I smoked my first cigarette
Because it was the closest thing to death
I could find
One puff, I felt death kiss my lungs
And my life grow shorter
The second puff, it’s tongue curled mine
And butterflies grew inside my decaying stomach
I kissed it back,
But I wanted To Make love to it.
I wanted to know how it’s hands
Would feel against my body,
And if it’s bitter coldness
Would consume my warm body.
—  I want to be cold
Hickies (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: can you do one where Peter and reader got a bit steamy with a make out session and Peter doesn’t notices to ton of very very noticeable hickies on him until he’s left his room and him trying to survive the day with it?

A/N: Hey guys! I am finishing my exams this Wednesday, so I will probably upload nothing else until then -I will try to write my imagine based on the incredible trailer that day, so it should be up on Thursday at most!

Peter laughed softly as your lips traveled down his neck, leaving small kisses. His t-shirt was off, you wearing it.
‘’Babe, somebody is gonna barge in’’ he whispered, a smile on his lips as your lips kissed his stomach. ‘’Are you giving me a hickie?’’ he asked, furrowing his brows.
You raised your head to look at him, a smile plastered on your face.
‘’Of course not’’ you reassured him.
He brought your face close to his and kissed you, the kiss getting more intense as time passed. His hands traveled to your hair, messing it up, then moving to your hips and pulling you closer to him as he sat on the bed. You put your hands on his hair, pulling at some strands and making him groan.
Lowering your head, you started to kiss his neck again, his eyes closed. His hands moved to your butt, making you moan softly as you gave him a hickie, which was followed by multiple others, although he didn’t notice.
You kissed him on the lips again, his tongue entering your mouth as your hands drew patterns on his back. He run his hands up and down your body, enjoying the feeling of having you so close to him.
Finally pulling apart to breathe, you rested your forehead against his and smiled softly, opening your eyes to find his looking at you with an expression full of love. He grinned before grabbing the hem of his t-shirt with his hands.
‘’Will you give me back my t-shirt so I can go out and have breakfast?’’ he said, the grin still on his face.
You laughed and took it off, his eyes never leaving your body. You then put on your clothes, and as you looked at him putting on his t-shirt, you admired the way his neck was full of hickies, although he didn’t notice.
‘’Let’s go grab some food’’ you said, getting up from bed and grabbing his hand.
You both left your room at the Avengers Tower and walked towards the kitchen, a comfortable silence between you.
When you got to the kitchen, everybody was there, considering it was still pretty early and they couldn’t afford to sleep in and lose training.
‘’Good morning everyone’’ you said as you let Peter’s hand go, walking to the fridge to get some juice.
Peter sat on a stool as you passed him some pancakes, and Tony looked at him with a smirk on his face before nudging Steve’s side.
‘’Spiderboy, what you got in your neck?’’ he asked, the smirk present on his voice.
Peter automatically raised his hand and put it on his neck, trying to see if he had something.
‘’What do you mean?’’ he asked, his voice raising an octave.
‘’It seems like somebody decided to paint a sunset there’’ Natasha told him.
You rested against the counter, a cup of warm coffee in your hands, which you brought close to your lips.
‘’I’m pretty artsy, right?’’ you asked, taking a small sip of your drink.
Peter gasped and looked at you, an offended look in his eyes.
‘’You said you hadn’t given me a hickie!’’ he accused you.
‘’When you asked me, I hadn’t’’ you said, shrugging your shoulders.
Everybody laughed as they looked at Peter, who looked like an angry kid.
‘’What am I supposed to tell my aunt? The ‘I fell going down the stairs’ excuse isn’t gonna make it this time!’’ he complained.

