kiss kiss i hope you like it babygirl

- Dating Jeff Atkins would include -

A/N : It’s been requested a lot of times and I’m sorry I made you wait. Enjoy ! Xx

Warnings: None. I just hope that it will make you smile ☺️

- going to all his games

- him running to you during half times just to be rewarded with a kiss

- « Did you see that, (Y/N) ? » he asks with a huge smile and excitement in his eyes which makes him even cuter than he’s already. « Yes, I did babe and let me tell you, you’re the best ! » you assure him as you kiss his cheek before letting him go back into the game

- lots and lots of hugs

- he especially loves to hug you from behind and rest his head on your shoulder which makes everybody melt

- the whole school ships you

- jealous Jeff

- jealous Jeff over ridiculous little things

- « Jeff… I don’t even know that guy, I was just saying hi. » you sigh while your boyfriend folds his arms against his chest and rolls his eyes. « Are you kidding me ? His eyes were all over you ! I don’t like that. »

- You smile when you understand why Jeff is acting like that and cup his face in both of your hands. He remains silent and locks his gaze in yours before circling your waist with his muscular arms. « Are you – you stop, a smirk forming on your lips and raise an eyebrow while Jeff sighs because he knows what you’re about to ask – jealous ? » He smiles and licks his lips as he tightens his grip on your waist. « I just don’t like when other boys are looking at you in a way that only I can. »

- him always asking you to come with him at parties

- though he always keeps an eye on you and forbids you to go upstairs unless if he’s with you *wink wink*

- having lots of his sweaters and jackets just because they smell like him

- getting extremely turned on whenever he wears one of his tight shirts that reveal his muscular arms and chest

- he knows it

- calling him « Atkins » when you’re mad at him

- PDA everywhere, none of you really gives a damn

- hand, neck, cheek kisses

- studying with him and helping him to get good grades

- « Jeff. Stop looking at me like that, you’re distracting me. »

- Jeff sighs as he rests his head on his book. « This is so annoying and I don’t understand. Can’t we just go get ice cream and cuddle all afternoon ? » he asks with his puppy eyes that could make you melt anytime but you shake your head from right to left. « That sounds extremely tempting but we have to study, Jeff. Remember that you have a test tomorrow and you wouldn’t like to fail it, ain’t I right ? » He sighs once again and starts pouting. You bite your lower lip, trying to hide your smile and place your hand on his arm. « Let’s make a deal. »

-At this moment, you own all his attention. « Everytime that you finish to read a page, you get a kiss. And since we’ve been here for quite a long time, let’s say that in – you stop and check the time on your phone – 15 minutes, we’ll go get ice cream and cuddle at my place for as long as you’ll want. Is it okay for you ? » Jeff’s eyes widen in surprise as he raises his eyebrows and smiles like a kid. All of a sudden, it looks like the boy drank a strong energy drink. Then, he quickly opens his book and takes his pencil when he finally notices your surprised expression. « What ? This book isn’t gonna read itself! Plus I can’t wait get my rewards.. »

- « Show me that adorable smile of yours, babyboy »

- hungry, needy kisses

- tight hugs

- he always knows whenever something’s wrong / you had a bad day / there’s something that you want to tell him

- « I hope I make you as happy as you make me, babygirl. »

- He often asks Clay for dates ideas

- you’re the only one who can make him blush like crazy

- Whenever you’re at a party, there’s always a moment when he comes behind you, circles your waist with his arms, leaves a kiss in the crook of your neck and rests his head on your shoulder. - He doesn’t care if he’s interrupting your conversation – He doesn’t need to speak: his behavior means that he’s tired and that he wants to go home and cuddle so you sweetly say goodbye to your friend and follow him.

- His hand’s always on your thigh when he’s driving

- He lets you choose the music

- Always cracking stupid jokes just to hear his sweet laugh

- There’s that special spark in your eyes when you guys are looking at each other

- « You see that girl, over there? » « Hell yeah I do, she’s stunning! »

- « Well, back off dude. She’s all mine. »

- worshipping each other’s body

- « I promise you that one day your last name will become Atkins. »

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Shaking Hands With The Devil (3)

Supernatural AU

Genre: Incubi(incubus) Yoongi

Warnings: it might mention sex, but nothing further than that… for now SMUT, if you feel unconfortable with it don’t read.

