happy cs au week! [day 3: beloved tropes]

“Do you remember our junior year, when we went to get ice cream because I was worried about how much time you were spending in your room? You got chocolate on your chin and I wanted - ” Her breath hitches, gaze locked firmly on his lips, and his stomach flips. “I wanted to kiss you.”

“Senior year at graduation, when  you couldn’t get your cap to stay on. I wanted to kiss you.” He tangles his hand in her hair. “Emma, the greenhouse, just a couple days ago, I wanted to kiss you.”

She tilts her head forward until her nose brushes his, until he can smell sweet whiskey on her breath.

“I wanted you to kiss me,” she breathes.

something like you love me // @killians-dimples

When my husband watched Lizzie “dying “ in this van and Red saying goodbye to her by kissing Lizzie oh so carefully and lovely, he asked me, if he had missed something…. He told me, it looks like, that this is a man being clearly in love. Taking her hand and putting it to his cheek, kissing it, stroking her hair….He asked me, if maybe there was “something” between them, that we have not been shown by now from TPTB…. but whatever it is, the end of s3 showed without a doubt, that Red is in love with Lizzie….He loves her and he loves Agnes. This is all I need to know.

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In the scene where he tells her not to forget him there's something different about the scene. They're both more open, what if the conversation takes place after their kiss? Because idk, something about it made me wonder if they were already dating. Also, was the trailer for the whole of 6a? Because to me it seemed to be a trailer for the first couple of episodes bc Stiles was still in it. Or maybe Dylan block filmed some scenes before he left?


I was watching it and I was like. Oh. They’re both really, really open with each other and normally this level of emotion would be something that Lydia would consider to be too vulnerable around Stiles. But she’s giving all of it to him. 

And the way he’s looking in her eyes, he’s so urgent. I don’t think he would normally stare at her like that or even feel entitled to look at her like that. He’s so close and just a little bit soft and it’s clearly a really meaningful moment for the both of them, clearly. I think something has shifted there. 

I think someone’s gonna say something. 

A Peter Maximoff Prompt: “Go on, I dare you.” & “Kiss me.” & “I’d rather die.”

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  Peter Maximoff. He was something else. He was extraordinary but also quite normal. Nah, scratch that he was far from normal, but so was (Y/N). Both were mutants with super speed and both were very competitive. Speed races and other antics were always taking place in the school between them, causing the laughter of the other students and the rising of the tension of the pair.

  Today was no exception, as they had a prank war going on. By now Peter was covered in ketchup and confetti while (Y/N) had a paper butterfly glued on her cheek and her arms were painted with sharpies.Both of them never to back off a ‘fight’.

   (Y/N) prepared her next prank that would give her the sweet victory as a swift breeze messed everything up. She sped up and put everything back to place only for the breeze to do the same. This went on for a couple of minutes, making the others see only a silver and (y/f/c) blur.

   “Maximoff. Quit it or I’ll make you.” she threatened. “Come on, candy. I dare you.” he played with her. She grabbed him by the collar of his jacket and sped up hitting him on the wall a bit more harshly than she wanted. “You are always super adorable when you are flustered.” he teased her making her blush. “Will you ever stop?” she questioned. “I’d rather die.” he smirked.

  “Why are you like this?” she wondered. “Like what?” Peter questioned back with a knowing smile. “Always teasing and never leaving me in peace.” she answered. “Isn’t it obvious? I like you. A lot.” he confessed, the cocksure smile never leaving his lips. Her grip relaxed as she shot him a shocked glare. “What?” “What you heard. I like you.” he repeated.

   “Now, I know you like me too. I have seen the way you look at me on the training and also I might have got a glimpse of your doodles. They are super cute.” he admitted making her blush deeply. “Kiss me.” was the only thing she could master to say. He leaned to kiss her and she did too. They shared a short passionate kiss. They broke the kiss to look to each other’s eyes and got their hands entwined as they sped up out of the school in giggles.

Depression (Sam x Reader)

The warmth of the shower comforts me and I just want to stay in here forever. My knees pressed onto my chest as I think of the happenings of today. The accomplishment of not slashing the blade onto my thighs is satisfying and a great achievement. The treatment that Sam has paid for me actually works and the medications has actually made me feel better.

A knock on the bathroom door breaks me from my thoughts as Sam questions when I’ll be finished in the bathroom. I turn off the faucet as I wrap a towel around me then dry myself and get changed.

As I walk out the door, Sam grins at me when he sees that I’m wearing his shirt that looks oversized on me paired with shorts. “You look so cute and I can’t believe I have you all to myself.” He says and he pulls me in on a kiss, something that I love him do and what makes me feel better. “I just want you to know that I love you.” He reassures me before entering the bathroom.

Sam finishes in the bathroom and snuggles himself beside me, pulling me close to him to make sure I don’t do anything stupid in the night. When he found out about my condition a few days ago, it scared him that he could potentially loose me. It even saddens me that he’s thinking of that and I don’t want to break his heart.

