kiss n o w

and there i lay in your arms wondering what you think about when you kiss me, wondering if you think about an ex lover or the chocolate ice cream you taste on my lips. wondering what you see when you close your eyes and your lips touch mine. wondering if you like the choas you see in my eyes. because all i kept wondering about in that moment was how i got so lucky that the guy i like is kissing me back.
—  w o n d e r i n g//nikitagupta


Random V Hcs...

A/N : Henlo~ Admin Alex hitting you up with a new HC series…. possibly if you like it. This is the first one I’ve gotten done, but the other will describe differnet aspects/time frames of the relationship…That’s all loves 

This is also kinda long WHOOPS

-When you two get comfortable..
-It took a while for him 
-The poor mans been through a lot
-It starts off with just minor hand-holding and hair-brushing 
-Side note: 
-Him brushing/touching/playing with your hair. 
-When he first starts doing it, it’s always:
-”Mc is this okay?”
-He’s so sweet??
-But as time goes on,
-He does it subconsciously
-When you guys start cuddling (bless)
He is always wrapping it around his finger
-Or brushing through it gently with his fingers
-Then when you do it…
-This boy is in high heaven 
-It calmed him down 
-Usually he just fell asleep on your lap, with your fingers in his hair. 
-It was abnormally soft
-And smelled of vanilla, or flowers
-If you were lucky it was both.
-It! Rarely! Was! Tangled! BOI HOW?
-Side note over:
-He gave random back hugs
-Especially, if you were standing on the balcony 
-Or cooking 
-Or watering the plants 
-Or breathing 
-Then, One, Day, It, Happens…
-This is gonna be a lot of cheese rip you
-You two were back home
-vvv Sleepy from a day out.
-You both decided to stand out on the balcony
-To watch 
-*^*~*^S U N S E T^*~*^*
-A     E    S   T   H    E   T    I  C 
-He puts an arm around your waist 
-And pulls you into his chest
-You spin to face him 
-You looking up at him, Him looking at you 
-He kisses your forehead
(-He’s only ever Kissed your forehead or hand
- SoOooO CllLoOsE YEt SoOooO FaAR)
-Then he rests your forehead on yours 
-Eyes locking onto each other 
-He leaned in
-V whispered 
-”I love you Mc.” 
-He kissed you, barely finishing that sentence.
-First kiss AND I love you?
- B L E S S 
- N o w RaNdOm DoMeStIc ThInGs
-Buying then naming plants with each other.
-Baking cookies (eating paste)
-^Then cleaning up the food fight mess,,,, flour gets E V E R Y W H E R E
-Late night/Early morning half awake conversations 
-Do you think plants have feelings?
-Falling asleep next to each other 
- Waking up completely tangled 
-Him (rarely) waking up early 
-^ Making your favorite tea/coffee just the way you like it.
-Then him making the “Better Then Jumin” pancakes.
-You in return learn how to make his favorite tea
-Waking up before him 
-Then making said tea and leaving it on the counter with a lil’ snack like a cracker pack or biscuit.
-After going back into the shared room, and waking V up…
-Lots of teas ended up cold… 


★you ever seen those videos of puppies that watch their owner’s every move with the biggest heart eyes ever? 

★that’s yoongi with you 

★just walking into the same room as him can make him smile like an idiot 

★doesn’t make you ring the doorbell to enter his studio 

★his first anniversary gift to you was a profile on his netflix account 

★pouts when holly and you cuddle bc he’s not getting attention 

★if you fall asleep with the dog in your lap you bet your sweet ass he’s going to take as many pictures of you as he can

★seeing you interact with holly makes his heart swell with love

★blushes when you praise him

★’it’s nothing special’

★’what do you mean it’s nothing special it sounds amazing!’ 



