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Gives a quick, gentle kiss to her forehead and a wink afterwards. "Stay out of trouble~"

Anon Kiss Meme [x]

Nami blinked and squinted, but struggle as she might, she couldn’t make out who the gray figure was.  Regardless of identity, there didn’t appear to be any ill intent behind the action.  So the navigator gave a smile and simply replied, “Thank you!  I’ll try my best.” 


Have a very sketchy iwaoi kiss meme (*¯ ³¯*)♡ This is part kiss practice, part expression practice, part i have too many feelings about iwaoi and can’t possibly satisfy the need with just one picture.

I like to think that Iwa-chan is as physical with his affection as he is when expressing other emotions <3 Oikawa is just obnoxious when it comes to pda.

Send in a ❣ for a random kiss.
  1. a shy kiss. 
  2. a forehead kiss.
  3. a cheek kiss.
  4. a nuzzle kiss.
  5. a neck kiss.
  6. a hand kiss. 
  7. a hug + kiss combo. 
  8. a dying kiss. 
  9. a bleeding / bloody kiss. 
  10. an assertive kiss. 
  11. a nonchalant / uninterested kiss. 
  12. a kiss to your muse’s shoes. 
  13. a blown kiss. 
  14. a sad / crying kiss. 
  15. a quick kiss. 
  16. a happy kiss.
  17. a teasing / sensual kiss. 
  18. a platonic kiss. 
  19. a clumsy kiss
  20. a kiss of your choosing! ( requested by the sender! )

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4A on the smooch meme with Pharmercy, s'il vous plaît et merciiiiiiiii <3

YES MA’AM! Pharmercy A4

For those who don’t follow my personal blog, I reblogged this post and promised myself that I’d actually do them - and with relative quickness! 

Thanks for submitting, beebee! 

soft again

Sterekweek’s prompt for Day Six is “Wolf!Derek” and because that means soulmark AU with me (see of dogs and deer darcy and fully grown, which is at 25k currently, wooh!) I started writing just that. 1k later I had to admit that it just wasn’t working like I wanted it to, so instead have 600 words of complete and utter fluff! Enjoy! (Oh, and it’s also a fill for “being unable to open their eyes for a few moments afterward” for my kiss meme)

When Stiles comes home from college there’s a wolf in his bed.

Now, normal people would either scream and run away or bite their tongue and back away slowly.

Stiles throws his backpack into the corner, changes into sweats and an old, threadbare shirt with washed-out orange and blue stripes, and climbs into bed with the wolf.

He wraps his arms around the warm body and presses his face into the soft fur. He breathes in and out, and slowly relaxes, the last remaining tension from too many exams and papers draining out of him. He’s almost asleep when his living pillow shifts underneath him.

“Welcome back,” Derek says and Stiles grunts, bites Derek’s tattoo in retaliation.

“You are no longer soft,” he pouts and Derek laughs and turns so that they are face to face.

“That’s true, but if I was soft, I couldn’t do that,” he says and leans forward to kiss Stiles softly. Stiles kisses back for a moment and then breaks the kiss because:

“If I was soft, I couldn’t do that? Really Derek?”

Stiles snorts and Derek rolls his eyes, but he can’t hide his ears turning red and the flush spreading across his cheeks. He’s just so cute that Stiles has to kiss him again. This time the kiss lasts longer, Derek’s nose nudging against Stiles’ as he moves closer. Stiles tilts his head and slides his hand into Derek’s hair. The kiss stays chaste, lips closed and dry, but Stiles still has to keep his eyes closed for a few moments afterwards, just breathing, breathing Derek’s air and Derek breathing his.

“I missed you,” he whispers after a few more deep breaths, eyes still closed. Thus he doesn’t see, but rather feels Derek moving and is surprised when the next two kisses don’t land on his lips, but on each of his eyelids, followed by one pressed to the tip of his nose.

“You saw me last week,” Derek replies and Stiles can tell that he’s smiling even with his eyes closed. He stubbornly keeps them shut even now, happy in this little cocoon of him and Derek, not ready to face the outside world again yet.

“Last week was ages ago, Derek, are you telling me you didn’t miss me then?” he demands, lower lip slipping out in a - mostly fake - pout. Derek takes it for the invitation it is and tugs lightly at it with his teeth, then soothing the sting with his tongue. A nuzzle of nose against nose makes Stiles giggle, followed by a yawn.

“Nap time?” Derek asks, and Stiles nods, demanding:

“Soft again now, Derek!”

Derek laughs and then Stiles feels him shifting again, until he touches warm fur instead of warm skin. Derek moves around a little more until he’s comfortable and then nudges Stiles with his cold, wet snout. Stiles yelps and shoves him playfully.

“Bad wolf,” he scolds teasingly, and Derek nips at his fingers in retaliation.

“Nap now,” Stiles insists and Derek lowers his head obligingly, allowing Stiles to snuggle into him and hide his face in the soft and warm fur. Derek runs hot enough that Stiles doesn’t need a blanket, and he hasn’t ever needed his pillow as long as Derek was in bed with him.

“Love you,” he mumbles, sound almost entirely lost in Derek’s thick fur, but a soft rumble that he doesn’t really hear as much as feels it in the vibrations underneath him shows that Derek still heard him. After that it only takes a few more minutes before the only sounds that fill the room are the soft breaths of a boy and his wolf, asleep.

Send ‘Kiss’ + a number to kiss my muse...
  1. …in the rain.
  2. …in the house they just bought.
  3. …on the nose.
  4. …against a wall.
  5. …before going to sleep.
  6. …to wake them up.
  7. …french.
  8. …in their neck.
  9. …on their forehead.
  10. …on the cheek.
  11. …out of happiness.
  12. …to thank them.
  13. …drunk.
  14. …to suprise/confuse them.
  15. …because you missed them.
  16. …to comfort them.
  17. …to stop them from rambling.
  18. …angry.
  19. …crying.
  20. …as a dare.
  21. …for the first time.
  22. …to tell them you like them.

additionally to the missing game hugs that I compensate with my fa’s, I also had the sudden urge to do some sorta self made kiss meme. Noctis is giving out some deserved love to his bros :)    (also, I know Prompto is handled as cinnamon role, but srsly, why?? to me he’s forever my sweet chocobo-butt :’D)

Bonus- Regis n kid!Noct cause they always punch me right in the heart with their interactions (peeps who know me know that dad’s are my ultimate weakness)