kiss kiss personal


This is the type of love I want in my life 🦋 call me mushy all you want idgaf…everyone’s lonely ass craves this at some point ❤

kids are fuckin wild dude,,,

i walked out of my apartment this morning and a five year old kid was playing outside and immediately he pointed at my aparment and was like “some chinese people used to live there. now someone else does”

and i was like… you mean that one? and pointed at my apartment, the one i literally just walked out of

and he was like “yeah”

and i was like……….. yeah…

Would only be right to share a photo on the social media on which we met. 4 months ago did I ever think messaging such a beautiful girl on tumblr would lead to her flying around the world to see me and let me show her around New Zealand. I couldn’t be happier. Let the adventure begin. “We didn’t realise we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun”. ❤️ @olli-rue


Have you ever met someone at the wrong time in your life but then the right time came around and somehow now you’ve been given the chance to finally make each other happy?

Thank you for loving me @ktorr19 ❤️