Phil x Reader
Paradise With Phil
It was the first day official day of Phil and I’s holiday. We arrived just in time for sunset last night and had dinner before heading back to the resort for some much needed rest. The island was beautiful, full of rich green land, hued skies that looked like painting, and the water was deep azure blue. The weather this morning was cool, so Phil and I decided to head to out to explore the surrounding towns. We were at the Ionian islands and it was nice place to explore, in terms of architecture and overall scenery. Afterwards, Phil and I decided to head back to our resort and go to the pool that overlooked right at with the clear turquoise waters.

“Phil are you ready?” I called checking that I packed everything I needed in my bag.
“Yep! I just need to put a little more sun cream on.” Phil answered from the room, isn’t this like his 3rd layer? I laughed before waking over in the the huge bathroom provided with the suite.
“Why are you putting so much on? That’s like your third time, you’ll be fine!” I told Phil laughing while he tried to rub the cream over the back of his neck.
“I’ll be sun burned if I don’t put enough!” Said Phil groaning to spread it all around. I just rolled my eyes laughing, try to help him.
“Thanks y/n.” Phil mumbled before giving me a quick little peck on the cheek as I pretended to be disgusted.
“Ah, you smell like sun cream get away.” I teased and Phil rolled his eyes, and then we both got our stuff to head to the open beach.

Phil and I decided to sit on some sun loungers with an umbrella, in one of us wanted the shade. Phil placed his belonging on the table in between while I put down my bag and got out my phone, sunglasses, and choice of book/magazine. We set the towels down on the chair, and settled. It was just noon time and the sun was already beginning to be bright and sunny. The blue water reflected back on the white tile like a pretty picture. Phil was laying right next to me with black shades, and I was wearing a bikini with white coverup over. I was relaxing reading about contemporary styles and how it related to psychology, when Phil looked over at me, taking a break from his sun bathe.

“y/n?” Phil asked softly still with a natural brisk in his voice.
“Yes?” I looked up from my page to see his black hair now pushed over on his long face.
He turned to face me and before he spoke have a delicate, loving smile.
“I’m so glad we got to go on this trip. I love spending time and relaxing with you.” Phil told me sweetly before bending over to kiss me with his light coral lips. I accepted his embrace and felt the warm touch between us, and it felt amazing. We pulled out and I had a chance to respond,
“Aw Phil. I’m having the best time so far, and it’s only the first day.” I grinned and motioned to Phil to come closer and he did, pushing his chair closest as it could be to mine.
“I love you, y/n.” Phil hummed, scooting over to my side and I just laid in his arms.

Now it’s only been less than an hour since we are sitting, but it’s began to become more hotter.

“Hey Phil, wanna get in the water?” I asked him, who was probably drifting asleep.
“Huh?” Phil’s eyes shot up and I just giggled.
“Wanna go swimming?” I said again a bit louder, so he could hear me coming out from his little nap.
“Oh yeah!” Phil said excitedly. “I thought you’d never ask.” But before I could get up, Phil quickly pulled me over carrying me and now I was gripped against his bare chest.
“What are you doing?!” I yelled and Phil just giggled.
“I’m taking you in the water with me!” Phil shouted as I figured out what his plans were.
“No! I don’t wanna jump in!” I protested, to no avail. “Phil please… Phil. No. No.” We were now at the steps for the pool. “Phil!” I muttered, “Ah!” and but his arms were still wrapped around me.
“Okay fine, but I’m carrying you in with me.” Phil said kissing my cheek, as we were begin to come to in contact with the wet water.
“Ew gross.” I said attempting to pull away but Phil still held me, sticking his tongue me.
“You like it. You wanna do it more.” Phil taunts once more me before, SPLASH! Oh, we were now in the water.

The water was cool, but since the sun was so warm, it was a pleasant balance. I began to swim around and float with Phil’s torso being the only thing to see on surface, as he was swimming also.
“Ah, it’s kinda cool but it’s nice.” I said walking over to him. Phil’s hair was now wet with the slightest bit of curl starting to form. The sun captured Phil’s face precisely with the now clearly seem slight ginger freckles, long face, high cheekbones and aquamarine eyes that looked onto the water, that were a different shade of blue but just as beautiful. Phil was now by my side as we were in the middle of the pool. His arms were perfectly wrapped around my waist while we stood in water perfectly in paradise.

After swimming, the two of us were hungry and decided to go an elegant shoreside
restaurant. We ordered and our drinks already were already here, but we were waiting for our food. Phil already had about 35% of his alcoholic beverage. It was a colorful, fruity cocktail, typical Phil. While I had a mango mojito, that I only barley touched.

“Oh look it’s a boat y/n!” Phil adorably shouted more than likely tipsy. Our table was overlooking the ocean and there was a boat coming in from shore.
“Yep.” I nodded looking over to where he was pointing.
“I want a boat..” Phil said with a relaxed sigh. Yet, he still slightly sounded about 6 years old.
“Do you?” I chuckled at his cuteness while Phil went to place his arms under his head.
“Yep, then I can sail it and we can ride it today. I’ll be a boat guy.” Phil said right before I burst out laughing.
“What?” I continued to laugh and Phil turned to look at me a bit awkwardly.
“Yeah! Like just live off my days in the ocean.” Phil proclaimed and took my hand, like a little happy tipsy chump. I giggled and took another sip of my drink, wondering if I would drift in Phil’s state, or at least something similar.

After our food came, Phil and I wanted to explore the dock a bit more and went for a walk beside the Mediterranean waters.

“Hey y/n.” Phil said slightly less tipsy than earlier, or at least more aware while gripping my hand. The two of us were walking in the sand with a nearly complete nightfall coming.
“Yeah?” I asked looking at his tall silhouette behind the violet and indigo blended sunset.
“I know I said this a lot already. But I love you.” Phil said gazing lovingly into my face.
“I know. Love ya too Philly.” I said as we looked off at our scenic view, holding each other close.
“Thank you for making me so happy.” Phil said softly in my ear, when I thought nothing more needed to be spoken but I was gladly proven wrong. This truly was a paradise.


I had a birthday dinner for a best friend today with some friends. J and I were 30 minutes early, so we walked around East Perth and the Claisebrook Cove, which is always really nice. Still can’t believe Daniel Henney was around this area last year. Sigh! Tonight’s theme was pearls and roses (girls wear pearls, guys wear a rose). Tonight, I wore a Witchery dress, ASOS skinny leather belt, assorted bracelets from Equip, Zara gold sequin clutch, and ASOS Harlequin wedges. I was also sporting my new Kiss Me Coral lippie… I can’t wait until I get a colour more closer to my lip colour… haha. Tomorrow I have my long awaited ophthalmologist appointment, first thing in the morning. Hoping it all goes well. Then I have dinner at my sister’s place as she having a taste testing survey for her work. Oooh! The perks of working for a food company.

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