Signs as romance
  • (use sun, venus and mars sign)
  • Aries: Kissing against a wall, tight hugs, warm smiles, laughing together, running your fingers through their hair
  • Taurus: Good morning kisses, spooning, calling eachother beautiful, dinner dates, fore head kisses
  • Gemini: Morning sex, brushing your thumb against their skin while holding hands, carrying bridal style, talking in bed till 3am
  • Cancer: Soft hugs, recieving roses, loving sex, cuddling while having a movie marathon, French kisses, being held, tummy rubs
  • Leo: Back massages, hair pulling, spontaneous dates, sensual sex, face caressing, falling asleep in each other arms, long hugs
  • Virgo: Pleasing you, hands roaming eachothers bodies, stomach kisses, hugs from behind, shower sex, finding out what pleases one another
  • Libra: Comforting hugs, artful beautiful sex, drawing each other pictures as gifts, cuddling while listening to music, sweet words
  • Scorpio: Heart eyes, lip bites, protecting your partner, deep soul mate like connection, star gazing, intense sex, cute nose kisses
  • Sagittarius: Fun road trips, traveling the world together, caressing their ribs, counting the freckles on their partners face, inner thigh kisses
  • Capricorn: Inspiring eachother, tantric sex, neck kisses, needing eachother, the big spoon, back kisses, Gazing in each others eyes
  • Aqaurius: Being best friends and lovers, smiling while you kiss, being goofy with each other, playful kisses, straddling, being held down
  • Pisces: Love poems, playing drinking games together, little spoon, neck massages, wet kisses, goodbye hugs,

Totally craving:

• flirty conversation
• cuddles
• kisses
• night owl, flirty texting buddy
• butterflies in my stomach
• a girlfriend

Send me ‘Kiss’ and my muse will kiss yours somewhere according to their feelings for your muse!
  • Touching Meme: Kiss Addition!
  • Kiss on the forehead: Parental/Familial love
  • Kiss on the eyelids: You make me sad/Upset
  • Kiss on the nose: You make me happy
  • Kiss on the cheek: Platonic love/Friendship/Attraction
  • Kiss on the lips: Romantic love/Attraction
  • Kiss on the neck: I want you/You are mine
  • Kiss over the heart: I am connected to you
  • Kiss over the wrist: I think you are beautiful/I find you attractive
  • Kiss over the back of the hand: Respect/Admiration/Reverence
  • Kiss on the palm of the hand: I am yours/I know you have me
  • Kiss on the knuckles: Protectiveness
  • Kiss on the fingertips: I care about you
  • Kiss on the nails: I want to hurt you/You've hurt me
  • Kiss on the stomach: Sexual attraction/Desire
  • Kiss on the knees: I want to support you
  • Kiss on the feet: Fealty/Loyalty/Servitude/Submission
  • Almost kiss: Interest/Curiosity
  • No kiss: Indifference/I don’t know you
  • Bite: Dislike/Hate/Resentment/Enmity

Remus has always felt very self-conscious about his scars, but after graduating, he goes to live with Sirius, and he knows that Sirius loves him and knows pretty much everything about him. Remus rarely used to wear shorts, but now he wears them often, and Sirius always compliments him on his legs. Moony also started wearing crop tops, and holy SHIT does this turn Sirius on, who always makes sure to kiss Remus’ stomach and entire face when he wears one.

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What's your definition of love?

Once, my belly was really hurting and I was lying in bed asleep and he was going to work. It was really early morning and he came in and gently popped a hot water bottle under my stomach, kissed my forehead and left. He didn’t mention it at all.

I Fucken love eating pussy. I love everything that leads up to eating pussy the most tho. Kissing her neck and chest, licking and sucking on her nipples while my hands part her thighs and rub up and down. I love kissing her stomach and hip bones, her pubic area and inner thighs, I love licking and kissing her pussy lips teasing her to the point where she can’t take it anymore my hands sliding up and grip her breast or neck till I finally stroke her clit with my wet tongue back and forth. That’s what I love about eating pussy.

dom!credence headcanons :)

- has a daddykink.

- he likes to touch your chest?? like, a lot?? it makes his hands feel really warm and they’re just so soft and he’ll make these noises that you love

- when he wants to get into bed with you he will literally fucking pin you down out of nowhere and start kissing you in your most vulnerable places

- hickies. hickies. hickies.

- he loves blowjobs, especially when you have that pretty look on your face when you’re giving him one

- he loves EVERYTHING that you love. this is simply because you love it, and he loves the way that you react and how you let go completely

- edging.

- he will constantly praise you for being good even when you haven’t done anything to be, because he loves the look on your face and the motivation it gives you to do more

- he will ALWAYS kiss your stomach before giving you head

- when giving you head he’s either very soft or very rough, slow or fast - it depends on how both of you are feeling

- overall, he’s a great daddy

- and he loves having consensual control over you because you love it

credit for some ideas: @imaginingcredence

Being pregnant with Crowley’s child would include...

