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Im allowed to give relationship advice even thought im not in a relationship because ive read enough shoujo manga


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an imp and her wolf


Marginal#4: Kiss kara Tsukuru Big Bang

Fanclub special Vol.02

> Atom - L - R - Rui  「 忍-Just A 絶頂(HEAVEN)- version -ed-」(I love these outfits *o*)

> Atom - L - R - Rui 「Jersey version 」

> Special: Atom’s beloved “Shooting star”.

Glasses Wearing Guys in Manga

I didn’t include any manga that i’ve already watched an anime for and most if not all are main characters. 


Suzuki, Yori (Ano ko no, toriko.): I don’t want to talk about how hard it was to find a decent picture of him with his glasses on. Doesn’t always wear them… one of those situations where he’s more attractive without his glasses to everyone… bleh

Hara, Youichi (Bread & Butter): An older man for you all.

Kurosawa, Ayumu (Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai): An older hottie ex delinquent type with a cold personality. 

Shishio, Satsuki (Daytime shooting star): Sadly he doesn’t wear them all the time… but he looks good with or without them!

Endou (Endou-kun no Kansatsu Nikki): Shounen ai in case you all get interested in the picture but you aren’t interested in reading that genre!

Ojiro, Kazuma (Faster than a Kiss): Almost every time there’s a student teacher relationship in Shoujo the Teacher wears glasses. I wonder if it’s a rule of the genre…

Sakaki, Momo (Fukumenkei Noise): Rude.

Mineta, Kiyoshiro (Haru x Kiyo): I want this manga to be updated already…

Shinguuji (Hetamen)

Kawasumi, Kouha (Hibi Chouchou): What a freaking cutie!

Sakurai, Haruka (Kinkyori Renai)

Kikuchi Hideo (Paradise View): Yaoi though…

Hoshino, Kaoru (Yozora no Sumikko de,): Shounen ai though…

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Which one of these crime lord nerds would actually propose for the wedding. Fancy or low key? Repeated failed attempts each more ridiculous than the last? Speaking of... did they just steal or 'aquire' these rings?


And I still had to debate during my shower. The last week has been a “maybe they proposed to each other” BUT NO. Scott failed, repeatedly, many times. Sometimes because Reyes wasn’t ready so he chose to ignore the attempts, other times because Reyes noticed them but he wasn’t totally sure yet. So for like four weeks Scott’s trying to do cliche romantic things with the rings (he bought them!!! He is an honest man!!) and Reyes sometimes ignores it but most times totally misses it. Scott’s not has smooth as he likes to think- usually he’s embarrassingly blatant.

BUT anyway Scott’s getting frustrated. He’s starting to suspect Reyes might know more than he should and he wants it to be a surprise. So one night, he’s just lying sprawled out in bed, Reyes is laying on his arm (and goddamn his arm hurts its fallen asleep with a vengeance but he’d cut it off for Reyes if he wanted so Scott supposes it’s okay), debating whether or not to just ask him, “Will you fucking marry me” when Reyes sighs and reaches over him. He grabs the rings Scott hides under the mattress, shoves one on his finger then grabs Scott’s hand and does the same, and says, “I’ll marry you, Scott, just go to sleep.”

It’s midnight. Reyes is NOT a romantic gentlemen after eight o’clock.

Scott’s elated.

There are few things I want on a visceral level more than Dean being allowed to use the grenade launcher by season's end.

And kiss a boy. On screen. Text. Not subtext. And by boy I clearly mean Cas.

Sto aspettando da parecchio le nuove foto…chissà se usciranno mai…
Peccato perché erano delle 💣
📷Sascha Athos Proietti
💄Giulia Antoccia

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