Shipping Meme

Send me a number and a ship, and I’ll draw it 


1.) On the lips/forehead/cheek/nose/ear/neck/shoulder/hand
2.) Cute
3.) Awkward/shy
4.) Surprise!
5.) French Kiss
6.) Passionate
7.) “I’m sorry”
8.) Dip/War’s end
9.) Angry
10.)  drunk/sloppy/tired


11.) Hug/hug from behind/
12.) Cuddle
13.) Holding hands
14.)  Lean on shoulder
15.)  Surprise!
16.) Poke/boop!
17.) Carry on back/ over shoulder/ bridal style/ over head
18.)  Arm around shoulder/arm/waist
19.) Awkward/shy
20.) comfort 

21.) Blank (write in something that isn’t already listed)
22.) Random!

What I need in s7

1. Jaime/Arya kills Cersei

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2. Gendry’s return

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3. A Gendrya reunion (and obviously romance)

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4. Olenna Tyrell’s revenge

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5. A Bran and Meera kiss

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6. A Brienne and Jaime romance

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Then I’ll be happy!

Headcanon Masterlist

Did not realize that my inbox would be filled with so many requests so I am making this post to help anyone find a specific headcanon + ship!
Note: I am still writing everyone’s requests, but it will take some time to get through all of them!

List of Prompts

1. Cuddling
2. Kissing
3. Injured
4. First Date
5. First Kiss
6. Training
7. Awkward Moment
8. Fighting
9. Crying
10. Sleeping
11. Bathing/Showering
12. First Time
13. Soft Spot/Weakness
14. Pregnancy/Birth
15. Touching (can be NSFW or innocent)
16. Favorite Type(s) of Kissing
17. Undressing
18. What “turns them on”
19. Domestic Life
20. Farewells/Saying Goodbye

Completed Requests

1, 34, 567, 89, 1011, 12, 1415 innocent15 NSFW + 15 NSFW Public, 16, 1718, 19, 20
Bonus Nessian
Illyrian Language Lesson

3, 7, 89, 10, 1112, 1314, 151617, 1819
Bonus Feysand
Nightmare, Feyre Harry Potter

56, 7, 910, 1112, 13, 1415, 1718

1, 4, 512, 14151718, 19

9, 10, 13

5, 1314

1, 15, 19



TOG Series

123, 9111315, 1618, 19, 20

1, 3, 47, 1112, 14, 1619


5, 7, 1217, 18

1, 10, 1318

My Favourite Kisses

For International Kissing Day, I am compiling a list of some of my favourite kisses from different ships across the board. I’m doing this in no particular order, it’ll be mean to ask me to rate them.

1. Kim Shin and Eun Tak, I Miss You Kiss

2. Stefan and Elena, Bloodshare Kiss

3. Scott and Kira, Rain Kiss

4. Brooke and Lucas, Goodbye Kiss

5. Jackie and Hyde, Makeup Kiss

6. Mickey and Ian, “Not Afraid” Kiss

7. Stiles and Malia, Makeup Kiss

8. Shi Jin and Mo Yeon, Truck Kiss

9. Crixus and Naevia, “I Know You’re Mad But…” Kiss

10. Oz and Willow, “Panicking” Kiss

11. Noah and Rosalee, Bathtub Kiss

13. Dong Man and Ae Ra, First Kiss

14. Max and Logan, Tortured Kiss

15. Nick and June, Hallway Kiss

16. Michael and Maria, First Kiss

17. Max and Liz, Goodbye Kiss

18. Buffy and Angel, Morning Kiss

19. Piper and Leo, First Kiss

20. Matt and Julie, “It’s Not Over Kiss”

21. Dwayne and Whitley, Surprise Kiss

22. Dan and Blair “We both officially like each other” Kiss

23. Scott and Allison, Car Kiss

24. Michael and Jane, Best Kiss Ever

25. Nick and Jess, First Kiss (I don’t even watch NG anymore or care that much about this ship but this kiss was hot)

27. Amy and Jake, Real Kiss

28. Eun Chan and Han Kyul “Fuck It, I’m Gay” Kiss

29. Pacey and Joey, First Time Kiss

30. Cesare and Lucrezia, Tortured Kiss

31. Agron and Nasir, Passionate Kiss

32. Michaela and Asher, “I like you too” Kiss

33. Dae Young and Myung Joo, Car Kiss

34. Yuri and Victor, Spontaneous Kiss


KING HIT 2003-2014 KEIGO ATOBE Complete Single Collection(Limited Edition)

