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He can’t wiggle his ears, he can purr though… kind of. Sooort of. It’s more like, some sort of guttural happy noise. Still, it’s embarrassing. You’re a cat, Pan.

Evil girlfriend who likes to embarrass him in front of everyone belongs to @lazyartistwastaken :^) 

Ten Characters I Would Kiss -- Tag Game

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Many thanks for the tag, my friend! I loved being tagged in things like this! c: This looks like a fun tag game!
Tagging… Whomever want to tell me their smooching crushes, I guess! :D *finger guns*

But can I, like, post ten pictures of Ravus and just call it good…? Because I’d be okay with giving him a cheek smoosh and smooch. o//U//o
Okay, okay. I’ll give ya ten characters I’d smoosh my lips on. vUv HERE WE GO!

*proud nod because she took all of these shots and colored them herself*

Ten Characters I Would Kiss AKA Ten FF Characters That I Like Screaming About

1) Ravus Nox Fleuret from Final Fantasy XV

2) Ardyn Izunia from Final Fantasy XV

3) Cindy Aurum from Final Fantasy XV

4) Ignis Scientia from Final Fantasy XV

5) Tidus from Final Fantasy X

6) Zack Fair from Final Fantasy VII

7) Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII

8) Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII

9) Lightning Farron from Final Fantasy XIII

10) Caius Ballad from Final Fantasy XIII

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Smutathon prompt: wall sex with added bonus super soldier strength and/or metal arm

Posted after the actual smutathon is over, but yeah, here is my first answer, hope you like it. :] AO3 link.


“Does it feel any different?” Natalia asked and squeezed his left hand.

“I— What?” Bucky responded, eloquently.

They had been watching the news. Or rather he had been watching it half-heartedly while going over tomorrow’s mission. Natalia clearly hadn’t been paying the tv much attention either. Not going by the look on her face. She had that look that usually meant bad news for anyone standing in her way. A man on a mission. Or in this case, woman.

She lifted her hand and his with it. Slim, pale fingers intertwined with metal ones. “How sensitive is it after Tony upgraded it?” She squeezed it again for emphasis.

“It’s great? The dexterity is about the same, but changes in temperature and pressure are more noticeable, I guess.” His look of confusion had to be obvious, but Natalia showed no sign of picking up on it.

“So, you can feel a difference between this,” she paused to suck his index finger between plump lips, cheeks hollowing out as it slid in. Her tongue cradled it as she sucked rhythmically, making registering changes in temperature and pressure in his hand the least of his problems. What felt like a few hours later, she just as slowly dragged his perfectly innocent finger out again, letting it skim over her teeth. “And this?”

It had been a two-part question. Bucky was sure of it. He just couldn’t for the life of him recall what the first part was. And the way Natalia nibbled at each of the other fingertips didn’t help much.

“Yes? No? Maybe?” she prompted.

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