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when teen wolf ends they need to release every deleted scene and sell them in an extended version pack because i need to see all 12 angles of the 6x10 kiss and everything else they’ve ever deleted

Exo reacts to their S/O going to work/school while being sick

How would EXO react if they’re s/o insists on going to work/school despite being really sick? 

Minseok: He wouldn’t have any of it and would carry you to your bedroom. He’d make you lay down and would make you so comfortable that you would end up staying home simply because you didn’t want to get up again.

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Luhan: He’d get upset and would fight with you until you ended up being late for work. He’d look at you and say, “well I guess there’s no point now. Get your ass to bed!” He’d kiss your nose and smile in victory.

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Yifan: He’d give you a stern look and would tell you how upset he is that you’re not taking your health seriously. He’d go so far as to getting sick himself, kissing you and telling you that you can’t go to work anyway because you need to take care of him.

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Junmyeon: You wouldn’t even get the chance to try to go to school because he would have turned off your alarm before it could even go off. You’d wake up and see him above you putting a warm cloth on your forehead.

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Yixing: He’d be very persistent and would start to cry, knowing that was your weakness. He’d whine about how he needs you to be healthy and happy all the time and that when you’re not it hurts him.

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Baekhyun: He’d be very naggy, constantly bugging you about how you need to stay home. Eventually you’d get fed up and listen to him, but he’d stay home with you for safe measures.

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Jongdae: He’d use his sass to make you stay. He’d go off on you about how you always tell him to stay home and take care of himself when he’s sick.

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Chanyeol: He’d use his big puppy eyes to convince you to stay. He’d hug you tight and wouldn’t let go until you agree to stay home and get better.

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Kyungsoo: He’d give you his signature Satansoo stare until you slowly walk back into your bedroom and into bed. He’d walk in with hot tea and a smirk on his face.

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Tao: He’d whine and whine, knowing you can’t say no to him. He’d cuddle you and tell you that he wants you to be healthy and would kiss you, until he remembers that you’re sick and jumps away.

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Jongin: He’d get very serious and would tell you that he won’t ever buy you chicken until you get back into bed. He’d hide your keys and textbooks to make sure that you can’t go.

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Sehun: He’d use his entire body to keep you in bed. He’d lay on you and would pretend he’s asleep, but you both know he’s not. When you finally fall back to sleep, he’d smile in victory, rolling off of you and holding you close.

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Liam AU// Just To Hear You Again

FBI Profiler Liam AU


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“Liam…” you mumbled, your fingers running down his bare chest. He only stirred in his sleep. You smiled and kissed his cheek. “You said you had to work today, baby.”

“After last night? he hummed, “I might need to call in sick,” he said, kissing your lips. His happiness and lust transferred in the kiss. You never felt so much joy in a relationship before. The way he held you made you feel safe. His arms always wrapped around you perfectly.

“Okay, I made breakfast for you, so please get ready for work, Li,” you smiled.

“Man, I love you,” he muttered out. You had never heard Liam mutter those words out before. You were shocked, but it had been six months. “You don’t have to respond, I just want you to know.”

“No, I love you, Liam,” you admitted. “I just wasn’t expecting that, but I love you.”

Liam looked at you and smiled, “Well, I have work to get to.”

You nodded, letting him get up and walk to the bathroom. You sighed walking into the kitchen. Your heart felt heavy as you looked back down on your phone to the text on the front scene.

“Meet in the usual. We have to talk.”

Liam left for a work an hour ago after the text. You left right after did, although he thought we were going to work as well. You drove into the city to the Royal Star Hotel. You thought it would have been better not to tell Liam about this meeting since you know the reason why wasn’t desirable.

You sat on one of the chairs in the lobby across from an empty one. You sat there with your arms and legs crossed, waiting for him. You knew he was enjoyed keeping you waiting; it was his favorite game to play with you.

You received a text, and you quickly looked down at it. It was from Liam. You only glanced at it.

“Don’t wanna leave him waiting,” a too familiar voice said, placing his hands  on your shoulders,”Do you?”

