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Hongbin vs. Makeup 💄


I had resigned myself to everyone being dead by the end but somehow I wasn’t prepared for them to lose her. 

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Morning kisses; jongyu~ pls~ 💕😀


“No, I know. I trust you.” The words blurt out without Jonghyun’s permission, but he means them, and the sunny smile he receives makes him flush and look down, flustered. “Thank you,” is all he decides to say, and then, “for everything.”

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“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…”

Mads and Y/N- requested


“Idk if u do Magcon imagines but could u do one where y/n is Johnson’s GF and she and Madison are bf so whenever Gilinsky and Johnson are together Mads and y/n always forget about the guys and they tweets about how they love Mads and y/n friendship?”


Mads and I come in from the gym laughing and I go to the fridge to make us some breakfast. “And then the dog!” I say, recalling something funny we saw on the way home. 

Mads laughs and gets a bottle of water. As she sits at the counter, my boyfriend, Johnson comes around the corner. “Good morning beautiful” he kisses my cheek as I cook up some eggs. I smile.

“You missed the funniest shit on the way back from the gym” I smile and look over at Madison. Soon we are cracking up again. Jack shakes his head and grabs a bottle of water out of the fridge as Gilinsky comes around the corner. 

“Are you making me breakfast Mads? You don’t have to do that babe” He says groggily and we chuckle at the way his hair sticks up in places. 

“Sorry babe, Mads burnt the waffles yesterday so I’m in charge of breakfast now,” He smirks 

“Sorry, Y/N. I didn’t know you were back” 

“She got in last night,” Johnson says from the couch. “And she’s spent all her time with your girlfriend” I smile over at my best friend and walk over to the couch, running my hands down Johnson’s chest and kissing his cheek. 

“Aw, are you jealous Jack Jack? Did you miss me?” I smirk.

“Nah don’t worry about it. I know that you guys love each other more than you love us. It’s okay.” I look over at Madison and we both nod. 

“True,” She says and Gilinsky fake pouts. 

I laugh and curl up at the end of the couch, cuddling up near Johnson. “Without Mads, we never would have met,” I say rubbing his arm.  He nods and I crawl up and kiss him. Gilisnky looks at his watch. 

“We should go to the mall today or the beach or something.” He snakes an arm around Mads as she eats her eggs. 

“Yes!” You both say at the same time and laugh. 

We get to the beach and the four of us lay down and chill for a little while. But soon, Madi and I go off on our own to get ice cream and take pictures while the guys are sleeping.

Johnson wakes up and calls me, “Where did you guys go”

“We wanted ice cream. We’re at the pier taking pictures with fans”

“Of course, you are” He laughs. “We’ll be there soon, don’t have too much fun.” 

“Okay, Dad” You joke, and hang up.  You are really glad that you have such a great boyfriend and best friend. 

Later that night, after deciding to eat out separately so we’ll actually spend alone time with our amazing boyfriends, Mads and I watch a movie in and Johnson’s bed and fall asleep, forcing the boys to sleep in the other bed together. They shake their heads.

“They are really great friends,” Johnson says and Gilisnky nods. 

“Yeah I think if they had to pick between us and each other, they would pick each other,” Gilinsky whispers as they head off to his room. 

“Let’s not ever make them pick,” Johnson laughs.


I hope you liked it, sorry if it was a bit rough…

I don’t do ones like this that often…


Let It Snow (Warren Worthington III x Reader)

A warm and fluffy Christmas morning full of surprises with the Gri- I mean, everyone’s favorite angel. :)

Word Count: 2092

“What the hell-”

“-Welcome to my little winter wonderland!” I cheered, pulling Warren inside my apartment. “Took you long enough.” My roommate went home for the holidays, leaving me all alone to celebrate. We’d decorated the place from ceiling to floor and before she left, exchanged gifts; I got a ticket to go see one of my favorite artists speak at a nearby college next month, a couple rolls of film, and a gift card to Wilson’s Art for whatever supplies $50 could buy. “Make yourself comfortable.”

“What the hell is that?” He pointed to the corner of the living room to the scrawny branch that was our Christmas tree.

“I could never get off from work or outta classes in time to go pick a decent tree; it was slim pickings when I finally got around to it.” I jabbed him playfully in his side. “Wanna go climb up and sit on top of it, Angel?”

“Ha ha,” he replied sarcastically with an eyeroll. “Where’d you pick it up from, the city landfill?”

“Shut up, I love my little tree! Besides, big or small, it’s about what goes under it that’s important; Santa doesn’t discriminate.”


“Yes. Speaking of which come help me finish baking these cookies.”

“You’re not serious… are you?”

I pointed to my “Kiss the Cook” apron in its flour-coated glory before dashing back off to the kitchen. “Hope you aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty.”

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25 solangelo

25. “Shut up and kiss me.”

“Shut up and kiss me” Will had his lips into a frown as he looked at his boyfriend who by that time is still far too busy trying his best not to laugh any further at the mess that is Will Solace. “Seriously, stop laughing. I should at least get a kiss for my efforts. I cooked you breakfast, di Angelo”

“It was just scrambled eggs, Will” Nico tried his best not to snort any further “How did you even managed to get yourself all messy? You have egg mixture on your hair and neck. And, seriously, I know people used them as face mask,” The son of Hades reached out, smirking and taking a shell from the side of Will’s jaws “But shouldn’t they be in powder form?”

“Forgive my amaturity then”

“That’s not even a word, Sunshine” Nico di Angelo chuckled making Will childishly stuck a tongue out at him. The action only caused for the other to chuckle louder.

“You don’t plan on stopping, are you?” Will crossed his arms, raising a brow at the other.

“Not at the moment, No”

Will rolled his eyes and sighed at his boyfriend before cupping the other’s chin and pulling the other closer for a kiss. Effectively silencing the son of Hades.

“I should just get the matter in my hands and shut you up then”  The son of Apollo smirked at Nico’s still flushed face before grabbing the plate of scrambled eggs and presenting them to his boyfriend. “So, breakfast?”

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