kiss full of teeth

Date a girl with two pairs of milky white eyes and a red mouth full of teeth, not all of which are her own. Find her in an underwater cavern and offer a beating heart, and she will love you until the end of her days. Feel her cold, wet hands on your face as she kisses you with her mouth full of teeth. You taste blood, saltwater and something else which you cannot pinpoint, but can vaguely remember from your childhood.

Crimson Red

Pairing: Liam x Reader

Requested: Yes by anon

Warning: Dom!Alpha!Reader, Sub!Liam, vaginal sex, 18+ please, puppy, swearing

masterlist / coming soon

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

His eyes traveled down your body, underneath his, the red lace bra standing out covering your breasts. He sucked in a breath, your matching lips smirking as the blush rose onto his cheeks. “Want me to take control, puppy?” You whispered, not waiting for a reply; you pushed at his shoulders, you being stronger than him it was no problem.

You hovered his body, releasing your claws and scratching down his shirt, ripping it in half. You licked your crimson red lips, eyeing his defined abs, before kissing down them. Your lips against his chest sent shivers through his body, goosebumps jumping out and hairs standing up. “Oh my god,” he gasped, when your hand slid into the waistband of his boxers, wrapping them around his cock.

“You like that, puppy?”

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A Shave and A Fishing Trip

Here’s the other smut bribe for @outlanderedandoverhere! Hope you all enjoy it! I’ve also come to the conclusion that @outlandishchridhe is the other half of my brain sometimes. Writing with her is an incredible amount of fun and it’s thanks to her this got finished. Enjoy!

Jamie sighed and looked at the shaving kit beside him. He was tired, but his face itched like he’d been rolling in nettles. The water in the bowl still steamed and he moved to begin the long process of shaving.

“Wait a moment,” came her soft, smooth voice. “Why don’t you have a seat and I’ll shave you? You’ve been working all day.”

“Aye, and I smell like it too.”

“You smell far better than some of my patients today. Sit.”

He did, pleased to be off his feet for a moment. Claire went to the basin and began lathering the soap before coating the shave brush in it.

“Off with your shirt. It’s soaked through.”

With a grunt of effort, he pulled his shirt over his head, leaving it in a sweaty pile on the floor. Before she asked, he stripped off his stockings and breeks as well, taking in a great deal of pleasure at being naked. It was much cooler this way, without all that cloth keeping in his body heat.

“My my,” she said with a laugh. “You look like Jemmy does when he runs around without his pants.”

“Well, he is my grandson, so it tracks, aye?”

“Head up.”

Lifting his head, he looked up at her to see her dressed in only her shift. Her hair was plaited neatly over her shoulder, dark against the white linen.

“Have I told ye lately how beautiful ye are, Sassenach?”

With a pleased smile, she soaped his face.

“Not in the last hour or so, no. Why? Am I looking particularly beautiful tonight?”

“Oh aye, verra beautiful in that shift.”

He lifted his chin so she could finish lathering his face. One of his eyes peeked open when he felt something soft against his thighs.

“Ye plan to sit on me while ye shave, do ye?”

“Easier access,” she said, a gleam in her eye.

The cold metal of the razor touched his skin lightly as Claire began to shave him. Her strokes were sure and steady, the hands of a professional. He’d seen her doctor enough people, including himself, enough times to trust her implicitly. All that mattered to him was that she was there, within his reach, not scattered across time. She had made her choice a dozen times over and he would never let her go.


He looked at peace, eyes closed and shaving soap lathered over his sharp jaw. No matter how many times I saw him, his beauty always struck me anew. He was beautiful and he was mine. Gently, I wiped the last smears of soap from his skin before leaning in to kiss him. Though his eyes had been closed, he didn’t seem surprised. I tasted the cheese he’d had with his lunch, and the ale he’d washed it down with.

“Before this goes any further,” he murmured quietly. “Perhaps ye should put the razor down on the table, aye? Wouldna want ye to stick me on accident.”

“What about if I stuck you on purpose?”

“Weel then,” he said, one eye snapping open in amusement. “You’ll have to tell me what I’ve done to deserve such treatment.”

I chuckled quietly, running my fingers through his thick hair. His rough, warm hands slid up my legs, pushing up the hem of my shift.

“Claire,” he breathed. “Do ye ken how much I love ye?”

“Yes,” I answered him, bringing his mouth back to mine. “I do.”

The chair beneath us creaked dangerously as Jamie shifted to be more comfortable. His kisses became more frantic, hungrier. Both hands found my rump and he squeezed, moaning in satisfaction.

“And do you?” I asked, pulling on his hair so he looked up at me. “Do you know how much I love you?”

“Aye, I do, a nighean. Ye traveled two hundred years for me. Twice, though ye didna ken it the first time.”

