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Hi Rosy. I am so excited for when Bellarke kiss in the future. I have been thinking about the 2X16 kiss. I have never kissed my platonic guy friends on the cheek at all like Clarke did. I know emotionally she was not in the right place but I think she was already in love with Bellamy in that episode although she ran or hid her feelings. It's no wonder Bellamy ran to rescue her when he saw her in 3x02. What do you think?

Yes nonny. I agree with you. That is what I think, too. She realized she was in love with him after she sent him into the mountain. And it terrified her. I think she’s less scared now, but I don’t think she thinks that Bellamy reciprocates her feelings and I think she took his running away after the hand nuzzle as an implicit rejection of her romantic overtures. I think that Bellamy didn’t realize he was actually in love with her until they had that fight in Hakeldama. And then it hit him like a ton of bricks, and terrified him too, and that was why he handcuffed her like an idiot. 

Blair: Nate sta aspettando una risposta.

Chuck: Lo so.

B: Non vuoi sapere che cosa mi blocca? Io non posso rispondergli finché tu non risponderai a me… alla domanda di sempre. Cosa siamo Chuck?

C: Blair…

B: L'autunno scorso hai detto che non potevamo stare insieme, e io ti ho creduto… ma ogni volta che provo a dimenticarti tu ti comporti..

C: Mi comporto come?

B: Chuck.. Forse vuoi solo che io sia infelice quanto lo sei tu.

C: Credimi, non lo auguro a nessuno. Voglio solo che tu sia felice Blair.

B: E allora devi essere onesto e guardarti dentro col cuore, devi dirmi se quello che provi per me è vero o è soltanto un gioco. Se è vero troveremo una soluzione a qualunque costo.
Se invece non lo è…per favore Chuck lasciami andare.

C: È solo un gioco e io detesto perdere, quindi vai.

B: Ti ringrazio.

Serena: Chuck perché le hai fatto questo?

C: Perché la amo davvero..e non posso renderla felice

[Gossip Girl] Occhiprofondi-pienidisogni

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Do you think there'll be a bellarke kiss in season 4

I do!

Honey, I’m hoping for a kiss in 4.03. I’m SOOO excited for the next episode. 

Now I am a known member  #teamfuckingkissalready! Hell, I’m the captain of #teamfuckingkissalready! So clearly I am optimistic. And a lot of people want to lower their expectations and not hope for too much and be pessimistic and dower and expect doom.

But you know what? I don’t care.

I am ENJOYING the bellarke. I like it because I like it. Because it’s beautiful and we need it in this dark post apocalyptic world  show.

I am full on hoping for Bellarke as a canon romance and do you know what happens if I don’t get it?

I’ll be okay. That’s why I’m okay with having the big hopes. Because I’m okay with it not happening because it’s just a show. 

And I’m going to fucking enjoy it while it’s coming on. 

Bring it.

Believe in Bellarke.

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If Bellarke does kiss in 4a it will be out of like, a need for release ya know? I don't just see and actual "romantic" type kiss until at least near then end of 4b. The way I see it, their first kiss will be kind of like the Bell/Raven scene in s1, except it will hold more weight.

See now this is only the way you’d see it if you thought Bellamy and Clarke were actually platonic and weren’t already in love with each other.

I think they’re already in love with each other and have been for a while. I think Clarke realized she was in love with him when he was in MW and she had months to come to grips with it. But Bellamy just realized in Hakeldama, which was what? 3 weeks ago? And hasn’t really dealt with it. Thus his inability to control his face around her. 

Need for release? Because all they are to each other is release?

No way man. They are everything to each other. 

And the Bellamy and Raven scene was pure reaction to what other people were doing, to hurt and jealousy over Finn and Clarke. There was absolutely no emotion or connection in their sex scene. Just sex. But what Bellamy and Clarke have between them is ALL emotion and connection… just no sex yet.

So to me, if you think that Bellarke’s first kiss would be a Raven and Bellamy replay then that means you don’t see the connection between Bellamy and Clarke. And that’s fine if you don’t, but that’s not what’s happening on the show. And that’s not how their first kiss is going to play out.

Let’s just watch and see how it happens.