kiss me zombie

ATC’s Japan only tracks are a true blessing

Good news, Bad News.

Good: New phone, no issues with zombies run or using it and listening to my podcasts at the same time. A pretty good run after being g away from cardio for a couple weeks.

Bad: I lost all my progress(cumulative distance I’ve run with zombies run since I started which was decent amount). Luckily, starting over is okay. And I have archived record of my 90+ kilometers from time with Nike+ run club. (I have a specific goal of miles I want to run at the very least, hint involves LDR(kiss to my miss)).

Conclusion: Back to square one, sort of. But that’s okay. I love the run and enabling chases pushes me quite a bit. Now time for a shower, nap, and food. Not necessarily in that order, or all together.