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Things I associate with BTS

Jin: First dates, innocent kisses, large scarves, baseball tees, lilac, snowy days, the feeling of hugging a loved one, trips to the country side, flower crowns, butterflies, white button ups, dream catchers, long hugs, glass figures, soft purple light, city lights.

Suga: Forehead kisses, walks during the winter time, face masks, over sized sweaters, day dreaming, napping on a rainy day, walking deep into a forest, holding hands, listening to rain, burnt matches, statues, lightning, abandoned cities, dried flowers, inverted colors, reflections, brick streets, crystals. 

J-Hope: Cherry blossom trees, bomber jackets, jacket patches, thigh high socks, neon lights, laying in the grass, ripped jeans, walks on the beach, graffiti, blurred city lights, brooches, high tops.

Rap Monster: Radios, watching the clouds, city views, sitting by a lake, purple sunsets, rolled up sleeves, walking on the beach, chokers, tribal patterns, black and white clothes, over sized teddy bears, leather jackets, beanies, crashing waves, cliff diving.

Jimin: Hanging lights, sunlight shining in through curtains, turtle necks, knit sweaters, orange sunrises, trees in the fall, walking around museums, aged paper, sitting in cafes, lazy morning cuddling, frames of photographs, gold bracelets, red ribbon, mist in the morning, cactus, over grown greenery.

V: Circle glasses, broken glass, fluorescent light, water distortion, train yards, looking into water, abandoned libraries, damask, winter over coats, looking out of the window.

Jungkook: Knit blankets, sweater paws, messy bed sheets, bookshelves, white flowers, hand written letters, postage stamps, hanging plants, embroidery, antique shops, oil lamps, green houses, paisley.


So, between AS!Tori and Sans, Sans does most of the flustering, though Tori sometimes has her moments too. She’s very affectionate (out of AT,AF, and AR!Tori, she’s by far the most affectionate and most open with her feelings than any of them). Normally, in relationships, there’s often hugging, snuggling, kissing, etc, but Tori likes to kick things up a notch. Sometimes, in her excitement, she’ll announce what she’s about to do to/with Sans, like: “My king, please allow me, the Terrific Tori, to escort you on a date!!” or “Prepare yourself, king Sansy! For the Terrific Tori is about to kiss you! Tee hee hee!” And Sans just can’t deal. Her innocence and cute behavior just breaks him into a million flustered pieces. He’s still a calm guy, yea, but when it comes to the tiny goat woman, he’s at a loss for words. He really loves her company and warm, affectionate gestures; he just wishes he was better at handling it. Sometimes though, he tries to initiate the first move, such as suddenly holding her hand (which would often shake with nervousness), gradually inching towards her when they’re sitting and there just happens to be abit of space between them, slowly putting his arm around her during a movie, etc. Tori often takes notice of his little gestures, and thinks it’s the sweetest thing ever, often telling him how cute and gentlemanly he’s being, which of course, sends him spiraling back into a blushing mess.

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Characters:  Dean x Reader with a cameo by Sam

Summary:  Two Pies.  Dean.  Reader.

Word count:  1530 (yet again I attempted to drabble…and this happened)

Warnings:  Pie abuse, language, smut

This is for my 2k drabble celebration.  @sassysupernaturalsweetheart requested  “You can’t eat two whole pies!” and @like-a-bag-of-potatoes requested  “You know what? I don’t even want to know how this happened.”  I combined these two because they seemed to fit well together.  I apologize because this kind of borders on a crack fic.  I blame @torn-and-frayed.  Please direct all concerns about the well being of pie accordingly.

Tags at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated.  

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“You can’t eat two whole pies!” Dean argues as you slice into one of the apple pies you made this afternoon.

“Watch me,” you tease. “I baked ‘em, I eat ‘em.”

“But-” Dean stammers. “I fucking love pie.” He’s practically whining. If he wasn’t so cute it would be fucking pathetic.

“Then make your own.”

“You’re really going to eat two whole pies?” he asks incredulously.

“Well, maybe I’ll let you have a taste…”

He looks you expectantly. Such an eager boy. It makes you giggle. Dipping a finger into the pie, you suck the filling off your finger seductively. “Mmm,” you moan around the finger.

Dean slams a hand down on the counter. “You’re killing me, smalls!”

With a laugh, you dip into the pie again. Taking your finger, you smear some pie along your collarbone. “Wanna taste?”

Dean’s eyes widen and he lets out a growl. He’s on you faster than you can say ‘pie’. His tongue tickles as he laps the pie from your skin. “Oh,” you say in surprise. This just turned from harmless teasing to something decidedly more. Not that you were complaining. The two of you had been walking a fine line between overt flirting and flat out fucking ever since you moved into the bunker, so this was bound to happen.

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lazyartistwastaken  asked:

Panguur x Teelah?

Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it

Okay so I have too manY feelings about this ship. I just love them?? Like I’m literally so deep in PanTee hell I can’t even see the sun. I’m trapped. Drowning in feels. And in dumb/cute/funny headcanons too.
Look, they’re killers, they’re Nasty People™ buT. I love. How cute and domestic they are together. They have sucH horrible lives and we keep making them WORSE and making HORRIBLE headcanons for them and I love how they just becoming better people but only for each other. Like I’m sorry if Pan could purr, he would purr everytime Tee kisses his cheek. Mr.Scary Crime Lord is literally so goddamn in love with his tiny, murderous gf and I’m dead bc it’s adorable and they’re adorable and I love them. They murder people together and it’s super romantic okay.
What I love with this ship is that we kind of started shipping it out of nowhere and everything still makes sense. How they meet, how they start becoming more than friends, how they change and how their feelings change because of things that happen or happened to them, etc. They feel so real. They feel like actual, real people to me and that’s what I love about them.

tl;dr: you can pry this beautiful trash ship from my cold dead hands.