Artist: Atobe Keigo
Price: 3,611 JPY + tax
Release Date: October 4, 2017
Freebies: Special LP CD cover + CD Jacket B2-sized Poster

KING HIT 2003-2014 KEIGO ATOBE Complete Single Collection(Normal Edition)

Artist: Atobe Keigo
Price: 2,778 JPY + tax
Release Date: October 4, 2017


2. Kakumei e no Prelude (Prelude)
3. Believe in you
4. Insight
5. Valentine Kiss
6. Charmpoint wa naki bokuro
7. ・・・Mitaina arukē
8. Jet Drive
9. E Kimochi
10. Suki sa suki sa suki sa
11. Oresama no bigi ni yoi na
12. Riyuu

*additional tracklist for the LIMITED EDITION
 13. October -2017 It’s the special day Arrange- 

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That is one firm but squeeze, damn.


when it’s about Wonkyun … everything turns into– 199+ ?


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2. You’re Hot and Mine Only

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Headcanon Prompts

Send me a number along with a ship and/or character!

1. Cuddling
2. Kissing
3. Injured 
4. First Date
5. First Kiss
6. Training
7. Awkward Moment
8. Fighting
9. Crying
10. Sleeping
11. Bathing/Showering
12. First Time
13. Soft Spot/Weakness
14. Pregnancy/Birth
15. Touching (can be NSFW or innocent)
16. Favorite Type(s) of Kissing
17. Undressing
18. What “turns them on”
19. Domestic Life
20. Farewells/Saying Goodbye

lostinthestarsagain  asked:

How about 5 & 6 for kyouhaba? :>

5. Angry kiss
6. “I’m sorry” kiss

“Hey– sorry, excuse me– Kyoutani!” Yahaba calls, squeezing his way through the crowd. He pulls his scarf tighter around himself, eyes glued to the blonde head of hair walking quickly. He finally gets away from the crowd, wheezing slightly, yet he doesn’t stop. If anything, he quickens his pace to reach Kyoutani.

Reaching out, he grabs the back of Kyoutani’s jacket, yanking him to a stop.

“What?!” Kyoutani growls, eyes narrowing.

“You- you can’t just walk away!”

Kyoutani slides his gaze away. “Well, I did.”

“But we…I thought…is this your way of breaking up with me?”

Kyoutani blinks in surprise, shaking his head a moment later.

“Then what is it?” Yahaba asks, teeth grinding together.

Kyoutani stays silent for a moment, eyes casted downward. It takes a while for him to finally respond. “You…deserve someone better. I’m not a good match for you, and I know everyone thinks so…I don’t want to be a burden to you. It’s easier if I leave now so you won’t be disappointed later.”

Yahaba blinks. Then he steps forward, eye twitching before he grabs Kyoutani’s shoulders. He makes a confused sound, being cut off as Yahaba angrily smashes their lips together. It’s actually kind of painful, the way their teeth clank together, noses bumping.

That doesn’t stop Yahaba. He walks forward until Kyoutani bumps into a nearby tree, fingers gripping into Kyoutani’s shirt as if it’s some sort of lifeline.

When he pulls away, they’re both out of breath.


“Who gives a shit, Kyoutani?! I don’t care what they say!” He hisses, eyes swirling with rage. “How dare you decide what’s better for me? I know me, and I know what I do and don’t deserve! I’m fucking in love with you, you asshole. I chose you, okay?”

Kyoutani is so startled that when he tries to speak, he stumbles and stutters over his words. The thing that scares him the most about this situation is that about two minutes after Yahaba yells at him, Kyoutani has to watch as tears form in Yahaba’s eyes, dripping down his cheeks.

