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~After winning a match, Symmetra gets the last kill in, sealing the Team Kill and the Victory~

Junkrat: Aaaaaaaayeah! *puts a hand on her shoulder and fist bumps the air* Wayda go! *Is out of breath* Aaaaaaahhhhh, that was brilliant.. *puts his arm around her shoulders* I could kiss ya!

Symmetra: *Gives him a quizzical look, especially after all the physical contact*

Junkrat: *pulls away, hands up close to his chest, like he’s pushing the thought away* I mean, only if you wanted me too….figure of speech and all that….yeah..nevermind

Symmetra: Hmmmmm…* she crosses her arms* I would not be opposed to it.

Junkrat: *drops his arms and looks at her confused* Huh?

Symmetra: *grabs him by the harness and plants a smooch on him*


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So if you look closely, maybe even slow motion the scene but when Daryl goes in for the second hug, it legit looks like he's about to kiss her before he turns his head and decides to just hug her

hmmm I will have to take a look at that again I don’t have a gif for the exact moment when he turned back if memory serves he certainly did get awful close. it could’ve been on his mind. I’ll have to take another look.

I mean if he had kissed her at that moment he would’ve never have left that house that’s for damn sure. Probably why it wasn’t going to happen then

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max is kinda coded as a bi character tho as she can end up with warren, even tho i dont like him

duuuuude u had me before you mentioned warren. like I was genuinely interested in what u were gonna say! then u had to mention irrelevant dude that she’s not actually into. awkward out of place kiss option (tht doesn’t always appear and means nothin for te plot) before rewinding time and undoing it to go save chloe is hardly ending up with him. as max would say [in her diary, about warren], “Ew”~~. relatively, he’s really not important, n i’d never class him as Evidence for bi-coded max ha that’s insulting


My favorite part about this kiss is how intense Dylan/Stiles’ face is. He’s kissing her like she’s his lifeline, the air he breathes. He’s so consumed in this moment, in this kiss, in Lydia. You can feel how much he loves her and how much this moment means to him. This is everything Stiles has spent the past 10 years building up to, and the intensity with which he kisses Lydia is like none I’ve ever seen. Lydia holds onto to Stiles, kissing him back just as forcefully, and we get this incredible moment that seems to stop time. I just can’t get over how much you can tell that this is quite possibly the most important day of Stiles’ life just by the expression he makes when kissing Lydia. It’s gentle and intense and heartbreaking all at the same time. You can feel the gentleness he possesses for Lydia, but it’s also this intense fire that burns hot enough to consume them both. It’s so amazing that these two completely opposite things can exist simultaneously in just one expression. Dylan never ceases to amaze me with how much he understands Stiles as a character and his unconditional love for Lydia.

I’m so happy to see there’s so many people who wants Mutsumi with Serinuma!

I mean, it’s ok if you like better another guy(or girl) but he was the one who have always being by her side, as a friend! He never made fun of her looks when she was fat and new it was here when she first see her again.

He would never take advantage from the situation (this was a really precious moment for me)

He wants her to choose without any pressure (+ not taking advantage again)

And he cares about her safety and want her to trust him. He doesn’t try to talk in a way to conquer Kae, he says what he really believes.

Be together please

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My favorite trope in the miraculous ladybug fandom for fanfiction is when Adrien Knows™ that Marinette has The Crush™ on him but he’s still an awkward cup of butter and he doesn’t know how to actually handle it bc he just wants to be “Friends” and
“no Nino I do not have a crush on Mari I just think she’s super cool and I want to have the Friendship™”
“wait why is she laughing at what Nathanael said, my puns are funny, oh golly gosh she sure is cute when she laughs”

“Oh boy a lot of Ppl have crushes on her, I can see why…I mean I DONT have a crush on her but I mean she is really pretty and super nice and did you see how many freckles are on her face? Even the sun loves her! Look at all those sun kisses….I’m a little jealous ….”


