Our answers for inteview

1.   Please introduce yourself?

We’re Kissbone from Cainta, Rizal and we play post-hardcore music.

2.   Why this band named  KISSBONE? What’s the story behind it?

We play online games before so our band name was inspired by our guild’s name from the famous MMORPG Ragnarok.

3.   How long have you all known each other? How did you meet? Band history.

We’re high school friends. We have different bands before, and then we formed a new band after high school graduation and named it Zylvana. Originally, we have 5 members pero umalis yung isang guitarist namin. Armin does the vocal and bass duties since 2007 tapos umalis ulit yung isang guitarist nung 2010 na pinalitan ni Parker. Then si Armin na yung nag gitara and si Parker yung nag bass.


4.   How old are you guys? Are you still studying? Work? How are you balancing your time between the band and your studies/work?

Armin and RJ are 23, Justine is 22 and Parker is 18. RJ and Justine are the ones who work. Pero pang gabi si RJ. Armin is preparing for his nursing board exam this December and Parker is studying in college. Every weekend kami nagpapractice at kung meron gig, i-sked din naming ng weekend. Meron din kami gigs pag weekdays pero minsan lang.


5.   Please describe your music.

Mabigat na tungkol sa love yung lyrics. Mostly, we play heavy tunes with clean vocals. We were influenced by pop punk, hardcore and metal music so we combined our ides to form this kind of music.


6.   What differs you from other bands?

We really don’t know our uniqueness with other bands. Siguro yung blending ng vocals at sound. Yung iba kapag narinig yung intro ng ibang song namin, akala nag scream or nag growl vocalist namin pero hindi pala. Also yung musical preferences ng bawat isa samin magkakaiba kaya siguro pag inarrange na namin yung songs mejo hindi typical yung nagiging dating.


7.   Who/what are your influences for playing music?

We do cover songs from Silverstein, Underoath, Saosin, Trivium and Typecast when we’re just starting. So we guess we’re influenced by their playing style.


8.   What bands have you been listening to lately?

RJ – I listen to post-rock and instrumental music lately. The Sleep Design, Nevermind The Name, Bells, Toe, tide/edit and Silent Scenery to name a few. But I never forget to listen to my all-time influences like Periphery, August Burns Red and A Day To Remember.

Armin – my most influential band today was Go Radio, also been listening to some pop-rock and post-hardcore bands like All The Right Moves, A Rocket To The Moon, Hit The Lights and I See Stars.


9.   What are your immediate music career goals? (Next 1 to 3 years.)

As of now we are writing new materials to follow up our 2011 EP release and hopefully, to shoot our very first music video. We also want to share the stage with some of the biggest bands today. We just want to play more gigs, share our music into every people’s heart and to gain exposure.


10.Achievements to date?

We released our 2nd EP last August 2011 with 9 tracks. This 2012, we just recorded and released two songs on SoundCloud. No “big” achievements so far.


11.Who is the leader of the band?

Lahat kami leader. May responsibility kami lahat as a band. Si Armin and Parker yung nagcocompose at gumagawa ng music. Si RJ sa online promotions, taga-hanap ng gigs at taga gawa ng graphics, etc. And si Justine yung nagcocontact sa mga productions at naghahanap na din ng gigs.


12.Who do the lyrics? What influences you in writing the lyrics?

Armin - I do the writing, and the biggest part of my influence was my experiences, every experience I had was not about “nothing” I observe every instance on what was going on in my life and put it on a paper, also motivated by someone special but what inspires me the most was God and all that He created.


13.What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)

Armin - All of my songs were about the shades of love weather bad or good experiences. I say all the words that I can’t say thru the lyrics of my songs, not only for me to feel but I also want to share and let everyone know that they’re not the only ones who’s feeling the same thing.


14.Could you briefly describe the music-making process?

We mess up some good riffs and chords first. Sometimes, Armin will record some of his drafts then we’ll jam to lay in drums and other guitar melodies. We often divide the parts of the new song to put some fills and other sound improvements. We put the vocals after we mastered playing the new song tapos linis linis nalang.


15.Have any of your songs been published? Where?

We have a lot of songs uploaded online like on SoundCloud, SoundClick, Reverbnation, Rakista Radio, Bootleg Radio, Last.FM and Facebook. Nag submit din kami sa mga radio stations pero di lang namin sure kung pinapatugtog nila.


