kiss photoshoot

Is there a reasonable explation for this pic? Or is just me who find weird/out of nowhere a photographer ask two people to kiss? 

Put a legend that say “I asked them to kiss. I suppose love was in the air, and I was just lucky enough to be there”. is like REALLY??? 

You can make up something better than this, girl!

Yes, the pic was released when was right on time to make the fans excited for the new season when these characters were going to meet for the first time. But, back there when they were doing this photoshoot, what was the reason for Kit and Emilia’s kiss?

They were already thinking about making a Jon x Dany relationship’s hint to the public that it would only be released 4 years later? Did they know about Jon and Dany possible relationship for such long time? Could it be that Emilia and Kit happened to have such chemistry because they possibly were having a fling or something? Was it a Jon x Dany and/or Kit x Emilia hint?

“Love was in the air” only make it ridiculous…   

The fact that one (Emilia, Kit, HBO crew, interviewers, etc) talks about this makes me frustrated LOL