“I just want her to like me..wait no I mean I want her to like-like me..WAIT! I mean I know she likes-likes me bc she has the Crush™ and I just want her to like me so we can be talk and be friends bc I like her and NINO STOP LAUGHING YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN”

And finally they become friends and its him just spending all this time being in denial about his crush on her until Adrien looks at her one day and she just gives him The Smile™ and his heart does the Thump-Thump-You-In-Love-Bud™

“Nino, I have made an error”

a contronym is a word which is the opposite of itself, having two meanings which defy each other, two reverse Janus faces. for example, when you look at her she is both your whole world and why you are massively and horrifically empty. for example, kissing her on a sunday both feels like prayer and hellfire. 

for example, you are your own contronym. someone who is solely intent on self-destructing while somehow also the only one working to save you. it is the mornings you can’t get up contrasted with the nights you can’t fall asleep. it is the way you feel everything at once like a meteor is reflecting off the solar panels of your bones while also feeling nothing at all. it’s that you want to be in love and you’re also not good enough. it’s that you’re terrified that tomorrow won’t come and you’re also terrified of what happens if it does. 

for example. one shaking hand dusts to remove dirt, white gloves around a white throat, or one can dust dirt over a grave to replace it. a contronym. you are alive and yet completely unsure if this is living.

Translation of “Føler det du føler” (Feel what you feel)

Text message from Isak’s father:

Hi. I’ve bought tickets to the Christmas concert at Sagene church next week, was thinking you and I could bring mom, it would mean a lot to her.

Even (off screen): That’s thanks for letting me use your shower.

Eskild (off screen): Did you use our shower?

Even: I’ve used your shower.

Eskild: T-the hair products aren’t mine, or like, not all of them.

Noora: No, but you can use whatever you wanna.

(Isak enters)

Even: Hey! Good morning!

(kisses Isak)

Even: I made us breakfast. Oh! (brushes something off Isak’s cheek) I hope you’re hungry, ‘cause I’ve made lots of food.

Noora: Yeah, uh, should we..change to…on the..should we go and change at yoga, or.. yeah.*

Even: Oh, you’re taking yoga class?

Eskild: We’re not taking yoga class.

Noora: Yes, we are.

Eskild: Oh! That kind of yoga! Err…yep. Oh, I’d forgotten. We’re going to yoga class now. Water yoga.

Even: Water yoga?

Eskild: Yes, at Bislett pool. So, I think we just have to…

Noora: We just have to go.

Eskild: But please help yourself to cayenne pepper in the freezer, or in the cupboard, right in the middle of the fridge..So..Bye! Yes, bye-bye!

Even: Listen, I didn’t know what you liked so I just made everything. What movie?

Isak: Movie?

Even: Taste this. Is it good?

Isak: Mhm.

Even: The secret is one spoon of sour cream.

(silence, radio playing)

Isak: When I woke up…I thought you’d left.

Even: Hey you, I was only in here making breakfast. And chatting to your friends.

Isak: Does Sonja know..where you are?

Even: Fuck Sonja. We’re not together anymore.

Isak: But last time you said it was over you made out with her two days later, right. It’s not so easy for me to just give a shit about her, Even.

Even: Well, what you need to understand is the thing about Sonja is that she’s so in control. Sometimes I feel like she knows me better than I know myself, because everything she says is true and…that’s what I’m so sick and tired of. I feel that…she can’t feel the things I feel, or think, for that matter. You know?

Isak: It’s only you who can feel what you feel.

Even: And I haven’t felt like this, ever.

Isak whispers: Me neither.

(new song starts playing on the radio)

Even: This song, or what?!

Isak: Huh?

Even: Gabrielle?

Isak: Are you kidding?

Even: No..!

Isak: Oh my God, this is a hashtag, what the fuck..!

Even: What?

Isak: When you’ve found the man of your dreams and it turns out he likes Gabrielle..!

Even: Am I the man of your dreams??

Isak: Well..

Even: Or what..*looks around* are you talking about me? Am I the man of your dreams??

Isak: That what the hashtag is, you know that..!

Even: No, excuse me, you just said I was the man of your dreams!

