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The Weeknd x Bella Hadid

I’m receiving a lot of messages regarding the topic of Bella Hadid and Abel Tesfaye, better know by his stage name The Weeknd, being together. I’ll be sure to come back and update this post whenever there is a new scoop on the matter but so far, from what myself and many others have researched, this is what we found. 

  • It all may have began when Bella went to one of Abel’s Kiss Land Tour concerts but I need you to keep in mind that Bella just turned 18 last October, meaning she was underage at the time. Fast forward nearly two years, Abel would like her IG pictures but quickly unlike them, but we’ve all caught it, this went on a lot in the beginning of 2015 – he no longer does this. At some point, she posted a picture FaceTiming with someone who has hair and a forehead that match Abel’s on twitter. Would’ve let it slide until she deleted that picture, making herself look rather guilty of something (x) And just recently, this photo of her FaceTiming with someone who looks a little too much like Abel when seen closely surfaced.
  • After or before Coachella, they were together, along with a group of friends, heading somewhere (x) that was fine but Bella hit the camera with her hand as soon as it landed on Abel, as if trying to hide that he was right behind her…interesting.
  • She’s clearly an xo fan, looking at her SoundCloud and her tweeting Weeknd lyrics occasionally and even subtweeting Abel sometimes but those aren’t solid so they don’t matter. Speaking of tweeting, she tweeted Abel at some point (x) it isn’t much but emoticons speak a thousand words.
  • What really shook us up is when Abel posted this photo of a girl wearing an ‘xo’ necklace, which is totally okay but Bella was spotted out and about with her girls wearing that exact same shirt, clip on her left upper chest. The hair length and the dark spots on Bella’s chest is what gave them away.

*Also, these past two days, Abel has followed her family members. 

They could be together, they could be just friends. Their relationship or even the existence of it has not been confirmed by either them or their associates. 

If you messaged me on anonymous, I’m probably going to delete it, I’m sorry. I don’t want to spam my followers or my own blog. If you want my opinion or to just talk about it, then talk to me off of anon. xo