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Since a cutie asked for it @youngmalums here’s part 3

“My sin was not specifically this or that
But consisted of having shaken hands with the devil
The devil held me in his clutches
The enemy was behind me” Demien - Hermann Hesse

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Drabble


Ever since the kiss Min Yoongi was now an integrated part of your dreams it took a long time for you to notice that this was only his incubus influence on you, it was way different from your previous dreams with him… But if anyone asked you, you would deny it till your death.

“I’m curious about one thing, and you won’t leave my dreams anyways, so just answer it.”

“Fine… but I’ll want a reward” he winked and you rolled your eyes.

“Was it worth it?” You asked and he was expressionless, you loved when that happened, it was because you had pulled a string “I mean, all the books say that you were kicked out for your unsatisfying lust for women, don’t you regret?”

“Babygirl, have you ever had sex?” He shook his head “of course not, that’s why I’m here right now. You can’t talk about things you don’t know, I could show you in hundreds different ways why heaven is way disposable when compared to sex.”

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Baby Wolf!

Request: Can I get an imagine with a pregnant reader and over protective Derek Hale please and thank you                                                                                                                                                                                 Warning:None!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Note:I hope that this is what you wanted and that you’re going to like it so if you do let me know.:))                                                                                                                                                                                                             I was in the kitchen washing some dishes when Derek walked in.’No,no babe you need to rest.’He turned off the water  and I put a hand a hand on his chest ‘Derek baby,If l’m pregnant that doesn’t mean I don’t have to do anything.’  He kissed me ‘Y/N babe that’s why l’m here,you just need to rest and take care of our babygirl.’he put a hand on my stomach and kissed me,and I smiled back ‘How you know it’s a girl?’ He looked at me and smiled ‘Oh l just feel it.’I smiled back at him ‘Ouukey!’He kissed me on the forhead ‘Come on baby you need to rest,leave that I’ll wash it in the morning.’ And I nodded my head.                                                                                                                                                     I woke in the middle of the night hungry but l didn’t want to wake Derek up,so l tried to get out from bed quetly.But he heard me ‘Baby where are you going,are you okay.’ I put a hand on his back ‘Shhh I’m fine,I’ just going to make so sandwich,go back to sleep.’ But he instantly got up .’Stay in bed,l’m going.’ I let out a sigh ‘Derek honey you don’t have to.’                                        ‘But l want to.’  And before l had time to argue back he was already gone.         Five minutes later he was back with a plate in his hands and l smiled ‘You’re acting silly,you know?!’ He handed me the plate and kissed me on the cheek ‘No,l’m just taking care of my beautiful wife.’I took a bite and looked at him ‘Actually,you’re acting like a little kid who was done something wrong.’  He looked at me a smirk playing on his face ‘Okay maybe l‘ve been acting to much overprotective,but that’s just because l care about the two of you.’  I put a plate on the nightstand and turned to look at him,putting my hand on his cheek ‘I know baby but you don’t have to l’m fine.We’re fine.’ He smiled and nodded kissing me.’I love you Y/N,so much.’ I smiled widely ‘I know,l love you too.’                                   

Jeff Skinner - Bad Skinner

Originally posted by leondraiisaitl

Heyyyy any way you could do a Jeff Skinner smut? He’s such a good boy it’s so hard to find anything dirty on him ;) Thx love you xx

“Ohhh, I bet Skinner is to nice in bed too!” Lack laughed.

“Shhhh, don’t scared the baby.” Staal joked back.

“Oh my god.” Jeff giggled as his face went red.

“See, you made his blush now!” Ward laughed.


By the time Jeff got home, dinner was already and the table was set. Dinner was ready to be eaten, but it looked like Jeff had other plans.

“Hey, baby ho-” You started to say before Jeff turned you around and planted his lips on your neck. “Mhmmm.”

“I need you.”

