kiss me back to life

  • lance takes keith to the mall of america one time for a date because “malls are the bomb dot com, now get in the car. thirteen hours in the car with me is gonna go by so fast”
  • also, lance knows that keith doesn’t handle crowded spaces very well. so he makes sure to research the quietest day of the year for their trip, and goes near closing hours
  • keith is skeptical of this whole adventure until he sees how big the mall’s forever 21 is. ripped jeans for miles. entire crates of black nail polish. flannel boyfriend shirts 
    • and keith expects lance to hurry him out after a bit bc that’s what the rest of the group does, but lance just kisses keith on the cheek:
    • lance: “dude, we have nowhere else to be. now go do some sexy modeling for me.”
    • and keith tries on all sorts of outfits and lance is super supportive of everything and laughs with keith and takes selfies of the two of them sneaking into the dressing room, then selfies of the two of them making out in said dressing room
  • they find the ragstock and lance like. teleports over to the plastic metallic skinny pants in the year-round halloween costume section. you know the ones.
  • keith: “lance, these are twenty dollars a pair.”
  • lance: “I’m buying them.”
  • keith: “you just told me last week your debit card was almost empty.”
  • lance takes keith by the shoulders and stares into his eyes: “keith. my man. my almost main bro–”
  • keith: “I’m not your main bro?”
  • lance: “hunk’s my main bro. but keith, I love you. and I respect your choices, so please respect that this is just something i have to do.”
  • keith sighs but then smiles when lance pecks him on the lips and mumbles “lance, people are watching” 
    • and lance grins like a little imp. “what? people are watching??” he swoons into keith’s arms. “oh, my darling boyfriend, the eye of the public is upon us!
    • “lance stop” keith is blushing super hard. lance is now collapsed into his arms. and shouting.
    • “kiss me keith! breathe life back into my dainty limbs!” and lance drags them both to the floor and they’re both laughing super hard until lance sobers up in a flash:
    • “no but seriously I’m buying these pants.”

Oh, whatever you do
Don’t come b a c k for me (x)

It’s 4:03, and I can’t sleep without you next to me I toss and turn like the sea.
If I drown tonight, Bring me back to life, breathe your breath in me. The only thing that I still believe in is you.
If you only knew..
—  Shinedown
Burden of Proof

Word Count: 2357

Request: “ Thought; spontaneously dragging Steve of Bucky into random makeout sessions throughout the day and then just leaving him out of breath as you continue in with your business” And a very pleasant thought it is. 

Warning: Language, making out, and utter ridiculousness

A/N: I had more free time than I anticipated, so you’re getting this early. You have the snow storm to thank for this nonsense.

Steve Version

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“Ow ow ow ow ow!” you groaned through clenched teeth as Natasha dragged you through the halls and over the bodies of the incapacitated Hydra agents.

“Hush! There could still be some stragglers hanging around,” she hissed at you, readjusting her hold in order to pull you along more quickly.

“Well if you hadn’t been there to pull me out of the way, that delightful bullet would have definitely silenced me for good. You have only yourself to blame.”

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if you push me away, nigga I’m gone, I’m not gone kiss your ass or allow you to suck me back up into your life. ima start teaching mfs to mean what you say and do.

more universe swap ideas:

Sidney and Geno are dating, but one day they have an argument. Maybe it’s over a dumb penalty one of them took, and Sidney is chewing Geno out for it, and that led to Geno accusing Sidney caring more about hockey than their relationship. Sidney is mad enough to be in tears (how could Geno ever think that of him?) as he storms off to their bedroom and slams the door shut, and Geno is still pissed so he sleeps on the couch.

Then Geno wakes up in a universe where not only does he still play for the Pens, he’s the captain. But Sidney is nowhere to be seen. In fact, no one’s ever heard of Sidney Crosby. He begins to panic.

“You just fuck with me now,” Geno says to Flower. Tanger and some of the rookies give him a nervous look. “No, really, where Sid. Not funny anymore.”

“We don’t know who that is, G,” Phil says. “Really.”

He’s about to have a panic attack when the Pens PR suddenly come up and ask if he’s ready to go deliver the season tickets. Geno, in a daze, lets him kind of guide him wherever, and soon he’s on his way, with the team and the Pens admin, to a little suburban house. 

Geno does not want to deliver tickets, but he knocks and he’s ready to kind of shove the tickets at them and leave. Then the door opens and–

“Oh my God,” Sidney says. He’s in jeans and a Malkin jersey, but it’s Sid, his Sidney, not missing or dead and oh God, he’s right here. “You’re Evgeni Malkin. You actually came.”

“Sid,” Geno whispers. 

He’s about to pull Sidney in for a kiss when a little boy peeks out from behind Sidney’s leg. “Dad, that’s Geno,” the boy says in wonder.

