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SUPER LATE TO THIS. thank you @marriedtohwasa​ for tagging me in this!! but i do not have 10 ppl to tag bc i’m a loser hahah

Rules: Put your music on shuffle and answer these questions. When your finished tag 10 ppl.

BTW I’m skipping the non kpop songs too bc it’ll just make it boring haha

1) First song describes how you are feeling

kiss yo - shinee from their 3rd concert ayeeeee there is someone i wanna kiss so it fits

2) Second describes your love life

MAMA - exo…. uhhhhh….. idk what to even say how about NO

3) Third will be playing at your wedding

 one of these nights de capo version - red velvet

4) add “in my pants” to the title

this love …. in my pants - big bang 

5) will be played at your funeral

love still goes on - shinee … husband better wait awhile if i die first tho i’m a jealous virgo

6) is your theme song

wowowow - shinee … i can get behind this one!

7) will be played when you think of someone you love\

interlude - bts … a short, too short song that i love of theirs, as it’s an interlude but i’m okay with it :) so far the ppl i love, most of ‘em have loooooong hair 

i’ll be tagging @lovablehoseok @taeontae since you added me for the other one and these are fun!!

notwhileimcaptain  asked:


Send me ‘Kiss’ and my muse will kiss yours somewhere according to their feelings for your muse! -Accepting! @notwhileimcaptain 

Kiss on the lips: Romantic love/Attraction 

Kiss over the wrist: I think you are beautiful/I find you attractive 

Kiss over the heart: I am connected to you 

The couple found themselves on the beach, nearing sunset, standing in a shallow tide pool, though they struggled every once in a while to stand as they slowly sunk in the ever shifting sands. Laughter might emanate from their lips as they walked about, from one little pool to the next, until they settled in between a few of them, standing with their arms wrapped around one another. 

As he shielded her from the brunt of the wind, she smiled as he tucked some hair behind her ear that had escaped her braid. Ariel closed her eyes and kissed his wrist, her hand coming to rest atop his on her jaw. Peering up at him, she stood on her tiptoes and let a kiss so tender meet with his lips, she felt her heart give a flutter. It reminded her of when they first met. When they were of two different words. 

But as their lips parted, she rested her head just under his chin, where she also smooched his clavicle. The faint beating of his heart could he felt on her skin. Turning her gaze out over the waves, the two of them watched the sun make its way into the hands of night, where the ocean would swallow it up.  

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Sehun firsts, please. If it isn't too late.

In the order that they would happen.

Holding Hands: On your first date. You’d be walking and he’d grab your hand so that “you don’t get separated”, his fingers slowly and tentatively intertwining with yours. His hands would be really soft and warm and it would just be a perfect fit.

Kissing: As confident and flirty Sehun likes to act he’s be totally shy when it actually came to dating, at least early on. He’d want to kiss on the first date but would get cold feet. In fact it probably wouldn’t be until your third or fourth outing that he finally got the courage. It was just a quick, feather light peck that didn’t even really feel like it actually happened, but his cheeks would be a rosy red as he said goodnight.

Cuddling/Making Out: It would happen at the same time. You’d cuddle up against him while watching a drama and waiting for your takeout to arrive. He’s get more distracted watching you than the show and when you noticed this, he’d capture your lips in a heated kiss you weren’t entirely prepared for but not about to reject. Things got more heated, his arms around your waist as his tongue explored your mouth. It would have escalated further had it not been for the arrival of your food, which made you stop because priorities man.

Pleasuring Him: He’d honestly probably be the one to suggest it. He was tired and stressed out and horny as fuck and didn’t have it in him to fuck you, but he still wanted to get off. With warm cheeks you would do what he told you to, one of his hands buried in your hair, the other stroking your face as you pleasured him, soft and slightly hoarse moans slipping past his perfectly sculptured lips.