Your shoulders tensed as you didn’t even want to turn around, “I wanna finish this first.” Kevin Luck.

He walked over to his seat and nodded, “Actually let’s talk about him. Let’s talk about Liam,” he said, sliding you a brown folder.

“No, what do you really want to talk about? you mumbled, sliding the folder back.

Kevin shrugged and opened it himself, “Okay then. Supervisory Special Agent, or SSA, Liam James Payne. Youngest Unit Chief in history. A credit score of 768. Very impressive. Lives on 536 Oak Lane with a dog, Loki, who just had a vet appointment. He has not taken a sick day in over a year. I would hate to see him ill. For the last two months, he has taken out 35 to 75 Euros after every case and it’s spent at either a take-out place or a high-end restaurant and a very expensive gift on its way. You guys have a seventh month anniversary coming up?”

You slightly nodded.

“I don’t wanna ruin the surprise then,” he winked.

“Did you come here to tell me facts about my boyfriend?” you asked.

“No but I’m sure you remember your help in my little business,” he reminded you. “and by the status of your relationship with your FBI boyfriend, he must not know either.”

You sighed and closed the folder, “I don’t do that anymore. I have a respectful job as a nurse practitioner, and I moved on and you should too, Kevin.”

“Listen, sweetheart. Business is booming and I gotta keep moving the product.”

“It isn’t product, it’s drugs,” you corrected. “It’s been over three years since I’ve helped you. I’ve turned a new leaf, and Liam doesn’t deserve this, but if you contact me again, I will have you arrested and that’s a promise.”

“But the thing is that you had quite the hand in my endeavors. How do you think Liam’s gonna feel about dating an international felon?”

With much anger, you stood up, “When I left, you told me I was free to go without charge. We had a deal.”

“That was before I saw you so profitable, baby,” his hand caressed your cheek. You quickly slapped it away. “I’ll leave you alone; just keep the FBI off my back, and you and Liam can live happy ever after. And you could simply tell Liam, but what good would that do if he were dead.”

“Is that a threat?”

“Consider it a warning. Have a great day, Y/N.” He stood up, leaving the file on the small table. “And consider coming back, baby. It would be nice to have my favorite girl on the job again.”

You looked at your phone again where Liam’s text still laid. You quickly replied saying, “I’ll bring food to the office :)” You sent the text before leaving the lobby with a lot on your mind.

You arrived at Liam’s office to find it empty. You sat down in the chair across from his desk and waited. You browsed your phone and hoped to see Liam come in or message you, but it was silent. You saw Niall walk past the office door before he stopped and backtracked his way into the office in confusion.

“Y/N, what are you doing here? Niall asked.

“Liam told me to meet him here for lunch today,” you smiled, showing him your pasta. “Have you seen him?”

Niall looked at you in more confusion, “He called in sick today. He called and didn’t come in.”

“No, I made him breakfast, and I saw him off to work. And we joke about it sometimes, but Liam has never taken a sick day that I’m aware; he’s as healthy as a horse.”

“He sounded a bit tired and his breathing was off, but he just sounded ill,” he laughed. “But I’m glad he didn’t come in; I hate seeing him ill.”

I would hate to see him ill.

Those words hit you like a bullet. Your heart stopped for a moment.

“Kevin Luck…” you whispered under your breath.

“Kevin Luck? How do you know Kevin Luck?” Niall asked, closing the door. “Y/N, how do you know Kevin Luck.”

You felt the words ready to slip off your tongue, but you held them back. “We used to be friends when I was in my early twenties, and I-I think he has Liam. Liam would never call in sick, and if he did, you and I both know we could crawl into work before being sent home. Niall, he’s not safe!”

“Hey, hey, hey,” he soothed, attempting to calm you down. “If it’ll make you feel better, we can go to his house and see if he’s there, but you have to talk to me Y/N…people just don’t know Luck.”

You nodded, “Can we just talk in the car? I just wanna know if Liam’s okay.”

You sat in the black SUV only looking down at your hands, trying to avoid Niall’s direct eye line. You knew what would happen if he knew what you did. You lost a great amount of confidence and yourself when you were with Kevin. It took years to recover.

