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♡ momma, do you have any headcannons of how Junkrat and Roadhog would act if their S.O was pregnant?

(S.O is ‘significant other’ right?)

When you tell Junkrat his eyes widen, he looks down at your stomach and then back in your eyes. Utter shock. His mouth gapes and he blinks a few times, failing to get any words out. His shaky hands come to your stomach and a grin stretches across his face, “I gotta baby in there? I’m gonna be a Daddy?” He shakes his head, and is almost vibrating with emotion. “I’m- I’m gonna teach him to make bombs, I’m gonna take him everywhere! He’s gonna look like me, but he’s gonna have your beautiful eyes”, he babbles, words coming out so fast you almost miss what he’s saying. He’s so excited and he kisses you all over and gives an especially long kiss to your stomach. 

When you tell Roadhog he already senses where the conversation is going before you say it. He’s been silent the entire time but the air around him is different to usual. His giant hands have moved to cover his face, he slides his mask off to pinch the bridge of his nose and give a long sigh. He seems more than stressed, you babble about how it’s a good thing and how great life will be. He runs a hand through his hair and shakes his head slowly. He will support you through everything and be there for you, but he feels he will be a horrible father and is actually feeling sorry for the kid. He leans in and kisses you, whether to shut you up about your fantasies or another reason, you don’t know. He gets up slowly and leaves, taking his keys you know he’s taking a ride to think about everything. 

She’s fine as fuck and she knows it ✌🏽️

A Winchester: Part 4

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader; Winchester Brothers x Reader (Family)
Reader Gender: Female
Requested: Yes
Warnings: mentions of kidnapping, swearing, slight smut
Word Count: 930 (Shorter than all the others. Sorry.)
A/N: all information on djinns came from thesupernaturl wiki. Liam’s Wish-verse is in itallics.

I love to hear what you guys think. Don’t be silent. 

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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One Saturday night, months later, Liam was hovering over his wife, leaving a trail of kisses down Y/N’s neck while a movie played on in the background. Liam trailed his hands up from her hips, removing her sweatshirt and tossing it across the living room. He began to place open mouthed kisses over her stomach, groaning when Y/N started undoing Liam’s pants.

“Liam,” Y/N mumbled, her voice coming out breathy and full of need. Liam emitted a low groan, the sound of his wife moaning for him, even after all these years, still got to him, still made it hard for him to focus on anything but her. Liam sat up momentarily and went to grab a condom the couple had placed in the drawer of the side table, but stopped when Y/N grabbed his wrist.

“Don’t you think it’s time we start a family?” Y/N proposed, waiting for her husband to respond. When he said nothing Y/n felt her heart fall. “Unless you don’t want to, because we can wait if you’re not ready.”

Liam saw how crushed she was by his silence; it saddened him to know that he was the reason she was getting upset. He leaned down so that there were only mere centimeters between their lips.

“I’d want nothing more than to start a family with you.” Liam whispered, placing a kiss to her nose before he molded his lips to hers.

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laying in bed with harry and he peppers kisses all over your face down to your neck, licking and sucking on your sweet spot knowing that would leave a mark and you think of how hard it will be to cover that up FUCK

“Harry!!!” You squeal in protest but his fingers have found your folds and you are putty, but he smirks, knowing you’re perterrbed.

“Mmmm?” he kisses the spot he just sucked, “S’okay”

“It absolutely is… oh … NOT! It is not”, you exhale on your last statement, his fingers pushing inside of you, now.

“Mmm? No?” he’s smiling, that stupid grin, and you want to smack it off his face.

“Do you not remember that you are FOLLOWED everywhere? That you have cam… oh… oh! Harry…” his name sighing out of your mouth.

“Sounds better”, he’s kissing down your stomach, now, sucking on the top of your breast, leaving yet another love mark.

“People will see… that”, you hissed as he massaged your insides.

“Good”, he kissed and nipped your hip, then hovered over your clit, his fingers pumping in and out of you.

“One more”, he kissed your thigh, “they won’t see this one”, and you were putty when he attached his sucking lips to your clit. 



