kiss solo

I have always drawn inspiration from KISS. Seeing items like this remind me a lot of high school. Back to the days of being a wide eyed dreamer, and truly believing nothing was impossible. Items like this inspired me to start my own journals of creative projects. Song lyrics, sketches, rough ideas for stories or comic books. Always inspired by Gene, I would strive to write in the coolest penmanship I could muster, time stamping each page, and signing the finished product with my own, much practiced “rock star” signature. Looking back, I really wish my friends and I would have had the guts to start a KISS Fanzine back in the day. I bet that would have been a blast.
I’m sure we all have notebooks filled with our dreams stored somewhere from our life. Maybe someday, we can go back and nudge the younger us, to take that step, to not be afraid, and just do it…whatever ‘it’ may be…
I will never regret one day being a KISS fan.
Good memories from a simpler time.
Have a good weekend everyone…

*Disclaimer. My constant use of ellipsis (…) in any of my post or handwritten notes, came to life back then, during those days of being a dreamer.
A little trait, inspired by Gene from the “Notes” of KISS ALIVE!, when I was 15.

Goodbye Princess 😢😢😢

Hi guys, today is a very sad day, we lost one of the greatest actresses in the world, (Carrie Fisher) besides being an actress she played a very important role in our hearts, that is,of course,Princess Leia, and it is by this title “Princess” that we will always remember her, with love, courage, dedication and feeling that she carried in each acting, every gesture and every look.
I’m not one of the biggest fans of Star Wars, but I’m human, and I respect all fans of Star Wars, and I wish them much strength to endure this pain and this anguish they carry.😢😢😢😢❤

Rest in peace Princess Leia 😢❤

E poi c'è quella persona che passi il tempo a ripetere agli altri “è solo un amico” cercando di convincere anche te.
Quella che ci litighi ma ti rendi conto che è solo un prestesto per poi abbracciarsi.
Quella persona che ti prende in giro scherzosamente e ti fingi offesa solo per ricevere un banalissimo bacio sulla guancia che per te però ha un significato importante.
Quella con cui passi dal picchiarti all'abbracciarti.
Quella che se non la vedi per due giorni di fila ti senti morire dentro.
Quella che fingete di odiarvi ma si vede dai vostri sguardi che non riuscite a smettere di amarvi.

When people start talking shit about your OTP
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