kiss me again

Kiss Me Again

Request: 25 and 14 with Tommy:)


  1. 14. “Kiss me in the rain”
  2. 25. “Can we please go?”

Warnings: none

Notes: I’m assuming this is with Tommy Clark?

The sky was gray and full of dark clouds. It was gloomy and cold, a little windy as well. It would eventually rain today and you couldn’t wait. You were dressed in a cozy jumper and scarf. You were ready for a good autumn rainfall.


“Tommy!” You squealed, giggling as your boyfriend came up behind you and tickled your sides.

“Hello, beautiful.” He pecked your cheek.

“Hello,” you giggled.

Tommy took your hand and you both started your walk home. You both walked through the park, as always. There you both sat down on a bench, looking at the scenery the park held. It was something you and Tommy always did before actually going home.

You both sat there, leaning on one another and holding hands. You basked the beauty, enjoying one another’s company. It was a blissful silence before a crack of thunder and lightening entered the sky, rain following right after.

“Oh yay, it’s raining,” you gleamed,You stood up, leaving Tommy’s side.

You looked up into the sky, letting the rain soak your clothes. You loved the rain and thunder and lightening so much. It brought an incredible amount of peace with it. You found it all extremely calming.

“C’mon, Tom,” you smiled wide, encouraging your boyfriend to get up. Tommy obliged, getting up and enjoying the rain with you.

You both held hands, dancing to the music the rain created. one thing you loved about Tommy was that he didn’t question your weird and quirky moments like this. so you both danced, both laughed. It was all good fun. But then the moment came when you both stopped the dancing and laughing. You only stared into each other’s eyes.

Kiss me in the rain,” you whispered, glancing down at Tommy’s lips.

Tommy quickly pressed his lips to yours, both of you kissing. You’d always wanted to kiss someone in the rain. Always dreamed of the cliche thing. You found kissing in the rain one of the most romantic things anyone could ever do.

“I’d be glad to,” Tommy whispered back, chuckling.

You both laughed, more thunder and lightening going off. The rain came down harder, pelting you both. By now, water drenched you both. You were soaked to the bone.

“But… can we please go?” Tommy asked after another few passing moments. “I’m getting cold now.”

You smiled and chuckled. “Yes, let’s head on home.” You pecked his lips once more.

Tommy held your hand again as you both walked home in the pouring rain. Both of you messed around, jumping in puddles and howling with laughter. It was a nice day; a perfect day in your eyes. 

“I love you, Tommy Clark.”

“And I love you, Y/N Y/L/N.”

You both kissed again.

CS kiss prompts: stomach + hipbone kisses

It takes him a moment to settle in to what exactly he’s feeling as he watches her move about their kitchen. With her bare feet padding along the hard wood, looking slightly rumpled in her light blue flannel pajamas and hair piled high atop her head, she looks more beautiful than if she was back in her ball gown from Camelot. As stunning as she was that night, what he sees now, this is his Emma, without walls or armor. She looks…content.

Content is not something he’s ever known how to feel, the idea so foreign he feels a bit winded at the realization that he’s finally found its meaning.  All this grand talk of happy endings and True Love somehow managed to eclipse the simple joy of this, this bone deep happiness with the state of life as it is. His heart doesn’t ache for something more, more adventure, more treasure or excitement. There is no ache now, just a beat that speeds up at every smile, touch, kiss - every look across the room meant only for him.

It’s taken nearly 300 years, but he finally knows what it is to be content.

She catches him staring as she turns from the sink to wipe her wet hands on the sides of her pants and he can’t stop the swoosh of his belly at her mild blush and the adorable twitching of her nose. His Emma is still not used to be wanted. That thought is still lingering in his mind as she crosses back over to him at the couch with the last bite of her toast clenched between her teeth.  

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