(they kiss)

Even: Say it again.

Isak: Hm?

Even: Say it again.

Isak whispers: You’re the man of my dreams.

(they kiss)

Isak: It’s shite..!

(Even sings along; Isak’s embarrassed)

Very roughly the lyrics of the song (sorry I guess it doesn’t make much sense in English), what Even sings along to:

Five hot ladies up in the club, we demand: Turn it right up to Heaven!
If there are five hot guys, doesn’t matter, ‘cause there’s no one else I’d rather do this with.
Maybe we’re a bit dirty, but what does it matter when it no longer is day?
Five hot ladies, standing in line, dancing alone, but we do it together.
You get me to so pumped up, and there’s nothing that can deflate me!
You get everything to burst boiling hot, there’s no one else I’d rather do this with!
Five hot ladies up in the club, we demand: Turn it right up to Heaven!…

Guys, sorry this was so late, I was asleep..But what a dream to wake up to!

(And Noora and Eskild’s utterly unintelligible, awkward exit…oh my god 😂  what they say literally makes no sense in Norwegian either…!)

you know, i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again - i don’t think maggie is the kind of person who’s good with words. her meaning never seems to be properly conveyed. with her talk after the kiss, she meant to say ‘not yet’ and what alex got was ‘never’. and i think that’s why maggie is so……lost as to why alex is being like this with her. her meaning just wasn’t conveyed the right way. and now, now alex is telling her this, it registers to her that alex heard that she never wanted her - not that she couldn’t have her right now. and i bet she plays those conversations over and over again, trying to figure out what she could have said differently.

Kiss Kiss: A Prompt Collection

So, many of us know that kisses are a nightmare to write. I get a lot of requests for them - have some prompts for hopefully your inspiration and writing delight.

1) Her heart raced as he pressed her against the wall, wrists pinned above her head in an instant. They grinned at each other. “Still not swooning,” she dared. “But by all means if you want to concede that you’re just not that-” 

The kiss came feather-light. A brush of lips. Entirely not the crushing, heated, frantic thing she’d expected. And, maybe, just maybe, her knees turned to jelly a bit.

2) “Don’t you know,” the siren said. “It’s dangerous to kiss someone like me. A siren’s kiss can steal a girl’s heart,”
“We should be fine then,” the girl replied. She leaned in, kissed eager and claiming as if she was the one renowned for dragging lovers into the deep. “Because I think you stole mine already a long time ago.”

3) You didn’t kiss my mouth first. You kissed my fingertips, each one separately, and then the palm of my hand, my wrist, my shoulder and throat. The top of my head, my jaw, my cheek. Finally, you paused right in front of me, and my breath quickened, warm and sugar-spun against your lips.
“May I?” you asked.
“I think I might throttle you if you don’t,” I whispered back.
Unlike the other, fluttering, kisses this one was all heat. 

4) I kissed you because I didn’t love you. Everyone always says that a first kiss should be about love, should be special, but it always felt like something I had to check off the list. Why would you want to give your first, clumsy kisses to someone you loved? No, you should learn how to do it before you meet the one you want to give a perfect kiss to.

Somewhere between the first kiss and the thousandth, I fell in love with you.
You kissed me because you didn’t love me.

5) He kissed him in darkness, where the world pared down to the heat of contact, the slide of a hand along his ribs, the words murmured just for the two of them. He memorized every inch of him blind, scared that in the light the force of want and adoration would simply be too strong. In darkness, it would only ever be them and that was more than enough. 

6) He kissed him in sunshine, in moonlight, in the flicker of candles where he could drink up the sight of him. Mouth kiss red, pupils blown, hair mussed by his fingers until he could have been Michelangelo’s David, sculptured lovingly with lips and careful touch. Then he kissed him again - just because he was beautiful.

7) “Can I kiss you?”
They hovered by the edge of the garden, away from the spill of light from the porch. It felt just like the movies, like the moment when these things always happened. Except, it wasn’t her first kiss. Wasn’t even her second, or her hundredth. Might have been the first time someone asked though, all nervous and eager, rather than leaning in because this was just like the movies so why bother asking when the script had already been written?
But he asked. She managed a breathless nod and felt something in her chest ease.