“Show, me then.” You egged as you placed your hand on the front of his jeans, only to have them swatted away.

“I WILL show you, not you.” He growled as he shoved his hand down your shorts and into your core.

“SHIT!” You moaned hard leaning into Jeff’s back. You could feel Jeff smile into your shoulder as he kept teasing your clit. You were a moaning mess, before his hand slipped out of your short.

“Room. Now!” He ordered as he began to take his shirt off. The wetness between your legs grew as you ran to the room. “Undress and lay sideways on the bed.” You were so taken back by his neediness that you couldn’t move.

“NOW!” He growled as he pulled his pants and underwear off. He pushed your ass onto his dick…hard causing you to yelp. You smiled as you placed on of your hands on his cock.

“No.” He said as he kissed and sucked at your neck and shoulder. “Ready babygirl.” You bit your lip and nodded.

Jeff slammed in cock into your core, placing a hand on your clit and the other playing with your nipples.  

“Ohhhhh.” You moaned as you placed a hand behind you and around the back of Jeff’s neck, while the other on his thigh squeezing as your high built up and up.

“Fuck, you feel good.” He moaned into your ear.

“Jeff, I need to..I need..oh fuck! Jeff!”

“Wait!” he growled. You whimpered as you came close to your high. “Umm, let go babygirl, let go.” He moaned into your ear.

“Oh, Jeff. YES!!! Ohh..fuck!!” You moaned like a porn star.  

Jeff fell next to you onto the bed and pulled you close to his chest. He placed a sweet kiss to your temple. “I hope I didn’t hurt you.” he said worriedly.

You kissed his arm, and looked up at him.

“You could never hurt me, but what brought this up? I mean it’s not like I didn’t enjoy it but, your…well you Skinner.” You giggled as you played with his hair.

“The guys were giving me shit for being “nice” and well I wanted to show you that I’m not just nice Skinner all the time.” He smiled.

“Mhm, well you can be bad Skinner more often if you like. I don’t mind.” You smirked as you place a kiss on his lips.

“Mh, well I think nad Skinner is back.” He said shoving your hips down.


Up Next: Mitch Marner (Personal) 

BTS React to Falling Down While Jumping On A Trampoline

Jumping on the trampoline with your boyfriend, you lose your balance and grab ahold of him in hopes of not falling, but instead you both end up falling. He reacts…

JIN: By brushing away the hair that had fell over your face and ask, “princess, are you okay?”, before he planted little kiss all over your face.

SUGA: By cuddling up against you, after he quickly scanned you over to make sure there were no serious injuries and say something like, “I agree, taking a nap right about now is a good idea, babygirl.”

J-HOPE: By giving you tiny kisses in between asking you repeatedly if you were alright. Once he was aware you were fine he’d insist the two of you forget jumping and just cuddle.

RAP MONSTER: By trying to keep his cool, but he’d be panicking afraid you were hurt. He’d gently touch your cheek, almost afraid to ask, “baby, are you hurt?”

V: By laughing over the fact you lost your balance and pulled him down as well. Then it’d dawn on him that maybe you had got hurt and he’d become serious until he had made sure his favorite girl in the world was alright.

JIMIN: By wasting no time asking you if you were alright and once you reassured him you were fine, you’d feel his hand rest on your waist as he leaned in toward your lips saying, “good, I don’t want to see my girl in any type of pain.”

JUNGKOOK: He’d be a mix between V and Jimin. He’d laugh that you pulled him down with you but he’d hate the thought of you being hurt. He’d pull you close and snuggle telling you that he couldn’t stand the thought of you possibly being hurt.

It’s Good To Have You Back (Calum Hood Imagine)

Originally posted by vevomichael

Summary: Calum has been away for a long time and when he comes back everything falls back into place.

Requested: Yes

Warnings: Nahh

A/N: Hii, I was @ugh-niall and this is my new blog (so follow if you’d like)! Send in requests (for either 5sos or 1d) cuz I’d love to start writing again! Also this is at the time ROWYSO was ending. I’ve not re-read this so sorryy x

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Keiichiro Minase in Bed

So since i played his route -and after that ending I felt myself imaging banging him so this happened.