★he holds your hand alot

★so he’s mastered doing things with one hand

★sends you songs that remind him of you

★and when you do it back he asdfghjkl;

★when he buys hoodies he gets you a matching for you

★but he gets yours a few sizes bigger so you look tiny in it

★teasing him about hobi

★’you should marry him’


★’you and hobi’


★’make my dreams come true’

★’shut up’

★when you buy his merch he acts like he hates it

★but loves it

★’you’ve got my name on your shirt’

★’i do’

★’take it off’



★’i need to rePRESENT’

★bought you matching bracelets

★he thought you’d forget about them 

★when he sees you wearing them he gets hit in the feels  

nsfw from here

★grinding king

★in the morning he’ll grind up into you to wake you up 

★whines if you don’t wake up  

★’wake up and take care of me’

★he’s a switch 

★loves being kissed 

★s h o w e r  h i m i n k i s s e s 

★he grunts during sex

★pressed his head to yours when you cum

★enjoys hearing you praise him after sex

anonymous asked:

yES bisexual peggy hell yeah also here is a compromise-- a concept: gay steve rogers meets bisexual peggy carter and decides this is someone who he could devote his life to even if he doesn't love her the way he should concept: peggy carter kisses steve and k n o w s concept: peggy carter doesn't care because she loves him so much and she knows he does too albeit in different ways

concept if they’d come home from war: Steve and Bucky were already together but they knew they needed to get someone they could “settle down” with to detract attention. Steve finds Peggy and is like “yeah, i could settle down with her” and then further down the line Peggy meets Angie and Bucky’s like “yeah, i could settle down with her” so Steve “marries” Peggy and Angie and Bucky do the same, but really it’s Steve and Bucky whomst are together, and Peggy and Angie too. This way they just like, don’t elicit suspicion as to why they’re still steveandbucky at age like, 42.

hopeless-romantic-lesbian-teen  asked:

Could you do drunk MC thinking Saeran is Seven and acting all lovey dovey to him. Thanks I love your headcanons <3

omg this is the best! Mc has to be pretty wasted to confuse these two! ~Madre Mod

Saeran had a problem

Saeyoung left for agency bullshit 

Zen took everybody else for a night of drinks to celebrate this new role he got or something

at the end of it jumin dropped your drunken ass into Saerans’ confused arms and left

thats not the bad part

the bad part was that you thought he was his idiotic brother

“Seven~ Come back and love meeeee~”

“I can’t go anywhere with you holding onto me like a koala bear. AND I’M NOT SAEYOUNG!!!!!!”

“Yes you are silly~ You have red hair! Saeran has white hair, and these red tips.”

“So you did pay attention to my ha-NO YOU ARE NOT KISSING ME EWWW  W!!!’

“Give your error 606 a kiss!”

“N O!”

it was hard for Saeran to run from you

since you are literally holding him 

but he managed to pry you off and sit you on the couch

he tried to run away but that failed, you pulled him onto the couch and sat in his lap

“Now gimme a kiss!”

*insert high pitched girly scream*

you missed and kissed his cheek instead

saeran stopped working

you did pass out though

Seven was in a huge surprise when he saw you in his brothers lap

who is red in the face

almost like his hair

ghostgetters  asked:

starco, marco being jealous.

(Send me a ship/theme for headcanons!)

When he is or isn’t dating Star- y'know what, I’m doing both.

~when they are dating~

• Typically, Marco isn’t the PDA type, okay, but if he gets jealous, he does get a little PDA with Star and she can tell. Especially if he kisses her in public, she k n o w s (and she’s totally into her Safe Kid getting a little jealous, it’s kind of amusing to her).

• Marco almost roundhouse kicked someone who called Star a “freak” but she took care of it and zapped the jerkwad with her Wand.

• Even when everyone on Mewni knows they’re together, certain nobles will still try to win Star’s heart. Marco has battled everyone of them in hand to hand combat, and won. Star has watched these fights. With popcorn and a sign that says “KING OF MY HEART” with a little stick figure doodle of Marco on it.

• Marco actually apologizing when he gets jealous sometimes and Star just laughs and tells him he’s adorable and it’s okay (trust me, she’s w a y worse).

~not dating~

• When Star gets set up with random princes, lords, etc., Marco gives most of them a death glare. Star eventually notices. Marco’s excuse? “I’m just looking out for you!”

• Marco wanting the best for Star but at the same time, his heart is breaking when he sees her happy with someone else (AND HE FINALLY KNOWS HOW SHE FELT WHEN SHE FELL FOR HIM, KARMA SUCKS).

• If/when Star does date other people, Marco sometimes (read: always) waits up for Star to make sure she’s okay. He’s there for her whether the date goes great or goes terrible.

my lil brother asked me if it’s okay to marry a boy when he grows up he’s so
cu teee