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Number 20 ! Wildehopps

“You need to wake up. Because I can’t do this without you.”

In which I try platonic and fail. Write romantic and possibly fail. And do my best to avoid angst and definitely fail.

Cuddles and snuggles all around.

He falls in love with Judy in the morning.

Which is ironic, because he’s not a morning person.

She’s pounding on his door at six in the morning, the smell of coffee falling in from the hallway, her voice at that annoyingly cheery pitch that she seems to save just for him, and he thinks he might just kill her.

But he still falls in love with her.

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Nick Robinson - Lovebirds

It felt so great to write one about Nick. He is just such a cutie.


I grew up with the cast of Melissa and Joey even though I wasn’t part of the production. My dad was a cameraman and I spent half of my teenage years with the cast on the filming. I became part of the family and I was so happy I could be there during all of the seasons.

This whole thing didn’t just give me an amazing experience, but some really important people. Taylor and I became so close, she was one of my best friends by the end of season one. We were so similar, we spent a lot of time together on set and out of set too.

And then there was Nick. We didn’t talk too much during the first season and it was mostly because I was so afraid to talk to him since I had a crush on him. He was so different from the guys in my school and he had this cute smile no one could resist, you can’t blame me for falling for him.

Taylor was the one who couldn’t put up with my behavior anymore and forced me to talk to Nick and it was better than I thought it would be. He was really nice so in addition to his cute appearance he had a great personality. How could I not fall for him? But I kept it as a secret, only Taylor knew about it and she always nagged me about it.

“You should just tell him!” she told me at least once a week.

“No, I’m good with just being friends,” I always replied rolling my eyes.

“But you could be more! I don’t get you, woman!” she growled and then let it go.

I was really okay with just being his friend, it was more than I would have imagined when I first saw him. He was in his pj’s and he was eating some icecream when I first walked on the set with my dad. He was fifteen then, I was almost fifteen, I had five more days until my birthday, and he wished me happy birthday five days later making me blush so hard my dad actually asked me if I was okay. Awkward.
I didn’t expect him to like me back, I was sure I wasn’t his type, so I got used to it, not big deal.

Now it was the last day of the entire shooting, the series was over and that meant I would meet these amazing people almost every day.

“I can’t believe we would have to arrange a meeting from now to see each other. It was so great that we knew we would meet here every day,” Taylor mumbled hugging me tightly before the last scene. You could feel the sadness in the air, everyone was saying goodbye all day, it was really depressing.

“But it won’t come between us!” I told her kissing her cheek.

“Guys, let’s get over with it!” the director shouted so everyone had to take their places. I stood next to dad as they did the last scene.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Nick, he looked so great in his sailor suit. Unlike Ryder, he was really an intelligent guy, it was something I always adored him for. I almost cried when they all hugged at the end of the scene. The director shouted “cut” but they didn’t let go of each other, so suddenly everyone joined into the group hug. I was stuck between my dad and Melissa, and my face was only millimeters away from Nick’s. For a brief minute we looked into each other’s eyes and I swear, his gaze moved down to my lips for a second. But then the group split and the moment was over.

“I saw it,” Taylor snapped at me grabbing my wrist as everyone started to pack their things after our goodbye.

“You saw what?” I asked in confusion.

“How you and Nick were looking at each other.” She couldn’t hide her smile and it was catchy, she made me smile too.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” I told her shaking my head and avoided her eyes.

“Oh you know! Jesus, the way he was looking at you!”

“Taylor, don’t even start, okay? I have to go and pack my stuff. Talk to you later,” I told her trying to get out of this conversation.

“Argh, you are such a pussy,” she rolled her eyes before walking away.

I walked to the place I always put my staff since I didn’t have a dressing room there and started to pack my and my dad’s stuff while he was taking care of his camera. When I was done I stood up and turning around I was about to find my dad but I bumped into someone. It was Nick.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know you were here,” I awkwardly laughed fixing my hair.

“No, I’m sorry for standing in your personal area,” he chuckled. “So, this is the last time we meet here.”

“Yeah, it’s crazy to think about it. We were like, kids when we first met here,” I nodded smiling at the thought of that day.

“Yes, it was before your birthday!”

“You remember it?” I asked with wide eyes. I wasn’t expecting him to remember the shy and quiet girl who was there with her dad.

“Of course I do, and I also remember how you blushed when I wished you happy birthday.”

“Oh my God,” I said closing my eyes. Why did he have such a great memory?

“Don’t worry, it was cute. I liked it.”

“You did? What could you like about it? I was so awkward,” I laughed shaking my head.