  • Crowley kissing your stomach and resting his head on it whenever your lying in bed together
  • not letting you do anything and practically locking you up in your room to keep you safe
  • forcing him to go shopping with you and Crowley grumpily tagging along even though he secretly enjoys it
  • telling you how much he loves you
  • not being able to agree on a baby name because you have very different ideas of what’s appropriate
  • Crowley constantly being worried about you
  • having demons follow you around all day to look after you
  • “I will not raise our child in hell, we need a house!”
  • getting a bit more clingy than usual but Crowley likes it since you’re normally not that affectionate
  • heated discussions because you don’t like to rely on others and someone constantly worrying about you gets on your nerves sometimes
  • hugging you from behind
  • no demon would even dare to look at you the wrong way
  • Crowley lovingly calling you his ‘queen of hell’

Imagine- Having rough sex with Elijah and he tells you to call him daddy.

You whimpered in pleasure as you watched Elijah go down on you. His tongue licked at your folds while his Thumb played with your clit. “Gods Elijah!” You squeaked loudly as he hummed. He quickened his face drawing you closer to your orgasm. You grinded your hips into his face arching your back. Felling that all to familiar knot in your belly trying to squirm away you moaned loudly. Elijah help your hips down and went faster. “Oh! Elijah! I-I’m going to cum!” You yelled out only causing Elijah to go faster if that was even possible. “Elijah! Elijah!” You yelled Cumming all over Elijah’s face. You panted as he gave you one finally lick and he crawled over you trailing kisses over your stomach. “That was beautiful.” Elijah praised. You only turned red “Now since your have been a good girl You’ll get rewarded.” Without any warning he thrust into you and didn’t stop. His thrust hard bring you closer to your orgasm. You moaned his name and when he went even faster you scream his name. “Baby call me daddy.” He whispered in his ear slamming into you. You clawed his back and could feel yourself start to cum again. “Daddy! Can I cum?” You asked no you screamed loudly. “No!” He grunted back he could tell you were close when your walls clenched around his cock. This caused him to start to cum" okay baby cum.“ He told you “Daddy! Daddy!” You yelled cumming on his cock he thrust faster and spilled his seed into you. Both panting he rolled off of you to cuddle.

A/N My first smut tell me what you think please and send request!

Mama’s Boy: Tom Holland x Reader

Requested:  since I know for a FACT that Tom is a huge Mama’s boy, could you write a funny imagine about how Tom sometimes abandons reader at random places for his mom, and after a while reader’s not having it so she and Tom’s mom end up hanging out and abandoning Tom?

You were visiting Tom’s family in London and you were enjoying yourself, except that Tom nearly left you every second to talk to  or hang with his mom. You admired the fact that he adored his mom but it was a bit frustrating when you wanted to spend time with him and he would randomly leave. 

“Tom!” You called him into his room, “Yes love?” he walked in and quickly shut the door. “You look so sexy.” He licked his lips and walked toward your lace covered figure. He placed rough wet kisses on your bare stomach causing you to moan. He hooked his fingers on the sides of your underwear and slid them down. 

“Tom!” You heard his mom call. “Yes?” She didn’t respond. “Yes!” he yelled again. After not hearing anything he groaned , “I’ll be right back.” He kissed you and adjusted himself. 

After laying on the bed for an hour you sighed and put some clothes on. You walked down stairs to see him helping his mom cook. “Oh hey babe.” He smiled looking up at you. “hi.” You responded back sarcastically. 

“Sorry dear. I just needed him to reach something for me but he wanted to help.” His mom smiled at you. “No problem Mrs. Holland.” You smiled back. It’s not like he got me all hot and bothered and then just vanished.

“Lovely day here in London with my mom and my lovely girlfriend…” Tom was recording. He had his arm draped over your shoulder while his mom took pictures of the scenery. 

“God these bridges suck.” He laughed leading you the not so sturdy bridge. He pointed out some things to you. “So what about this?” You looked behind you and he was gone. “Tom?”