  • 50% Dom 50% Sweet Sexytime

Sex with Kei: Dom style

  • ·         Lasts a LONG time
  • ·         Missionary most of the time. Because he can see your face and watch the tears of pleasure fall down your face.
  • ·         Pins your hands above your head.
  • ·         Expect bites.
  • ·         Eye contact.
  • ·         Probably bruises on your body from where he holds you too tight.
  • ·         Pet names: “Kitten, babe, princess, babygirl”
  • ·         D I R T Y T A L K
  • ·         Lots of cussing from him tbh
  • ·         Making you cum like 400 times rip.
  • ·         Expect to give him oral – with his hands tangled in your hair in a tight grip that kind of hurts
  • ·         LIP BITING BYE
  • ·         Probably secretly wants to tie you up but doesn’t want to ask because WHAT IF IT FREAKS YOU OUT
  • ·         Aftercare holy shit so cute. So many snuggles and kisses.

Sex with Kei: Sweet style

  • ·         Loves when you ride him.
  • ·         Sweet touches over your body
  • ·         Hickies.
  • ·         Soft groans.
  • ·         Holding your hands
  • ·         Asking “Is this okay?” “Does it feel good?” “Do you like that?”
  • ·         Pet names: “Baby, babygirl, sweet girl”
  • ·         Praising you
  • ·         Long drawn out orgasms from the slow pace he sets. Builds up that pleasure man.
  • ·         Expect to receive lots of oral – probably lets you sit on his face if u want
  • ·         Lots of kissing throughout
  • ·         Lots of whispered “I love you”’s
  • ·         Stroking your hair
  • ·         Taking a long hot bath afterwards and maybe round 2 if ur up to it.


I hope you enjoyed this. I don’t know how popular this game is. But this is my first work since coming back and I hope you at least like it.

If you guys like this format or want more things in this format you can let me know and I’ll try to do more of these in my free time because they don’t take that long to make tbh.




I smirked at my phone, teasing Sammy while he was in the studio was so fun. I looked at the time, and saw he’d be home in about 15 minutes, so I decided to change into something a little more comfortable, that I know would drive Sam wild.

He loves when I wear his sweatshirts, but he loves taking them off more. I threw my hair up in a messy bun, and lay down in my bed, just counting the minutes down till Sam gets home. 6 minutes later, I hear a car door shut, rather harshly. I turned my light off, and closed my eyes, pretending to be asleep. Sam opened the front door to the apartment, slammed it shut, and came stomping into my bedroom. His footsteps came to a halt when he reached the bedroom door. “Uhhh, hell no.” he growled, and pulled me up. “Oh, hey baby.” I smiled, rubbing my eyes to play it off like he woke me up. Sams eyes were dark as he moved his face closer, “I want you. now. Strip.” he said sternly. I gave him a pouty face and whispered, “I just wanna cuddle baby.” Looking up at him, his eyes softened a little, as he lay down on the bed pulling me on top of him. “You’re such a tease.” he mumbled. I lay my head down on his chest. He started humming, and rubbing my lower back. “Everybody wonders, where we run off to, my body on your body, baby sticking like some glue. Naughty lets get naughty, girl i’ts only one or two. Fevers fucking running feel the heat between us two.” he sung in my ear as he moved his hands lower, onto my butt. “Sammy.” I whined. He flipped us over, and started kissing on my neck. “Shouldn’t of gave me a boner at the studio babygirl. You’re gonna strip right now, and obey daddy.” He slid his index finger around the waistband of my underwear, as my heartbeat sped up and I looked at him like a deer caught in headlights. “Off.” he demanded, staring into my eyes as I slipped his hoodie off. He crawled between my legs and began kissing my jawline, running a finger down my stomach. “Hope you don’t have to do a lot of walking tomorrow.” He growled into my ear, and kissed down my body.


I Appreciate Your Expertise

A/N: I’m super excited for this oneshot. This is my first time writing Tony and I hope you guys like it as much as I do. Thank to @chaos-and-the-calm67 for being an amazing beta.