Yahaba hiccups. “H-how dare y-you look down on yourself l-like that! Y-you’re a gr-great person, even if others can’t see it,” he sobs, letting go of Kyoutani’s shirt.

Kyoutani swallows down his guilt, awkwardly reaching out. He gently grabs Yahaba’s face, pulling him closer. This kiss is softer than the other one, sending warmth pumping through Yahaba’s veins. It’s an apology.

Yahaba sniffs pathetically, pressing back gently. It’s his way of saying Kyoutani is forgiven.

“Never say something like that again, okay?”

Kyoutani sighs, but nods. “Alright.”

The award winning chin kiss sinning..

1. Does nobody realize that this kiss lasted 3 seconds (I counted) in slow motion so it practically wasn’t even a real baby kiss in real life

2.I think Ian forgot where the lips are supposed to be

3.Either Nina got taller or Ian got shorter, I think they both just got awkwarder

4.And here I thought Ian liked violent kissing, might have slipped his mind since his wife was watching this scene live

5.They rotate the camera 360’ to camouflage their terrible kiss

6.Look Damon is Voldemort now he’s nose is invisible 

7.These characters choose to ran awkwardly to each other and make out instead of comforting the other characters that just lost their loved ones

8.A+ for good editors TVD, congratulations your worst kiss ever got an award

anonymous asked:

whats you top ten moments that made you think hmm something going on more than normal between these two??please im so curious cause your so detailed and genius and ahhh i just love jackbum never really had a otp in 10 yrs into kpop I DO NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW(well yes i did ricsyung howd i forget that???)PLEASE AND THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

ONLY 10? Okay.

1-This is one of my favorite JackBum moments. Just look at the sexual tension and the way they tighten their lips. It’s gold.


3-You have no idea how much I love this moment. Jaebum’s expression, Jackson pulling him closer…*sighs*


5-The way they look at each other.

just kiss


7-[STARCAST] Leader JB to play a role of GOT7’s exclusive paparazzi?! and Contact name.

Jaebum took a photo of each member and wrote a description. What he wrote about Jackson’s photo?

‘’I was attracted to your confidence at first. But every day I went down on my knees.’’ 

Nothing to say.




(the skinship in every interview/fansign/video it’s very strong ;;)

9-Jb’s ideal type is Jackson. 

10-I’m in love with this moment.

Who Did It The Best? [Emily Edition]

Being 2nd In The Lead, Emily Fields Has Definitely Had Her Share Of Kisses But, WITHOUT BEING BIASED, Which Couple/Scene Had The Best?

1. Bemily & Their Pathetic, Why Am I Even Mentioning This Kiss

2. Emaya & Their Iconic, Popcorn Dropping Theater Kiss

3. Paily & Their Famous, Late Night Pool Kiss

4. Samily & Their Little Cute Kiss

5. Nate & Emily's WTF Kiss

6. Emison & Their Notorious Bed Kiss

7. Emailia & Their Sudden Brew Kiss

Looking At The Technicality, Chemistry & The Overall Scene Of The Kisses, My Top Two Goes To Paily & Emaya. What’s Your Opinion??

Kiss LadyNoir/Adrinette Prompts!

Ok, so everybody was doing it so here I come! Send me a number and I’ll do my best to make a drabble! :D

I made my own selection with various lists:

