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"excuse me," grantaire said, "but is there a particular reason you're wearing my shirt?"

Enjolras froze. Grantaire was a sophomore, and he had never spoken to Enjolras beyond a casual hey as they passed on the dorm stairs, usually as Enjolras was leaving for his 8am class and Grantaire was returning from…wherever it was that the art students hung out, leaving a scent of turpentine and clove cigarettes in his wake. Enjolras wouldn’t even know his name if the RA hadn’t made nameplates for all the rooms.

Anyway, it wasn’t like he looked forward to those mostly-chance encounters. Or that his heart beat a little faster at the sight of tangled curls as Grantaire turned a corner in the stairwell.

And now Grantaire was parked in front of him on the third-floor landing, his arms folded across his chest, and Enjolras had no idea what to say.

The shirt in question was green flannel. Enjolras had found it mixed up in his laundry two weeks ago. He’d put up a note in the laundry room for an entire week, but no one had claimed it. It wasn’t really his style, or his color, but it was really soft, and with the sleeves rolled back it was perfect for a cool spring day.

“It was in my laundry,” Enjolras managed at last. “You must have left it in the dryer.”

“And you just decided to make it yours?”

He prickled. “I put up a note! Then I was going to donate it, but I tried it on and it sort of fit, so I just…” He ducked his head. “I’m sorry. I’ll wash it and then I’ll give it back, I promise.”

Grantaire’s glance wandered over Enjolras, catching briefly on the faded rainbow patch sewn to his bag. “Forget it,” he said, and a flicker of a smile crossed his lips. “It looks better on you.”

vi. died holding hands

“I don’t think I can hold much longer, R,” Enjolras mutters through his coarse and dry voice. They are old, in soul and in body, but they remained together through all those years. Enjolras watched Grantaire take care of their child, Enjolras saw him looking at his countless paintings with shimmering eyes, Enjolras felt Grantaire in ever possible way. This life is fulfilled and enough.

Grantaire searches Enjolras’ eyes for a while, then smiles weakly. Enjolras notices that the flare in R’s eyes is blown. “It’s alright, Enj. I’m a jerk if I let you suffer here on Earth for me.”

Enjolras creeps his hand to clasp Grantaire’s hand as tears brim his eyes. “Do you permit it?”

“I’m not sure I do,” Grantaire chuckles, brushing Enjolras’ once blond curls, now grey and thin. “But anything for you, love. Anything. I’d polish your boots. But for now you have to rest, alright? Rest. For me.”

Enjolras is not sure what happens next. Grantaire is cradling him in his arms, sobbing and crying and he can hear their daughter barging in and crying as well. Enjolras wants to embrace them both, but he can’t move any of his body and for once, he feels alright with that.

But he remembers. 1832, the barricade. Grantaire with his trademark smirk and goofy smile and hand-held beer. Grantaire who died with him. Grantaire going in a Les Amis meeting back in 1952. Grantaire going on a date with him, 21st century. Grantaire gettig mad of a shredded Rare Pepe meme. Grantaire wearing Enjolras’ hoodie. Grantaire.


The light turns off, and he closes his eyes with a smile.

[ B O N U S ]

three years later

Heaven is a great place, really. There are no angels, no saints, no God, but there is harmony between people and he loves it. Enjolras love every single thing about Heaven. Except, you know, there’s no Grantaire.

But he’s not selfish to ask Grantaire to die. To each in their own time.

“Hey, son,” Enjolras looks up to find Jean Valjean, Cosette’s adoptive father, together with Javert a few steps away from them. “I saw this man, I thought you’d like to see him.” His heart skips a beat. Is he allowed to hope? “I told him to wait for you in the pizzeria. You should go now, he seems really excited to explore Heaven.”

Enjolras leaps on his feet and smiles gratefully at Jean. “Thank you, sir, may the gods bless you!” He runs to the pizzeria (there’s only one in Heaven. But they have unlimited flavors!) and bursts through the doors.

Grantaire. He’s there.

Enjolras walks to him and as soon as Grantaire lifts his head from the menu set flat on the table, he kissed him. Without hesitation, R kisses back and they both smile through their kiss, like they both know that this situation is made only for them, like they share on this very elaborate inside joke only allowed for their ears.

“No, you idiot,” Enjolras breaks the kiss and sits on R’s lap, smiling and blushing like crazy. “You’re not supposed to be here yet. It’s too fucking early.”

“Nah. I died around six in the night, so, it’s not really early if you ask me.” Grantaire kisses Enjolras’ temples and stares at Enjolras like he’s the sun. If only the blind can see how it burns. R notices the slight downward quirk of Enj’s lips, so he touches the other’s nape and lightly pulls him closer. “I’m fine, see? It’s alright. We’re both here, going to enjoy some unlimited pizza, we’re going to look out for our little girl, alright?”

Enjolras laughs. “Yes. I’ll do that with you.”

Somewhere in the universe, the brightest light turns on. No one is sure if it is the light inside Enjolras’ or Grantaire’s. But that’s alright. Everything is fine.

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♥ you almost got hit by a car and i pushed you away au with Enjolras and R (but please don't kill anyone, Sarah... ;D)

“What were you thinking?” Enjolras snaps, when he catches his breath. “If I hadn’t been there to push you out of the way, you could’ve- You can’t just run out to the road like that. What were you thinking?”

“I wasn’t thinking,” Grantaire snaps back, like it’s Enjolras’ fault that he almost got hit by a car.

Enjolras swallows.

It is partially his fault Grantaire almost got hit by a car, though; Grantaire was so intent on running away from him that he couldn’t even be bothered to check out oncoming traffic, and Enjolras definitely wasn’t helping, coming out after him like that when he so obviously wanted to get away from Enjolras.

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