kissed a girl and i liked it

idk random but it just makes me so steamed up w rage when like fan creators are chastised for having “sexualized children” and im horrified but really when i gather myself up to check it turns out that its of two younger kids (always two girls or two boys) having a chaste kiss or even like just hugging and holding hands like. we get it you see the homos as being inherently sexual as if thats not creepy. or even worse if its like a parent who took a cute pic of like their baby boy having a lil kiss w another parent’s son and they get flamed for it even though like. if it was a “boy and girl” setting the same angry parents would have gushed over it - just angers me so severely

EXO Reaction when they hug their Girlfriend and she suddenly starts purring

Me xD. Xo, Ara~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“What’s going on? Did I get myself a neko girl? Is she purring because she likes it? But girls are difficult.. maybe she doesn’t?” *Baby is new to this*


*Ends up purring too* “Love me because I’m galaxy cute too”


“Are you really purring?! You’re a cat?! Oh jagi you are always so funny!” 


*Nervous/shy* “Do you like it? Should I hug you.. more? Kiss you? Lick?”


“Woah! I didn’t know wolves could purr! You are amazing!” *In his head we are all wolves or doggies*


*Not sure what to do* “She purring? Should I stop or… hug her more? Should I meow?”


“Ugh you are so cute ans squishy and adorable! I want to bite those cheeks!” *Squishing mode on*


“So you are a cat person too baobei? Why didn’t you tell me before?! My cats will love you, maybe you all can purr for me” *Completely in love*


*Stops for a second* “Do you want milk? Cats love milk! Let’s drink milk and cuddle!” *Milk is life*


*Always makes him smile* “There she is! My purring gil, come here so I can hug you”


*Giggles* “Make that sound again Jagi! I think I just heard the song of angels!” *Loves it*


“Meow kiss me jagi meow!” *Cat mode on*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

me: i watched the spring break episode of gilmore girls on friday night and i was an emotional wreck all weekend

coworker 1: what? why? isn’t that the one where they kiss?

me: YEAH but paris kisses rory and then rory’s like “what are you doing?” and paris is like “i just thought…” and rory’s like “well stop thinking!!!” and i just, i just,

coworker 2: but paris doesn’t LIKE rory

me: *remembers why i don’t generally fraternize with straights*

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Omg I am freaking out over these lucifer sneak peeks! Tonight's episode is probably going to kill me! I can't believe Chloe slapped his butt tho hahaha I really want to know what maze said to her and lucifer asking for advice is so cute.He really can not believe that she likes him back and that she kissed him which makes me sad because she does like him a lot!

THE ACTUAL DEVIL is asking some girls for advice I CAN’T!! he’s the cutest  😂 he’s so in love he doesn’t know what to do :’) and neither does chloe. That butt slap was so awkward lmao

And here’s what maze said to chloe :)

9:50 pm - I'm going to sleep

Let me paint you a picture here:
- I hadn’t kissed a girl yet
- Milk was my favourite beverage
- My dream was being a pilot
- Didn’t have a beard
- Never touched a cigarette
- I liked my crush ‘cause she had braces
- I shared the bed with our family’s second dog (he was a good boy, stayed at the foot end)
- My grandparents lived and made me pancakes
- I rocked a Nokia 3310

Dammit I was happy the last time
I went to sleep at 9:50 pm

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Hi! So, I ship you with Fred Weasley! One, you're very sweet, and I feel like Fred would be completely smitten with you. Two, you love to laugh, so that's perfect for reasons I don't have to explain. Three, Fred's the kind of guy that would make sure that you would never feel bad about yourself ever again, because you're perfect in his eyes. I'm a girl, I'm straight, my favourite thing would either be the Common Room or Yule Ball, I'm a Gryffindor, and Neville's my fav! (sexy kiss) Thank you!



Right first of all! Thank you so much for the Fred Weasley ship! I absolutely adore him (he’s probably third in line for favorite, Neville being first) and second! I’m really glad that I can write a sexy Neville kiss for you! I hope you enjoy it! (not like it’s a hardship for me at all XD)


The start of the morning had gone well. Your friends had woke you up with cheers and loud poppers that sprayed dissolving glitter and ridiculously long strings of brightly colored paper across your bed. You smiled brightly as you got ready, accepting their birthday wishes.

