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Hey could you do a Pietro X Reader where the two of them are married and Reader is pregnant and due any day now? And Pietro and the others decide to throw her a surprise baby shower with a bunch of fluff? And at the end she goes into labour? And cue almost everyone freaking out except for Pietro, who's trying to calm the reader down, also with a bunch of fluff, like rubbing her stomach and kissing it and all around fluffy daddy! Pietro? I'm sorry the thought was so adorable I just had to ask.

Yeahh ! 

I was writing something where Pietro and the reader find out she’s pregnant. So your request will follow ;) Thank you cutie !

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GOM + Izuki + Imayoshi + Nebuya reaction to their so being a famous cosplayer on tumblr (cosplaying someone from any anime you choose)

Akashi: “What are you doing? Cosplay? That’s ridiculous, but you look rather cute dressed like that. Who is it?” 

“Maka Albarn, from Soul Eater.” 

“It looks nice, the scythe is cool.”

Aomine: “Woah, hello hottie. Were you preparing this for me?”

“Nah, just cosplaying for some tumblr pictures.” You adjusted your wig and snapped a photo.

“You’re exposing a lot, you sure you want to post those?” He pointed to your Matoi Ryuuko outfit. You shrugged.

“It looks good.” You looked away.

“True.” He kissed your stomach and you hit him.

“Ow! You’re showing it, I assumed I could do something.”

“Just get out or dress up as Mako.” You threatened. He laughed.

“Fine, but no guarantees I won’t rip your skirt!”

Kise: “Oh! Are you dressing up? Who is that one? She’s cute! Well, you are, but you make the character look good.” Kise said quickly.

“Tohru Honda, from Fruits basket.”

“She’s pretty. Are you popular online?” He looked at your laptop screen. You nodded.

“I guess.”

Midorima: “Are you…cosplaying? Was it your lucky item, nanodayo?” He stared at your Hazuki Nagisa cosplay. You smiled.

“Nah, it was a request.”


“From one of my followers on Tumblr.”

“Oh, are you famous?” You shrugged.

“Guess so.”

Murasakibara: “Hey, are you playing dress up? That’s a maid outfit, isn’t it?” He asked you. You nodded.

“It’s Misaki Ayuzawa, from Kaichou wa Maid-sama.” You told him.

“Oh, so you can make me snacks, huh?” He joked. You smirked.

“You really don’t want my shitty cooking.”

Kuroko: “Is that cosplay? It’s cute, who is it?” He walked in and looked at your ensemble.

“Aisaki Taiga, she’s the main character in Toradora.” You explained.

“Oh, Taiga like Kagami? That’s cute. Do you need help?” He asked. You nodded.

“You can be my Ryuuji!”

Izuki: “What are you wearing, is that a suit?” He stared at you, then your notebook.


“Yeah, I see that now, Death note, huh? That’s Light, right? Hey that rhymed!” 

“Shut up.”

Imayoshi: “What’s that? Is that metal?” He lifted the fake arm cover you had put on for your cosplay.

“It’s Edward Elric, from Fullmetal Alchemist.” You took your arm back.

“I know, stupid. You got the height spot on too.” Imayoshi flicked your forehead and you shoved him out of the room.

“Shut up and let me take pictures!”

“For the tumblr fans?”

“Leave already!”

Nebuya: “Hey, ___ are you-What are you wearing?” He eyed your outfit, it was baring your middrift and looked good.

“Cosplay. Lal Mirch. Katekyo Hitman Reborn. I’m trying to take pictures, you can’t be in the background.” You told him. He laughed at you loudly.

“Incredible! Are you famous?” You nodded. Nebuya stood speechless. 

“Nice.” He swatted your cloak and left the room cackling.

Getting your titties sucked and having your stomach kissed are like my favorite. Like wow? a blessing.

Drabble Games #22: “I see the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

Requested by falloutassbutt , deangirl96, we-can-be-immortals, and one anon. This one turned out angsty. There is a fluffy/smutty version of this drabble here if you’d rather read that one :) XOXO

