kiss them goodbye


I know who you are, and I doubt Kara would like the truth.

“Keith, my dear old boring friend,” Lance begins one day, intruding Keith’s personal space and flinging himself down on Keith’s bed like he owns the place.  “You know what’s been bothering me?  There is absolutely no one in this solar system to kiss.  How sad is that?”

Keith glances up from his book, frowning.  “Leave.”

“Oh, dear.  Is someone upset today?  Shocker.”  Lance stretches his arms up above his head, yawning.  “You probably haven’t even kissed someone.  How sad.”

It’s obvious bait, but Keith falls for it anyways.  “Of course I’ve kissed someone,” he protests automatically.

Lance snorts, rolling over on the bed.  He rests his chin on his palm, a perfect picture of laziness, and raises an eyebrow at Keith.  “Sure you have.”

Keith rolls his eyes.  “As if you have?”

Lance shrugs.  “I’ll have you know that at the garrison, I had my fair share of lady friends.”

“Poor girls.”

“Maybe, but that’s their choice.”  He angles one finger over at Keith.  “You, sir, are missing out.”

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Sherlock and John just finished a case. From the time they left the crime scene, through the entire taxi ride back to Baker Street, and still explaining every nuance of the case until 4 am…John yells at Sherlock to shut up- he is physically and mentally exhausted.

Several hours later John awakens, and finds Sherlock in a sheet in their sitting room. Sherlock is silent. He notices John’s morning arousal….John, blushing and embarrassed, glances away and back again at Sherlock. Then he notices that Sherlock has full arousal too, and it’s outlined by his tight fitting sheet.
“What? No more talking now?” John said. And Sherlock replied…

I’ll leave you to your own deductions. 😈SG

I’m having trouble accepting the fact that you are no longer what my future holds. I won’t watch as you walk down the aisle and take your place beside me or tear up as you say “I do”. We won’t spend weeks searching for the perfect house to start a family in or argue endlessly about what color the nursery walls should be. My kids won’t have your eyes or that crooked smile that I love so much and it will be someone else reading them bedtime stories and kissing them goodbye on their first day of school. I won’t wake up to you every morning or fall asleep in your arms every night. We won’t have the family vacations that we dreamt of, or cry as our children go off to college. I won’t sit across from you 40 years from now and reminisce on the life we built or laugh with you about our quickly greying hair. And I’m having trouble accepting all this, because you were supposed to be the one and now I don’t know how to build a future without you.
—  f.a.w
#64- Wake up, have sex, go back to sleep (Dean x Cassie)

Requested by my love, @littlegreenplasticsoldier , for my kink list (master list here).

Word Count: 1200ish

Warning: smut

A/N: I’ve never written Dean x Cassie before, so be kind! Hope y’all enjoy! Feedback appreciated! XOXO

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the worst part of all this - and tonight despair can’t even come close, i’m in tears - is that a trump presidency gives the gop full control over all the branches of government.

every. single. branch.  the presidency.  congress.  the judiciary.  the things we thought could never happen?  that’s looking more and more possible now.  whatever gains we made or might have made with the affordable care act, any longterm gains? probably should kiss them goodbye.  the progressive strides the US has made in other places? we have to protect them.  can roe v. wade actually get overturned?  this GOP government will probably try its best.

i’m terrified.  america, you did this.  you fucking did this. 

what checks and balances? 

Itazura na Kiss Love in Tokyo 1 and 2 

First kiss from season 1 and last kiss from season 2


“Listen you can bag groceries for all I care, just come home. I just want you to come home with me. Listen, I know it’s hard and I know you want to change. I can change with you. I’m fighting for you Ziva”

I miss them so much. NCIS isn’t definitely the same without Tiva

Exo’s Reaction - Kissing Them Goodbye After A Date

Here you go! <3


Xiumin - *He’d be really shy about it at first as he didn’t really expect it and just before you were about to go in, he gives you a peck on the cheek and one more on the lips for a goodbye kiss and it would leave him blushing for the rest of the night*

Lay - *After the kiss finished, he wouldn’t stop rewinding his memory back to the kiss, leaving him still deeply in love and wants to feel his lips on yours again and again*

Kai - *He’d tell you how much he loves you and goes back in for another kiss before you went in and then doesn’t know what to do with himself afterwards*

Suho - *He’d try to keep it a secret for a while but because he’s feel good after the kiss he just had to tell the others, feeling so special because he has someone like you in his world*

Kyungsoo - *He’s just become a squishy mess in his own world, thinking about the kiss non stop which makes him smile that gets the other members to start worrying as he’s in a good mood around the beagle line until they finally realized what happened and tease him about it then he’s back to normal*

Tao - *He’d turn into a little giggly school girl when you left, leaving him there with his heart fluttering as he really enjoyed the kiss*

