kiss me u shits

hey is this still a thing
  • looks like they could kill u but is actually a cinnamon roll: eisuke and soryu
  • looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill u: luke and mamoru
  • looks like they could kill u and probably would kill u: shuichi and hikaru
  • would probably kill u by feeding u too many cinnamon rolls: baba
  • sinnamon roll: ota
Things I Appreciated in the CS, Chelsie Edition

1. FIRST NAMES HALLELUJAH (and in the house no less!!!!!!)

2. “I’m your wife. I love you. Your secrets are safe with me.”

3. Carson’s straight up honesty to Mrs. Hughes about his health (after his painful-yet-adorable attempt to hide his hands under his desk when she asked the first time)

4. Cottage = love nest

5. more kisses and hand holding

6. Mrs. Hughes demanding a kiss from Thomas while Carson’s eyebrows ride a teeter-totter in the background

 7. Absolutely perfect optimism about their future: “But we can make a go of it, Charlie, and I definitely mean to try.”

8. plus Charlie rather than Charles, which i didn’t know i needed but now cant live without

9. also like mrs hughes is sprinting up the endless stairs with towels to help anna who is birthing a human being while carson is like “lady mary’s bedroom tho???????”

10. mrs hughes constantly “accidentally” walking in on carson’s meetings with the Holy Family hehehehe

11. Carson and Hughes being a Team again <3

i left the house at 7pm and got back around midnight, which is unusual for me. i don’t normally come home past sivi’s bedtime, so he’s come to associate going to bed without me as a sign that i’ve gone on a trip and will be away for a long time. 

anyway when i came home he was absolutely ecstatic to see me, like even more than when i came home from norway. he was like HOLY SHIT U DIDN’T LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!! and then he kissed me for half an hour without stopping. now he’s curled up asleep beside me.

*i don’t own the gif…so credit to that wonderful human*

Request: can u do a Liam (Dunbar) smut where you’re best friends

Reader gender: Female

Word count: 882

Warnings: smut


I begin to pack for my sleepover with Liam. No we’re not dating just friends, well maybe more but not dating. Lately he’s been having trouble sleeping because of nightmares about the berserkers (the men who wear the skins/bones of bears) and doesn’t want to be alone. After I finish packing I walk down the hall, on my way to the front door I give my mom a hug and tell her I’ll be home tomorrow. I decided to walk because he only lived down the street and it was a nice evening in California. 

I walk up the couple of steps to the front door, I don’t have to knock I just walk in. “Liam?” I call out “in here” he yells from the kitchen. I set my bag on the floor and walk to the kitchen, I find Liam sitting at the island on a bar stool, eating a bowl of cereal. “Do you want me to cook something” I say laughing walking over to give him a hug. “Nah I’m good” he says hugging me back with a mouth full of frosted flakes. He dips his spoon into his bowl and says “do you want some?” “Nah I’m good” I say mimicking the way he said it. 

After he finishes his “dinner” we sit on the couch to watch a movie, well actually a very boring movie. Not even half way through the movie I say “Liam this is boring can we do something else?” I ask with my best puppy dog face the lip pouted and all. He pauses the movie “Well (y/n) what do u wanna do” he’s says smirking at me. God he’s hot! Since I’m sitting next to him I swing my leg over his legs so I’m straddling him and look at him only to find him already looking at me. His arms closed around my waist, pulling my body even closer to him. He leaned in and our lips met it was a slow kiss at first but things quickly get heated. I felt his hands slip under my shirt. He didn’t move them from my back, all he was doing was simply touching my skin but it was enough to make my heart beat faster.

He kisses my neck quickly finding my sweet spot. I moan in response. He sucks and lightly bites on my soft skin. I’m sure he left a mark. I take off my shirt and in one quick movement he lays me on my back in the process he takes off his shirt as he kisses me again I undo his belt and slide his pants off. He stands up to get then fully off and I take mine off as well. He kisses my lips then my jaw and starts kissing down my stomach. It feels so good I can’t keep quiet. He looks up at me for approval I give him a slight nod and he takes my panties off with this teeth. He spreads my legs apart and kisses my inner thigh and runs his hands up and down my thighs. He lightly licks my clit “Liam, stop teasing” he takes the hint and enters one finger and puts his mouth on my clit while slowly pumping his index finger in and out of me. “Liam faster” I moan he does as he’s told and picks up the pace while adding another finger. I run my hands through his hair, lightly tugging the ends. With his tongue and skilled fingers I’m a moaning mess after a few short minutes I’m reaching my high “Liam!” I scream the neighbors can probable hear me but I don’t really care. 

He leans back up to me and kisses me. “Liam do u have a condom?” I ask “oh, shit I almost forgot I’ll be right back, he gets up off of me and runs down the hall probable to the bathroom or his room. After what feels like 10 years which was only a few seconds he returns with a silver square package. He rips it open putting it on his long length and hovers over me and entered the tip. 

The feeling became pleasurable as he was slowly moving back and forth inside of me. He looked in my eyes and almost went completely out of me before violently shoving all of him in me at once. I screamed in pleasure. “Oh my god (y/n)” he moaned. I ran my nails up and down his back considering I had nothing else to hold onto. “Faster” I breathed out barely audible. He picked up the pace and the room was filling with moans and grunts. I opened my eyes to look at Him and his eyes were glowing yellow, he was pounding inside of me causing me to reach my high and the feeling of my walls clenching around his dick caused him to cum inside the condom. He rode out our highs and collapsed on top of me but careful not to crush me. “Wow” he said out of breath “I know” I replied. After a few moments of us catching our breath we got dressed and decided to go and get food considering I ate nothing and all he had was a bowl of cereal.


Hey guys hope you liked it. Feel free to request anything :)


in which barry has nearly the same reaction to eddie believing in him as he does to iris being in love with him


“She loves you, you know,” says Peeta. “She as good as told me after they whipped you.”

“Don’t believe it,”Gale answers. “The way she kissed you in the Quarter Quell…well she never kissed me like that.”

How many Bangtan Boys does it take to fix a light bulb?
  • Namjoon: *breaks it in the first place*
  • Jin: Namjoonie, I swear-
  • Yoongi: i fucking swear you little shit this is the ninth one this damn month you wanna f i g h t
  • Jimin: damn it i needed the light for my selca
  • Jungkook: Jimin no amount of light can fix that
  • Jimin: u lil shit
  • Jimin: u a beautiful lil shit tho
  • Jimin: kiss me kookie
  • Jungkook: *running away screaming*
  • Hoseok: *hears screaming* *decided to join because screaming is fun* *screams*
  • V: i wonder if my alien ancestors had anything to do with this
  • Namjoon: the breaking of the lightbulb symbolizes how fragile life is
  • Yoongi: i fuckin hate this why the ffuck