You slipped into the bed you shared with Dean. He was already asleep, his back turned so that he was facing away from your side. You sighed. It had been ages since the two of you had touched each other, let alone had a real conversation. You hadn’t given up trying, though.
You pressed yourself against his back and wrapped an arm around him, your hand wandering over the smooth muscles of his stomach. You kissed his shoulder blade and whispered “I love you, Dean. So much.”
You knew Dean was awake now and that he heard you, but he didn’t speak. He did lace his fingers through yours, and you took that as a good sign. You continued trailing kisses around his shoulders and back, eventually pressing your forehead to his warm skin and silently waiting.
After several minutes, Dean finally spoke.
“Are you okay?”
Dean was asking if you were okay? After everything he had been through, everything he hadn’t figured out yet, the fear he must be feeling…he was concerned about you?
“Dean, I’m fine! It’s you that I’m worried about.” Your hand instinctively ran up his arm to feel the raised skin of the Mark.
“I know. I see the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice. Like I’m broken. Like I’m not the man you fell in love with.”
You pulled on him until he rolled to his back, but he kept his eyes on the ceiling.
“Dean Winchester, I do love you. That’s why this is so scary. I don’t know how to help you, or how to comfort you. You keep pushing me away, and I’m terrified of what’s going to happen. I just can’t get you to let me in.”
“You don’t want me to let you in, trust me.” Dean’s voice was emotionless, even worse than when he was angry.
“I miss you, Dean,” you whispered. “More than anything else, I miss you. This is hard for both of us. I want to be there for you, but you keep pushing me away. And every instinct I have is telling me to curl up in your arms and find solace in you, and you won’t let me.”
You were crying now, not even trying to hold back your tears as they streamed down your face onto Dean’s chest.
“I miss your voice telling me everything is going to be okay. You can’t give up, Dean. What am I supposed to do if you give up? What about us? Aren’t we worth fighting for?”
As much as you tried to stop, you continued to cry, hard and wracking sobs that came from your gut. Finally, you felt Dean’s arms snake around you and pull you close against him.
“Shh, don’t cry. You know I love you, too. Always.”
Dean’s words didn’t fix anything, but they did give you hope. Maybe that was the same thing. You looked into his eyes, and he leaned up and kissed you. For the first time since he had been cursed with the Mark, you felt like it was really Dean, your Dean, that was kissing you.
You laid awake in his arms, still terrified of the days to come. But Dean slept like a baby, clinging to you. No, you weren’t going to give up on him.

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13: Stomach Kiss? I never read/see any of those and they're super sweet :)

Oh MAN OH MAN…I’m sorry for taking so long!

I hope you like this one, E-vay! <3  it only took me a billion years to get to it T_T

(I’m gonna set this up where Sonic and Amy are already a’ll make more sense that way~)

  “Are you done yet??” said an impatient blue hedgehog. He crossed his arms over his brown neckerchief, tapping his foot against the wooden floor. Sonic checked the time on a clock hanging on the wall beside him. “Amy, you’ve been in there for three minutes!” he called.

“Hold ON! Geez, you have zero patience!!” said Amy from just behind her bedroom door. Sonic groaned under his breath, tapping his foot at a faster pace. Finally, after a few more minutes, or an eternity according to Sonic, Amy Rose strutted out of her bedroom in her red bikini, holding a beach bag.

“Okay, okay. NOW we can go!” she said as she made her way past Sonic. The blue blur glanced at her, his eyes quickly shifting up and down to…we’ll just say, “take in the view”.

“Is uh…that a new bathing suit?” he asked. Amy turned around to look at him, her eyes looked questioning. “Yeah, why? Does it look bad?” she asked with a frown. She looked down, inspecting her body. The blue hedgehog threw his arms up and gestured towards her.

“Wha-what? No! It’s” he scratched his head, blushing and looking away. He cleared his throat. “You look…cute..” he muttered. Amy giggled with relief. She wasn’t surprised that he was so awkward, they only JUST started dating, and Sonic had been a nervous wreck since they planned their date at the beach. Amy wasn’t sure why, exactly, but she didn’t think much of it. She walked over to him and took his hand. Sonic felt his stomach flutter. “Thank you, Sonic! We should get going, though.” she said, leading him out of her house and to their destination.

 A flurry of thoughts were racing in Sonic’s mind. He’s been planning something huge for today, something…special. He’s already made it past the task of finally asking Amy to be his girlfriend, which was proven to be successful, but, he was ready to make the next big step in their relationship. At least, he thought he was…now, the idea of kissing Amy for the first time sounded more terrifying than jumping into the deepest ocean. He felt his heart beating faster and faster the closer they got to the beach. 

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Admire your partners body. Tell him/her how wonderful they look naked, don’t just kiss their genitals and down their chest/stomach. Kiss parts of their body that don’t get shown affection, run your fingers along their knees, kiss their shoulders, whisper some sexy shit in their ear while your hands are feeling their soft skin. Work them up properly.

(I decided to write a sequel to this.)

“So wait,” Bucky says, stalling where Steve is kissing across his stomach. “You read,” he threads his metal hand through Steve’s hair. “You read fan fiction of us? Getting it on?” he asks.

“Not… not exclusively,” Steve defends, wishing Bucky would just lay back down and let Steve continue. 

But Bucky apparently has no such plans, shifts restlessly, up onto his elbows to look down at the blonde. “Wait, you mean ‘not exclusively’ as in you read stories about other things in the interim, or, ‘not exclusively’ as in the stories you read about us were not merely about us getting it on?” Bucky asks.

