Blair: Nate sta aspettando una risposta.

Chuck: Lo so.

B: Non vuoi sapere che cosa mi blocca? Io non posso rispondergli finché tu non risponderai a me… alla domanda di sempre. Cosa siamo Chuck?

C: Blair…

B: L'autunno scorso hai detto che non potevamo stare insieme, e io ti ho creduto… ma ogni volta che provo a dimenticarti tu ti comporti..

C: Mi comporto come?

B: Chuck.. Forse vuoi solo che io sia infelice quanto lo sei tu.

C: Credimi, non lo auguro a nessuno. Voglio solo che tu sia felice Blair.

B: E allora devi essere onesto e guardarti dentro col cuore, devi dirmi se quello che provi per me è vero o è soltanto un gioco. Se è vero troveremo una soluzione a qualunque costo.
Se invece non lo è…per favore Chuck lasciami andare.

C: È solo un gioco e io detesto perdere, quindi vai.

B: Ti ringrazio.

Serena: Chuck perché le hai fatto questo?

C: Perché la amo davvero..e non posso renderla felice

[Gossip Girl] Occhiprofondi-pienidisogni

anonymous asked:

I changed my mind a bit, like you. I was thinking it would be tentative and subtle but damn! these two are going to explode. They can't hold it anymore and they're trying it, really hard. I still think it will be Clarke the one who makes the first move but Bellamy is going to kiss her back without hesitation and they're going to pour all their love, passion, tension, feelings into that kiss. They better give us a good kiss or I'm sueing.

Yeah, I wasn’t going there before this episode, but they are laying on the restraint and repression so thick that it’s getting kind of ridiculous, forced, tense, overwhelming… and I think that’s on purpose. I don’t think it’s to screw with us, I think it’s to build the sexual tension, yes to drive us crazy, but also to drive Clarke and Bellamy crazy.

And at this point, I feel like Clarke DID make a move, and she’s changed her treatment of him so much since the List scene, that I’m not sure she WILL make another move. 

That look she gave him when she told him he was special, the anxiety/sadness/shame/shyness of it? And her refusal to look back at him. And when she did turn to him it was like, “What? I didn’t reveal my heart. There’s nothing happening here. We’re just bros being bros. You know. Totally platonic specialness, nothing to see here DON’TYOUDARESAYTHATYOUWILLDIEYOUWILLNOTDIESHUTUPDON’TSPEAKANYMORE phew oh Roan is calling. Dammit. The apocalypse again.”

Sorry I got distracted.

Yeah. He heard that special comment and it meant something to him and the look on his face was speculative and he went for something. HE WENT FOR SOMETHING. To tell her SOMETHING. Maybe it was just about how she was special too, maybe it was a love confession. But any way it went it was going to be something that he needed her to hear about what she meant to him. And that means HE was going to make a move independent of her initiating.

I think Bellamy has grown enough that he might make the first move. I’m going to say 50/50 at this point.

There’s going to be a good kiss. The season opened with them practically in each other’s laps, and I consider that a statement of of narrative intent. You don’t START like that and then pretend there’s nothing there. When you put a key element in play at the beginning, it has to be used by the end or you are betraying your audience.

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I have a speculation that bellarke will do something that, in general, will define them as "canon" in episode 10 of this season. Just throwing it out there in case I am right. :)

10 huh?

I don’t know when it’s going to happen. I just know it’s going to happen.

They can’t continue to touch hands for the whole season.

They have to touch something else, dammit. 

You hear me JR? The hand metaphor is at its END.