“Please don’t do this, Y/N,” Niall began. “Like I said earlier, people don’t just know Kevin Luck because they went to high school together or something; I know you know him from somewhere else, and I–”

You blanked out and looked outside your window as the traffic slowed. You looked ahead and noticed the police lights. You saw the pieces of the car before you saw the collision. It was only a solo crash. Soon enough, your eyes widened.

“Y/N, do you hear me?” Niall asked. tapping your shoulder.

“Oh my god, Niall. Stop the car! That’s Liam’s car!” you yelled.

Niall took a double take before realizing the same.  He pulled off on side of the road. You both ran out the car as soon as it stopped.

“You can’t be in this scene, guys,”  a policeman said, holding back you and Niall.

“I’m a federal agent, and that vehicle belongs to my unit chief. Is he in the car?” Niall asked sternly, flashing his credentials. The officer shook his head. “That makes it a federal case. Can you show me the scene?”

“Uh, yes, and who is she?”

“I-I’m his girlfriend.”

“Y/N, you have to wait in the car. I can’t have you at a potential crime scene, but I’ll be with you as soon as everyone else gets here,” Niall told you.

You sighed and nodded, “I’ll tell you about Kevin Luck if you promise to find Liam.”

Liam’s head pounded as his eyes finally fluttered open. His eyes adjusted to the dim light at what looked a small medal table. He looked down at his chained wrist that laid locked on the table.

“Hey, bud, you’re up,” a voice said across from him. 

Liam’s eyes lazily looked up and nodded, “Kevin Luck.” Kevin nodded and pulled a file from under the table and placed it on top. “You hacked my car, crashed it just to show me a folder?”

He chuckled and opened it to reveal photos. He looked at them closely; they were all you. Some of them were recent from the six months you had been together, but others he didn’t recognize.

“Quite the gem she is,” he smirked. “I remember taking this one in particular.” He slid a photo of you on the bed. Cash surrounded you on the bed as you laid there in purple lingerie. “I remember her being so free, flowy, sexy. But I’m sure you know.”

Liam was silent and only looked down at his hands. 

“She was my right hand. I had never met a girl so loyal and excited,” Kevin smiled. “Y’know, her favorite thing was sitting in on exchanges. She said she liked the way I did business.”

His blood began to boil, but he tried to keep his cool. He looked down, avoiding his eye line. Liam couldn’t stand other guys talking about you in derogatory ways. You had only been together for six months, but he absolutely hated it.  

“But someone times she would get out of line, and a punish would be in order. I don’t know, but there was something intoxicating about her when she was in pain.” Liam’s fist hit the table hard enough for some of the photos to jump. “Woah, calm down there, man. You’ll be feeling what she felt in a second.” 

You sat in the conference room with Niall and Louis sitting across from you. The last time you were in this room was last month. Liam wanted to introduce you to his team. He thought you deserved to meet the people who took up so much of his time.

“Are you ready? Are you okay?” Louis asked, sliding a cup of water near you. You nodded and looked up. “How do you know Luck, Y/N?”

“When I had finished college, I met Kevin. I liked him because he was kind of a bad boy, and I never met anyone like him before. He was a little bit older, and he treated me nicely at first,” you began. “We dated for about two and a half months before he started taking me on vacations because he said he was on business. It was fun until he saw what he did.”

“But he convinced you to stay around?” Niall asked.

“Yeah, and I did. But then as the months went on, he made my life more lavish but his demands got more strike. He uh…to sometimes close deals…he would offer me to other men…”

“Y/N–” Louis began.

“But I knew if I would have said no, he would punish me, he would leave me in a foreign country with no money and no way home, and I just…”

“You wanted to survive,” Niall finished. You nodded. “How would he punish you, Y/N, if you don’t mind.”

You took a drink of your water and sighed, “Is it really necessary?”

“We have to build an accurate profile for this guy, and this might help us find Liam,” Louis explained.