Steve does have the decency to turn pink, hiding his face in the crook of Bucky’s hip. “Both?” he squeaks out. Captain America should not squeak. He wants this line of questioning to stop.

“Huh,” Bucky says. The silence goes on for a while and Steve knows he’s thinking, he’s about to ask another question—, “Wasn’t it weird, reading about yourself like that? Made up stories?”

Steve’s hand goes tight on Bucky’s hip and he doesn’t look up. “At, at first, yeah. I mean,” then he does look up. “Not as weird as the Tony stuff.”

“Wait a minute,” Bucky stalls again. “There are stories of you and Tony?” he asks incredulously and Steve knows he’s made a mistake telling him about this.

“Thats… neither here nor there,” Steve says, trying for his I’m Captain America voice but failing. Bucky grins wider. Steve knows he’s going to be getting terrible quotes of Stony fanfics in his text messages at the most inopportune moments for the next few months.

“To answer your original question,” Steve presses on in the hope it will derail Bucky’s plotting. “It was weird, and,” he absentmindedly traces patterns on Bucky’s skin. “And it hurt, a lot, more often than not, but it was… nice, also. To, to think of us like that. I wanted you back then and we never got a chance and I didn’t… God, Bucky, I didn’t know. That you did, that you were still alive. It was the closest I thought I’d ever get to this.”

He knows he sounds like he’s gonna cry, he feels like he’s gonna cry. Every day these past few months he’s woken up with this man inside his bed, sometimes even in his arms or even in him (what a birthday), but it still feels shiny new and dreamlike. Like he’s waiting for the ice to melt. He’s waiting for his alarm clock to sound and be right back there, right back there in an empty bed too soft for it’s own good and Bucky still dead and lost and gone in a dark world that constantly needs saving.

It’s too much to think about, Steve blinks against the moisture, his face now pink for an entirely different reason.

Bucky pulls him up so he’s flush over his body. “Hey,” he says, cupping Steve’s cheek with a metal palm. “You’re all right,” he says, smoothing his opposite hand down Steve’s back. “I’m here. I’m here, baby doll, I’m here. I’m real, now, okay?” 

He sounds just like Steve did, the first few months Bucky was back and would wake gasping into the dark several times a night, disoriented and unable to ground himself. Steve got good at talking him down, soothing him. 

This, right here, is why it was never anyone else. Even when they’re like this– even when they’re both lost and broken, they know what the other one needs, what to give each other in the moment to pull them back from the brink.

“I still can’t believe it,” Steve says, his breath fanning over Bucky’s cheek. 

“Believe it,” Buck says and leans in for the kiss.

They quiet down for a while, Steve settling his body along Bucky’s. Their legs tangling, his head resting on Bucky’s flesh and blood shoulder. They breathe in sync, drifting and dozing till Bucky suddenly giggles and Steve knows he probably deserves whatever comes next.

“Hey Captain,” Bucky says with a smirk and a quirked eyebrow. “You ever write any?”

18: Stomach kiss

Sam grinned as he walked into the house, flowers in his hand. “I’m home!” He called out, setting his other items on the table.

He walked to the bedroom and grinned when he saw Ruby laying down, her belly swollen since she was pregnant.
He made his way over and kissed all over her stomach happily.

“How is the mommy to be and the baby doing?” He asked her

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10. Sehun

Don’t really know what I was thinking when I wrote this…. 

Sehun + Number 10 (Stomach kiss)

Lazy days are the best, lazy days with Sehun even better. Your legs intertwined as you laid on the couch, his head resting upon your chest. His gentle breath grazing your neck, as you drank your cup of tea; eyes focused on the small text of your novel.

Sehun stirred slightly, causing you to look down at him curiously as his eyelids fluttered open a soft sighing coming from his lips. You stroked his head softly, as he continued to blink his eyes rubbing at them occasionally.

He sighed again, this time a little more annoyed and disgruntled. He pushed his body off yours looking at you apologetically as he walked off to the kitchen. The sound of water running from the tap echoing through the house.

You followed him into the kitchen to find him furiously washing up the dishes, grunts of annoyances leaving his lips every minute or so. You walked up to him quietly, wrapping your arms around his waist; your face pressed against his back, kissing his spine softly.

“What’s wrong?” you mumbled into his back, your voice vibrating through his body. Sehun turned around in the hug so he was now facing you.

“Uncomfortable, I’m exhausted but I can’t sleep; too much energy I guess?” you nodded your head, growing quiet for a moment as you thought of ways he could burn some energy. An idea popping into you head.

You grabbed a hold of Sehun’s hands, walking, rather dragging him out into the open space of the lounge room; moving his body around so he was facing you.

“Carry me” you demanded, outstretching your arms to Sehun. He looked back at you slightly confused, but not refusing. He slung his arms under your knees and lifted you up and against his body; your arms immediately wrapping themselves around his neck, it was an awkward and uncomfortable position but hopefully it would do its job.