Sex: You guys had been waiting for “the moment” but you really weren’t trying to find it. It just sort of happened, a peck escalated to his tongue poking past your lips, to your clothes on the floor and Sehun on top of you as you lay back on the couch, his lips burning as they travel from your neck to your chest to your hips, but never lower. All it took was one slender finer ghosting along your core making you shiver before you turned into putty that he could toy with until he grew bored.

Pleasuring You: Sehun is kind of a selfish man when it comes to sex, and giving oral isn’t something he enjoys doing often. When he goes down on you, though, it would definitely be a treat. There would be no really reason, he would just feel like making you squirm and whine as he stimulated you past your breaking point, bringing you to ecstasy again and again until he’d had his fill and then some.

You’re Alive

The next one of my types of kisses fics. This one fits into the same universe of my previous fics and kind of follows the first one of this series.

Eleven days, six hours and twenty-eight minutes since Poe’s communications had ceased. Not that Finn had been counting or anything.

I have very little medical knowledge. The experience in this fic is based on something that happened to a friend of mine. I was a witness to it all so I used it for the fic.

Eleven days, six hours and twenty-eight minutes since Poe’s communications had ceased. Not that Finn had been counting or anything. And from the grim and drawn looks on the faces of Snap and Jessika and Karé and the rest of Poe’s wing, he was not the only one who could give the time down to the minute. Poe had sent them on ahead and each of them wore a hollow-eyed look of guilt and regret that they hadn’t stayed, even though disobeying Poe’s orders in the field wasn’t something they actually ever did.

The pilots and Finn had taken to gathering in a corner of the hanger, a little silent group sitting around and staring at the floor or the wall or nothing at all. Every now and then one of them would say something but it was terse and cursory at best and any attempts at conversation died before they could even start. It was driving Finn up the wall and yet he couldn’t sit in his and Poe’s room in solitude either. He wanted to be doingsomething, preferably going out and finding Poe and rescuing him. He’d done it once, he would be more than happy to do it again, but the General had vetoed any rescue attempts until they had a better idea of what had happened. There were spies out looking, searching for answers, but as the days stretched and no information came in, the tension around the base had ratcheted up into something Finn had never experienced before.

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1:20 am

All I can do is think of you. The way your skin felt against mine. The way you kissed me. How I fit perfectly everywhere we laid. I’m thinking about all the times I fell asleep on you and now I’m regretting taking those hours with you for granted just because I was tired. I want you. I want to be with you again. I want to be in your bed again watching my favorite movie that you bought for me. I want to wear one of your big tshirts. I want to lay in bed with you without showering for three days again. I want the long phone conversations. and I want to fall asleep on the phone with you and wake up with you still there. You are my everything. You are my soulmate. I love you.

On That Subject

On that subject

I am mute -

do not question me,

do not ask of

the birch trees,

the ponds, the wedding.

The bride in

her ivory skin,

fit for kissing.

I won’t tell,

don’t ask,

don’t fall to my feet.

I am a stone

(your stone one)

I am a bird

(your flesh, your feather)

I am the one

who should speak

of none.

I am dumb.

Chant not,

do not

seek me out,

throw your questions

on questions

at my feet.

On that subject

I am none

of your beautiful

visions -

cherry tendrils

a swept-back fringe

a moon-dewed eye.

I wear none

of your beautiful


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"Oh fuck it"

Our muses went drinking together. Send me “Oh fuck it” for your muse to make a move on mine [ @shirtclad ] accepting

The only clue she had to what was happening after all they had had to drink was what he said before the next thing she knew Cisco’s hands were on either side of her face and his lips were pressed against her’s in a rather drunk sort of way. Her lips momentarily in an awkward position before she leaned in to kiss him back, eventually fitting perfectly against his lips the way she had always imagined they would when she thought about kissing him.

She just never thought it would have happened. 

Now that it had though, and that she had a few drinks in her to keep her from questioning it, she couldn’t help but lean in and return the kiss without hesitation.