Pairing: Tony x Reader

Warnings: ALL THE FLUFF, so much fluff

Word Count: 1291

Originally posted by pravocedarnome

“Sweetheart,” a rough, sleep heavy voice whispered from behind me. Soft, feather-light kisses went down my spine then back up, and across my upper back.

“Mmmm,” I groaned, burrowing my face further into the pillow. A deep chuckle vibrated against my back. How could something so simple be so intoxicating?

“Come on, Babygirl,” more kisses were scattered on my neck and in between my shoulder blades, “It’s time to get up.”

I lay flat on my stomach, hiding my face completely, whining like the petulant child I was. I refused to be an adult and do adult things this early in the morning; whatever time that was.

“I don’t wanna,” I mumbled.

“But you gotta.”

“It’s too early,” I whined.

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Jealous Johnson

AN: Y/gbf=Your guy best friend

As a birthday gift, Jack had taken me back to my hometown last week. It was great! I got to catch up on things with all of my family and friends I had almost forgotten all about. At my time there, I was reunited with my best, and I mean best, guy friend. He was always so sweet with me and had my back with no exceptions whatsoever so it was only fair that I promised him we’d keep in touch even after I left last week. He accompanied Jack and I to the airport when it was time to fly back to LA and we’ve been texting almost nonstop since then. He’s really been wanting to catch up on things and that’s all we’ve been doing. When Jack found out I had been texting him, he was a bit uncomfortable with the idea but I reassured him that y/gbf was just a friend and nothing more so he dropped it. But Jack has been acting so strange lately and I have a feeling it’s about y/gbf. He’s been ignoring me all day and he didn’t even kiss me goodbye when he left to the studio which really bummed me out… I love Jack’s kisses. So I decided I’d confront him when he got back from the studio. He was a little cold towards me when he came in and when I told him I’d cooked, he simply waved me off and went into our shared bedroom so there I went, looking like a fool, and followed him in. He was lying on our bed on his phone with the most serious face I’d ever seen on him. I crept towards him and threw myself on the bed to get his attention. I only received a simple glance before he returned to whatever the hell he was doing.

“Jack…” I cooed as I nuzzled my face into his neck, to which he continued to be unresponsive.

“Jack quit ignoring me…” I mumbled. Nothing. I tried being nice a few more times but he just kept being an ass so I eventually snatched his phone from his hand and sat on his lap.

“What the hell?!” He angrily yelled as he tried to take his phone back. I simply shoved it in my boobs, knowing he wouldn’t reach for it there.

“Jack! Why are you ignoring me?!” I asked sternly this time.

“You really wanna ask me that?!” He replied with an annoyed look on his face. I rolled my eyes as a response.

“Come on Jack! You know well that he’s just a friend!” I retorted. It was his turn to roll his eyes at me.

“Yeah. Remember when I was also ‘just a friend’ and I was all over you, trying to get at you and stuff?! Guys don’t like to be 'just friends’ y/n!” He shouted.

That shut me up. Good one J. Good one. His face was red from anger and he looked beyond pissed off. Looks like I screwed this up pretty big.

“Y/gbf is different…” I mumbled softly and apologetically. “We were best friends since before grade school… Kinda like you and G…”

Jack’s face softened at my words and he brought his hand up to caress my cheek. I let his hand rest there as an exasperated sigh left his mouth.

“I hate when you use that tone with me,” he said. “It makes me feel like I’ve scared you or something and believe me, that’s the last thing I want.”

“No. No baby, you haven’t scared me!” I replied. “I just hate making you mad.”

“Babe you don’t have to worry about me being mad. I guess I just overreacted. But seeing you texting this guy nonstop was sorta making me jealous. You know?”

“Jack you don’t have to be jealous of anybody. I have eyes for you and only you.”

I placed my forehead on his and kissed him in the lips. He removed his hand from my cheek and brought it down to my lower back.

“I know… I love you so much my babygirl,” he said and kissed me again.

“I love you too J,” I smiled.


Requested by @westcostchild sorry for the wait hun. Hope you liked it though. X

Don’t fucking touch her. (Sammy Wilk)

You and Sammy had been dating for a little over a year now. He’s the sweetest boyfriend ever. But there was always a time when he was a little bit too protective.