You squinted and saw that he was all the way down the street showing his mom the best angles for her to shoot at. You sighed and walked over o them, “Hey love, where’d you go?”

“I was under the bridge, you were right-”,“Awe that’s good. Look mum!” He pointed to a cloud. 

“Where is he?” You huffed. You were walking alone in the busy shopping district. Your phone was on the almost dead so you didn’t want to waste your battery on him not answering. 

“Honey where is Y/N?” Mrs. Holland asked. “Oh, I-I don’t know.” He looked around for you. “You can’t keep leaving her! Stay here I’ll go find her.” She shook her head at how rude her son was acting and searched for you. 

She saw you bundled up on a bench, “Awe honey.” She ran up to you and saw that you were on the verge of tears. “I’m so sorry about Tom.” She hugged you. 

“You hungry?”, you nodded. She looked behind her, “Let’s give him a taste of his own medicine.” She giggled and grabbed your hand. 

She stopped at a nice small restaurant. “So besides my son being a dick how have you enjoyed it here?”

You laughed not really expecting for her to say that, “Besides that, everything has been nice.”

“Well good.” She smiled and picked up the menu. You two laughed over drinks and ate. Tom was panicking and kept trying to call you both. “Fuck.”

He literally searched every shop and restaurant but by time he reached the place you were eating atr ,you two went to get mani/pedis. 

“He used to wet the bed terribly.” His mom laughed. “No! When did he stop?”

“He’s going to be so bloody pissed but he was 10 when he finally stopped.”

You gasped and giggled, “That’s some toxic information Mrs. H.” You fist bumped her and smiled. 

“What do you want to do next love?” She asked. “Well I could use some new shoes.”

“There you are. I was looking every where for you!” He ran up to you and tried to kiss you but you moved out the way and kept walking. His mom shook her head, “You need to apologize to her, now.”

“W-what did I do?” He asked. “You kept abandoning her!” She pulled his ear, “Ow, mum. Stop.”

“Now you listen to me Thomas Stanley Holland, you apologize to her now. That girl loves you and you kept running to me like she wasn’t here to be with you.”

“But-”, “But nothing, do it now or-or you’re grounded.”

He laughed ,” Ground me. I’m not a kid any more.”, “We’ll just have to tell you father that then.”

“Ugh yes ma’am.” He walked up behind you an placed his around your waist. You jumped up and let out a little scream, “Christ Tom.” He helped carry your bags. “Are you mad at me?”

“That’s like asking if the sky is blue.” You retorted. “Well today it does look a bit grayish-” He stopped when he saw your face. “I’m sorry for leaving you-”, “You need to add for leaving me in a very unfamiliar place.”

“Baby, I am really sorry! I didn’t mean it and it will never happen again.”, “Yeah right.” 

“I’m serious.”

“How about for leaving me in your room naked and horny!” You whispered loudly. “Oh yeah. Shit, I’m really sorry about that.”

You stopped and folded your arms, “I might as well go back home.”, “No. baby please, I swear I’m sorry. I’ll stop leaving you and abandoning you.” He begged. 

“Do you promise?” You asked. “I swear on m-my mom.”

“That’s terrible! Don’t swear on her.” You slapped his chest. “I forgive you, jeez.”

He smiled and leaned in for a kiss, you sighed and kissed him. You two heard a snapping sound and saw his mom snapping pictures of you guys. 

“You guys look great!” She smiled scrolling through the pics. “Oh let me see!” Tom started running over to her but she shook her head and looked at you. “Oh right, sorry.”

Stomach Kisses

(A/N): I was feeling self-conscious and so I wrote this ^.^

Warnings: Reader is a bit self-conscious

Originally posted by leafierleaf

   You sigh as you look in the mirror, slowly tearing yourself apart. Your skin was too oily, your hair wasn’t straight enough, your arms were too big, you had mass thunder thighs but the worst of it all was at your core, your stomach. You hated it with a fiery passion to the point you’d done almost anything to get rid of the chub that clung to you like a lifeline but unfortunately it refused to budge, it stayed there, making you look like a disgusting cow. 