“I love you…” He whispers in my ears, reassuring me again. “Even you being like this, I love you and I’ll do anything to help…” He kisses my neck and breathes in deeply, thinking that I’m asleep. “I care about you so much… Good night, sweetheart.”

Soon enough, Sam snores lightly beside me and the darkness of the room sinks into me. My thoughts changed into the memories of my past and to distract myself from these harmful thoughts, I decide to make myself a snack. Once I reach the kitchen, I open the drawer filled with utensils and what catches me immediately is the knife sitting just on top of the other smaller ones. I stare at it, telling myself that I should stop; but the knife is like it’s talking to me, drawing me to pick it up. Just as I slowly move my hands, I halt myself immediately knowing that this is wrong.

Closing the drawer instantly, I back away to make sure I won’t be persuaded by the thoughts coming back, by my depression talking to me again. These thoughts usually enter my mind, but it hasn’t been this bad since the treatment. My heart beats as I back away, feeling the wall on my back and I slide down, pulling my knees onto my chest. I have worked and tried so hard to beat my depression, to stop it from coming back to me, but every night I seem to struggle harder and harder.

Seeing the scars on my thighs I cannot think more but to make another. I clench my fist, fighting with myself to stop the urge of getting that blade and slice my skin. But how can I not help it? It’s an addiction, a hunger that must be fed, like a child begging for candies. I silently walk towards the bathroom, careful not to wake him up. I rummage through the drawers but having no luck to finding the blade. I curse Sam for hiding it and I start to get frustrated.

This pain inside me is starting to build up. The depression taking over again as it did before and I blame myself for the bad decisions I made in the past. The pain is starting to grow immensely and regrets enter my brain, cursing myself for everything that I have done.

An idea struck my brain. My heart pumps faster at the thought and I shake my head, knowing how Sam will be if I actually committed it.

He’ll do fine… Like the others will be… A little voice in my head peeks out after so many days of silence. No, but he cares so much… I think to myself but the little voice persuades me and I gulp as I raise up to walk to his nightstand where he keeps a gun for safety reasons. I kiss his cheek with my quivering lips and the tears fall down as I can finally be out of my misery, out of this dwelling pain.

I place the gun to my temple, shivering at the coldness of the metal. The shakiness of my hands makes it hard for me to pull the trigger and the sweat does not help much. Sam turns and faces me, his eyes opening and then realizing what he’s seeing. The look on his face has made it hard for me to do and I drop the gun, not wanting him to feel the same way that I feel.


I just couldn’t do it. Everything around me whirls and the ringing in my ears has made everything that Sam is telling me muffled. I stare at him with watery eyes as he pulls me into a hug, kicking the gun away and placing me on the bed.

“I had… It had…. I… Needed to make it stop…..” I finally say, making it hard for me to talk due to the lump forming in my throat and my heart almost jumping out of my chest. “I wanted it to stop….” I repeat, my breathing increases and the surroundings around me shakes. “Sam, please forgive me… I had to make it stop…” He kisses my cheeks and embraces me tightly, muttering words in my ears that I can’t hear. Just then, everything fades to black as I faint from shock.

- - - - -

This is for the anon that requested this story! I apologize if this is not what you thought it would be, but I tried! And I am sorry if this is not what really goes on in a depressed person’s head, but from the research that I went through (which is not enough, guys it’s my vacation, please give me some break) this is all I could gather. Also, if you do have depression please seek help! I know you won’t listen to me, but you are a human being and you deserve to live. Why chase after death too quickly when it comes anyway…

I hope you guys are having a wonderful day! Love you all, little sweet cakes!

I do recall now, the swing of your step

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Life of the party, you’re showing off again

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And I roll my eyes and then you pull me in, I’m not much for dancing, but for you I did

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Because I love your handshake meeting my father

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I love how you walk with your hands in your pockets

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How you’d kiss me when I was in the middle of saying something

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There’s not a day I don’t miss those rude interruptions

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“I never thought we’d have a last kiss..”

IchiRuki + Last Kiss

this might be really OOC but….

Coliver AU where they have a BFF relationship and Connor is always kissing Oliver on the mouth or cheek exuberantly when something exciting (that date that Oliver set him up with turning out to be a huge success so Connor grabbed his face and pressed a wet kiss to his cheek, “Ugh, Connor!”) or something sad happens (like that time Oliver moved out of the loft they shared with 3 other roommates and Connor kissed him on the lips before he jumped in the moving van and Oliver was like, “WTF man, we’ll still see each other and sTOP KISSING ME!”)

but then something REALLY upsetting happens and Connor is super upset and looking down, not meeting Oliver’s eyes and Oliver just… takes Connor’s face in his hands and kisses him, for real though. and they fall in love.


When baes are looking too fine