Last year at Gilinsky’s party, a guy came and bought you a drink. Sam, on the other hand, thought he was trying to “get it in” with you. So, he got into a fight with guy. He has no chill when it comes to you.

“Baby, are you going to Taylor’s party with me?” asked Sam. “Yeah sure babe. Just let me get ready.” You told him. Sammy came and wrapped his arms around you from behind.

“Why do you put make up on babygirl? You’re beautiful without it.” Sam tells you. “Awh Sammy, I love you.” You say, a blush rising on your cheeks. “I love you too baby, don’t forget that.” And with that, Sam gives you a loving kiss.

~at the party~

“I’m gonna go find the boys and chill for a little bit, bye baby.” Sam tells you. “Okay, be careful babe.” You kiss him on the cheeks and he walks away.

You were sitting on the couch when a boy, maybe 16 years old, came up to you. “Hey beautiful, what are you doing here, sitting alone?” The boy smirks. “I’m not alone, I’m just waiting for my boyfriend to come back.

"A good boyfriend wouldn’t leave his sexy girlfriend alone. So why don’t you let me show you what a good time really is?” The boy pulled you toward him, groping your body.

“No please get off of me. Sammy! SAMMY!” You yelled, hoping Sam pulls hear you. “Sam help me!” You yelled once again. “Shut the hell up slut!” They boy yelled at you.

“Hey! Get you’re fucking hands of my girl!” Sam shouts angrily. When he reaches you, you could see how pissed off he was. No one ever touched you and if they did, hell was sure to fall on them.

Sam grabbed the boy by his collar. “You think it’s okay to touch my girl like that?!” The boy just whimpered I’m response. And then, the fist flew. Sam was in a rage filled haze.

“Sammy! Quit! Guys help me!” You shouted to the other boys. They grabbed Sam and held him back from the boy. Sam struggled to get loose but they kept him I’m place.

“If you ever touch my girl again, I will kill you, you hear me little bitch?” They boy nodded and ran away. Sam shrugged the boys off and ran over to me. He left kisses all over my face.

“Are you okay baby? Did he hurt you? Where did that bastard touch you?” Sam bombarded you with questions. “Sammy, babe, I’m okay. Calm down.” You laughed. He kissed you fiercely.

“Babygirl, you know I have no fucking chill when it comes to my girl.”

(A/N) Someone please bathe me in holy water. It pained me to write this. I was having major Sammy feels and yeah. Anyways, I hope you guys liked this.☺️💛🌸~Elli

Sam Wilkinson Imagine

Please listen this song (jump until 0:50 hihi)

“Dude, we know it’s bad, but you have to move on. Y/N wouldn’t want to see you like this…” I heard someone say, but didn’t want to know. I don’t need advice from anyone, I don’t need! I’m 19 and I can take my own decisions, and get the worst is one.
      I can still remember every second, every moment we spent together and it will never pass… that will never change. The truth is that I love her very much and I can’t stop thinking about her. I call her every night, but she never answers me, knowing that I may have hurt her hurts me more, squeezes me more, makes me worse than I am. She’s ignoring me because she’s mad at me.
      Thousand girls out there are screaming my name and I want only one, a girl who is not with me, a girl who doesn’t want to see me, a girl who has my heart. It belongs only to her and it is with her that he should be, no girl is worthy of my heart, only Y/N.
“Sam …” Johnson knocked on the door and I got up to open and there were the three looking at me with pity face that gave me sick. I gave space for them to enter. “We came to see how you’re feeling…” Gilinsky said lower than normal. “Nothing has changed” I said grabbing a beer from the fridge. "Dude, you will get drunk? Why don’t you run after Y/N? Stop being an asshole, Sam! You’re 19 and you look like a 14 year old that was ignored by the girl he lost his virginity!“ Nate spat the words, that sooner or later he would say. But what is? He was just telling the truth…
"Nate, you’ll let him sadder” Johnson muttered.
      I sat on the bed and dropped the beer, thinking about what I really had to do. I’m home alone, thinking about Y/N for weeks and I don’t take any attitude! She needs a man and not a boy like me..
“Sam, you need her and she needs you… Think about it man, she wants a man with attitudes and that you go after her. She always came up to you and it is time to change. She is waiting for you” Gilinsky said sitting next to me.“Really? Do you think she’ll come back with me if I ask?” I asked. “No, you have to beg, you have to give certainty to her that you love her” Nate spoke sitting on my other side. “Yeah Sam, prove to her that you love her…Try to have her again. She loves you, just the magic of you are lost, bring the magic back!” Johnson said sitting in the chair. “Sam, what has been said here is true…You two love each other, both are suffering, both need to be together. Now do it all worth it. Put these fucking drinks away, go take a shower, get smelly and go win your girl!”
So that’s what I did. I took a bath and brushed my teeth, I looked in the mirror and I was sure that was what I really needed. Her, she is all I need. 
      Before going to her house, I went to a flower shop and bought a bouquet of roses for her.