When you descended from the girls dorm your first instinct was to look for your boyfriend. With a scrunched brow you frowned. Usually, on any other day, Neville would have been waiting for you in the common room, you had expected, it being your birthday and all, that he would be there.

“You just missed him,” you turned, Ginny was seated on one of the couches, books gathered in her lap and a scroll of parchment falling just past her knees. “Happy birthday by the way.” You gave her a thankful nod and went to leave the common room, feeling suddenly not as happy as you had been when you’d been woken up.

You made it the Great Hall, a few of your class friends stopping you along the way to give you well wishes. Once at the Gryffindor table you, once again, searched or Neville near the end where he always sat by Seamus and Dean.

Dean caught your stare and shone a smile in your direction, beckoning you to sit where you normally did.

“Havin’ a good birthday so far?” Dean asked, jabbing his fork happily into his breakfast. You attempted a smile in his direction and shrugged.

“It’s been alright I guess, mum and da probably sent presents late like usual so they won’t be here till tomorrow, and the girls surprised me this morning which was nice…” you paused, eyebrows drawing together in the manner that they had when you’d been in the common room earlier. “Have you lot seen Neville this morning?”

Seamus took a long pull of juice, his face turned away from yours as Dean took a large bite of breakfast. You made a face before, two people down the table, Hermione rolled her eyes and caught your attention with a gesture.

“He’s helping Professor Sprout and told me to tell you he’d see you at lunch.” You smiled at her and nodded. She stood from the table, gathered up her things and said goodbye to Ron and Harry before heading out of the hall.

You finished your breakfast quickly and went to class, suddenly eager for lunch to come so that you could finally see Neville.

While you were weren’t a particularly clingy girlfriend, Neville wasn’t the biggest fan of PDA, you could admit that not seeing him for long periods of time or the normal times that you did see him made you unreasonably anxious.

The classes only seemed to move by sluggishly as you went from one to another to the next. It was only until after charms were you able to make it back to the great hall where you hoped Neville would be waiting for you.

To your immense happiness, your boyfriend was sat at the table, his cheeks tinted red and a flustered little smile on his face, Ginny giving him the tiniest punch to his shoulder which made him even more bashful. You swallowed a little nagging feeling down and headed to the empty seat beside the brunette.

Neville jumped at your sudden presence, spinning in his seat to greet you with a wide smile and a quick kiss to your cheek as you poured yourself some water. You smiled at him, the both of you silent while Dean and Seamus dragged Ginny into conversation about Quidditch and the upcoming game.

“Sorry I wasn’t there this morning.”

You turned to face him, his cheeks still red from whatever he and the others had been talking about.

“You don’t need to apologize, Hermione told me you were helping Professor Sprout.”

He nodded, eyes flicked down as he fiddled with the bottom of his robe sleeves.

You started in on your food, half  listening to the conversation going on at your section of the Gryffindor table but also focused on Neville. He seemed… nervous… he also had yet to wish you a happy birthday. You tried not to let yourself be too disappointed by that fact, knowing that he was a very forgetful person.

While you’d been happy to see Neville he wasn’t acting quite like himself. Usually he tried to engage you in conversation over the meal or talk to you about his classes. Now he just seemed  far too quiet, it was making you uncomfortable for some strange reason.

Before you got the chance to do anything Neville was standing from the table.

“I’ve got to get to Astronomy.” He dropped another kiss to your cheek and before he could get too far you grabbed his hand to hold him back just a bit.

“I’ll see you at dinner yeah?” Neville half smiled down at you and let out a shaky affirmative before heading from the dining hall.

You tried to feel past the pang of hurt in your chest at the recurring idea that he had completely forgotten about your birthday.

Throughout the rest of the day, no matter the ease of the classes or the well wishes from friends, the fact the Neville had forgotten made it impossible for your spirits to lift.

