kiss me city

“it’s love- yeah all they’re looking for is love, from someone else…” - la la land, 2016

Hi! I made a Voltage gif, better late than never XD 

Gahhhhh I forgot A Knight’s Devotion! Sorry!



My dear fellow hunters, I just noticed Magnus isn’t wearing his ear cuff in the second gif. I asume this is the same scene, so maybe Alec takes it off??? Any thoughts??😍

Update: so the pics are reversed but still, enjoy Malec and keep the screaming low😉❤

Why do we see Serena’s face as they lean in for all 3 of their kisses pls and not Bernie’s?? I wanna see Bernie leaning in for a kiss where you can see her eyes and it’s not just Serena’s face or Bernie’s face covered by her hair, like?? Pls??