8) “My god, you’re so tense,” she said.You desperately need to get laid.” 
“Are you offering?” the girl replied.
She blinked, startled, laughed. 
The first kiss came like honey, trickling warm through her bones until she melted on the sofa in hazy bliss.

So…. Lauren unfollowed Camila on Instagram 👀😑 why didn’t you do that a month ago? Am I suppose to suddenly believe you don’t want to look at her beautiful face anymore? Nope ain’t buying this shit it screams PR just like Britney tweeting about her sister where was she a week ago when all that was happening? Also all this feels like a fanfic I ain’t even going to lie we have Camila been a love sick cute fluffy baby waiting on her Princess charming to come kiss her in the rain, we have Lucy asking if all her efforts didn’t mean anything and then we have Lauren in LA the same day Camila saying ‘love you’ ‘miss you’. Now I ain’t delusional but for fuck sakes really! What do you think shippers will assume? And you wonder why people won’t give up on Camren so your next best option is to put Camila vs Lauren. I’m just going to sit back grab my popcorn and watch 👌 because all your doing is making Lauren look petty af

He leaned close - the scent of polished leather, and sage hitting her - his lips whisper soft against her brow as he kissed her. 

“Indess,” Zevran murmured, her heart breaking for him. She had known from his glances, the way he would cut across the battlefield to support her, that he thought of her more than a friend. The fact that he still cherished her, knowing she loved another - it felt like she had betrayed him, betrayed his kindness. 

“No matter the decision you make, people will understand.” He pulled back briefly, smiling at her sadly, as if he already knew the answer to his unasked question. “But Antiva is beautiful this time of year. The sea glitters as you walk down the harbour, rain and mud are but a thought, unlike Ferelden." 

There was a wistful tone to his words, the rogue drawing in a deep breath, homesickness hitting him. It always did when he spoke of Antiva. It was hard not to cry at his gentleness, at the calloused touch of his hand on her cheek, fingers stained with betrayal and death, but there was a softness to them - the caress of a lover. 

Perhaps a small bit of her did love him, in some strange, forgotten way. Alistair had claimed her heart, but Zevran made her very soul catch alight. 

"You have sacrificed enough for this world. Come home with me.”

Complete credit to @warsonghold for the stunning snippet! 

You cut me open with a pair of safety scissors and I bled out onto you and we called it love
But I guess all the times I got to fall asleep to the sound of your breathing didn’t mean a fucking thing when you ran into her at the supermarket and fell for her cherry stained lips and the way she laughed when you kissed her
And just like that you forgot about me choking up blood that tasted like all the times you said you loved me
Maybe I should be used to your lies because the only time you made promises was when your breath smelled like whisky
And that’s when I realized that I used to dream of love until you shoved it down my throat
—  the day I realized that dreams don’t come true

raven cycle deleted scenes:

  • the gang finds out that blue and noah made out; maybe gansey says something unbearably cheesy about how at least the curse means he gets to be her first and only kiss, but she goes suspiciously silent and they all whip around to stare at her

  • helen makes an offhand comment about how if nothing else she can always just fall back on gansey’s cute friend adam, and gansey is like idk i don’t think his boyfriend would like that very much

  • declan and matthew move back to henrietta now that it’s safe. adam becomes the fourth member of lynch family sunday mass

  • ronan is not into PDA at all -until declan’s around and then suddenly he’s ALL OVER adam, all pet names and kisses, because he knows it makes declan uncomfortable and he’s the most antagonistic fuck in the world. (adam just goes along with it because he thinks it’s hilarious)
  • gansey makes some incredibly soppy comment about how he could’ve never trusted ronan and adam to anyone but each other and everyone groans loudly because god gansey can be so fucking embarassing

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I just had the saddest realisation. If Rick hasn't been sleeping since Glenn and Abe, then every night in early S7 he went to bed knowing Michonne was close but thinking she didn't want him to touch her. Then he had to pretend he didn't feel her sneak out and leave...leave him behind. Never feeling brave enough to ask. Probably thinking he'd see what he used to see in Lori's eyes after the farm. Imagine the emotion if we got a sex since during that time? I need this. Why would I write this?