“We had two children, adopted another out of a French brothel.”

Jamie sat up, pulling me closer to him as my arms moved around his neck.

“We’ve too many grandchildren to count,” he continued. “A beautiful daughter who’s as brilliant as her mam.”

He untied the ribbon at the neck of my shift, pushing it down to puddle about my hips.

“And our first daughter waiting for us,” my voice caught in my throat. “In heaven.”

“Aye,” his own voice cracked. “Our beautiful Faith.”

As our mouths came together again, the chair creaked once more and I felt us falling. Jamie gripped me to him while my arms flailed about to try and catch myself. All I caught was the corner of the small table, bringing it down with us. The bowl hit the ground just after we did, the shaving soap erupting like an explosion.

I felt lobs of it land on me, making me flinch. A large glob landed on on Jamie’s chest as he groaned.

“Christ, Sassenach. That fat arse of yours nearly killed me!”

I glared down at him, dipping my fingers into the soap on his chest.

“Fat arse?”

“Och aye,” he said, patting my bare backside. “Verra fat and verra round. The most perfect arse, I say.”

I couldn’t help my giggle as we moved off the debris of the fallen chair.

“I think you are the most perfect arse right now, my love.”

He shrugged, hands moving up my back, smearing soap over my skin.

“Ye have such soft skin, mo chridhe.”

“And all my teeth.”

I demonstrated the fullness of my teeth by nipping his ear. I kissed him deeply as his hand snuck between us. A knock on our closed (and bolted) door had Jamie grumbling.

“Yes?” I asked, somehow keeping the trembling from my voice.

“We heard a crash,” Briana said. “Is everything alright?”

“Oh yes,” I answered, eyes rolling shut as Jamie filled me. “We’re quite all right. Just helping your da shave.”

There was a pause and Jamie’s mouth fell open, releasing a silent moan of pleasure.

“Oh. Oooohhh,” Bree said. “I see. I’ll ah… I’ll just keep the boys downstairs with me, then.”

“That’s a verra good idea, lass,” Jamie said, his voice a little deeper than usual.

I waited until Bree was down the stairs to start moving against him.

“It’s a good thing I finished shaving you already.”

“A-aye. It is.”

Rocking gently back and forth, I let my eyes close and focus only on the feeling of him - of us. He muttered in Gaelic, though I wasn’t paying enough attention to translate. My fingers dug into the muscle of his chest as I rode him. His hips lifted to meet mine with each thrust.

I felt him shift beneath me, but didn’t think anything of it until I was on my back, his thick hair falling down in a curtain. I grunted and bit my lower lip, grinning up at him.

“You’re mine, mo nighean donn,” he said, recalling our time at Leoch.

“Shall I call you master?”

“Aye, if ye like,” he said with a chuckle, lacing his fingers with mine. “Ye could call me laird, or sire…”

He pulled my arms above my head and settled between my legs. We must have made a bit of a sound when he’d rolled us over.


“Behave,” I hissed at my husband. “Yes, darling?”

“Have ye had a fall, Granny?”

Jamie sucked on the bottom of my ear and I did my best not to make a sound.

“No, darling I haven’t. I’m quite alright. Go on downstairs to your mama.”

“Have ye seen granda? He promised to take me fishing today.”

“I’m sure… Jesus H. Christ!” I breathed while Jamie began churning his hips. “I’m sure he’ll be down soon, darling.”

“Aye Granny. Are… Are ye sure you’re no’ hurt?”

Jamie clamped a hand over my mouth briefly.

“Yes,” I said finally. “I’m sure darling.”

Jemmy scampered off and Jamie grinned at me.

“That was very rude,” I said.


“You promised to take him fishing and here you are, with me. Didn’t even tell him you were here.”

He rolled his eyes, bringing his hips down hard as I stifled a moan.

“If I had,” he grunted, moving his hips again, “he’d have found a way to climb in through the window to be sure I’d still take him fishing.”

“That would be… one way… to have that conversation with him,” I responded, breathless.

Jamie stopped moving and stared down at me, incredulous.

“Ye mean Bree’s no’ told him about any o’ this yet?!”

I laughed at his shocked face.

“Not really. Though he’s lived on a farm for some time, now. But, perhaps we can dispense with the talking for a bit, hmm?”

I swayed my hips beneath him, reminding him of his unfinished job, and pulled him down for another scorching kiss.

Grandson forgotten, Jamie returned to me with vigor, still careful to make the least amount of noise possible to avoid any more intrusions.

With each return of his hips to mine, I felt more and more complete. Instead of crying out as I usually would, I moved and lightly bit his neck to stifle the sounds rising from my throat. He groaned in response, pushing harder and faster into me, losing a bit of the control he had as he neared his ending.