You sighed deeply and nodded to yourself, “At first, it was sexual things; spanking, rope, choking y’know. Then he hit me once. At his worse, he would chain me to a metal chair and electrocute me, or he would waterboard me or…” You couldn’t finish your thought before Niall interrupted.

“Hey, it’s okay. You don’t have to share that anymore, okay?” he said, handing you a box of tissues.

“Can we ask you one more question, Y/N?” Louis asked. You agreed. “Why didn’t you tell Liam?”

“Because everything I did, everything I became, I didn’t want Liam to think of me like that. I when I was approaching normal, I met Liam. We started dating almost a year later because I didn’t know if I was ready to trust another man. But when I finally trusted Liam, he treated me like no other guy ever did, and I didn’t want Kevin coming back into my life even if it was only a conversation.” It was completely quiet for a moment. “Y’know, Kevin told me he loved me and I wanted to believe him but I never could, but this morning was the first time Liam told me he loved me and I felt my entire world shift, and I have to hear him say that again.”

“We will, Y/N. I promise,” Louis said.



“I just keep falling for you”


She would laugh so hard that her stomach would start hurt. You wouldn’t even understand why she was laughing so hard.


“Are you my hero? Because you know when to catch me all the time.”


You have gotten use to catching her and she was use to you catching her. She would just give you a quick kiss smiling at you. 

“Oh, what would I do without you.”


She would get super shy and look down with a big smile on her face.

“Thank you.”


She would just start laughing and her face would start turning red. She didn’t know why you catching her was so awkward to her.


“You just keep on saving me.”


“You keep on saving me but I can’t ever save you. This is just not right.” 


“Even when I’m falling I still look pretty.”


Zoey grinned warmly, and leant down to press her lips softly against Harmony’s.

“Mm.” she hummed indulgently, pulling away reluctantly for a second. “I love you, Harmony.”

Harmony smiled dreamily back, the effect of Zoey’s kiss dizzying her a fraction. She inched closed to her girlfriends face again, closing the distance between them. “I love you too, Zo.” she replied. “Now, are you going to find Will for me?”

“After this.” Zoey said, dipping down to catch Harmony’s lips in another, harder kiss, and smiling against her mouth when she felt H’s hands tighten on her hips. God, did she love this girl.

Bate Modern Day AU
  • Its Monday morning and Nate is cooking waffles for him and Bay. Bay can hear the music from the radio and smell the food and coffee being made in the kitchen.
  • Bay is a Coffee Addict.
  • Getting out of bed, Bay grabbed his glasses and shuffles to the kitchen where Nate is humming and cooking. Despite Nate making waffles, Bay gets cereal. Fruit Loops to be precise. (theyre good sue me)
  • Then their Song comes on the radio. The song Never Giving Up on You by Of Mice and Men is literally them. And Nate, who is a terrible singer starts singing.
  • Bay raises his brows, his ears red. Taking a drink of coffee, Bay says: “Please stop.”
  • Nate grins at him and starts singing louder. Now he starts dancing. Bay sighs and takes a bite of cereal. His boyfriend sounded like a dying cat.
  • Grabbing Bay’s face he starts singing inches from his face. Bay tries to fight his smile and kisses him to shut him up. His fingers twist in Nate’s hair.
  • Bay hooks his arm around Nate’s neck and brings him in closer. Nate’s floury fingers leave imprints of flour on Bay’s waist and neck and face. 
  • The smell of food being burned jars them apart. 
  • Bay looks at Nate. His already impossibly dark brown eyes are even darker from the flour on his face and hair. Bay grins at him with bruised lips.“The food is burning.”
  • Nate takes the food off the burner and shuts off the stove. Turning back to Bay, Nate takes the cup from Bays hand and sits it on the counter and guides Bays hands back around his neck and claims his mouth with his.
  • The stack of waffles goes unnoticed for the rest of the morning

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And and and if i can ask another one: Keith/Shiro (gen or ship) + adrenalines junkies, from that 1st chapter of This Paradox Place (or not, as long as they are danger junkies I will love you forever).