As dinner rolled around you grew more weary, not wanting to see Neville when you knew you’d just be upset at him and for what really? One missed day? An important day, your mind supplied, but still, just a day all the same.

You sighed, shouldering your books a little higher as you left potions and made your way back to the common rooms to put your things down. Suddenly there were hands covering your eyes and you stilled in fright.

You were about to call out when you caught the faint scent of dirt and lake water.

“Hello Neville,” you did your best to sound happy to see him.

“Hello,” he responded. After a moment of slightly uncomfortable silence he cleared his throat. “Think you could follow me a bit with your eyes closed?” The question was so out of the blue that you almost laughed. You were still rather hesitant though.

“Uh. Sure. I suppose.” You kept your eyes closed as Neville slowly removed his hands from your eyes. Taking your hands in his, Neville began to guide you slowly, making sure that you didn’t trip over anything on your way.

After a few minutes of walking you realized that you were outside. Scrunching up your face you were about to open your eyes but Neville repeated that you needed to keep them closed. You sighed and continued forward being guided by his hands.

Another minute or two passed and it was warm again, you were inside a building. You had a sneaking suspicion you knew where you were but that didn’t make you any less confused.

Neville took his hands away from yours and you could hear him shuffling a bit.

“You - You can open your eyes.” He sounded anxious and you opened your eyes slowly.

Your mouth dropped open slightly as you took in the greenhouse. You could tell it was Greenhouse 2 because of the oversized sunflowers pressing close the ceiling. That wasn’t what caught your attention the most.

In the middle of the room there was a small table, a silvery present wrapped neatly in the middle, two thermoses and what looked to be covered plates. Around the table, filling the air of the greenhouse were little twinkling lights that looked like suspended stars. You reached out to touch one of them and your finger passed right through it.

“Hermione helped me with the spell this morning and Professor Sprout said as long as I clean up and don’t stay out past lights out I could use the greenhouse.” Your eyes flicked to Neville. He was picking at his nails nervously, head titled to the side as he stood a few steps away from you.

You felt mad at yourself. How could you have thought for a moment that he had forgotten.

Without any prompting you grabbed Neville, one hand on his neck the other on his shoulder, and leaned up to place your lips against his.

The boy wasted no time to place his hands on your hips, helping you lift yourself to meet his mouth.

There was no slow movement to start, you were far too emotional for patience as you ran your fingers through his hair, pressing him closer to your body as your lips slotted together wonderfully.

You felt him shiver against you as his fingers fluttered against your waist. Your lungs were pleading for air by the time you brushed your tongue against his bottom lip causing Neville to open his mouth and gasp lightly. You took your chance for air before pressing back against his warm mouth.

His tongue slipped slowly against yours, unused to this kind of kiss as you two rarely had the privacy or time to indulge in long spurts of physical affection.

You felt him groan, his chest pressed against yours, the sound vibrating on your skin as you pressed even closer.

Neville’s hands dragged up slightly, his fingers unintentionally hooked to the bottom of your shirt, exposing a sliver of skin that the pads of his fingers brushed against. A sound whispered past your lips and into his mouth, spurring him on.

In a sudden and unexpected moment of boldness from the boy, he let on hand slip hesitantly under your blouse to rest on the small of your back, his teeth catching softly at your bottom lip. You trembled against him and broke away to catch the breath he’d stolen from your lungs.

Neville took the moment to press little kisses down your throat.

“What - What about dinner?” Honestly you didn’t care but you and Neville had never kissed this way before and it was making you both nervous and excited.

“It can wait yeah?” Neville whispered against the skin of your neck causing a little wave of goosebumps to erupt across your body. You nodded hurriedly before dragging his head up to meet him in another kiss.

