kiss n o w


no joke im crying while i draw haha pain is hilarious

listen to this and you, too, can experience agonizing emotions!!!!1!!!

i need to stop

weightofmyshield  asked:

💋 + 7

        ✗ ✗S E N D  B U C K  A  S M O O C H
        ☛    seven﹙ sʜᴏᴜʟᴅᴇʀ ﹚ //  𝒶 𝒸 𝒸 𝑒 𝓅 𝓉 𝒾 𝓃 𝑔

          sometimes he gets LOST in the autonomy that is his body. his reflection, it is something he hasn’t seen for the better part of a century. hydra had DEPRIVED him of everything ;; every right && privilege, every small decency - revoked. a GHOST does not possess a reflection. james barnes forgot he even had one. his eyes drift, and he finds himself lost in the maze of VICIOUS, bubbled scars crisscrossed across his chest && shoulders. he avoids mirrors often because of this tendency to wander. the longer he stands there - unnaturally stiff && silent, staring at this body that is apparently his - the dimmer his eyes become, until the thing he is staring at doesn’t even feel like a reflection, but some kind of cruel exhibit. he does not know that CREATURE in the glass cage, but he looks distressingly empty

          SALVATION comes in the form of intimacy, compassion. steven rogers is a MERCY he does not deserve, but one he can not resist.  the SIGNIFICANCE of his gesture - its meaning - is not lost on the soldier. a kiss pressed to this MARRED body of his, as if he is made of something porcelain. he knows better though - knows he must taste like ash && blood ;; must stink like DEATH and metal ;; must feel cold && hard. —but still, he appreciates his selflessness ;; his unwavering kindness. a soft kiss pressed to the remains of the metal WEAPON their enemy fastened to this body. it isn’t a piece of james barnes. it belongs entirely to THE WINTER SOLDIER. the majority of it is gone now, consumed by a plasma blast that missed his heart by mere inches. the red star - the RUSSIANS stamp - destroyed, but the shoulder still remains, metal fused to bone, nested deep inside of him ;; not unlike hydra’s influence. it is a cruel and ugly reminder of his many missing pieces.   

           —— but steve, always the HERO, finds him before he can truly lose himself, pulling him back from the brink of DESPAIR. barnes breathes out slowly, closes his eyes and leans back slightly, seeking the warmth, silently asking for just a little more. it goes UNSPOKEN between them, his tongue thick and throat tight, but he prays steve understands. understands the words which live inside his beating heart…

                                             T H A N K  Y O U . 

hopeless-romantic-lesbian-teen  asked:

Could you do drunk MC thinking Saeran is Seven and acting all lovey dovey to him. Thanks I love your headcanons <3

omg this is the best! Mc has to be pretty wasted to confuse these two! ~Madre Mod

Saeran had a problem

Saeyoung left for agency bullshit 

Zen took everybody else for a night of drinks to celebrate this new role he got or something

at the end of it jumin dropped your drunken ass into Saerans’ confused arms and left

thats not the bad part

the bad part was that you thought he was his idiotic brother

“Seven~ Come back and love meeeee~”

“I can’t go anywhere with you holding onto me like a koala bear. AND I’M NOT SAEYOUNG!!!!!!”

“Yes you are silly~ You have red hair! Saeran has white hair, and these red tips.”

“So you did pay attention to my ha-NO YOU ARE NOT KISSING ME EWWW  W!!!’

“Give your error 606 a kiss!”

“N O!”

it was hard for Saeran to run from you

since you are literally holding him 

but he managed to pry you off and sit you on the couch

he tried to run away but that failed, you pulled him onto the couch and sat in his lap

“Now gimme a kiss!”