“Oh, Jamie,” I moaned softly, feeling him shudder with me as my muscles attempted to pull him in, keep him with me forever.

His body eventually fell slack, near enough to me that I could hold him to my breast still while we floated back down to Earth.

“I should have ye shave me more often, no chridhe, if this is the result I get from it.”

I swatted him lightly across the back of his head, but held him close to me still, laughing softly.

“Maybe you should, then. I can’t say I disagree.”


Minutes or hours could have passed, but eventually we heard Jem’s voice floating through the house and outside, seeking out Jamie again.

“You better go and get him to take him fishing,” I started, poking Jamie around his ribs. “You did promise him after all.”

He groaned, but made no move to get up, rubbing his freshly shaved face into my chest before nipping me softly.

“Aye,” he sighed. “I suppose that I should.”

“Don’t worry, darling. I’ll be here waiting for you when you return.”

I fluttered my lashes at him as he leaned in to kiss me soundly, cherishing each second we had alone together.

“I’m counting on it, mo graidh.”

Heaving himself off the floor, and taking me with him, he started to dress as I watched the lines of muscle in his back as legs work, covering his beautiful body.

Mine. I thought to myself, noticing a small, red love bite on his neck. He turned when he heard my laughter, but I said nothing, simply reaching up on tiptoe to kiss his face and lips.

“Go on. Go and take our grandson to have fun.”

He kissed me again before going in search of Jem. But I knew as soon as he found him.

“GRANDA! What’s happened to ye? Did the midges find ye and bite ye?!”

“What are ye on about now?” Jamie asked.

“Yer neck, Granda! Ye’ve a bite mark on it!”

I heard Bree laughing downstairs, as I was, and heard Jamie’s loud reply.

“Come on, lad. Let’s go and fish now, aye?”

Shaking my head, I looked out the window of our bedroom, watching Jamie lead Jem to the stream, still chattering away and Jamie unconsciously rubbing at his neck, and smiled. I would never trade any of this life for the world.

And I would definitely be giving Jamie another shave in the future.

(Request) Make You Remember

Title: Make You Remember

Characters: Negan x Kate

Requested by: @worlds-forever-apart

Something where the reader is one of his wives but tends to ignore him so one day he finally has enough and asks you to his room and they have rough sex. (Also beardless Negan would be preferable)

Warnings: NSFW

Note: Long overdue request! Ahhh hate how my inspiration’s been running away lately. I hope this came out okay and not mediocre omg. I’ve written and re-written this countless of times because it’s just never okay. Again, I’m so sorry for taking so long! Hope you enjoy this, Kate! And I’m sorry if this didn’t live up to your expectations!!!

Kate was in the commissary looking around for things when she heard the familiar whistling of Negan from afar. She froze on the spot at the realization that there was no one else in the room but her. The last thing she wanted was to be stuck with her husband, with no way out. She began grabbing stuff as fast as she could, not wanting to have any sort of confrontation with Negan.

Kate had been ignoring him after all.

The whistling stopped and when no sound followed after a couple of seconds, Kate heaved out a sigh of relief and finally decided to head out before Negan could even enter the room. Much to her dismay, the door slammed open, revealing a clean-shaven Negan with Lucille propped on his shoulder. His lips curled into a smirk as he sauntered inside the commissary, kicking the door behind him as he approached his wife.

“Hello there, wifey.” He greeted with his usual playful tone.

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anonymous asked:

90, andreil if u want!!!!

90: I can’t do this anymore

So I wrote about three different angsty scenarios for this prompt but then I thought - you know what, these boys have had enough hardships in their life - so this is a quick little drabble put together roughly at work today.

Andrew Minyard wasn’t Neil’s first kiss. But he was the first kiss that mattered; the first kiss that stole Neil’s breath; the first kiss Neil would risk his own safety for.

Andrew Minyard kissed like he punched - fierce, passionate, precise, powerful, hard. It was split knuckles and bitten lips, bruised skin and hungry mouths.

Andrew Minyard was a full-body kisser. Kisses were a choreographed overload of tongue, teeth and lips; fingers and hands pressing promises into scarred flesh; knees and thighs holding the weight of uttered yes’s and no’s.

Andrew Minyard tasted of cigarettes and chocolate. The bite of nicotine echoed in teeth grazing lips, soothed by a balm of sweet cocoa and wet tongue.

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Daddy’s Girl

Daddy’s Girl

Request: yes, omg so many daddy Namjoon requests, it was glorious!

Genre: Smut, Daddy kink

Member: Namjoon x Reader

Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

Plot: Awake and bored you text your boyfriend to come over, and he did, and he worshipped your body just as he usually did.  