16.Is OPM dead?

OPM is absolutely NOT dead. Kinig kayo sa mga independent online radio at punta kayo gigs para malaman niyo :)


17.DIY or are you looking for an independent label deal or a major label deal? (Why?)

Currently we are a DIY independent band. We are hoping to find an independent record label to help us promote our music as well as to play more gigs. Naiisip din namin na kapag nagkaron kami ng major label, baka mag iba yung tunog namin.


18.Do you want to earn money for playing music or just want to play for the love of it? Are you seeking fame and fortune? why?

RJ – Of course I love to play but I’m not really want to “earn” money but I’m ok with “to cover our expenses” like transportation when playing gigs far from where we live. And speaking of fame and fortune, I just want the people to love our music and respect us as a band.


19.How do you feel about sellout accusations when bands become good/popular?

Siguro madami lang silang haters?


20.Should music be distributed free or not?

It depends. Pag gumastos talaga yung band para mapaganda yung CD nila then they should sell it. Pero kung bago pa lang yung band, siguro pamigay nila then bawi sila sa paid gigs kung meron.


21.How did you sell your CD’s/Audio Files?

We bring some EPs sa gigs then pag may lumapit at may gusto bumili, ganun lang. Pero we have online mp3 store sa soundclick para sa mga foreigners na gusto bilhin yung EP naming. Kaya naman nila bilhin yun kasi 3 dollars lang.


22.What can you say about Philippine Piracy?

Mas nalulugi ang mga major record labels. And hindi nakikilala/kumikita yung mga independent bands natin.


23.Any unforgetable gig/show experiences you have been encountered?

When we play on small venues but there are a LOT of friendly people. Like sa mga gig ng Load It Shoot It and Green Apple kung saan madalas din kami tumugtog.


24.Your Worst gig experience?

RJ – I think sa Marikina. Tattoo competition siya. Yung band setup nasa loob ng bar tapos yung contest nasa labas. Tumugtog kami, nasa labas halos lahat ng tao. Siguro mga 10 people lang yung nanonood samin. Tapos nasa 50-60 people yung nasa tattoo competition.


25.Should marijuana be legalized?

No! But there are rumors na cure daw yun for cancer. Wag lang abusuhin.


26.What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

Enjoy the music you play, Love your passion. Love your bandmates. Love your fans/friends. Don’t bash too much about your band/music. Share your music. Practice before playing on gigs!


27.What have you learned so far, being in (KISSBONE)?

Yung music scene sa Pilipinas. Dati more on mainstream bands pinapakinggan namin tapos nung nabuo yung Kissbone, nagkaron kami ng chance tumugtog kasabay yung mga iba’t ibang banda sa scene, mapa-indie, underground o mainstream.


28.Favorite curse word?

Pakyu hehe


29.Is there anyone you’d like to acknowledge for offering financial or emotional support?

RJ – Family and friends! Lalo na yung lagging present sa gigs namin. At yung mga production na walang sawa na sumusuporta sa mga indie bands. Thank you sa ATM na naglalabas ng pera tuwing kailangan ko.

Armin – yeah Family and friends are the most important support in every way we need J


30.For you what is true rakista?

Respecting each band’s music and other rakistas is a true rakista. Wala sa porma o sa pinapakinggan na banda.


31.What can you say about and rakista radio?

More power and thank you for giving us this opportunity!  We think Rakista Radio will be the next NU 107 :)


32.What is your facebook page?

You can like our Facebook page at


33.What is your artist fan page? (note: this is now a REQUIREMENT so we can feature your band in and link your song to profile, to create an artist page see below)

Visit our page at


34. Any last message to rakista community?

Hi Rakista Community! Kitakits tayo sa mga gigs! Sa mga Rakista people, continue supporting Rakista Radio and Rakista events!


Suddenly… I miss studio recording haha! Hopefully, we’ll record 2 new songs next month. Stay tuned!


25 - Black Kings Bar, West Ave, QC | GK Productions
28 - Cafe Arabiscato, Marikina | W.A.J.B.T.Stars

4 - Bartolina, Taytay | Love Dishonor
11 - Autonomy Bar, Mandaluyong | Green Apple Production
25 - Cafe Arabiscato, Marikina


“The Story of Us (Taylor Swift)” cover at Mall of Asia for Chevrolet 100 Years Celebration