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Ali looking at Ash while she plays with the child :3

Ali smiles as she steps out onto the veranda, hearing her wife’s laugh and their son’s adorable giggle. Little Charlie Krieger-Harris is only three years old and Ali sighs in contentment as she places her hands on her growing stomach, feeling a kick from their daughter, remembering how Ash had pressed soft kisses to her stomach last night, whispering to their daughter how she was going to grow up and be a World Cup winning, Olympic Champion like her mommy.

Her wife is currently standing in the goal in their backyard; Ash had demanded they get one when Ali was pregnant with Charlie, determined to share her love of soccer. Charlie runs up as fast as his little legs can carry him and toe pokes the ball. Ash falls dramatically the other way as the ball rolls slowly into goal. Charlie yells and jumps up and down.

“I dids it mama! I scored on you again! Goal for me!” Charlie shouts as Ash gets up, hoisting Charlie up as he giggles, running round the yard with him.

“And it’s Charlie Krieger-Harris with the winning goal in the World Cup final!” She shouts, plastering kisses to Charlie’s face.

“Mama I scored, I plays soccer!” Charlie shouts out, giggling into the kisses.

“You certainly did little dude.”

Charlie spots his mom and squirms out of Ash’s arms to run over to Ali.

“Mommy! Mommy did you see? I scored on mama. On the bestest goalkeeper in the wide world.”

“I did sweetheart well done!” Ali praises Charlie as she lifts him up and Charlie kisses her. He gently pats Ali’s stomach. “I scored a goal,” he talks softly to Ali’s stomach as Ash smiles, coming towards her wife and son, pressing a kiss to the side of Ali’s head. Ali smiles and she leans into Ash’s arms, kissing her on the lips.

“It still makes me giddy seeing you with him. You’re such an amazing mom and you’re going to be amazing with our little girl too,” Ali whispers as Charlie leans his head on Ali’s chest.

“Thank you baby,” Ash smiles as she places a soft kiss to Charlie’s head. “But you’re the amazing one, giving birth to our son and carrying our daughter. You make me better every day. I love you so much, and this-” Ash gestures towards their house, lightly stroking Charlie’s cheek before tracing her hand over Ali’s stomach, “is everything I’ve ever wished for and more.”

Ali smiles, closing her eyes. “Me too baby, me too.”

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Blair was sitting on the couch trying to find something to watch, she groaned when she couldn't find anything and tried to move to get comfortable as she was now 3 months into the pregnancy

Mark walked in after a recording session.He kissed her stomach and sat down next to her.

I want to crawl into bed next to her, wrap my hands around her body and sprawl my fingers across the span of her stomach. Slowly kiss along her neck and jaw to just barely wake her and pull her in so she can snuggle in against my chest. I want her to fall asleep hearing “I love you.” Come from my lips as I kiss her so tenderly. ❤️

🐝 Phil got up. He realized his boyfriend, Dan had morning wood.

🐝his started kissing Dan’s chest and worked his way down to hus stomach.

🐝the kisses woke Dan up.

🐝He flinched and accidentally kicked Phil in the shoulder. “Phil, what are you doing?” Dan mumbles out.

🐝"I was just helping you with your morning wood,“ Phil innocently replies.

🐝Phil continued and removed Dan’s boxers. He started by licking Dan’s shaft. Dan moans loudly.

🐝"shhhh Dan,” Phil whispers, “you’re gonna disturb our neighbors.” Phil opens up his mouth, and deep throats Dan’s cock.

🐝 When Phil stops for air, he sees Dan is dripping pre-cum. “Don’t cum yet babe,” Phil says “I wanna fuck you.”

🐝 He turns Dan on his knees and stomach on the bed. “Dan close your eyes and butt in the air.” Phil commands. Dan does as Phil says because during sex, he is Phil’s property, his toy the he’d use regularly.

🐝 Phil got the lube from under the bed. He put the liquid in Dan’s hole. He first rimmed Dan to stretch it. First 2 fingers, then 3.

🐝 Phil slowly put his 8-inch in Dan’s whole. Dan moans loudly. Louder than earlier.

🐝 Phil pushed Dan’s face into the bed, so the neighbors would not hear Dan’s over exaggerated moans.

🐝 with each thrust into Dan, he moan moan more.