“I found it really satisfying that a girl was affected by me,” he told me with a proud smile. “I didn’t have much success at the age of fifteen,” he shrugged.

“But now you have,” I said a bit sadly because I knew he must have had someone in his sight and it probably wasn’t me.

“I guess we could say that, but I’m still stuck with the same girl I made blush five years ago.”

“What?” I asked immediately with wide eyes. I must have scared him because his head snapped up looking at me in confusion.

“What? Uh, I mean… Fuck,” he muttered and I was starting to feel like it was some kind of twisted joke Taylor planned out to tease me.

“Are you saying that you…”

“That I have a crush on you since we first talked? No, that would be silly,” he laughed sarcastically. “Only if you are okay with it,” he said with a sudden serious tone.

I was taken aback by the happenings. In just a few seconds my inner teenage self started to do backflips through my mind repeating Nick’s words.

I didn’t reply for a few minutes because my brain was blank I had no idea what I should say, and I guess Nick took it as an answer.

“Sorry I unloaded this on you, I don’t know what I was thinking,” he laughed awkwardly and was about to walk away but I grabbed his wrist.

“No, Nick, sorry, I just… You have no idea how long I have been waiting for you to say this.”

“Really?” he asked raising his eyebrows. “Because I thought that you only saw me as… like a brother or something.”

“Oh, no. I was crushing on you, really badly, just ask Taylor.”

He chuckled and I got lost in his beautiful smile.

“Now I regret that I didn’t make a move earlier, but… if you want to, we can go somewhere, sometime, I’m free next week.”

“What about now?” I asked arching an eyebrow at him. I didn’t want to wake up and realize it was all a dream, or give him the chance to change his mind until the next day.
He smiled at me nodding, making my heart beat faster.

“Okay. Just let me get my stuff quickly.”

He turned around and took about two steps before turning back.

“What’s wrong?” I asked seeing his furrowed eyebrows.

“I just forgot something.”


Before I could finish my sentence he pressed his lips to mine.

I literally melted into his soft lips. He was such a great kisser, I always envied the girls who played his girlfriends on the show, and now I was the one who he was kissing and it wasn’t even in the script.

He was so tall, I had to tiptoe to be able to hug his neck, but I couldn’t care less. The kiss turned into a make out session and I just couldn’t get enough of him. But then we were interrupted by none other than Taylor.

“Aw, look at the lovebirds! I knew it!” she yelled excited making us pull away. I felt myself blushing and I hid my face in Nick’s chest not wanting to see Taylor’s satisfied face.

“Okay, okay, there is nothing to see here,” Nick told her chuckling as he had his arms around me.

I heard her sneer in happiness before she walked away and I was able to look up at Nick.

“Sorry about that, she could be really annoying sometimes,” I mumbled rolling my eyes.

“It’s okay. I’ll go and get my stuff. Stay here, I want to do this again.”

“Do what?” I asked in confusion.

“This,” he said and kissed me again.

call him by his name – a parivan fic

a/n: this is a one shot i had thought of during school and i finally got time to post it online. and also, this is based on the movie – kind of. i may get some facts wrong but it’s just for the sake of this drabble. I’m so sorry if this is crappy but i hope you like it.

summary: cassie just likes his name. That’s all.

Ben Parish.

She likes his name – she always has. It rolls out of her mouth comfortably and the name always seems to bring a smile to her face. She also likes the fact that she’s the only one who can get away with calling him Ben instead of Zombie. She likes feeling special – it’s silly but she likes having the privilege to call him that. Besides, she can’t really bring herself to call him Zombie. She can never see him as one.

(She will always see him as Ben Parish – her first love. Her first crush. He’s gonna be the father of her kids some day – after all these ‘saving the world’ thing is finished, anyway)

She also likes the fact that he’s the only one beside her brother who calls her Cassie. She loves the way Ben says her name – she likes it when he pronounces it as Cassiopeia. It’s just a fucking turn on to be honest.

There’s a question tugging in the bottom of her heart, though.

Why is she the only one who he lets to call him Ben Parish? It doesn’t make sense. Ben gets all upset if Ringer or Teacup or even Sam calls him that. He doesn’t like it, but always seems okay when she says it.

(She’s thinking too much into his name oH MY GOD.)

“Cassie?” all her thoughts dissolves into the air. She blinks, turning her head to see him plopping down beside her inside the jeep. She smiles at him – thinking about why they seem to be awake at the same time and always manages to do this everytime.

“Oh hey, you’re awake,” she says. He gives her a smile.