You came to study in Korea a few months ago, one day you decided the scenery of your boring town was getting too much, you wanted to travel, meet new people and learn new things, and travelling to study was the best way possible, you learned Korean at home so you knew the basics but hearing it all day, everyday caused you to pick it up very easily.

While you were studying in a quite café close to your shared dorm you met a boy, who was now kind of your boyfriend? I mean were you together?

It was complicated but you enjoyed what you both had so you never questioned it, when ever either of you were sexually frustrated you would meet up, or if you just wanted to talk to someone you didn’t live with.

  You were both very close to each other but the fact that he was an idol made things complicated, you didn’t want to be in the media for dating an idol and he didn’t want to be questioned about being in a relationship, so you kept quiet and didn’t meet in public, which would be annoying but the sex was completely worth keeping your ‘relationship’ a dirty little secret.

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A Gift for Valentines

Member: Woozi || SEVENTEEN

Genre: Romance, Smut, sub!Woozi

A/N: I still find it funny how everyone’s coming up with these valentines cards and shit, and here I am, in the middle of the night, writing a valentine’s smut. :)

Words: 809

She stood by the end of the bed, slowly tying her long hair into a loose ponytail as the short man was squirming on the bed, tied up with a pink bow that spun around all over his petit body.

His rosy nipples were erect and his cheeks were blood red as he stared into her titled eyes, tears of pure satisfaction, but at the same time frustration, in his own pools of brown.

“Is something the matter, JiHoonie?” she asked with a purr, walking around the bed to finally sit down to the side of him, making him squirm even more. “Is the bow a little bit too tight?” her purr got lower in tone as she leaned over and put her finger at the tip of his leaking dick, the bow not allowing the man to finally come.

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bellamybb  asked:

Omg, Cam - would you do #22, bellarke in canon-verse? I will seriously die omg

22. Things you said after it was over

Bellamy spots her near the lake, on the rocks, her back facing him. He goes to her immediately. She has her hands on her sides and she’s leaning on them. She looks at him briefly, with a small smile, when he joins her and sits next to her. But soon she’s looking at the view in front of her again.

They stay in silent for a moment, enjoying the sun on their skins, the breeze on their hair, the silent, their company.

Bellamy can’t help but slightly turning to her. He’s watching her carefully, admiring her beauty calmly, remembering all the reasons he loves her.

She speaks then, softly, as if she doesn’t want to disturb the quiet of the nature around them.

“It’s so beautiful…” A bigger smile is forming on her lips and Bellamy turns again to the view in front of them.

It is beautiful. The lake is bright blue, the trees around it full of green leaves, there are a few clouds in the sky but it’s mainly blue. The sun is setting to their right and Bellamy has to close his eyes a little if he wants to look that way.

“Yeah it is.” He simply says.

“I never realized before.” He’s not sure what she means so he doesn’t reply.

She looks at him and smiles, a little sadly.

“There were too much death and danger to really appreciate the landscape.”

He chuckles a little. He can. Because all of this is behind them now, they can live without suffering from the past.

“Yeah… Didn’t have lot of time to enjoy the view either.” He’s smiling and it must reassure Clarke because she smiles too after seeing his face light up.

She lets her legs swing against the rock and Bellamy just imagines that it must be her first time doing this. She almost looks her age right now.

He’s not sure what her age is exactly. It doesn’t matter much. But she looks young and carefree and beautiful, just like she should be.

“What are we going to do now?” she asked.

He takes his time before replying. She’s saying this as a joke but he wants to answer seriously.

His voice is deep and genuine.

“Now we get to live.” She turns to him and grins a little.

“You make me think of Jasper right now.” When he doesn’t understand, she elaborates. “He said something like this to me once. ‘I don’t want us to survive, Clarke, I want us to live.’”

Bellamy laughs quietly.

“Smart kid this Jasper.”

“It was his running-into-black-rain phase.”

“Not so smart kid this Jasper.”

Clarke is smirking full now. And Bellamy matches her.

“Seriously though. Now we don’t have to worry about all of this anymore.”

“We do deserve a break.”

They share a knowing smile.

They don’t talk and listen to birds chirping and the sound of the wind on the water of the lake.

“Gosh, we’re gonna be so bored!” Clarke exclaimed suddenly.

Bellamy lets out an unbelieving huff.

“What?” he laughs.

“We’re not used of just doing… nothing!”

He laughs because she’s being ridiculous, he knows that, she knows that, and they could never really joke before. It’s nice.

“You just have to find new things to do.”

“Yeah? Like what?” She says this leaning more on her hands, her head titled to him, slightly biting her lips.

“Oh, I don’t know, spending time with friends… Bonding…”

She nods a little, before changing her position and facing him, sitting cross-legged. Her elbows on her knees and her head resting on her hands, she looks at him, prompting him to continue.

