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Ladybug Stole My Phone?

Here is your (unfortunately very late) @mlsecretsanta gift, @nkvictory! This wound up going a little longer than I expected, but I hope you enjoy!

Thanks very much for the idea that led to this and for looking it over @ladyserendipitous. Thanks also to @agrestenoir and @panda013 for idea bouncing so much!

A floating woman might be cause for concern in any other city in the world but Paris. After all, months of Hawkmoth’s unusual brand of attempted larceny had long since rendered most Parisians numb to the sight of akumatized victims. Rather than panic, they planned their days around the sites of attacks. Unsurprisingly, most of the reactions consisted of calling or texting friends to avoid a certain street until Ladybug and Chat Noir had taken care of things or worrying about how they’d manage to pick up lunch if an akuma temporarily smashed the restaurant.

Ladybug arrived on the scene shortly after the floating woman was reported to the Ladyblog. One of the perks of being Alya’s best friend was learning about Ladyblog alerts ahead of even her readers. So, when Alya told her to take a different route to school, Marinette knew she’d be late for her first class.

Chat Noir arrived on scene seconds after her, already scanning the area for signs of anyone who might have been affected by the floating villain. “Any idea what she’s doing?”

“Nothing as far as I can tell,” Ladybug answered, still watching the woman. “The Ladyblog says she hasn’t moved since she flew up there.”

“So, what’s she waiting for?”

Violet eyes locked on theirs, and the woman grinned as she flew down to meet them, landing an arm’s length away.

“Us, apparently,” Ladybug answered as she straightened and readied her yo-yo.

“Welcome, heroes,” the akumatized woman spoke. “Hawkmoth asked me to pass along a message.”

Chat Noir frowned. “Message?”

Before either of the heroes could react, the woman moved forward and placed a palm on both of their foreheads. She whispered something low and quick, too brief for them to understand.

Ladybug jerked away first. The woman shot up into the sky, barely avoiding Ladybug’s yo-yo. Chat Noir rubbed his forehead and scowled. “What was that?”

He looked up and briefly gave chase, but by the time he leapt up to a higher vantage point, the villain was long gone. Ladybug landed beside him. “She’s gone.”

He sighed. “Yeah, it looks like it.”


He turned to look at her. “It does look like she’s gone.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” She raised a brow. “Any idea where she went?”

He shook his head.

“Wonder what that hand thing was.”

His eyes widened. Somehow, he’d heard Ladybug’s voice, but her mouth hadn’t moved at all. While he assumed she hadn’t become a ventriloquist overnight, he couldn’t manage another idea that made any sense.

“I’m not a ventriloquist, kitty.” She’d watched his lips carefully, and when his wonderings bled into her thoughts, she knew exactly what the akumatized victim had done to them.

“You can hear my thoughts?” he asked, aloud this time.

She nodded. “We need to find that akuma. Now.”

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…“the hair” is near! 😆 And I’m not even going to say anything about the rest of the photos. 💋

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Maybe I’ll Catch Fire - Alkaline Trio

interstelleraceeli  asked:

Junior purposely teaches Wash the wrong signs and instead of asking Tucker where something is, he asks him out on a date.

@interstelleraceeli !!!!!!!! 


Wash is a quick learner and also the best way to learn a new language (Cause ASL is a second language) is to be around people who speak that language and practice it in a ‘natural’ environment so when hes around the two of them he will sign to both of them rather than talking. 

So he’s been crushing on Tucker for a long time but doesn’t say another cause Tucker has Junior to worry about he doesn’t need to be worried about dating or anything.

Tucker’s shocked and asks him about it and Wash is just like “Wait that’s not how you ask where the remote is?” 

Tucker busts out laughing but they talk about it and They agree they both want to go on a date and Juniors a little bit in trouble but it’s work it bcause his dad is happy <3