      I was standing in front of her door, sweat ran down all possible pore in my body, I was shaking. She opened the door.

“No Sam, I don’t want to talk to you” she said pushing the door. I held the door with my arm. “I’m sorry, please, I need to talk to you, I brought you this” I said handing the flowers to her. Y/N opened the door and stood leaning against the door. She smelled the flowers, but didn’t smile or said something. “The flowers… they’re beautiful, thank you. What do you have to say?” She spoke cold. I let out a sigh and a tear ran down my eyes. That tear was ignored by her. And it hurt.
“Give me love like never before, cause lately I’ve been craving more.. and it’s been a while but I still feel the same. Maybe I should let you go… You know I’ll fight my corner and that tonight I’ll call ya after my blood, is drowning in alcohol. No.. I just wanna hold you!” (I know this is a Ed Sheeran song, but c'mon this is beautiful!) I said and she looked me in the eyes. She sighed. “I don’t know Sam, you were an asshole, you left me alone… I understand you are a teen star, and I’m just a normal girl in the middle of many girls who want you. Maybe "us” doesn’t go forward, then it will be better to stay the way it is…“ She said. "Give me a little time, or burn everything we did together. But all I want is the taste that your lips allow…” I said again, trying to be poetic and mature, I wanted to show her that I changed, that she changed me.
“Your words are beautiful, but I still feel it is not enough…” she said leaving tears trapped in her eyes, as if she were afraid to let them fall. I don’t want them to fall. “Please give me your love… Y/N you are my everything. I matured and I changed, no, you changed me, you made me the person I am today… Please, I never would know how to live without you by my side. You just taught me to want you and not to lose you… and now.. I- I’m losing you? ” I asked and a tear fell from his eyes.
“I think so… but Sam… my heart is yours and no one else..” She said starting to cry. Shit! I hate to see her crying, especially if it’s my fault!
“My heart is yours, only yours and he will never be anyone else! I would never accept my heart right back. I’m able to love only one person in this world and that person is you! Y/N, there are millions of girls loving me, but I just can love you, I only have eyes for you.." I said approaching me and held her face with one hand caressing her face with my thumb. She grabbed my shirt and our faces were even more next, my lips were close to her, I could feel the warmth of her breath. "Sam …” She spoke almost in a whisper. “Only you, babygirl… I love only you.” I said and pressed our lips. I wanted to kiss her, oh how I wanted. She opened her mouth and I kissed her as I had never kissed her before. I missed this, I missed her… from all of this. She is my everything, she’s my life, she is my forever.

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Sleep Tight | Luke Hemmings

You were laying on the couch, head on Luke’s lap while his fngers played with your hair, his delicate action was making your eyes feel heavy. It was late at night, the dark sky confirmed it and the cold outside was predictable.

Luke stirred a little bit, making you sit up straight and rub your eyes, just to see another sleepy Luke next to you.

“I think I should head home” he said, still not making a move.

“Why don’t you, um… stay the night? I mean only if you want to. It’s just is really late and cold an-“ your rambling was interrupted with a nervious laugh.