“Maybe enjoying a few drinks? Being a little tipsy? Dancing?”

“Hmm. I can picture that.”

“I’m sure Monty and Jasper could throw a little party.”

“I’m sure they could.”

“It’d be fun.”

“It would.” She smiles. “Would I do all of that alone?”

He takes the time to let out a breath and gulp.

“It could do that with you if you want.” He raises on shoulder in a false carefree shrug.

“That would be nice.”

“We could take walk together too.”

“We want to do some exercise still.” She nods seriously, playing along with him.

“We could take some naps too.”

“I’d like that.”

“And maybe kiss sometimes? Kissing’s nice.”

“Kissing is nice.” She wears a full-on smile now, showing her teeth, hurting her cheeks with the way she smiles so intensely.

“Want to try that now? We don’t want to ruin it because we’re out of practice.”

“That would be a shame.” She bits her lips, still smiling and he’s smiling too.

He leans closer to rest his forehead against her own. They close their eyes to enjoy this moment of pure intimacy between the two of them.

“What do we do now?” she asked, whispering against his lips.

“Whatever the hell we want” he replies just before capturing her lips with his.

She answers immediately by throwing her arms around his neck and putting closer to her. His hands find her waist and they smile too much to kiss properly.

They don’t care.

They have all the time they want now.

By the throne.

So,this my second attempt at smut for feysand. Dydd Santes Dwynwen is the Welsh equivalent of Valentine’s day which is celebrated on 25 January but who cares it’s still smut.

NSFW.It’s smut. Thank you @underthe-mountain for the idea.

I’m not an expert smut writer.So keep the hate to yourself.

Rhysand’s Point Of View.

I got a note from Feyre to meet her at the Court of Nightmares.I was intrigued as to why she wanted to meet me there.It was after all Dydd Santes Dwynwen where the fae of the Night Court expressed and celebrated their love with their mates or lovers.

I had it all planned out.I was going to give Feyre a night of pleasure and make her moan so loud that all of Velaris would hear her.I winnowed to the Hewn City.Winnowing infront of the gates of the Hewn City,I saw a  trail of blood red roses petals leading into the city with a note.

Follow the trail.

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Hoooo boy I just finished Zen’s route and like???? He’s such a sweetheart???? But also super hot???? And loves you unconditionally???? Anyway I have a lot of Zen feels so here’s this 😉


You knew it had been a long day the moment he walked in the door. Zen stripped off his jacket at the door, sighing before he realized you were there. He slapped a smile on his face and greeted you with a light kiss before heading to the bedroom. Oh no. He never did light kisses. It was always hot and full of teeth and tongue…usually something more. You fingered the lace underneath your shirt and followed after him. It was time to cheer your prince up.
He was down to just his boxers, brushing his teeth in the adjacent bathroom as you walked into the bedroom. You didn’t say anything to him, you just let your clothes fall quietly to the ground as you adjusted the black lingerie around you. He hadn’t even noticed you standing there as he flipped the light off, plunging both rooms into darkness. That was fine - you preferred a sneak attack anyway. You could hear him sitting on his side of the bed, so you made your way over and slowly straddled him; his wide red eyes finally jumping over your body.
“H-hey princess…I didn’t see you there.” He gave you a toothy grin as his hands wandered to your ass. Instead of answering him, you licked up his neck, stopping at the sensitive spot at the top and sucking. His breathing hitched when you whispered to him, “Zen…I’m so wet for you right now…” and ground your hips into him. He immediately flipped you around so that he was hovering over you, and you continued your dirty talk. When he began licking his way down your hip you said “good boy” offhandedly and he jerked to a stop.
“What was that?” he asked as you gripped his hair. “I said ‘good boy’”. He shivered as you said the words again and continued his journey southward. “Say it again,” he mumbled against your wet panties. “Tell me I’m a good boy.” You were more than happy to oblige. His control snapped when you pulled him up and he saw you pinching your nipples, telling him to take you. He flipped your positions so you were riding him, his cock sliding into you in one wet movement. “Mmmmm…you’re such a good boy, Zen.” His eyes rolled back in his head as you rode him, his panting becoming throaty moans. Your hand reached down to his and you brought it to your clit, telling him to rub it like a good boy. His eyes flew wide and his hips began jerking up to meet your movements, and you knew he was close. “Yes baby. Yes Zen, that’s so good,” you moaned to him and it was all he could do to hold out long enough to feel your walls clench around him.
He spilled into you with a yell, and you collapsed onto his chest, stroking his hair. “Good boy…you’re such a good boy…” Zen’s eyes snapped up to yours and he covered your mouth with his own, slowly teasing your tongue with his. You giggled against his teeth, asking “so you like that, huh?” He didn’t bother answering you with words. It was going to be a long night.

