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Imagine u get home from work and ramen noodle is already in bed and ur so tired you lie down full face of makeup on and ramen looks at u goes to the bathroom and comes back with makeup wipes and he gives u a mini facial and kisses ur forhead gnight

i fucking love this like this is so pure thanks

A forhead kiss!!!

I still can’t believe what happened today! We talked alone in his office about an article for the school newspaper I’ll be writing and spontaneouslly started the topic of philosophy and our existence. We were laughing and at one moment he embraced me beautifully putting one hand on my cheek. It was almost the end of the class and we both had to go to the next one. I was still talking (I can’t stop when I’m nervous) and than HE PUT BOTH OF HIS WARM HANDS ON MY CHEEKS AND HIS SOFT LIPS ON MY FORHEAD! I looked into his deep blue eyes not believing what they show me!
Is this the real life or is it just fantasy?!

Dating Jackson would include :

•Playing at the playgound at 4am
•A lot of cuddling
•Skype calls when he’s on tour
•Neck kisses
•Forhead kisses
•Wearing his t-shirts
•Putting you hand under his shirt to feel his abs
•Sweet lovemaking
•Rough sex
•Car sex and Mirror sex are #1
•Calling him daddy infront of his members and you guys don’t feel embarrassed about that.
•A lot of compliments
•5am adventures

Remember when Niall said something like “If we don’t wanna be seen, we won’t”? Yeah!! Now, Y’all are smart enough to understand ;)

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hc for ruby rescue: army is the most emotional and she cant stop herself from literally tackle hugging navy to the floor and kissing her cheeks n forhead, she picks up everyone EVEN EYEBALL in a huge bear hug and is just a crying mess bc she loves her friends so much and was so worried about them bc she wasnt there to protect them with her own fists