Chen - *He’d tease you about the kiss non stop until you kissed him again just shut him up, leaving him speechless when you go in*

Kris - *He’d keep the cool guy act up until you were out of sight and he dies and gets really shy as he couldn’t stop thinking about your soft lips locked onto his*

Chanyeol - *He wouldn’t be able to get his mind off you for the rest of the day/night and would be really happy about this, making him more hyper than he already is*

Baekhyun - *This little puppy would get super shy and wouldn’t stop giggling to himself and when you give him another kiss, he gets back to the dorm, happier than ever, running about the place*

Sehun - *He wouldn’t hesitate and makes it last longer and when you’re about to break away, he’d pull you back closer and makes it a slow and passionate kiss but when you were finally aloud to go, he’d blush and go really shy due to the fact that it was your first kiss*

Luhan - *You both break from the kiss, breathing heavily and out of breath. He just looks into your eyes with admiration and goes in for another kiss before he goes in, fangirling inside but seems manly on the outside*

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What's​ your opinion on gemini venus?

I like them because they’re very blunt when it comes to romance no mush around no long torturous obsessive love thoughts they get to the point “does this person exhilarate me?” “will they excite for me a long time.” “are my feelings for them deep?” If not they run along to the next person no matter how the one before feels about them but sometimes they do this in the wrong way like infidelity which leads people to hate this placement a gemini venus needs excitement in love because of this they might appear flighty since they tend to get in so many relationships and hurting people in their path trying to find the one that makes them feel alive and whole at the same time when it comes to love a gemini venus is all about themselves and their happiness in a relationship if they even doubt for a second how they feel in a relationship with someone that person might as well kiss them goodbye because for the rest of the time they’ll be trying to figure out how to leave the relationship and not pay attention to the one they’re with at that time you’ll never see a gemini venus guilt dating someone a gemini venus will continue this cycle until they feel and know for sure that they’ve found what they’re looking for and don’t think once you have them they’re yours forever you have to constantly entertain them keep them in love and on their toes if not once again they’ll be gone with the wind

Metropolis U | 001

College. Actual college. Kara was so excited. High school , while learning was great, was a nightmare at times. In college nobody cared about being popular or asking too many questions about being adopted or anything that didn’t have to do with the moment. She had been waiting for this. She had been packed for ages, her adoptive parents a little sad that now both her and Alex were out the house, but they couldn’t help but smile at how happy she was. Though sh e had loaded all the boxes by herself at home, she had to let Jeremiah and Eliza help her bring them to her room to avoid suspicion. It took a while, btu when the last box was settled in a corner of her dorm, she smiled. 

“I’m gonna miss you guys.” 

After hugs and a few tears, she kissed them both goodbye before shutting the door and letting out a sigh. Since no one was around, Kara took the time to zip around the room at super speed, unpacking and putting a clothes, making her bed, and sticking up pictures. Though the sounds outside were muddled with voices and feet shuffling around, her ears picked up on a sound getting steadily closer. “Crap” She thought as the sound seemed to be very close to her door. She hadn’t even thought about the fact that her roommate would be there so soon and that the room was too set up. Faster than before she pulled the sheets off her bed and folded them back up before gathering and arm full of trinkets and putting them back in the box, moving breathlessly to the window and leaning on the frame, trying to look nonchalant.

When the door opened, Kara turned and smiled, ready to greet her roommate, but being caught off guard by the beautiful girl who stood in the doorway. “Hi…”

Imagine your OTP having their fifth year anniversary and it’s quite important to them because it means that they’ve been going strong for five years. They know they do get on each other’s nerves a lot and can drive each other crazy but their love has only grown stronger over the years.

Person A is completely excited as they have bought Person B their anniversary gift and has been planning on cooking tonight so that they can surprise Person B. Person B also has their plans ready as they have gotten their gift for Person A and has even decided that they want to propose to them tonight because they can definitely see Person A in their future.

Unfortunately, Person B gets called away to work on short term notice so Person A reassures them that it’s fine as long as they can get home in time to celebrate their anniversary. Person B reassures them greatly that they’ll be home way before that and kisses them goodbye before heading off to work.

Person B somehow gets stuck at work and can’t seem to find a way to come home as something has made them stay back. They try to call Person A but they aren’t picking up their phone. And by the time Person B checks the time, they realize with shock, that it’s almost midnight and they had missed their anniversary.

At home, Person A sits at the dinning table, the food they had prepared having gone cold and the candles slowly losing their flame. Person A can’t blame Person B as it was work but…they can’t help but feel so disappointed and upset about the whole thing. It’s their fifth anniversary ruined.

Person B hurries home when they’re finally let off and comes back only to find Person A asleep at the table with their food untouched and bottle of champagne still closed, the anniversary (and proposal) ruined.

Person B has never felt more guilt in their entire life and the sight of Person A sleeping at the dinning table, waiting for them, only drives the stake in more.