Why would you write this? Do you just like suffering? I mean, all of this is essentially why he went for the cheek-kiss in 7x05. He was used to Lori’s perfected cold shoulder. He was used to being abandoned by his partner. And instead, even in the haze of all her anger and disappointment, Michonne still found a way to say, “I’m still with you.” And this is precisely why he’s so happy with her. He didn’t even realize the extent of her love and loyalty when he took that leap into this relationship. But seeing how she treated him when he was down, it’s the reason he’s able to let his guard down now and be happy and free and vulnerable enough to even admit that he hasn’t been sleeping. And now I’m all the way in my feelings about this and I need to go watch 7x12 and 7x05 and 6x10 and 4x16 again and cry. Why would you write this?!

мое солнце

Request: A Bucky imagine where the reader is a part of the team and on one mission she has to flirt and maybe kiss the target to get something. She and Bucky isn’t dating but after the mission he is all like, “You didn’t have to enjoy it so much” and “just forget I ever said anything” ends with a passionate kiss ~You don’t need to use those phrases specifically it’s just to give you an idea @my-unique-mind 

A/N: THIS IS 7 FUCKING PAGES ON GOOGLE DOCS. i don’t think you intended this to be this fucking long but yolo. idk im starting to like writing really long fics :) ((ps мое солнце, according to google translate means my sun))

Pairing: bucky x reader

Word count: 3,288 (YIKES)

“C’mon мое солнце!” Natasha yelled over her shoulder, catching a glimpse of you trying to run at her pace.

“Fuck! Are you secretly a speedster like Pietro?” You huffed out as you caught up to her, slowing your run down.

“Ha,” she breathed out, slightly out of breath, “I’m just well trained,” she said with a smirk.

“Awesome, just awesome,” you muttered out as you both headed towards your gym bags on the floor. You plopped yourself next to your bag and pulled out your water bottle, taking a pretty generous sip.

“So, you and Barnes?” Nat said quietly, watching you almost choke on water.

“What about me and Bucky?” You questioned back while trying to remain as cool as possible. Just the mere mention of his name made your heart stutter and you’re pretty sure if you hadn’t just ran five miles with Natasha she would have seen your blush and called you out on it.

“Oh c’mon! You like him,” she said in a teasing tone, nudging your side a bit. All you could do was just giggle and shake your head as you took another sip. Natasha let out a soft laugh at your reaction, getting all the information she needed.

“Ladies,” FRIDAY’s voice rang through the gym.

“Yeah,” both of you say, letting out a giggle after you looked at each other.

“You’re wanted in the debriefing room.”

“Thank you!” Nat replied.

“So glad you could join us today,” Bucky joked as you and Natasha finally came through the glass door.

“Always a pleasure Barnes,” you remarked back, sitting next to him. Steve and Natasha stared at each other before Steve continued informing everyone on the mission.

“Nat, you’re gonna have to get into this guy’s office,” Steve said as he pointed to the picture of a man on the screen, “get the files from his computer and then leave.”

“Actually,” Nat said interrupting Steve, “I think Y/N should do it.” You choked on your own breath as you heard her speak.

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So, the gang is off to visit the KISS-themed amusement park.

Why the extensive outfits and makeup for just an amusement park visit? Couldn’t tell ya.

Daphne is finishing her star, even though it’s already completely filled in. 

I guess the animators didn’t want to bother clicking on the “erase” tool.

Buuuut then, Freddy gets this evil look in his eyes…

…and hits a pothole…

…deliberately just to make her mess up her makeup.

Holy cow, what happened since the ‘60s, Freddy? When did you get mean? 

Or, like, is there some tragic backstory I missed? In some episode during the intervening years, did makeup kill your family or something?