Dragon Age Kiss/Hug Prompts

Right, I’m here faffing about and writing fic, so perfect chance to do some prompts :)

Just choose a number from the list and let me know the pairing (romantic or platonic, doesn’t matter). If you want a specific name/gender, pop it in, otherwise I’ll use what I fancy.

1. Secret kiss

2. Desperate kiss

3. Surprise kiss

4. Seductive kiss

5. Last kiss

6. First kiss

7. Heart-breaking kiss

8. Loving kiss

9. Tipsy kiss

10. Indifferent kiss

11. Reassuring hug

12. Friendly hug

13. Roaming hands hug

14. Thank-the-Maker hug

15. Desperate hug

16. Goodbye hug

17. I’ll-never-let-go hug

18. Sad hug

19. Tipsy hug

20. Surprise hug

Feel free to use the list, just send a prompt my way ;) I’ll be here waiting patiently!