surprise in Rhion’s route:

  • She’s not an annoying weakling waiting for her prince to save her
  • She does her job well protecting our angel 
  • Her reactions and answers are realistic 
  • And last but not least

  • SHE HAS EYES!!! 🙏🏻 

5. Best Background Music E.V.E.R!


I always think great stories/movies/anime are only good if they have a good music that matches the vibe and this one went beyond my expectations that I downloaded a crappy version of it! (p.s: Plz tell me if there’s a way to download the original song somewhere?;_; I desperately need them!) They’re all original songs for his route and they perfectly match his route.The transition between the songs is really impressive and on point and I was just 

**Bonus: Eisuke x Cheshire (Rhion’s cat)

There’s so much more I can say about his route but I don’t wanna spoil it so I’ll keep it at this and fly away! Lemme know how you thought about him and his route!

Happy Playing!^_^)/

Hello Voltage fans,

Recently, we heard a rumor that the Japanese version of Kissed by the Baddest Bidder, スイートルームで悪戯なキス, is scheduled to stop updating.

This rumor is not true! We still have a lot of stories to tell about the Bidders,
and are excited to continue sharing them with you, in both Japanese and English.

This month alone, KBTBB in English has Rhion’s Season 1 AND Eisuke’s Season 3.5 stories!

And after that, we already have a very exciting 2017 planned for you all!

Thank you for your continued support!