🐝Dan let out a muffled yell into the pillow “Phil, I need to cum.”

🐝 Phil let the younger boy cum. Their red blankets were now covered in Dan’s cum.

🐝Phil kept on going in Dan. “Harder, more, don’t be gentle Phil” Dan pleaded.

🐝 Phil’s cock was red, He was dropping precum in Dan. “You’re gonna let me Cum in you, my little slut” Phil tells Dan. “Yes please!” Dan demands.

🐝Phil cums all over Dan’s hole, and ass.

🐝Phil gets some tissues from the washroom and cleans the mess up.
After that, they lie in bed for a bit under the blankets.

🐝 “Thanks Phil,” Dan whispers, while Phil plays with his curly fringe.


@omgdatphantho I made the thing you wanted. Sorry if it’s a bit creepy.

Deep Love (Kai)

You were laying in bed with Kai spooning you. He starts rubbing your thigh and gently kissing your neck. You moan softly and Kai smiles as he gently nibbles your earlobe. A chill is sent down your spine as he nips at your collarbones. He gets on top of you. He looks down at you lovingly as he kisses you passionately. You moan and kiss back. Kai starts to trail gentle,slow kisses down your neck and chest. He unbuttons your shirt as his lips massage your sensitive skin. You moan softly and tangle your fingers in his soft locks. He pulls your shirt off once he gets all the buttons undone and then gently massages your breasts through your bra.

“Kai please…”You whimper.

Kai pulls away and takes his shirt off,then he starts kissing your exposed stomach. He kisses all the way down to the waistband of your shorts then all the way back up until his lips meet yours again. You wrap your arms around his neck as he kisses you deeply and rids you both off your remaining clothes. He wraps your legs around his waist and slides in slowly,going as deep as possible. You moan softly as Kai starts to thrust gently and sensually. He groans softly,the feeling of your walls clenched around him are gradually making him lose his self control. You whimper as he starts to get rougher and rougher with his thrusts. Soon he is pounding into you will all he’s got.  You start to sweat. You grip the bedsheets. Your heart starts beating faster. You feel a tightening feeling in the pit of your stomach. Your climax was coming up fast. Kai knew you were close so he kisses your and bites on your neck and collar bones while his thumb rubs your clit at a fast pace. You start to breathe heavily.  You are almost to your breaking point.

“Let it go baby~”

Your body shakes as your orgasm travels through you,waves of pleasure hitting you hard. You are screaming Kai’s name. With a few more thrusts Kai reaches his own orgasm as well. He keeps thrusting until you come down from your high. 

Once you do he pus out and pulls you into his arms,gently pecking your cheek.


“Yes Jagi?”

“I love you..”

“I love you too…”

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*cough*blurryxjoshoverstim*cough* -🌺

OKAY THIS MY WORLD AND I DO WHAT I LIKE TO I KNOW SHE GON BE READY WHEN I SLIDE THRRROOOUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH (i realised I could literally call you flower bc of your emoji that shits fuckin’ cute)

Josh would be tied to the bed, legs apart and wrists above his head. Blurry would casually stalk his way around the bed, watching the naked boys chest rise and fall rapidly. Josh would have a vibrator strapped to his dick, hard and leaking against his stomach as the violent vibrations worked magic.

Every little buck of his hips would earn him more friction, enough to cum easily enough. Josh would stare done Blurry a whine escaping his mouth when he realised the boy wasn’t turning the toy off. Josh would be sensitive from his first orgasm, and when blurry started lightly kissing his stomach and licking old cum up, he’d cum again.

The third orgasm would leave Josh breathless, blurry would smirk, still not talking as he slid a vibrator into J’s tight ass. With a vibrator on his dick and in his ass, Josh was sure to lose it. Screams and sobs fell from his mouth, hands tugging at the ropes as he squirmed and came dry.

Blurry would laugh as Josh started to blank out, eventually passing out.

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'I want the K'

Their time under at the beach had turned into a long, great day. However, night had came and they were underneath the stars. After a heavy make out session, he drifted to her bare stomach and flicked his tongue against the skin before he kissed it softly.

  • 13: Stomach Kiss