“Up the stairs” you demanded, pointing in the direction of the stairs that went up to the loft. Once again Sehun obliged, walking up the stairs slowly; you still in his arms.

“Again” you yelled, as soon as you reached the top of the stairs; Sehun having to bend his head slightly so he wouldn’t hit his head. He sighed, before descending down the stairs. Only for you to tell him to go back up.

This lasted for around another five minutes, Sehun finally becoming tired. He slowly walked up the stairs, his breath heavy and his arms starting to loose grip of you. His foot suddenly caught on the stairs and toppled forwards, falling onto your body. You exhaled loudly as his body fell onto yours, his weight crushing you against the floor.

A chuckle left Sehun’s lips as he stared down at you; your eyes squeezed shut, a hand placed upon your chest the other against his.

“You idiot!” You yelled at him, pushing him off of you before pushing yourself of the ground; grumpily walking over to the bed, throwing yourself onto it. You could hear Sehun sigh and his footsteps growing closer. The bed dipped as he laid down, his arms wrapping themselves around your waist.

“Sorry” he muttered against your hair, turning your body around to look at you. His hands resting upon your belly.

“It was a stupid idea in the first place” you muttered back, placing your hands upon his own that were resting on your belly “but I think everything will be okay” 

Sehun nodded in agreement sinking further down the bed, his face now level with your stomach. He removed his hands, pulling yours away with them before placing a light kiss on your stomach, just below your bellybutton.

“They better be…”

((request where Kai convinces his stubborn pregnant wife to stay home from work))


pairing: kim jongin x reader
rating: f for fluff
word count: 431

“Baby, please don’t do this,” Jongin pleads from the doorway of your bedroom as you hustle about to get dressed for work.

“Jongin, I have to go to work!” You protest, pulling the maxi dress over your head. Once it’s situated, you start moving towards the bathroom, only for his hand to catch your wrist and pull you slowly to the bed, where he sits down with his legs on either side of your body.

“Baby, you’re literally gonna give birth any second.” He scoffs, pressing tiny feather kisses to your pregnant stomach, smiling when you giggle and shy away from him.

“I’m eight months, Jongin. Babies need nine.” You deadpan, but he takes both of your hands in his, bringing them to his mouth and kissing them softly.

“You know damn well what I meant,” He gripes, and you swat his arm, glaring at him.

“Don’t swear around the baby!” You exclaim, and he winks up at you before flashing the winning smile that got you here in the first place.

“Sorry, jagi,” He coos, and you roll your eyes before running a hand through his hair soothingly, smiling at the way his eyelids flutter in ecstasy.

“Please don’t go to work,” He whines, and you groan in exasperation, shaking your head.

“I really need to do this, Jongin. Ever since I got pregnant, I haven’t lifted a finger in this house,” You explain, carefully pulling your hands out of his own and turning to head to the bathroom. He whines and yanks you back to him, tugging you down onto the bed, where he straddles your hips and pins your arms down over your head. “Jongin,” You complain, but he cuts you off with a kiss.

And another. And another. And anoth-

“Jongin!” You exclaim, laughing despite your frustration.

“Stay with me,” He pouts, placing dozens of feathery kisses all over your face, smiling at the sound of your laughter.

“I thought you had to run errands,” You reply, confused, as he collapses to your side, pulling your body to him in an attempt to spoon. You willingly scoot back into his embrace and he wraps his arms around you, resting his head in the crook of your neck.

“I can do them tomorrow,” He shrugs, kissing your exposed jaw softly. You flush slightly, relieved he can’t see you, and sigh in defeat.


“YES!” He exclaims, peppering every part of your skin he can reach with kisses. 

“I’m going to work tomorrow, though.” You inform him, and he makes a face.

“We’ll just have to see about that.”

{ jimin imagine }

waking up in the morning from soft kisses on your lips in the morning from jimin.

*you smile and move your head away from him*

he nuzzles his head into the crook of your neck and nips at it.
he cutely whispers. he lazily straddles on top of you he starts humming to HOLD ME TIGHT and begins to softly sing,

kkwak jabajwo~ *kisses your neck*

nal anajwo~..

*jimin kisses your lips*

can you trust me…

*lifts your shirt over your head*

can you trust me..

*kisses your breasts*

jebal jebal…

*making his way to your hips, tenderly kissing your stomach all the way down* 🙊🙈

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There are 2 possibilities for me: 1st. Sakura being pregnabt during meeting. 2nd: Sakura gave birth just a while ago thats why her chest looks so big (like the Sasuke family portrait)

Oh, that is a possibility! She could have been in her new/post-baby body.

Either way, both theories don’t cross out the fact that Sasuke was there during Sakura’s pregnancy. So am I the only one hoping for a SasuSaku pregnancy scene wherein he kisses her pregnant stomach? ; u ;