kiss manicure

Aesthetics for the signs

Aries: Cracking bonfires, pumpkin spice candles, studded leather jackets

Taurus: Rose petals floating in water, pine trees, waterfall braids

Gemini: Polaroids, hand painted tea sets, pastel cupcakes

Cancer: Blue roses, vinyl records, waves crashing onto the shore

Leo: Bright fireworks exploding in black velvet skies, midnight sleepovers, messy buns

Virgo: Hanging lanterns, chokers, re-reading your favourite book

Libra: The first few notes of your favourite song, New Year’s kisses, french manicures

Scorpio: Names written with sparklers, flannels, matte red lipstick

Sagittarius: Early sunrises, winged eyeliner, late night conversations

Capricorn: Lava lamps, snowy mountain tops, feather blankets

Aquarius: Texting while laying in bed at night, deep rose sunsets, vanilla hot chocolate

Pisces: Binge watching a TV series, rhinestoned jewellery, music boxes


a summer poem

moisture in the morning air
a mix of sweat and dew
a mix of breath and sky

the right winds bring the waves up
and the surfers call in sick
and head for the swells

blankets oils board shorts cute suits
cold beers tight wraps radios coolers
footballs dogs frisbees wake boards
good-time necessities seasonal furnishings

and skin and skin and skin for miles
steaming reddening manicured exposed
salty kisses in the foaming shallows
memories as many as the bubbles surrounding

moments gone by
just as quick
as June
becomes July
becomes August