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All of these characters are amazing and i love them all but.. can we talk about Josh, handsome football superstar/white popular dude, who had a crush on the nerdy girl for a year, watches Buffy, asked if his crush was comfortable about kissing, didn’t pressure anyone to have sex with him, listens to adults, insisted on dancing with his crush when she came out to him instead of being a hurted jackass, is an actual role model for younger boys like Alex and loOKS LIKE A DAMN PUPPY? I JUST LOVE HIM ALRIGHT THANK YOU FOR THIS KID WHO COULD HAVE BEEN A CLICHE BUT IS A SWEET HEART

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yooo that video hit me right in the feels and i may have shed a tear lol so good

Isn’t it great?! It was posted about 6:40am my time and… I may have woken someone else up and forced them to watch it. Guess what I regret. Nothing. 

I love all the little stories in the video, like after the kiss when the other girl looks sad – that could have been an entire video itself! And when that one kid’s dad makes a scene in front of everyone and no one knows what to say or how to react. Those little moments are so perfect because they’re exactly the same things that everyone experiences growing up, and that makes the whole video universally relatable – but because it’s all happening within the same group of friends, it also seems really personal and specific to them. It’s sort of the best of both worlds, because you feel like you’re peeking into someone else’s life, but at the same time it feels like you’re also looking back at your own life. I mean you can practically look at any scene in the video and say, “I remember that.” 

Except I’m not sure we ever burned a couch. We burned a lot of other things though. A somewhat disturbing amount of things, actually.

Other than that, the only thing that makes it not my life is the castle itself. I know that’s one of the things that makes it so instantly relatable to other people in the UK, but we don’t have castles in America. If the line was “we watched the sunset over the Walmart on the hill” I wonder if my local radio station would start playing it… 

Things Istg I didn’t see watching and reading Durarara!! when picturing Kida and only realized through you people:

And they’re all trash stuff I blame everyone

  • Kida is gay. No homo. 200% made of no homo.
  • But, like, really.
  • For Mikado, mostly.
  • Even if I don’t want to EVERY TIME everyone everyfuckingone becomes second place to Mikado gdi Kida.
  • He can’t have a non-gay broship, that’s impossible.
  • He also can’t have a friendship with a girl without having gone on a date with her or tried to kiss her.
  • He sings and dances like a freaking J-pop idol in booty shorts.
  • He’s that sassy gay friend without even being 100% gay girls bring shopping.
  • He loves the shopping part way too much.
  • Girls friends most likely go to him for fashion advice and hair products.
  • He may wear a dress better than them with more confidence.
  • He’s super happy crossdressing because he loves all girls so much he thinks he makes a pretty one.
  • He acts all tough but gets dead drunk at the second glass.
  • He’s an angry hamster. An angry puppy.
  • It’s hard to take him seriously when he gets mad because he looks like an angry puppy.
  • He’s a fucking tsundere to males. THAT BOTH ANNOYS ME AND I LOVE IT.
  • He’ll most likely date a guy and still say he’s straight. Like he would wed a guy and if asked in the middle of the reception he would say “What? I’m not gay.”
  • I admit it now he’s most likely leaning to be a very embarrassed bottom GDI I was as adamant on the top side as him before my ships happened nviea;ofvnv;jdhgbjwaoirefkclsd.
  • He’ll most likely get a piercing down there.

i want to cuddle with a girl i want to sing badly with a girl i want to have netflix marathons with a girl i want to kiss a girl i want a girl to fall asleep with her head resting on my shoulder i want to lay down with my head in a girl’s lap while she runs her fingers through my hair i want to walk around in public holding hands with a girl i want to talk about anything with a girl i want to hug a girl and give her forehead kisses i want a girl to wear my hoodies i want to trace patterns on a girl’s skin with my fingers i want to dance clumsily in a kitchen at 3am with a girl while our grilled cheese is burning i want to love a girl

i really want a girlfriend but i don’t know how to make that happen like how do i have this with a girl when they’re all so intimidatingly perfect

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Uuumm HI!... ssoooo I'v never done a request before so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right but here goes, I was wondering if you could do a thing where Qrow, his s/o, young Ruby and young Yang are having a snowball fight and the teams are Qrow and Ruby vs s/o and Yang, while the snowball fight is going on fluffy stuff happens where Qrow hugs and kiss his s/o and the girls are like "ewww cooties!" and maybe they try to rescue s/o XD (sorry if this was awkward XP btw really love your work! :D)

Here you go, I hope it’s satisfactory! 


