❛  you’re not real. ❜   a pause,  heart beats unsteadily within his chest.   who’s he trying to convince? himself or the thing that’s terrifying him?   ❛ this is  …  it’s in my head.  you’re in my head. i’m just dreaming. ❜    wake up. he needs to wake up. why can’t he fucking wake up?  ❛  ——-  get out of my HEAD.❜                      @vulpesvoid

Concept: Your arms are wrapped around me as we lay in bed. We talk and make jokes and call each other empty insults to make each other laugh. You press kisses to my cheek every so often and I can feel your fingers tracing my side. We’re finally together and everything feels right and happy.

quick painted doodle; i could’t get myself to draw anything today, except this, that’s how much i’m in shallura hell…i’ll better go back to my trashcan

ps: ignore the fact that i forgot his Galra arm, thank you