I had a birthday dinner for a best friend today with some friends. J and I were 30 minutes early, so we walked around East Perth and the Claisebrook Cove, which is always really nice. Still can’t believe Daniel Henney was around this area last year. Sigh! Tonight’s theme was pearls and roses (girls wear pearls, guys wear a rose). Tonight, I wore a Witchery dress, ASOS skinny leather belt, assorted bracelets from Equip, Zara gold sequin clutch, and ASOS Harlequin wedges. I was also sporting my new Kiss Me Coral lippie… I can’t wait until I get a colour more closer to my lip colour… haha. Tomorrow I have my long awaited ophthalmologist appointment, first thing in the morning. Hoping it all goes well. Then I have dinner at my sister’s place as she having a taste testing survey for her work. Oooh! The perks of working for a food company.

I’m trying to get over my fear of lipsticks now. Actually, it’s not much of a fear, I just don’t like the taste of it and all the colours and brands are totally overwhelming for me. Plus I like to wear minimal make up, and I thought I should notch it up a bit and add some colour to my lips now.

After I asked my sister for some recommendations, I went out and bought Revlon’s Kiss Me Coral today. Haven’t worn it yet but I’m liking it so far. My shopping list includes: MAC Russian Red, MAC Speak Louder, and MAC Crosswires. Yes, a lot of MAC, lol, but I’m planning on getting around two MAC lippies in Singapore. 46 days to go! *sigh*