“Are you sure about this?” Pidge asks as she glances down the sheer wall of the cliff.  Air blows back up, hard enough to make her hair flutter, but it doesn’t feel nearly strong enough to hold their weight.

Shiro just takes hold of Keith’s hand in his and jumps, arms outstretched to catch the wind, and laughs the whole way down.

(When they land, Keith takes one look at Shiro’s wolf-smile and kisses him hard)

(Send me a prompt and a pairing and I’ll write a 3 sentence fic)

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"Oh my god it's... enormous!" you exclaimed as your eyes met with Luke's in astonishment and you licked your lips.

‘Do you maybe want to…?’ he said biting his lip, his voice betraying the confident façade with which he had walked into the room earlier.

Is he self-conscious? you thought, deciding against saying it aloud.

‘Yeah,’ you replied stepping closer to him, a hand coming to rest against his cheek before you kissed him.

He smiled brightly at you, all the doubts he had had evaporating from his mind as you turned around.

‘Who wants some?’ you asked, receiving excited cheers from the rest of the team in response as you started to cut the chocolate cake Luke had bought you for your birthday.

A/N: I will not cave.

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Me @ Lee and Cher:

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Samantha Ruth Prabhu | The Sleepover | Part 2

When I reached the car, my sister’s friend had already gotten out of the car and changed into a crop top and skirt from who knows where. She jumped up and gave me a kiss the second she saw me coming. Again, I grew a huge hard on which hit her leg, and she stopped kissing me. She smiled and told me to drive us to the beach and forest nearby. It was a short drive, but I could feel her eyes staring at the bulge on my sweatpants. As much as I tried to hide it, it just popped right back up.
Once we got there, we took a seat in the sand near the forest. She told me how she’s always noticed how I’d always check her out any time she came over. She told me how she knew about the time I stood outside my sister’s room staring at her while she had her head stuck in her shirt. She said how she knew I was coming and did that to give me something to lose sleep over night. Then, she lay on my lap and told me to do whatever I wanted to her. The whole moment felt so surreal.
We were in the forest for about 5 hours, doing all sorts of things to each other when my sister called her friend. She told her she felt a little hungover so she and I went to go get something to help her feel better.
Once we got back home, my sister and her friend spent the night together doing girl stuff, while I was in my room thinking about everything that happened and jacking off. I’m guessing I fell asleep halfway because when I woke up, my sister’s friend was on my cock, covering my mouth with one hand, shushing me with the other.
It was 2AM when I woke up with her on my cock, and when she left my room it was 7AM, and only because we heard my sister getting up. It’s a good thing my room is downstairs, or else we would have been caught for sure.

Reaction to Girlfriend Attending Their Concert

(Sorry if I didn’t put much to their reaction. It’s because since they’re on stage they can’t do much about this scenario)


*Gives you an air kiss and smiles*


*Wink wink*


-It’s all in the gif haha-




*Thinks to himself* “Now I can really show her my manly side”


*Loses concentration and messes up*

(Not my gifs)

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Shulaz, moonlight/sunlight

i am doing a thing

Ulaz has noticed that the humans act a little differently planetside when the atmosphere allows sun to shine through. They laugh more, they take off their helmets and turn their faces up towards the sky. When Shiro bounds over to talk to Ulaz, his eyes are shining and he kisses him with a smile on his lips.

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If you snuck in my room I would:

[] Go back to sleep

[x] Kick you out

[] Have rough sex with you

[] Cuddle with you

[x] Be like wtf?

[] Let you sleepover

[x] Beat your ass

If you kissed me I would:

[] Kiss you back

[] Smile & laugh

[x]Push you away

[x] Be shocked

[x] Slap you

You are:

[x] Cute

[] Adorable

[x] Pretty

[] Beautiful

[] Okay

[x] Sexy

[] Hotass Motherfucker


[] Ew

If you asked me out I would say:




Can we cuddle?

[x]No thank you

[]Yes please


[x]No thank you

[]Yes please

[]Now. Right now. My bed. Hurry.

@sinfulxaela thanks for the ask ♥


Allura’s Moving Castle AU

1. why? 2. why not! 3. asadahsdklsasdf