Geno watches, stunned, as Sidney picks up the boy and kisses his cheek. “This is my son,” Sidney says, smiling broadly. “Come in, come in–”

And Geno is led into this bizarro world where he meets Sidney’s fucking husband, the rest of the kids, Taylor, and Sidney’s parents, and he has to pretend that he isn’t losing it watching his boyfriend live a suburban life. Apparently, in this universe, Sidney had not played hockey after Shattuck. He went to university in Pittsburgh, married his college sweetheart (the football captain, to be exact. He’s handsome and tall and friendly, and it’s clear that he adores Sidney. Geno hates him immediately), has three kids with him who all adore the Penguins, and teaches at the local elementary school. And it’s breaking his heart watching Sidney live this perfect life, and knowing that he has no part in it.

anyways i want those angsty movie scenes where Geno keeps asking Sidney out on not-dates. It’s getting late, and Geno’s driving Sidney back home after yet another dinner.

“Sid, wait,” Geno says, as Sidney’s unbuckling his seat belt. Sidney looks at him in question. “Don’t go yet.”

“I still have some papers to grade–”

Geno covers Sidney’s hand with his, in one bold, sudden move. “Please don’t go.”

Sidney looks stunned, then pained. “Geno,” Sidney says softly. “Geno, I think I know what this is.”

“Sid, please–”

“I have a family,” Sidney says. “You’ve been–you’re an incredible hockey player–and–and a wonderful friend, I mean–you’re Evgeni Malkin–”

“I love you,” Geno says.

Sidney bristles. “I’m going home, Geno,” he says coldly. “Good night–”


“Let go–”

“I’m show–” Geno fumbles with his phone, which miraculously had all the photos from his world. Photos of his Sidney kissing his cheek, of them lazing around after workouts, Geno and Sidney’s happiest moments. 

He presses play on a random video, startling Sidney into freezing as in-video Sidney’s voice asks cheerily, “Geno, what should we do on your Cup day?” 

“You captain,” in-video Geno responds. “You decide.”

“But it’s your day,” in-video Sidney whines. “Really, we can do anything. I promise.”

“Okay. You be nice to me all day.”

“I’m always nice to you.”

“No nagging. More kisses.”

“I don’t nag!” in-video Sidney laughs, then kisses Geno’s nose. “I just want your day to be perfect.”

“Everyday perfect,” in-video Geno responds, stroking Sidney’s cheek, as the Sidney on the screen softens considerably. 

“How is this possible?” Sidney whispers, entranced by the video. “Wha–I don’t–”

“I told you,” Geno says tiredly. “I’m boyfriend in other world.”


It’s two o'clock on the edge of the morning,
she’s running magical circles around my head…

that ‘70s show + sing street


anonymous asked: my “across time and space they will always find each other” pairing
➪ ziley

Cold air but warm fire. hot air but fresh breeze that’s how it feels around you. cuz you make winter warmer and summer fresher, the rain heavier but the hurricane calmer. you make my edges less sharp and my thorns less spiky. you touch me back to life and kiss my pain away making me wonder if it was really there in the first place.
—  warmsnow07 
When you love someone, you don’t just stop. // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Y/n is sent a picture online of Shawn kissing another girl and she gets upset about it, resulting in a fight when Shawn gets home

Requested: no

Tears continuously rolled down my cheeks as I huddled my legs closer to my chest, trying to find comfort in my own embrace. It was dark in my bedroom, the blinds drawn and lights off. Peaceful. Then the sobs, my own sobs, would break the silence and I couldn’t seem to stop.

My phone- chucked across the room, still had the picture up almost as if it was staring back at me, laughing. It had been sent to me so many times that here was no way that I could not see it. Her arms around his waist, his lips on hers. More tears, more pain, more… emptiness.

I felt like I was drowning, the water being my very own tears. I couldn’t breathe; the air I tried to get into my lungs seemed to be fighting back out. Gasping I get up, stumbling over to the bathroom and over to the sink. 

Retching, fluid from my stomach filled the sink, the bitter taste left in my mouth making me cry harder. Wiping my mouth I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair was a mess. The pony tail I had it in all day was falling out and my eyes were red, mascara marked on my cheeks.

Turning the tap on, I wash the sink out before filling my hands with the icy water and splashing my face. I dry my face before returning to the bedroom. I stare at the room.

Photographs line my dresser of Shawn and I. When we went to the carnival and he won me a stuffed giraffe. My graduation, me in my gown and Shawn standing proudly beside me. I walk over picking up the last photograph. 

It was our 1st anniversary and he had taken me to a fancy restaurant in town. I was wearing my favorite dress and Shawn wore an all black suit. We looked happy. Why wasn’t he happy anymore? 

