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I personally love that Clarke has started every hug with Bellamy, expecially since she seems to jump his bones every single time lol I mean, Bellamy is always a little shy, sweet and unsure when he starts the physical interaction with her. Clarke? Let me embrace you real hard like my life depends on it. It's like he's not sure where he stands with her, while sometimes she feels overwhelmed by her feelings for him and since she's not good with words, she shows him through hugs. What do you think?

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He touches her to support her. 

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She touches him because she feels things. 

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It’s an interesting difference. 

Actually, that hug might be when he starts touching her with feeling. But still, you’re right, it’s not until she initiates.

I think the first time he initiates a feeling touch it’s in the disguise of a supporting touch.

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Crap no. I take it back. He’s touching her all full of feelings now.

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And she’s touching back

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oh for god sake!

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