*insert high pitched girly scream*

you missed and kissed his cheek instead

saeran stopped working

you did pass out though

Seven was in a huge surprise when he saw you in his brothers lap

who is red in the face

almost like his hair

my lil brother asked me if it’s okay to marry a boy when he grows up he’s so
cu teee

suitedblue  asked:

I don’t just want to take your breath away. I want to rip it from your mouth and keep it locked away between my teeth. You can only have it back if you kiss me again.

literary sexts

He’s goading her; she k n o w s it, that smile slick across his face, braced and prepared to block any swing she takes at him. Could’ve flushed red, but she’s already panting, collarbones slick with sweat, turning the staff over in her hand when everything else narrows.

So she’d done it: couldn’t STAND the way he worked under her skin, knew more about all of this than she did, spoke with an impossible challenging p a t i e n c e . Made her falter and flustered until she couldn’t take it, yanked him forward with a puzzled ferocity that landed on the smart curve of his m o u t h .

She’s intentional: at not remembering what it’d felt like … but she can’t forget his gaping grin the second she’d pulled away. Like he’d caught her, papers scattered with some embarrassing secret, training school scrawl across the back of a childhood love letter.

More ammunition for the way she wants to take him to the G R O U N D … yet another way his control leaves her reeling. Because of course she needs more training on the larger weaponry, too big for her grasp…the same ones that fit so frustratingly easily into h i s .

Now, he watches her with amusement, the way she scowls, trying to perfect every technicality and hold her breath when he – shifts her hips, presses into her b a c k . Teases things like t h a t to get inside her head – and she doesn’t want to admit it’s working, but the bruises all along her legs say otherwise.

But he’s missing that raw venom, the trained killer that doesn’t flinch, and it takes another forty-five seconds before she lands a solid swing and sends him skidding to the ground.

Turns her back to him ( petty insult laced with smugness ) when she moves back to her starting point.

          ❝ AGAIN.

Shane Asagao Stream (pt 2) Highlights:

  • 1
  • Jimmy
  • #DontKinkshane
  • stream went down 30 minutes in
  • “I’m gonna restart the stream”
  • stream goes down again
  • cock o clock
  • its dat boi!! oh shit whaddup!!
  • #iandrools
  • m u r d e r c o c k
  • “he was vigorously masturbating”
  • #ShaneTron
  • friend fish
  • “Good advice, but we are trying to fuck Shane”
  • A pinch of cumin
  • The English ship sails (Shane/Creeps)
  • #SaveThatShit
  • press 5 if shane made u gay
  • press 1 if u ech every time
  • press 1 for the murdercock
  • #FuckShane
  • red vs blue
  • “cara you had one job”
  • shane dated kim possible
  • #haircist “that’s profiling, man”
  • 7
  • 9
  • 8
  • 4
  • “who else wants shane to step on them”
  • sipp
  • option 4
  • shane cheating
  • accusing shane of cheating
  • accusing people for accusing shane of cheating
  • speedo jared (+link)
  • caught her red handed (+shane’s disappointment)
  • pizza shit
  • Brutal Loose
  • “Jeff would get fucking rekt. No offense Jeff.”
  • The Wingpletionist
  • D I D   Y O U   K N O W ?
  • press F to kiss
  • #Tshanedere
  • dicks
  • 6 spoons, bad end
  • ball his eyes
  • “We did it. Murdercock ending.”
  • press 1 for murdercock
  • #NetflixAndGill
  • sin hype
  • “I only tried it once in this room” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • “Shane pulled out”  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • “long and hard”  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • “You can use my bed as long as everyone SUBS 2 YOUNGTOWN”
  • Finally got the murdercock
  • Suggestive end-credit scenes
  • silent awkward Q&A
  • shane is a square
  • Jimmy comes back from the dead
  • Sinland
  • y o u   k n o w   i m   g a y   r i g h t ?
  • bread makes you fat
  • yukata ?
  • AH!
  • Ian/Hana lemon: “no thanks”
  • Jeff felt my…
  • “Serves 3 more like serves me”
  • Caddy almost slaughters Hana (giving a new meaning to Murdercock)
  • tsundere ?
  • ABsolutely
  • #endtask
  • congrats on not dying this time