What is this?

The first morning.

It wasn’t that Mike was expecting this; in fact he never did. He also didn’t question it, maybe the more honest answer was that he was too afraid to. Afraid that any change to the status quo would upset the laws of nature and bring it all to a crashing halt. If this was all he could have with Harvey, he would take it. Because hell, it was better than having nothing.

Harvey, was both man and myth; a shark in wolf’s clothing and as cut throat as they came at kicking ass and taking names. Yet somehow, he grew to be more than just Mike’s boss, more than a friend. And that was when Harvey became dangerous. Because it wasn’t long after that, that Mike’s “friend” started creeping into his dreams; settling in the folds of Mike’s desires behind his closed eyelids. Too many mornings Mike would awaken with Harvey’s name on his lips, a fading vision of hard lines and firm hands holding him, gripping him, thrusting wildly against his own body. Then, as his consciousness fully came online, felt the evidence of his dream drying on his skin.

And that was before Mike woke alone in Harvey’s bed, stunned and sore in more places than he could ever remember. Harvey, always on the go, had left him with a note reminding him to eat breakfast and to have the Murray files ready for him by ten. They never once talked about it.

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jinseyetwitch  asked:

Idk if this Is the right place to ask for a fic probably is 😂 but I've been dying since the fly concert in chicago so may I pleasee have a smut with Jackson and mark ambw thanks boo love ya 😚😚😚

Helping Hands:

“Hnng~ fuck yes just like that.” Eyes closed lips parted as you sprawled out on your bed sheets on your stomach. Your fingers buried inside of your panties, hips moving up and down against your fingers as you scissored out yourself hitting your spot dead on. Your teeth clamped onto your bottom lip as you thought about none other that Jackson and Mark in the most sinful ways. They were two of your best friends that you kept close with you always but lately you felt yourself looking at them a bit too much. Wanting them to do more than just give you hugs and little cuddles between the three of you. You wanted to be bouncing on dick’s and sucking off the other one while you were at it. Part of you felt bad for thinking of your best friends in that way but the other part didn’t think so bad of it.  

That’s why you were here trying to quickly finger yourself before they came over because getting a release before and after the seemed to be your ways for copping now. 

“Here we come -” You heard Mark’s cheerful voice before the door was pushed open rather harshly. Screaming you flailed to take your hand outside of your shorts rolling over onto your back watching them. Jackson chuckled softly as they came in to shut the door. Mark lifting an eyebrow grinning and you just wanted to slap those looks off their faces. 

“Told you she was rubbing it.” Mark said to Jackson winking at you.

“I told YOU!” Jackson shouted back at him giving him a playful shove. 

“Excuse the both of you because I’m right here and no the hell I wasn’t.” You lied a bit laying on your back trying to stop from taking the quick panting breaths as your legs lay sprawled out open for them to see you and what a sight you bet it was. 

“Sooooo, what were you doing then?” Mark asked approaching you as he tiled his head. 

“She was posing for playboy look how those panties hug those chocolate thighs. I mean look at those breast barely covered by that tank top or purple bra.” Jackson called out nodding towards you. He always made you flustered talking shit like that. And if they were any better! Jackson had on a tank top showing off his muscles and baggy skinny jeans. Mark had on a shirt that was cut down the sides revealing his body, and he just had on shorts that were showing a lot. 

“I. was just chilling on my stomach about to sleep until you fools came.” You nodded your head shutting your eyes looking off from their gazes because everyone told you that they could tell you were lying when you held their gaze. 

“Bull shit!” Mark yelled out grabbing your left wrist with his hand as Jackson grabbed the hem of your panties. Pushing them to the side, despite your flailing flustered state, Jackson leaned down between your legs letting his mouth press against your pussy. You didn’t even fight it moaning out a yes your free hand gripped his blonde locks as Mark sucked on two of your fingers giving a hum. Pulling back he tsked down at you gripping your hair roughly he made you look at him. Jackson was burying his face between your legs, his tongue thrusting in and out of your dripping cunt eating you like you were food. 

“Why did you lie to us -? All we ever do is want to help and treat you nice. Now instead of getting you off we have to waste time punishing you first.” Mark said with a fake pout on his plump lips. 

“Please- please punish me.” You cried out eagerly looking up at him with tears forming in your eyes from the mouth eating you out. Your hips trembling as you watched your best friend eat your body up. Leaning a hand down he pushed Jackson’s face harder against your pussy eliciting a groan as the man lapped at your folds. 

“That’s right Jackson eat that shit up.” Mark encouraged him crashing his lips against yours. It was a heated kiss full of teeth and tongue until he was sucking on your bottom lip shoving his tongue into your mouth. Jackson slapped at your thighs looking up at both of you make out he smirked against your folds happy that you finally stopped acting and gave in. But he had heard what Mark said and with a sigh he pulled back licking his lips clean and using his shirt to wipe off his chin chuckling at the cry from your lips of protest. 