   Tears of frustration and disgust well within your eyes and you furiously wipe them away, refusing to allow your eyes to get red and puffy. You sniffle softly as you continue to stare at yourself, primarily your stomach. God you just hated that thing, the way it clung to your hips and even a bit to your ribs, the way it would roll up when you would sit down, making you even more self-conscious.

    It didn’t help that you were surrounded by The Avengers for God’s sake, the most physically fit people on this earth and here you were….most definitely not even close to being as ‘fit’ as they were. Nor would you ever be for that matter, even if you trained your hardest and ate the best you could you couldn’t shed these pounds. It was disheartening to say the least, to work so hard towards something and then not have it pay off. 

  You sniffle once again as one of your hands come down to pinch at the ‘fat’ on your stomach and you nearly break out into sobs right then and there. You hated it, you hated looking at it, you hated having it on your body, and you most definitely hated having to touch it. 

    “(Y/N)?” You immediately perk up at the voice, Bucky’s voice, your entire body going rigid as you realize you had completely forgotten to lock your bathroom door and because of your stupid mistake he had now discovered your secret. You don’t know how to react, you can’t just turn around and answer him and you felt as though leaving the bathroom to grab a shirt would be inappropriate at a time like this so instead you fold your arms over your form, closing your eyes so you don’t have to see the look on Bucky’s face. 

   “Fuck,” You curse quietly, tilting your head back as you realize just how stupid you had been and now how much trouble you were going to be in.

   “(Y/N)? What’s going on?” Bucky’s voice is warm and nearly soothing but it has that underlying tone of concern, a tone that you don’t deserve. 

   You could lie, say you were fine but Bucky knew better, after all he did just walk in on you sobbing as you had touched your stomach so there was, essentially, no reason to lie or hide. 

   “Nothing,” And yet you are lying, the word just spills from your mouth, out of habit of course. Bucky stares at you for a moment longer before he sneaks up behind you, slowly wrapping his arms around your waist. If there was anything you hated more than touching your stomach yourself was when others would touch it. 

   “You’re lying to me,” Bucky states rather calmly as he buts his head against the back of your neck. “You don’t ever lie to me,” Your heart aches a bit as you think of how you must be hurting Bucky right now, he was true, you never lied to him so it must have stung for him to suddenly be lied to. You sigh shakily as Bucky’s thumbs begin to absentmindedly draw circles into your flesh, only making you feel worse about yourself. 

    “Buck-” You sniffle, bringing your hand up to your nose to wipe at it. “It’s complicated, I don’t mean to lie to you-” 

   “Just tell me the truth then,” There was no harsh or cold tone to his words, if anything they were soft and more of a beg than anything else. You sigh once again, you couldn’t lie to him but you couldn’t tell him the truth, after all he’d probably think it was stupid anyways. 


   “(Y/N),” Bucky emphasizes the word by pressing a tender kiss to your bare shoulder, nearly making you shiver. “Please…please just tell me,”  This man was going to break your heart if he continued this, with this sad begging so instead you swallow your pride and gather the confidence to confess. 

   “I just- I hate myself okay? I hate my skin and my hair, I hate my arms and my legs, and I hate-” You grab at your stomach, showcasing the ‘wonderful’ roll you had going. “I hate my stomach,” You drop your hands to your sides, feeling thoroughly exhausted by your little speech there.

   Bucky remains silent for a bit and your nerves are set alight. What if he was realizing that too? Maybe he hated you just as much as you hated yourself? Maybe he hated your- 

   Your thoughts are interrupted as Bucky, quite suddenly, lifts you up, carrying you out of the bathroom and to your bedroom as though you were a princess. Bucky gingerly sets you down, as though you were made of porcelain, before he settles above you, just hovering above you as he stares down at you earnestly. 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky leans forward, placing a kiss to your forehead. “You are,” A kiss to the top of your head, “The most,” A kiss to your arms,” “Beautiful person,” A kiss to both of your thighs, “I’ve ever,” Bucky begins to kiss his way back up, not even lingering on your clothed sex. “Met.” Bucky finishes his little statements by pressing a kiss to your stomach, letting his lips linger there for a moment before he pulls away just to lean back down and kiss your stomach once again. And again. And again. And again. Each time murmuring some words of affirmation or of love, 

   “You’re so beautiful (Y/N),” 

   “I love you so much,” 