“Yep. Like always,” he says, moving closer to her. Her heart flutters when he accidentally touches her shoulder. “So what are you thinking about this time?”

“Nothing,” she replies sheepishly.

“Cassie Sullivan – I may have not known you that well but I know that there’s always SOMETHING going on in your brain. Seriously, Cass, you can tell me about it,” Cassie couldn’t stop the blush that’s creeping up to her cheeks right now. It was true what Ben had said. This isn’t the first time Ben had caught her thinking.

“Seriously, Ben, I’m not thinking about anything important,” she presses again.

“I still want you to hit me up with whatever you’re thinking,” Ben says. “Come on, Cass, please?” He turns to her and gives her the best puppy eyes look he could muster. She always gets weak when he does that.

“Screw you Ben,” he grins at her because he knows she’s finally giving in. “Okay, fine, I was just thinking about your name.”

“My name?” Ben repeats. She nods shyly because it’s such a stupid thing to think about. “What’s wrong with your name?”

“Nothing.” I love your name. Your name’s perfect. “I was just wondering why I’m the only one who gets to call you Ben Parish and why you don’t want anyone else to call you that,” Cassie couldn’t bring herself to meet Ben’s eyes because she knows he’s grinning at her right now – having the biggest smile on his face because it’s Ben. No matter how much times Ben claims the old guy is dead – Ben Parish will always be the same boy he was a few months ago. “Okay, don’t say anything. I know it’s dumb.”

Ben laughs at her. “It’s not,” he says between laughs. “Cassie, I swear to you, it’s not dumb.”

“Then why are you laughing?” Cassie looks up, looking confused. He’s looking at her like she’s a genius (she doesn’t get it), and his mouth is smiling his thousand watt smile.

“Because,” Ben continues. “Because it’s such a Cassie Sullivan thing to think about.”

Cassie looks down again, punching him quietly in the shoulder. “Oh my god, shut up. Go back to sleep.” But instead, Ben scoots closer to her – their knees touching now as he looks up at the jeep’s ceiling. “Ben…?”

“I let you call me Ben – because.” Cassie waits for him to continue. “I don’t know, I guess. When I first saw you in the Airbase – I flipped. I thought I was completely alone - when I first come, I was alone. I knew no one – but then you came,” he explains quietly. “You remind me of my old life – the Ben I was before. I keep telling myself he’s dead – but he’s not. You’re the only one here who knows me when I was Ben Parish and I want you to think of me as him as sick as that sounds – the Ben who doesn’t kill, the Ben who’s biggest problem is not winning a football match and having an A+ at school.” He turns to look at her in the eyes. Those brown eyes that never fails to melt Cassie. “That’s why I still call you Cassie,” Ben smiles at her softly. “I wanna remember you as Cassie,” he touches her cheek softly, caressing it with his soft hand. “I’m being stupid.” He softly chuckles at himself.

Feeling a surge of braveness, Cassie takes the hand that was holding his cheek and squeezes it tight. “It’s not,” Cassie grins at him. “It’s such a Ben Parish thing to say.” Ben laughs at her – Cassie swears the sound just became one of her favorite sounds in the world – and grabs her by the shoulders to hug her.

Cassie laughs too – her arms wrapping theirselves around Ben’s torso as she leans into Ben a little bit more. He’s warm and Cassie doesn’t want to let go. Which is fine because she doesn’t think Ben has any plans to move. He hugs her tighter (by the way he’s hugging her she doesn’t think it’s even possible anymore).

“Cassie?” Cassie doesn’t lift her head when he says her name. She’s too comfortable on his shoulder right now. “Promise me you’ll still call me Ben after everything that will happen. Promise me that everything will be okay after this.” He sounds like a child and Cassie almost laughs.

“I promise,” Cassie says softly, and even though she can’t see him she knows he’s smiling right now. Not one of his thousand watt smile – but one of his genuine smile that she loves seeing so much.

They pull away a couple of minutes later – their eyes locked in almost immediately. She doesn’t know if they’re just too caught up in the moment or what but suddenly someone’s leaning in and suddenly they’re both leaning in to each other just like there’s a magnetic force between them. His lips find hers first, capturing them in his own. Cassie closes her eyes immediately, kissing him back. Their lips moved in perfect rhythm. It’s not rushed or anything – it’s just how Cassie had imagined the kiss to be. It’s perfect.

Before the kiss had gotten too intense, they both pull away, resting their foreheads agains each other giggling like little kids. “I promise,” Cassie repeats. “Everything is going to be okay.”


a/n: the ending?1/229323?? Im honestly shocked I didn’t think it would turn out this way. Anyways, I hope you liked it!