The world outside was cold and white, but you didn’t care about that. You were bundled up in the softest blanket you could get your hands on, curled into the side of one mister Qrow Branwen. Currently, you were snuggling on the couch of Qrow’s old team mate, Tai. He had left for a mission that would last a few days and said he felt better about leaving if ‘there was a responsible adult and I guess Qrow too’ watching the house and girls. You didn’t mind holding down the fort, the Xiao Long household was nice and cozy. Plus Ruby and Yang didn’t really need much taking care of, so that left you free to enjoy your boyfriend’s company and watch TV. So far, it’s been a pretty peaceful day.

“Uncle Qrow! (Y/n)!” Of course, something always comes along to disrupt the peace. The end of your quiet moment came in the form of Ruby Rose, flopping on the back of the couch between you and Qrow.

Qrow sighs, clearly not entirely happy about his alone time with you being interrupted. “Yeah pipsqueak?”

“I’m bored!”

“I thought you and Yang were playing together?”

“We got tired of video games.” Yang comes down the stairs and brings her hands down on the arm of the couch “Dad said you have to entertain us if we get bored.”

“Well then, firecracker, what did you have in mind?”

Yang crosses her arms to think on an answer, but Ruby immediately springs up, bright smile on her face “We should have a snowball fight!”

“Yeah, let’s go with that!”

“I don’t know, I-“ Qrow starts to object, tightening his grip on your waist.

“I think that sounds fun!” You chime in.

He looks down at you and Ruby claps her hands excitedly “Come on, uncle Qrow, (Y/n) likes the idea!”

“Unless you’re not up for a challenge, old man.” You give your boyfriend a playful poke in the side.

He gives you his ‘I am not old’ pout. Then he smiles, and reaches over to ruffle Ruby’s hair. “Alright, alright, I can’t say no to you.”

You both stand and face the girls. “So, is this a free for all or are there gonna be teams?” You ask.

“Teams!” Ruby decides “And it should be one adult on a team, otherwise it would be unfair!”

“I call (Y/n) being on my team!” Yang shouts, raising her hand.

Qrow raises an eyebrow “What, you got something against your uncle?”

“No, (Y/n)’s just cooler and we’re gonna kick your butts!” Yang intertwines your arms and you both do your best to look tough, which is kind of hard for a twelve year old Yang, but she manages.

“I’m pretty sure Ruby and I will be doing the as-“

“Language!” Ruby blurts out

“-butt kicking in this game. Come on, pipsqueak, let’s show ‘em whose boss.”

“Yeah!” Ruby jumps up and down before grabbing her jacket and sprinting outside.

Once you were all bundled up, you stood on opposite sides of the yard, packing snow into forts to serve as cover.

“All right Yang, you ready?”

“Heck yeah! Let’s show those losers who the kings of the snow are!”  She tightens her grip on the snowball tightly packed in her hand.

“Ready!” Ruby yells

“Aim!” Yang yells back

“Fire!” That last shout from all four of you sets off a flurry of snow flying in both directions.

You feel a snowball whiz by your head and you cast a glare at Qrow before returning fire, pegging him in the shoulder.  

Ruby is hit in the chest by one of Yang’s snowballs, that girl throws with such fury you’re surprised the heat doesn’t melt it midair. Ruby dramatically clutches her chest as if wounded before grinning. Suddenly she’s making and throwing snowballs at a near impossible speed that are very difficult to avoid.

That’s a semblance in development if I’ve ever seen one.

You’re so focused on Ruby’s relentless attack that it takes you a moment to realize Qrow is no longer next to her. You whip your head around to find him and are met with a snowball exploding across your face. You shake your head and wipe the snow from your eyes, glaring at the man crouched in the tree line.

“Qrow’s gone rouge!” You warn Yang. Of course, he’s always preferred an offensive, up close attack strategy.

“Think you can take care of him?” Yang is firing snowball after snowball at her sister, by the look on her face you’d think this was a real battle.