1. First Kiss

2. Kiss on the forehead

3. Drunk/sloppy kiss

4. Awkward kiss

5. Angry kiss

6. “I’m sorry” kiss

7. “I’ve missed you” kiss

8. Seductive kiss

9. “War’s End” kiss

10. “Goodbye” kiss

11. “I almost lost you” kiss

12. Kiss on the ear

13. Kiss on the neck

14. Kiss on the back

15. French kiss

16. Shy kiss

17. Surprised kiss

18. Sad kiss

19. Jealous kiss

20. Giggly kiss

21. Last kiss

22. It’s-the-end-of-the-world kiss

23. Awkward teenage crush kiss

24. Spin the bottle kiss

25. Hiding/hoping not to be caught kiss

26. Forbidden kiss

27. Kiss on naughty bits

28. Last surprise kiss before I go off and do something dangerous

29. Sated kiss

30. Soft kiss

31. Tender kiss

32. Passionate kiss

33. Long kiss

34. Quick kiss

35. Morning kiss

36. Before Bed kiss

37. In Secret kiss

38. Public kiss

39. Accidentally Witnessed kiss

40. Against a wall kiss

41. Against a Locker kiss

42. After “I do” kiss

43. True Love kiss

44. Caught off-guard kiss

45. To Keep a Cover (couple not established) kiss

“I want the k” masterpost
send me an ask with a miraculous ship and a number

i should be doing schoolwork but? fanfics are better

  • 1: Hot, Steamy kiss
  • 2: Cheek Kiss
  • 3: Nose Kiss
  • 4: Forehead Kiss
  • 5: Firm Kiss
  • 6: Gentle Peck
  • 7: Romantic Kiss
  • 8: Eyelid Kiss
  • 9: Jawline Kiss
  • 10: Neck Kiss
  • 11: Collarbone Kiss
  • 12: Chest Kiss
  • 13: Stomach Kiss
  • 14: Kiss Along the Hips
  • 15: Kiss in the Rain
  • 16: Upside-Down Kiss
  • 17: Goofy Kiss
  • 18: Underwater Kiss
  • 19: Forceful Kiss
  • 20: Any of the Above
  • 21: A Kiss with a Fist
  • 22: Then there’s tongue

taken prompts

Moments from Healer

So here are some of my favorite Healer moments with Eng subs provided by DramaFever. 

1. Dream or Reality?

2. Holding Hands

3. Confession about liking Healer

4. First rooftop meeting 

5. Snow Kiss

6. Elevator Intimacy

7. Why cant it be me? 

8. Personal Contact

9. Therapeutic Hug

10. East or West?

11. Youngshin finds Healer

12. Come back anyways

13. Ending (no video) 

14. Healer Interview (no video)

15. Any moment where Healer is beating up other people lol 

16. Healer meeting Ahjumma

17. Ahjumma meets Youngshin

18. Ahjumma singing or being awesome ^^ (all of them)

19. Jung Hoo meets Myung Hee

20. Oppa? 

OMG I have to stop because I can keep going T_T 

Literally, all the Emison twitter trends, so far:

1. We Want Emison
2. Emison Is Forever
3. Emison Is Real
4. We Breathe Emison
5. Emison Kiss
6. We Love Emison
7. Hope For Emison
8. EmisON In S5
9. Alison Needs Emily
10. ABCFamily Make Emison Happen
11. Emison In Our Veins
12. How About Forever
13. Emison Is Inevitable
14. Say Something Ali
15. We Believe In Emison
16. Emisonians Unite
17. Give Emison A Chance
18. I Loved Her Against Reason
19. You Were Always My Favorite
20. Alison Loves Her Mermaid
21. Emison Are Soulmates
22. I Risked Everything For You
23. Emily Is Ali’s Home
24. Emison Defines Love
25. Emison Is Back Tonight
26. Emily Belongs With Alison
27. Emison Holding Hands
28. We Want Emison Selfie
29. Kissing Rock Flashback
30. 100 Emison Feelings
31. Thanks Marlene For The Emison Kiss
32. Everything Is Emison

SasuKarin day 23.July 2016

“The Day Sasuke and Karin meet each other”

Sasuke Karin day & week 2016

List of the week: 

1.       Childhood

2.       Teenager

3.       Family

4.       Love

5.       First kiss

6.       Gender Bender

7.       Traditional AU

8.       Behind the moonshine

9.       give me the reason to love

10.     Sasukes birthday

(You can choose what you want. This is just some AU for you guys. Let’s have fun and enjoy this togheter AND IGNORE ALL THOSE HATERS. Just block them.

To find these arts or maybe also cosplay tag everything under






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