“Bad girls don’t get cummies baby.” Jackson replied smoothly waiting until Mark was backing away from your lips to pull your body down the bed some. His hands worked at ripping open your white tank top discarding it on the floor. He un-clipped your bra from the front both him and Mark taking it off of you. 

“This body is amazing. I am glad we get to fucking punish you also for fucking waiting this long. You knew what you were doing! All this time with those short ass shorts or tight shirts showing off your breast. Having us over for your little ‘slumber parties’ just so you could touch yourself and moan a bit too loud. You knew we heard you!” Jackson growled rolling his hips against yours causing another groan to leave your lips. He wasn’t all the way wrong which is why you didn’t deny it just use your voice to mutter out soft fake “I’m sorry’s” here and there batting your eyelashes. 

“We will see.” Mark promised you before he slapped the inside of your thigh. “On your knees, ass up. Jackson go first.” Mark said softly as he moved to take off his shirt. 

It didn’t take Jackson long to completely rid himself of his clothing, his hardened shaft slapping his lower stomach as he moved to sit against your headboard with his legs spread wide. His large hand gripped his member stroking it slowly he watched you on all fours. He was thicker than you expected, your mouth watering at how it would be to taste him inside of your cavern. 

“Be good, take these spankings. And don’t cum until I tell you too. Then I will fuck you deal?” Mark asked as he stood on the side looking at you. Your eyes tore away from Jackson and his sinful state so that you could nod your head up at Mark. 

He grinned leaning down to kiss on your left ass cheek. It had you flustered but it didn’t stop the moans from escaping your lips as he ran his tongue along the outlines of your ass dipping under the bottom crevices to lick the skin there as well, and suddenly you felt yourself growing shy in front of them both because you couldn’t hold it in. Mark pulled back going to your dresser he grabbed the baby oil pouring it on your ass and setting the bottle down he rubbed it in with his hands before he started to slap your ass giving you licks. Each one seemed to sting a little more, your body jumping as he spanked you with his left hand targeting your cheeks. 

“Pay attention to meet too baby.” Jackson tapped your cheek with his hand. You looked at him before down at his dick crawling up a bit you licked around the slit of his head, earning a hissing sound from the male. You leaned down to wrap your lips around his tip, slowly sucking on him you looked up at him and he was meeting your gaze. His lips open in the form of a ‘o’ he didn’t move his hips just let you work. Mark was still behind you slapping your cheeks until the flesh was hot in his hand. 

Your lips pushed down farther onto Jackson’s dick as you took more of his thick dick into your mouth. Sucking on him, slurping every now and then you started a pace of bobbing your head up and down slowly. He fist the sheets beside him watching you. Your upper body was down more, your ass in the air as you took your slaps like a good girl. Though your eyes were tearing up you loved the pain. Mark added two fingers in one go inside of your pussy. Pushing them in deeply he held them there, not moving them as he put more oil on your ass letting some drip down your crack. His thumb rubbed up and down the puckered entrance of your ass hole before he started to move his fingers slowly in and out of you continuing to spank you. 

Jackson growled in the back of his throat when you took almost all of him in, your plump pink lips taking him in was almost too much for the male. The way your brown body reacted to everything that was happening to it, how beautiful you were when your eyes were dripping wet from your near tears, breast so perky and brown nipples hard rubbing against the sheets. He took it all in. His hands gripped at your hair tightly so that he could push your mouth down onto his dick making you deep throat him as he rolled his hips up thrusting into your mouth. Jackson would hold your head down on the base of his dick making you take it all before he pulled back letting you breathe every now and then. He kept it up repeating it until you were crying because your throat was being fucked into roughly and the slapping of your ass didn’t help it. Mark was making it hard for you not to come pressing his fingers against your spot rolling them and fucking with the entrance to your asshole. 

Your body was on fire and you tried to concentrate on something other then the spit dripping down your chin onto Jackson’s thighs and balls. The wet sound of your liquids rushing out of your pussy as Mark fingered you. Your stomach tightened up and you wanted to cum you wanted to so much and you think Mark knew it as well. Pulling back from you Mark watched as your body reacted to the orgasm denial squirming and almost falling onto the bed as Jackson kept a steady pace of thrusting in and out of your mouth. You were whining around Jackson’s large shaft causing him to groan out more and curse.

“Bad girls don’t get cummies. Are you sorry?” Mark asked bending down over the bed to look you in the face as he eyed your tears falling onto your brown puffed cheeks. You nodded your head as Jackson pulled back to let you talk but no words came out you just gave nods. “I don’t think she is.” Mark commented. 