“Do you really want me to stay the night?” Luke asked, looking at you in the eye. He wanted to make sure you really wanted him to stay, you’ve never slept together, as in a whole night sleeping with each other and wake up together.

“I wouldn’t ask you to stay if I didn’t want you to” You said, taking his hands on yours.

Luke smiled bright and nodded. Once you reached your bedroom and got ready you two climbed into bed facing each other.

You got lost on his features, his blue eyes shining like stars were floating on them, a cute nose and finally his lips, the ones that formed a smile in that moment when he realized what you were doing.

Taking the iniciative, Luke extended his arm and wrapped it around your waist, pulling you close.

“you okay like this?” he asked.

You nodded with your head on the crook of his neck and a content sigh when his hand started to run up and down your back, even reaching your thigh. His touch felt like heaven, you could feel the calm energy of his body erupting from his fingertips to your skin, goosbumps running down your spine.

Even though this is the first time you are sleeping together it feels so right, it scares you. It scares you because you don’t want to rush things, but at the same time you want to feel this everynight, you need to feel his body next to you, hear his heartbeat when you lay your head on his chest, inhale the smell of his cologne. You know you’re starting to fall hard for him, and you wanna tell him how you feel, how grateful you are that he is a part of your life now and how you are willing to live this everyday.

“Luke?” You whispered


“Thank you” you said, tightening your grip, “thank you for staying and thank you for being in my life”

Luke lowered his head until your noses were touching. “Thanks to you, babygirl, for everything. I didn’t want to scare you saying this but i feel like I need to. I’m so lucky we found each other, I know we haven’t been together for that long, but this is different, you are just what I needed”.

You kissed him, a slow sweet kiss that said that you understood what he meant, that no more words were needed. He was thanking you for give him love, for bringing warmness to his heart and color to his world.

In that kiss you told him he gives you hope and brightness to your soul, and he knew it.

You were two lost pieces that matched perfectly, just like your bodies in that bed. Everything was falling into place as you were falling in love with each other.

That first night you slept together started with his body engulfing yours, the smell of your hair relaxing his muscles as his delicate touch drove you to a peaceful sleep.

That first night started with two bodies caresing one another and ended with two souls connected with their growing love.

I got you (Sammy Wilk)

You were waiting for your boyfriend Sammy to come home from the studio, you hadn’t done much all day just some work stuff and watching TV. You had tried to stay off social media, sure Sammy was amazing but dating him came at a price. You were cooking dinner when your phone went off with a text from Sammy.

Hey babe I’m almost done here ill be home soon XX

You were about to reply when a twitter notification popped up.

@R/T/N: Why is Sammy even dating a girl like her

You were just going to ignore it but something made you look at your twitter

@R/T/N: Jenna is such a slut I bet she is only with him for the fame

@R/T/N: Sammy and Jenna? hahahahahhaha such a joke.

@R/T/N; I bet he doesn’t love her he just needed sex loll

@R/T/N: Seriously @sammywilk can do so much better than @Jennatrippy she’s so ugly

You suddenly heard the door shut, and the voice of your boyfriend calling for you “Jenna! Babe? I’m home” you wiped the tears from  your face just as he came into the room “Hey baby” he said you stayed quiet “babe?” he asked sounding more sincere and sitting next to you on the couch. Hewhat was on your phone and the tear stains on your face. “ no don’t listen to them okay? You are so beautiful and I do love you they are just jealous because I’m dating such an amazing, beautiful, talented girl” he said wiping your tears away “but…you could have any girl in the world why wools you want me when you have all these that are basically models throwing themselves at you” “I don’t want any of them because they are no match to my babygirl, you are so amazing and I love you, no one else but you” you looked up at him “promise?” he chuckled and leaned in giving you a kiss “promise.. now come on I wanna eat some food and cuddle” he said standing up and pulling you with him. “I love you Sam” “I love you too Jen.” He said kissing you before you walked back to the kitchen to get the food 

“To the moon and back”

A/N: Requested by @trippyyjrenee I don’t know how good this is but I hope you like it anyway, Oh and don’t let anyone bring you down you are beautiful no matter what other people say love all of you.