   “I love your stomach,” 

   “I’m so lucky to have you,”

    By the time he resurfaces you’re sure you’re crying, tears effortlessly slip down your cheeks as Bucky leans forward, wiping away every last one of them before he presses a kiss to each one of your wet, salty cheeks. 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky begins as he settles down beside you, one hand settled upon your stomach almost comfortably. “I don’t want you to feel this way, you don’t deserve to. You’re so kind and beautiful and no one as amazing as you deserves to feel this kind of pain, this kind of hatred,” You sniffle softly, nodding your head in somewhat agreement. Bucky presses against you a little more, pressing a number of kisses to your forehead. “I don’t care what you think, I think you’re beautiful, every last part of you. Including this,” Bucky’s hand runs over your stomach a few times before settling back down comfortably. “Okay?” You nod your head, sniffling again as Bucky gives you a small smile. 

   “Yeah okay,” Bucky hums as he nuzzles his nose against your own, smiling like a huge dork. “Um…can I ask something?” You question as you wipe away at your severely runny nose. 

   “Sure thing Doll,” 

   “Can you- can you…can you please kiss my stomach one more time?” You murmur in one breath, hoping the fast wording and quiet tone would make it harder for Bucky to pick up on. 

   For a minute you think maybe you did, his face etches what you think to be confusion but in the next second he smiles at you before sliding down your body, his lips already leaving a number of kisses along your skin. 

   You watch him for a moment, the movement of his lips slowly pressing against your skin before you close your eyes, the overwhelming feeling of comfort radiating off Bucky leaving you feeling even more exhausted than before. 

   You hum contently as you reach down, threading your fingers through Bucky’s hair as he presses one last kiss to your stomach before he too closes his eyes, allowing his head to slump against your now kiss covered stomach. 

   “G’night Bucky,” You murmur tiredly, only half paying attention to his quiet response. 

   “Good night beautiful,” 

BTS Reaction to finding out you are pregnant

Thanks to the person who requested this. Also the spring day MV is so good I’m dead. - EM xx

Namjoon: He would be so exited all smiles. “Omigosh babe that’s so great this is great. I’m finally gonna be a real dad. Our baby will be the best.” He would immediately crouch down to talk to the baby and give your stomach a kiss.

Originally posted by kths

Seokjin: He would be so happy and want to tell all his band members a soon as possible to show of that he was finally going to be a dad not a mum ;). “Ah I will make sure our child learns all my great jokes Jaygi!”

Originally posted by gukiee

Hoseok: He would be so excited. “Ahh I’m going to be a dad!!”. He might be a bit nervous worrying if he would be a good father but he would almost be too happy to care.

Originally posted by jimiyoong

Yoongi: He wouldn’t scream and cheer because thats just not how he is but he would have a cool smile on his face. “This is great y/n, although I don’t know if I’m ready for the nighttime wake-ups.”

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Taehyung: He would be determined to be the best dad possible. “This is such great news jagi! I will be the best parent ever to parent. Just you wait.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Jimin: Jimin would walk over and give you a hug. He wouldn’t know how to express his words he would be so happy. “I will love our baby as much as a love you, and thats a lot y/n,”

Originally posted by bwipsul

Jungkook: He might be a bit suprised because he is quite young himself but only worried he wouldn’t do a good enough job as a father. “I am very pleased jagi, I wasn’t planning on being a father yet but I will love any child of ours more than is humanly possible.”

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I need a early morning domestic!Bucky x Reader pleaseee?

alright so its early in the morning and the sun is brightening the room and the comforter is kicked to the floor, because sebastian decided to climb on top of you and lay in between your legs with his head on your chest. instead of asking him what in the hell he was doing, you just breathe out a laugh and continue scrolling through your phone. what do you want for breakfast? you’d ask. and since he’s a little shit he’d probably say: you. with a cute, lopsided smirk on his face. the he’d start placing kisses down your bare stomach, from where he pushed up the t-shirt you were wearing. but he’d stop when he hears the pattering of two small feet, and when your little girl peeks her head through the door, with her teddy bear in hand, calling out a mommy? seb would smile and motion her over, with his head still on your chest; come here princess, he’d say, come cuddle with me and mommy.