“Me neither.” Jackson agreed before he pushed your head back down onto his dick. Mark reached a hand down to pinch your nose shut cutting of your air both ways and you cocked and gagged on Jackson’s shaft. Your eyes getting wide as you let more tears stream down your face. As soon as you were looking light headed Jackson pulled you back up by your hair as Mark let your nose go. Swallowing air you breathed harshly your chest heaving. 

“Are you sorry?” Mark asked again.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry Mark please forgive me it won’t happen again please!” You shouted feeling your arms tremble as you looked up at him. He thought for a quick second and honestly you thought he would tease you more but he didn’t. Grinning he nodded his head looking up at Jackson. 

“Switch?” He asked and Jackson let your hair grow, your scalp screaming in protest but the sexually frustrated side took over wanting more. Jackson got up to move behind you getting your legs spread open more so that he could rub his thumb against your dripping puffy folds slapping your ass to let the sound resonate through the room and jiggle in front of him. Mark stripped off his clothes before he was getting on his knees in front of you tapping his dick against your lips. “Open up for me?” He asked you sweetly. 

Jackson was the first to push inside of you, his dick was wet from your spit and from the juices you dripped against him as he waited for you to get ready. He gripped at your hips starting a slow pace thrusting in and out of you. Rolling his hips from time to time he focused on filling you up. Grazing his dick against your walls and angling different way so that he could find your spot quickly. Mark on the other hand was thrusting in and out of your mouth. His hand gripping the back of your head to keep you in pace so that he could face fuck you. Enjoying how your tongue mapped out his veins and the slit of his head he encouraged more from you the wrapping of your tongue around his shaft and the shaky hands playing with his balls. He felt his stomach tighten up but he held out looking at Jackson slam into your body to make you shake was just too much for him. 

Mark groaned rolling his head back shutting his eyes so that he could breathe through his nose playing in your hair. Jackson was slapping your ass kneading the flesh and leaning down he bit into one of your ass cheeks reaching a hand around to rub at your wet clit. It was almost an instant reaction. More moans leaving your lips to give Mark more pleasure as your hips fought back against Jackson’s your stomach tightening up quickly because of the orgasm you had lost previously. In a few more thrusts Jackson had you cumming on his dick, his hand not stopping on your clit roughly pulling you out of your orgasm he kissed up your back and whispered sweet words against your ear getting you turned on again as he spilled his cum inside of you. Pulling out of you after a while Jackson leaned down to clean up his mess as Mark held himself still in your mouth waiting for the male to get done eating you out. 

“Lay on your side.” Mark breathed out softly before he pulled his hardened dick out of your mouth. He moved behind you as you laid on your side. Mark lifted up your right leg gently a great contrast compared to how hard and rough Jackson fucked you not that you minded at all. 

Jackson lay against the headboard watching as Mark slide inside you from behind holding your leg with his arm under your knee causing your leg to bend. Mark used his free hand to wrap around your head and turning your head towards his, he kissed you again one hand gripping on your breast as you made out. He pushed in and out of you at a gentle slow pace. Slowly fucking you and building up your orgasm. For some reason this made you even more turned on despite what you had just went through. Mark’s tongue slipping in your mouth to suck on your tongue as his hand cupped your pussy he made sure he was always entering inside of you and pulling out. He groaned softly breaking the kiss sometime later to ask if you liked it and how it felt. He was making your body melt against the sheets, your hand tangling into them so that you could hold onto something.

Jackson enjoying the show but not wanting to be left out moved to crawl towards you taking you into one of his own kisses that were passionate and made you dizzy. Your hands gripped at his hair as you kissed him back for the longest time. Your chest rising and falling fast while they both treated you like a goddess. Mark sped up his hips a bit still trying to take it slow he angled his hips to make his dick press against your spot time and time again. The soft wet noises of hips slapping against each other could be heard through the room. 

Jackson broke the kiss leaning down to suck on your hardened breast taking his time with each one, circling his pink tongue around your dark brown perky nipples. He played with them sucking on them until you were throwing your head back from that stimulation and the stimulation on your clit by Mark’s fingers begging him to cum again. He pushed you into your second orgasm of the day, cumming with you because it was hard to hold it inside of him after waiting so long to release. 

Mark didn’t pull out of you, he just laid behind you holding onto you caressing your sides gently. Jackson laid down in front of you kissing you sweetly until you fell asleep from exhaustion between the both of them.


Honestly I’m so sorry I couldn’t write this sooner BUT DAMN GIRL I TRIED TO MAKE UP FOR IT<3
[fic rec] between the instant of a wreck - radialarch - Yuri!!! on Ice
victor/christophe :: mature :: 7k :: