kiss pattern

New element in Yuri Plisetsky’s free skate program. It’s called: “Jump and Kiss”
(then “Fall” by Otabek Altin bc after all it wasn’t Yuri’s best idea)

Pants on Fire - Kai Parker smut

There was a moment of silence as a thud upstairs was heard right above the dinner table, a few curse words followed after a yelp of pain. The chandelier shook a bit and I blushed as I looked back at my family.

I swallowed. “Will you excuse me?” I bit my lip and rushed upstairs, my palms sweaty. I specifically told Kai not to come over tonight. My grandparents were visiting and they knew, oh boy, did they know, about what a misbehaving disaster Kai Parker was.

I opened the door to my room and spotted Kai stuck in my window, his ankle smashed between the pane and the actual window.

I put my index finger against my mouth to get him to be quiet. I closed the door behind me and locked it, helping him in.

“What are you doing here?” I whispered, blushing as he took a long look of my whole body. I was wearing a fuzzy sweater and some old mom jeans.

The light in my room was rosy from the pink light bulb in my lamp and Kai smelled like cinnamon. It was cold outside so he was kind of shivering.

“Is it wrong to want to actually see you?” He smiled. “You know, your one word texts aren’t exactly the kind of consolation I expect after our night of intimacy.” He raised his eyebrows, referring to the oral we exchanged the last time we saw each other. “By the way, you’re possibly the worst texter in the world.”

“Will you shut up? My grandparents, who hate you might I add, are right down stairs.” I put my hand on his chest as he pulled me into his body.

“That’s why you wore this?” He poked fun at the sweater I got for Christmas last year. “I’m not complaining, it’s definitely soft.” He pushed my hair over my shoulder, the cool steel of his rings making me shiver. He pressed sweet wet little kisses on my chin and jaw, lightly on my neck.

“Kai.” I pulled away, my breath caught in my throat. “Seriously, you should go.” My knees nearly gave out at the crooked smile he gave me next.

“Let me guess, they think you’re a little saint, hmm?” He ran his thumb over my mouth, his fingers dancing on the sensitive flesh of my neck. “Ill bet they’ve never even heard you utter a single swear word.” He said.

I’ll admit that when I first met Kai, I was amused at how much character he had. Character that my parents definitely wouldn’t like and maybe that’s what intrigued me so much.

“Sweetie!” My mother’s heels woke me from my trance. My eyes opened and I jumped into action. “Is everything okay?” She knocked at my door and tried opening it. “You know I don’t like locked doors in my home.”

I pushed Kai into my bathroom and slammed the door, running over to the door and unlocking it. “Hey, mom, I’m fine. I just had a st-tomach ache.” I swallowed.

“What was that noise earlier?” She looked around my room, precisely at the half opened window. I blushed crimson. I knew that she knew.

“Oh, it was the cat. The dogs must have chased her out and got her caught in the tree and she came in through the win-” I started and my mother stopped me.

“Please use the front door next time.” She said in the direction of the bathroom. I almost died.

“Will do!” Kai answered and I covered my face.

My mother patted my shoulder and gave me a quick goodnight kiss. “Goodnight, sweetie. We’ll talk about this in the morning.”

I closed the door after she left, swallowing the throw up in my mouth after nervously tucking my hair behind my ear.

“You’re the worst liar, too.” Kai came out of the bathroom applying some of my floral lotion on his hands. I rolled my eyes.

“That was so embarrassing.” I sighed. “You know, I can’t – do it – with you if my whole family is downstairs and they know you’re here.” I blushed.

He raised his eyebrows, an amused smile on his face. “Do what, my sweetheart?” He laid on the bed, grabbing my journal from the nightstand.

“Hey, give me that, you jerk!” I lunged at him, attempting to grab my journal back. He opened it up to a random page and I almost cried. “Kai, I swear, I’ll kick you in the nuts.” I said, swinging my leg over his waist to grab the book.

“Jeez, girl, what’s so secretive? Loving relationships don’t have secrets.” He said and I stopped struggling, staring at him.

He stared back up at me, his eyes so pretty, a perfect nose. My whole body warmed up a good five degrees.

He threw my journal aside and grabbed my face, rolling me onto the bed as he gave my warm mouth a languid kiss. My breathing picked up the pace, his hands on my neck.

“Oh, god.” Kai said as I wrapped my legs around his waist. He pulled my sweater up my stomach, pulling away so I could sit up and let him take the damn thing off of me.

I tore off the black jacket he wore and pulled his black shirt up, finally feeling his warm skin. I blushed as he resumed to kiss my skin, sucking patterns on my chest and being gentle on my breasts.

“You’re so fucking beautiful.” He groaned, pulling at my jeans. I arched my back as he took them off.

He kissed my mouth again, his hand tangled in my hair. I pressed my body up to his, craving the warmth of his skin against mine.

“Look at you, baby. So ready for me to fuck you.” He almost groaned. I hoped that my grandparents had left and my parents couldn’t hear any of this.

“Kai-” I started and my mouth went wide when his palm pressed against the apex of my inner thighs. He giggled maniacally, pulling my underwear from me and spreading my legs.

I swallowed as took off his jeans as well.

“You’re so cute, you know. All horny and warm for me.” He kissed my mouth again. I couldn’t breathe as he took off his briefs, grinning at me.

“Kai.” He shushed me, his finger pressed against my lips. He stuck it in my mouth and I tasted the cinnamon. Maybe he had been eating the cupcakes I baked for him last weekend.

Suddenly, his penis was touching me and my breath hitched. He looked into my eyes, running his hand down my body all in concentration.

“Are you nervous?” He smiled very small, his face close to mine as he got into position. His other hand rested above my head, fist in the pink cotton of my bed sheets. I wrapped my arms up and around his neck.

“Yeah.” I responded, my voice weak and not mine as he ran the tip of his penis lightly against my wetness.

“So am I.” He admitted. “May I?” He asked and I almost rolled my eyes. I nodded. He pushed himself inside of me and we both let out breaths.

I felt the muscles on his back contract and release. He let his arms give out and he held my hips, his mouth pressed against the shell of my ear, which was on fire.

“Aw, fuck.” He mumbled quietly as he slowly pulled out and pushed back in. “So-o good.” He swallowed thickly.

“Faster.” I blushed as I felt him smile against me. He pushed himself back up and thrusted his hips in rapidly. I let out a soft moan and covered my mouth, which did nothing because a second moan escaped my mouth and it was louder.

I almost screamed as he hit a certain place inside me that made a fire combust out of nowhere.

“Right there.” I let him know and almost floated off of the bed as he continued hitting the same place.

“Right there?” He grabbed my ass and lifted me up a little. I moved my hips against his like a mad woman. He almost couldn’t keep up as I strained to get myself off.

“Kai, Kai, Kai, K-ai-” I moaned and he kissed my open mouth, pulling me against him with his arm around my back, his cold rings making me arch it.

“Fuckin’ hell.” He buried his nose in my neck, his rapid breaths tickling me.

“I want to be on top.” I said quietly. He didn’t even blink before he rolled onto the bed. I sat on him, hiding my face in my hair as I pressed my hands against his chest and sprung myself up and down using the strength if my legs. He reached up to pull my hair back and grab my tits with his big, cold hands.

He watched me intently, little whimpers and moans coming from his open mouth. He met my movements, a drop of sweat falling from my nose to his lip. He licked it off and I closed my eyes.

“I’m – fuck – I’m coming.” I said quietly, my nails making red marks on his skin. I ran my hands up and on each side of his face, looking him in the eyes as he grabbed my hips and lifted himself up to fuck me harder.

I leaned over and let out a loud moan into my crochet pillow. He moaned under me, his mouth catching my breast. He licked my skin, helping me move against him.

We both stopped and I pulled away from my pillow, meshing my mouth with his wet one, hair in both of our sweating faces. I swallowed past the lump in my throat and my mouth opened to it’s full capacity.

He jerked up into me once more and I came as he did, his hips twitching. I bit my lip and closed my eyes, sighing shakily and getting off of him.

It took a while of laying on his arm there to get my breath in order. He pulled my bunny comforter over our bodies and played in my hair with his long fingers.

“You’re in love with me.” Kai said. I smiled a little, twisting his nipple lightly in between my fingers.

“Am not.” I denied weakly.

“You’re the worst liar.” He repeated.

anonymous asked:

could you do a fic where maggie uses ice cubes on alex during sex. i have a huge kink for that and i need to see it on these two

It starts with vegan ice cream.

The way that Alex gasps and shudders and freezes momentarily with her eyes closed in that way that she always does when she’s just discovering something she loves, something she’s never experienced before, something she needs more of, more of, more of, when she feels how cold Maggie’s lips are from the vegan ice cream, when she feels that cold on her own lips, on her neck, on her stomach, on every part of her skin.

“Ally,” Maggie rasps, deep in the back of her throat, and the sound makes Alex moan. “Alex, you uh… you like?”

“Yeah. Maggie, I… fuck. Yeah.”

Maggie grins and rests her forehead on Alex’s bare stomach to catch her breath, to remember how to use words.

“You like the… the cold?”

Alex blushes, hard, and turns her face away, and Maggie’s heart sinks and she crawls up Alex’s body so she’s kissing her face, so she’s cooing into her ear, so she’s reassuring her with her body, with her mouth, with her hands, with her heart.

“Alex, no, babe, you don’t… there’s no reason to be embarrassed, babe, I’m so sorry… I was asking… I was asking because… I think it’s hot.”

Alex sneaks a glance up at her, her body more relaxed now, her face somewhat less red.

Maggie grins. “No… pun intended, there.”

Alex laughs, and it’s the best sound Maggie’s ever heard.

“You think it’s hot, Sawyer?”

“I think you’re hot, Danvers.”

“Oh yeah?”

Maggie moans into Alex’s mouth as Alex pulls her down into a searing kiss.

“Why were you asking? Did you uh… did you wanna… do something more?” Alex asks, and her voice is ragged, because she’s hopeful.

“Do you uh… do you think you’d like…” Maggie takes a breath and stares down into Alex’s eyes, pupils dilating, chest heaving slowly. “Do you think you’d like it if I uh… got some ice?”

Alex hisses and writhes under Maggie immediately, and Maggie barely suppresses a groan.

“That a yes, Danvers?”

“Why aren’t you heading to the freezer right now?” Alex practically growls, and Maggie is pressing a kiss to her lips and hopping out of bed faster than Alex had ever seen her move.

“Don’t go anywhere, beautiful,” she calls over her shoulder, and Alex smiles, and leans up on her elbows, and licks her lips, and waits, waits, because god, god, god.

Maggie pads back into the room with two soft hand towels, a bowl of ice cubes, wide eyes, and slightly parted lips.

She kneels on the bed in front of Alex, tucks the towels under either side of Alex’s torso, and runs her tongue slow, slow, slow, over Alex’s stomach. Alex whines and arches her hips and Maggie doesn’t break eye contact with her, not once.

“You good, babe?” she asks, and Alex begs.

Maggie growls and groans and takes an ice cube between her fingers and asks Alex with her eyes again, and Alex begs again, and she traces the ice along the same path her tongue just painted.

Alex screams and slams her palms into the bed and grabs the sheets with her fingers and tosses her head back and bites her lip and begs again, again, again.

“Maggie please, don’t stop, please, please.”

“No, I shouldn’t stop, Danvers?” Maggie’s voice is teasing, but her eyes are warm, because she’s looking up at Alex and she knows she’s never seen anything as beautiful as Alex Danvers with her guard down, Alex Danvers trusting her, Alex Danvers giving her this incredible gift.

“Please, Mags, please,” Alex manages, and Maggie complies.

She spells her name in ice, slow, slow, letter by letter, on Alex’s writhing torso, and she licks the streams of melting water as they drip down Alex’s sides.

She traces patterns up to Alex’s chest, and Alex asks for more, more, more, so Maggie slowly, deliberately, carefully, swirls the ice around both of Alex’s nipples in turn, never touching, not yet, watching her nipples get hard with teasing, with cold, with need, until Alex is whimpering so beautifully that Maggie complies, finally bringing the ice directly onto her nipples before warming them with her lips, with her mouth, with her tongue.

She paints pictures of snow falling and of sunsets and of hearts and of stars and of all the things she wants to do to Alex, all over her inner thighs, all over her stomach, asking Alex and receiving only begging, only yes, yes, please, yes, before she lets the melting ice drip onto her clit, and Alex screams and begs for more and Maggie bites her lip and barely contains a groan and obeys the perfect desires of the perfect woman she loves.

She stops only when there’s only melted water in the bowl she’d brought, when Alex is panting and Alex is spent and Alex is resting with a dazed, contented, safe smile on her relaxed face.

Maggie meticulously kisses the same patterns onto her bare skin that she traced with the ice, and she follows her tongue with soft towels, and whispers – promises, really – of respect, of reverence, of beauty. Of love.

Dating Joshua Would Include...

lmao its been literal ages since i did one of these but i figured 17 is having a comeback soon like hopefully so ya here our gentleman here is next in this series that I’m rEVIVING YEAH BUDDY HOLD ONTO UR HATS MY DUDES WE HAVE LIKE 10 OTHER MEMBERS 2 GOOOO~ADMIN H (sorry this is a bit shorter then my past Would Includes….im getting back into the swing of writing bullet-point imagines again)

  • okay so we all know he’s kinda shy
  • but recently he’s been coming out of his shell a lil bit
  • and showing the meme we all know is there bc have u looked at the rest of 17?
  • yeah
  • anyways
  • he seems like the type to play with ur hair like,,,all the time. constantly. 
  • he learns how to do all sorts of beautiful braids and ponytails and really intricate hairdos bc he’s got ur back 
  • also jeonghan says he wants to be the godfather of your children for how many times shua almost ripped his hair out of his scalp but details
  • he’s not super duper huge on pda especially around 17 but he like,,,loves to give you kisses
  • he gives really soft and intimate kisses which is why he kisses you when you guys are alone
  • also i feel like when you guys are Making Out™ he prefers it if you guys are laying down on the sofa either you laying on his chest or like at an equal height and he loves to gently run his fingers up and down your arms while you kiss and trace patterns on your waist when your shirt rides up and it makes you shiver bc of the slight callouses his hands have from playing guitar
  • speaKING OF THAT
  • Joshua is gonna serenade you constantly w his guitar
  • sometimes its wanted and sometimes it isn’t usually you dont mind but when he sneaks into your bathroom while you’re showering and starts playing Wolf and singing it purposefully off key and you actually almost piss yourself from being startled 
  • that’s when u have an Intervention and the guitar is restricted to specific times
  • like not in the morning but sometimes he does like to gently wake you up w a sweet lil tune he made up on the spot and not like, him screeching Bae Bae or some shit to wake you up
  • you guys have such cute dates like either its little tiny cafes or cat cafes or to parks to walk around or sometimes you guys have late night walks at the Han river where he just talks about all his stresses and fears and what he stays up late staring at the ceiling about and you guys just have really deep conversation 
  • and you guys stop to take a break and sometimes if its cold you’ll have a red nose and youre holding a coffee or tea or hot chocolate whatever ur preference is 
  • and he’s just like stunned by how stunning you are and its like a punch in the gut to him how much he loves and adores you like to his core 
  • and him being a lil shy bean he doesn’t know how to tell you this until one night he had a really bad day at practice and he just wasn’t able to get any choreo down and he feels like he’s dragging 17 down and just being an extra luggage to carry along and then as he’s spilling out his worries he lets it slip that he worries that one day you’ll realize what a loser he actually is and leave him and he loves you so much it would pretty much kill him 
  • and you stop his rambling by slapping his arm like!!! you dummy!!!! i couldn’t ever think that bc ur not a loser and I’m mad at u for thinking i wouldn’t love you back even in ur toughest times!!!!! 
  • and ur glaring at him w a pouty/mad face and ur arms crossed and Shua has never felt so blessed to have such an angel like you in his life
  • and yeah you guys argue but you guys communicate whats wrong and aren’t afraid to talk out your feelings so they dont last
  • (what does last is Joshua’s fear of introducing you to 17 like honestly,,,,even tho u said u would never leave him that was before the boys found out he had an S/O  and tbh they terrify him sometimes and he’s lived with them for 5ever)
  • (also imagine: him trying to teach you how to play guitar and you’re sitting in between his legs and his hands are on your hands and he’s resting his chin on your shoulder)
  • (and maybe his hands start to draw patterns on your arms and he starts to put kisses on your neck where his chin was and the guitar is v quickly forgotten and gently put aside on the other side of the room which i cannot say the same for your poor shirt)

Huh. Sangwoo definitely calls Bum the English word “homo.” It’s spelled out phonetically in hangul. I don’t know where the translators got “dude lover.” Who would ever say that?

Actually, I’m not sure “homo” is necessarily insulting in this context? I mean, it probably is, but with these loanwords it’s hard to tell. Later, in the chapter with the ajeossi, the ajeossi uses the English word “gay.” 

Lol, Bum also uses the English word “kiss” here. 

Bum’s pattern of “polite out loud, casual in head” remains constant throughout Chapter 2. 

Dating Octavia Blake Would Include...

Requested by anon

  • Being one of the 100 and meeting once you land on the ground
  • Octavia automatically falling for you
  • But not knowing how to deal with her feelings because she’s never been attracted to anyone
  • Let alone in a relationship
  • Becoming close friends before you get together
  • Being by her side as she grows and develops
  • You having to make the first move
  • Octavia always melting around you
  • Always sneaking off into the woods to make out
  • Octavia being very passionate
  • Having a lot of fire and sparks in your relationship
  • Octavia being a bottom
  • Spooning after sex
  • You kissing her scars
  • Tracing patterns on each other’s bare skin
  • Always protecting each other
  • Octavia being terrified that she’s going to lose you
  • Sharing lots of long hugs
  • Octavia always telling you she loves you
  • Because if either of you die
  • She’d want those to be the last words you hear
  • Or the last words she says
soft dom! seokjin

(THIS WAS ALL DONE LAST NIGHT, ON MY PHONE. BASED OFF OF @bxebxee ’s soft dom!seokjin. literally just oral sex, and exhibition, and fluffy at the end)


soft dom seokjin coming home from home, muscles tensed, nerves wrecked, just over all exhausted. He walks in the kitchen to see his pretty baby girl making some food, in her normal house clothes, because you know, she’s at home. but every time she leans over a little bit her shorts rise up, and seokjin can’t help but enjoy the view—a little too much, to the point where he can see himself fucking her until she screams his name like he knows she can.

It’s been a good five minutes until she notices her seokjinnie. She smiles and tells him “I’m making food for you!! It’s almost done!” Poor seokjin, he knows she is just being so innocent and caring for him, but he just can’t shake off his filthy thoughts. So he inquires her to “Come here baby, I missed you”. She giggles and goes on “I know, I missed you too. But I need to finish.” He shakes his head and walks closer to her, taking in her natural scent. He kisses patterns along her neck.

Her little moans and whimpers, God she knows what to do to drive seokjin crazy. She tried to shimmy out if his grip: “Jinnie, I wanted to make you food.” her complaints soon shut down after his takes her lower lip between his teeth and tug it. “Wouldn’t it be better if I ate your tight, wet pussy baby? I bet you’re dripping all over your shorts.” His hands slide down to the front of her baby blue shorts, rubbing her clit through them. “Seokjin, fuck you’re making a mess”
Her eyes blow up wide at his request, “S-seokjinnie I-” His pink, plump lips form into a small pout. “Baby please, I just wanna see.” She knew that seokjin valued her nude body like the finest, more precious piece of gold in the earth. So she obliged, only wanting to make to him happy, and to get herself off. Seokjin smiled at her and dropped to his knees, her face was the epitome of confused, to soon be replaced with shock when seokjin strips her bottoms off with his teeth.

After being stripped naked by seokjins mouth, she sits herself on top of the table, while seokjin sits infront, having a perfect view of his beautiful, most precious baby girl. Whose body he admired and fucked the most. “Go on baby, daddy’s watching” Her fingers slowly worked her clit, feeling the already sticky mess of her wetness from before, she bites her lips and moans softly as her other hand peaks her swollen nipples. Seokjin sits there, hand stroking the front of his dress pants

“Hmm, baby what are you thinking about?” She huffs out and moans louder when her fingers start pushing in and out of her pussy. “Y-you daddy, in thinking about you fucking me” her back meets the cold cherry wood as she continues to fuck herself. “Is daddy fucking you with his cock, fingers, or tongue baby girl?” She whimpers out his name, the pleasure becoming too much, its starting to get hot, her senses are not taking her side. “J-just come here and eat me out please”

Seokjin licks his lips, looking at his masterpiece. All fucked out, needy, and dripping just for him. His pretty little girl, a shaking, whimpering mess. Her fingers going in and out of her cunt at relentless speed begging “P-Please please, daddy I need you” Seokjin kneels down in front of her, taking in her tight, pink pussy. He moves her hands away and slowly, kisses her folds, his tongue making zigzag patterns around her clit, sucking the swollen bud.

“Damn baby, I could eat you every hour of the day if I could” Seokjin comments, “you’re so wet for me—shit” His plump lips sucks harshly at her clit, pulling it lightly. He knows she’s about to cum, by the way her legs are quivering, her hands pulling at his amber locks so tightly he can almost feel the burning sensation in his scalp. Her moans get louder, her pleas become more incoherent, “I-p-please I need, fuck” Seokjin hums at her unintelligible request.

He halts his tongue swirling inside her to only replace it with his agile fingers, “baby you’re gonna cum? Are you gonna make a mess all over my fingers and the table?” She nods her head furiously. “Yes yes yes, I’m cumming, please let me cum Seokjinnie” He pinches the inside of her thigh lightly, “then do me a favor and fucking cum” Seokjin can feel her tighten around his fingers, watching his babygirl come down from her high has been the most erotic thing he has seen. His eyes dilate from the image presented in front of him, he can’t help but to steal a kiss from her. Tongues intertwine, teeth clashing together. Her pulls back and tucks the strands of hairs behind her ear, and lets out a gentle.

“I love you”

Bathroom Echoes

Request: “Can you write a Hux x reader where the reader helps Hux relax after a stressful day at work? Like maybe a smut with some fluff to help Hux unwind”

Pairing: Armitage Hux x Reader

Word Count: 909

Warnings: Smut

Originally posted by couplenotes

A long sigh and dragging feet was usually the indication that your boyfriend had finished work. But tonight, he walked in silently, barely registering your presence before retreating straight to your shared bedroom. You frowned, following the disappearing ginger into the dim room. The large window at the side of the chamber provided the only light, sad stars twinkling to give only a slither of visibility.

“Rough day?” You asked quietly, sitting on the side of the bed. Hux groaned into his pillow as a response. Your nimble fingers began to stroke his hair, nails gently scraping his scalp as you leant down to place sweet kisses behind his ear. He didn’t stop you when you started pulling off his clothes, leaving him alone on the bed bare, to draw a bath for him. It took some silent prodding, but eventually he stood, and let you lead him to where the running water echoed off the black tiles. Black everything, these quarters so beautiful and luxurious, exactly how he liked it. And you liked it that way too, the way his pale skin and red features seemed to light up the entire place. Hux released a breath as he descended into the bubbly water, head tilting back and mouth hanging slightly open. You pressed a lingering kiss to those open lips, leaving the smallest hint of a smile in their wake. It was working.

You kneeled before the tub, wetting the loofah before dragging it against his chest. Your hand followed, lips already brushing against the side of his neck.

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things i associate with the signs

aries: staying up all night to watch the sunrise. heated debates. silver glitter. hot espresso. chewing gum. laughing after falling over. horror movies. taking you by the hand and running.

taurus: wildflowers. fountain pens. cosy blankets. rolling eyes. secret attics. the smell of the rain. pastel tones. swimming in the summer. raspberries. dust caught in the light. reading on a sunday afternoon.

gemini: jeans with ripped knees. laughing at their own jokes. smiling with their eyes. fruit cider. spontaneous decisions. music festivals. art house cinemas. sleeping next to an open window.  

cancer: old diaries. delicate tattoos. silver jewellery. taking walks in the rain. rosy cheeks. purple flower crowns. fruit tea. long bubble baths. visiting museums. acoustic songs.  

leo: iced coffee. gold glitter. secret jokes. electric guitars. pushing people in the pool. watching horror movies and laughing. lipgloss. sliding down stairs. sitting by the ocean. concerts.

virgo: dramatic sunsets. soft ice cream. glitter nail polish. first kisses. braided hair. watercolour paints. drunk dancing. homemade pink lemonade. sitting on the pavement laughing with friends. 

libra: wine stained lips. distant thunderstorms. vinyl records. sparking water. sunbathing. late night conversations. sunglasses. exploring news cities. giggling. late night pizza.  

scorpio: velvet. bonfires. sandalwood candles. lipstick stained mugs. black coffee. buying more books that they have time to read. listening to music with headphones. magic sigils.   

sagittarius: doc martens. grazed knees. city lights at night. star gazing. red wine kisses. writing in notebooks. the feeling when the plane takes off. film cameras. freezing breath.

capricorn: fireworks. quiet bookshops. rain when the sun is shining. sailing boats. live theatre. secret tattoos. stormy nights. foreign language movies. lucid dreaming. dancing to street music.  

aquarius: morning kisses. looking for patterns in clouds. soft denim. laughing loudly unselfconsciously. telling ghost stories. ink stained hands. daydreaming. iced tea. making travel plans. 

pisces: cherry blossoms. french pastries. early morning coffee. walking barefoot along the beach. sketching in a notebook. collecting travel tickets. sea glass. fresh bedsheets.  

imakemixes  asked:

Supercorp #58

58) things you were afraid to say

Kara is accustomed to swallowing down the things she’d really like to say. Her life is built on protecting a secret that sits like rocks in her chest. There are days those rocks feel like the final remnants of an obliterated planet and there’s an entire galaxy stirring in her lungs, swirling to break free. She holds the final memories of her home, her planet, and sometimes she aches to sit and spill them all out at someone so it’s not just her.

When she first arrived and English was heavy on her tongue, her syllables and vowels so accented it was impossible to make it seem she was native, she’d crawl up to the roof at night and stare at the sky, the stars stretching out and the bursts of their constellations almost dizzying.

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