You laugh “Of course, that boy has nothing on me.” You sense another snowball coming from Qrow’s direction, this time you roll out of the way and spring to your feet, making a dash for the tree line. Qrow attempts to meet you half way with two snowballs thrown at your face and chest but you dart to the right. You begin your own game of darting forward to pelt him with a few snowballs before jumping into the trees to avoid his attacks. He runs after you and manages to dodge quite a few of your own attacks; he’s strangely very graceful in a fight.

The battle seems to be in your favor when suddenly you leap onto the next branch only to discover it’s coated in ice. You try and keep your balance but your feet fall out from under you and you plummet to the ground.

Damn bad luck.

There’s no impact though, Qrow swoops in and catches you in his arms. You lay across him propped up by his arm, you’re grateful, but then you see him grin mischievously. You’re confused until suddenly you feel cold snow impact your face and shoved into your shirt.

You squeal “Qrow!”

“I’m afraid you’ve been captured, sweet heart.” He brings his face close to your and leaves a small peck on your lips, still grinning. “Whatever shall you do?”

Laughing, you try and shake the freezing snow out of your shirt, a task made difficult by how close he was holding you “Qrooow, it’s coooold!”

“Well that’s -“

Qrow sputters as a snowball hits him dead in the face.

“Uncle Qrow has abandoned his post and kidnapped the poor (Y/n)! Ruby, I call for a temporary truce so we may rescue them!” Yang has another snowball at the ready and is pointing at Ruby, in full on general mode.

Ruby nods sagely “It goes against everything I know to aid the enemy, but it is my duty to stop a rogue soldier. Attack!”

Qrow drops you and is forced back by the volley of snow being launched at him. You double over in laughter at the sight of your oh so tough boyfriend being beaten back by two kids. He holds his hands up in surrender but the onslaught is only stopped when you can catch your breath long enough to wave your arms and call a cease fire. By that time, Qrow is covered head to toe in white.

“Uncle Qrow, do you surrender!?” Ruby asks, pointing at him and sounding like a leader disciplining her subordinates. It’s a funny sight, a ten year old commanding seasoned hunter year older than her. She pulls it off well though.

Qrow is attempting to wipe the layers of powder from his eyes and face “I surrender, I surrender.” He holds his hands up in mock submission.

Yang pumps her fist in the air “Victory!” she turns to her sister and holds out her hand “Well done, general Rose.”

Ruby takes her hand “Yes, well done, officer Yang. But, uh, aren’t we still enemies?”

Yang grins, a mischievous fire in her eyes. “You know, you’re right.” Yang tightens her grip on Ruby’s hand and drags them both down to the ground where they begin a wrestling match and see who can shove the most snow in the others face.

You watch the girls for a moment before turning back to Qrow, who is still attempting to wipe all the snow from his body. You smile and walk over to him.

“Here.” You start knocking snow of his chest and shoulders.

He sighs “Guess I lost fair and square.”

“I don’t know if I’d call that exactly ‘fair’, but oh yeah, you definitely lost. Though I thank you for so valiantly stopping my fall, even though you then shoved snow down my chest.”

He chuckles and kisses your forehead “Well of course, I’ll always catch you, even if we’re on opposite sides.”

You smile into his chest and feel him shiver. You pull away and take his hand “Come on, I think the girls will be able to entertain themselves for a while, let’s go inside and get you warmed up. The cuddle blanket is still on the couch.”

He lets you lead him toward the front door “That’s the best idea of the day.”

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Mom I'm probably going to have my first kiss with this girl I like this weekend and I'm freaking out. I haven't felt like this about anyone in a while, let alone had the opportunity to kiss anyone (especially someone as great as she is). I don't know what to do


It’s totally understandable that you’re nervous! But, be you. Honestly? Be you. Be you and go with what you’re feeling, with what she’s feeling, checking in with each other, etc. I would advise against shoving your tongue down her throat – probably the most common rookie blunder, and nope, men aren’t the only ones who make it – but other than that, as long as you feel ready and happy about things and so does she, you’re gonna be just fine!!! I’m sending you so much love, darling!!! <3 <3 <3