Nick Clark x Reader- Jealousy Doesn’t Suit You, My Dear.

Set during Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead

Requested by Anon


Had somebody told you that the world was going to end, you would’ve laughed and suggested a psychiatric facility for that person. It was the height of the twenty first century, and the world was going to end? Ha. But after you watched the military murder your parents, you ran faster then light straight to Alicia Clark- your best friend from school. 

You were there when the riots started in Los Angeles, and were pretty sure you’d seen enough bloodshed to last a lifetime. Handling a weapon wasn’t your problem since your father had been a 3 tour veteran of Afghanistan before the dead woke up, and he had taught you how to defend yourself. But when the fences went up, and the power went off, you found yourself talking a lot more to Chris Manawa then you had anticipated. 

But you couldn’t figure out why you were so intrigued by Nick, Alicia’s older brother who was beginning to call himself an ex-druggie. You’d known him for years, and had always thought he was beautiful.. But it took the end of the world for you to start valuing him as a person. 

  “You know, for someone so stunning, I can’t figure out for the life of me why you refuse to put on a bathing suit and come swimming.” Nick mused, slipping his sunglasses behind his ears. It was hotter then normal outside, and you were dying to get into the pool and swim with him. 

  “You totally just want to see me in a bikini, Clark.” 

He wiggled his eyebrows and puckered his lips, and you couldn’t help but feel butterflies erupt in your stomach. “Maybe I do, Y/L/N.” 

And then you were aboard the Abigail with Victor Strand, the man who was the prime reason Nick was still alive in the first place. The night he’d been taken by the military, you had been so infuriated that you had shot two of them right in the arm. Alicia was amazed at how much you cared for her brother. 

  “C’mon y/n. Tell me something good.” Chris sat across from you inside the den, the rest of the boat silent. Madison and Travis had fallen asleep in their bedroom, Strand was at the helm, Daniel and Ophelia were talking on the deck above you, and god knew where Nick was. “You’re not much older then me, you know. We could have a lot more in common then you realize.” 

Granted, Chris was adorable, and he was broken, but he was no Nick Clark. 

  “Okay, one day…” 

Nick came down from the helm where Strand was stationed, eyebrows furrowing when he saw you and Chris bent over in laughter on the sofa, heads just inches away from each other. “That story was hilarious, Y/N.” Chris panted, laughing as he wiped tears from his eyes. “So hilarious it wore me out.” 

  “You’re cute when you blush.” You mused, lightly punching his arm. “Goodnight Chris. Sleep well.” Just as Chris went downstairs, you caught sight of Nick’s penetrating stair from the doorway to the top deck and lost the ability to breathe. His eyes were dark with what looked to be anger, and it confused you beyond belief. Why is he angry with me?  “Nick?”

Silence. “Nick!”

The oldest son of Madison Clark whipped around, nostrils flaring as he took your wrists and pinned them above your head against the wall. “Why would you want anything to do with me, Y/n? I’m just the druggie. Go and flirt with Chris cause I’m sure he can give you what I can’t.” 

You furrowed your eyebrows as you studied his face, realization hitting you like a harsh slap. He’s jealous of Chris. “Clark, if you’re jealous of Chris, jealousy is not your strong suit.” Your breathing hitched as he inched himself closer, body pressed against yours with his lips inches away from you. “I knew it from the time I came back after my parents were killed. You’ve always liked me.” 

  “I never said it.” He whispered, pupils dilating as he pressed his face into your shoulder, his cold lips leaving a trail of kisses along the bare skin. 

  “Then kiss me and prove it, Nick Clark.”


as requested, some nick and charlie (x) in their early days :)

(based on this request, song inspiration)  

Your body was shaking as you thought about knocking at Nick’s door or just storm right into it. You decided for the second thought and walked right into his room. Fortunately he was laying fully clothed on his bed, playing with his phone. “Y/N, what are you doing here?” he asked you when he noticed you. 

“I need to talk to you.” you said and sat down on his bed. Nick and you have been friends for years, so long that you call him your best friend. He knows you like nobody else and that was kind of pretty scary at the same time. But you could talk to him about stuff you couldn’t even talk with your mother about. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“I have a date tomorrow a night and I don’t think I do that.” you sighed. 

“Wait, first of all, you have a date? With who?” 

“That guy from the cinema, he asked me out two days ago and I just said yes. I mean he’s pretty cute!” 