Anger like a tidal wave, smashes into my body. I let out an angry scream, chucking the frame across the room. I push everything off the dresser, the glass smashing against the floor, shards going everywhere.

Heavy tears leak out my eyes again. Leaning against the wall I slid down till I’m sitting. I rest my head on my arms that are held up on my knees, the pain churning in my stomach.

“Y/N, I’m home!” His voice made that pain jolt inside of me. It was like the pain recognized the cause. My breathing quickened. What was I meant to say to the person that just broke my heart?

“Y/n? Are you here?” His footsteps echo around the house, nearing the bedroom. He walked in, noticing the broken frames first before his eyes landed on mine. He rushes to me, leaning down his hand outstretched to touch me but disgust fills my body.

“Don’t.” I say simply, scrambling away from him, venom filled with the one word.

“What? Sweetie, what’s wrong?” He asks, concern in his eyes. The fact that he’s worried makes the anger intensify. 

“Why would you care?” I spit, glaring at him.

“I don’t follow,” Shawn asks, confused.

Seeing my phone on the floor near me, I pick it up, unlocking it. The pictures are still there, still make my stomach flip when I see them, still make me hurt. 

Do you follow this?” I ask, showing him the picture. His face falls quickly. 

“I need you to understand-” He begins. I don’t let him finish.

“No- you don’t get to tell me what I need to understand and what I shouldn’t. You listen to me Shawn!” I blurt, tears forming in my eyes.

“When you love someone, you don’t just stop!” The last words come out of me in a scream, my hands coming up to shove him back. He barely moves an inch

“When you’ve been with someone as long as we have,” I sniffle. “You do not go about breaking up with them like this. You must have known when you started falling out of love with me. Why didn’t you tell me?” I ask hysterically.

“I.. I never stopped loving you,” He begs, tears rolling down his blotchy cheeks. This may be the first time I have ever seen him cry.

“Bullshit,” I scream, shoving him again. “If you loved me you never would have kissed her then came home and pretended like it ever happen!” sobs rack my body, air not seeming to fill my lungs properly. 

“What was it Shawn? What made you decide that I wasn’t enough?” I ask, the anger subsiding to be replaced with fear. Fear that I was never going to be good enough for him. 

“Nothing- You were perfect Y/n,” He says, finally reaching out to touch me again. I let him. For one moment, I just needed to be comforted. 

“I was going to tell you,” He whispers in my ear. I start crying again, shuddering in his arms.

“Please just let me explain,” he begs. When I don’t speak, he takes it as his cue to continue.

“I was out today and a bunch of fans found me, one of them a bit too excited. When I went to give her hug she kissed me, I swear upon my life that I pushed her back,” He says pulling back to look in my eyes.

“I think her friends knew what she was going to do because as soon as she did it they had their phones out,” His hands hold the side of my face, his thumb wiping away my tears. “Please, baby, believe me when I tell you, I never fell out of love with you,” His eyes are bloodshot from when he was crying and they search mine trying to read my expression. 

“I love you just as much as the day when I realized I was in love with you. My heart has been yours since that day and I have no hope of ever getting it back. The last thing I want in this world is to hurt you,”

I nod, my hands reaching up to cover his. “I’m sorry,” I croak.

“It’s okay sweetie, you didn’t know,” he kisses my forehead gently, wrapping me in his arms again. “You didn’t know,”

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It was in the way you...

Aries: Smiled at me, it made me feel so warm, as if the life sucked out of me was kissed back into my heart

Taurus: Kept your promises, how you held onto them no matter how much it hurt you

Gemini: Would widen your eyes, indicating to me that your mind was producing thoughts I would never have the blessing to know 

Cancer: Held back those tears, as if telling me that I wasn’t worthy to share the pain I told you I could help carry 

Leo: Laughed, because even after it all ended, I still didn’t know if you laughed with me or at me

Virgo: Slowly opened up to me, like waiting for a flower to bloom, shy and hesitant and hopelessly unaware of the beauty it held 

Libra: Held my hand, giving me an illusion that maybe I wasn’t alone in the world, giving me an illusion that was as sweet as it was short

Scorpio: Had a hold on me, because when you were away you were still here, when I couldn’t see you I could still feel your breath sliding down my neck 

Sagittarius: Would ask questions, in your insatiable desire to know more about everything, to lose the fear of living in oblivion 

Capricorn: Kept your composure, how you tried so desperately to appear like a castle to distract from the fact that your inner walls were crumbling 

Aquarius: Broke my heart, so silently, so slowly, draining away my self-esteem so it could feed yours

Pisces: Would hug me, our hearts touching, I had never felt such unimaginable joy, and an incomprehensible sadness at the thought of letting go