Nick looked at you skeptically.  “Seriously? I think you’re taller than him” 

You closed your eyes for a few seconds, so you could stop yourself from laughing. “I’m not taller than him. He’s just not as tall as you, braggart.” 

You rolled your eyes as Nick started to grinned at you. “Okay but what’s the problem now?”

Now the embarrassing part comes. It was only little thing he didn’t knew about you. You pressed your lips together, thinking about rather you should tell him or not. Maybe he would laugh at you or call you a child. Every single worst scenario went through your head. “It’s so embarrassing” 

“Since when is something embarrassing in front of me for you?” 

“Nothing is as embarrassing as that.” you whispered.

“Do you trust me, Y/N?” 

You looked up to him. “Of course, I trust you the most” 

“Then tell me.” 

You took a deep breath. “God, this is for real so embarrassing but… I’ve never been kissed and I don’t want to look stupid in front of him.” 

“You’ve never been kissed before?” Nick sounded incredulous.

“No” your mouth formed to an ‘O’. 

“That’s impossible… I thought you already kissed plenty of guys.” 

“No, in fact I haven’t even kissed one” you grabbed his pillow and buried your face in it. “That’s so embarrassing! What if he wants to kiss me? I have no idea what I have to do and I will get panic. Maybe run away or some kind of shit” 

“Kissing isn’t that hard”

“Easy to say for you because you’re the one who has kissed plenty of girls.” 

“I don’t have kissed plenty of girls, I kissed some but not plenty.”

You put the pillow away, only to raise an eyebrow at him. “Is there a difference for you?” 

Nick kept silence for way too long. “I could help you” he suddenly said. You looked at him confused. What does he mean? 

“Help me how?” 

“I could show you how to kiss” 

Your eyes widen. “Like real kissing? Like you kiss me … on my mouth” 

Nick nodded. “Only if you want to. I mean I would be your first kiss then and I don’t-”

You cut him. “That would be very nice of you, Nick”

He smiled with his lovely smile you loved so much. “How do we do it?” you asked him. 

“You sound like I’m going to show you how to have sex” 

“I don’t need help in that yet” you regret it as soon as you said it. “I didn’t mean it like that” 

Nick shook his head, quietly laughing at you. His hands grabbed your thighs to position you right in front of him. “Few things first. Don’t expect a kiss. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Don’t be a fast one, except you kissed that person before. Be slow but passionate. Every person kisses in a different way, so don’t believe kissing is always the same”

“You sound like one of these girly helper in magazines” 

“I’m trying to help you” Nick groaned, complaining. 

“One question” you looked at him, noticing how beautiful his eyes are for the first time. “Can you just kiss me and explain then? You’re getting me nervous” 

You didn’t need to beg him one more time. Nick immediately leaned in, putting his hand carefully on your cheek and pulling you closer to him. Your body was shaking way more. The thought of kissing your best friends wasn’t that bad. In fact, you were actually excited that he was your first kiss. 

In the matter of seconds you felt his soft lips on yours. It gave you a total different feeling. Your whole body felt awake. He was carefully, kissing you slowly but you could the passion he was telling about. It drove you crazy in hundred different ways. A complete new feeling to you but a good one, a very good one. 

You couldn’t think about it more because his lips parted from yours. Totally shocked you looked at him. This was the best first kiss you could ever have. Your eyes laid only for moments on him before you leaned forward to kiss him again. You wanted to feel that feeling again. Having his lips on yours. Your hands grabbed after his face to pull him even closer to you. 

His arms pulled you on his lap and holding you close. He was right. Kissing was easy, you just need to do it and than it’s the easiest thing you have ever done. You remind yourself at his words. Don’t be a fast one, except you kissed that person before. You did, so you tried yourself and kissed him hard, more wanting. You ran your hands through his hair while his hold you tight at your hips. Your lips moved perfectly in one rhythm. 

Suddenly he kissed you away from your mouth, down to your neck. He was even good at kissing necks. He was a total master of it. You stretched your neck to make the places to kiss longer. It felt almost better than the feeling when he kissed you on the lips. 

When you finished you just looked at each other quietly. You were still sitting on his lap, having your arms around his neck and smiling at him. “Nick?” you asked him. 


“That was the best kisses I ever had” 

“They are the only ones” 

You laid your forehead against his and whispered. “They are still the best ones” 

“Are you ready now for your date?” he asked you soft. 

“I’m not going anymore” 

“Why?” he seemed to be surprised. 

“I wanna stay with you, only have your lips on mine” 

Nick’s smile lighted up his whole face. He didn’t said one word. He just smiled at you and kissed you once again.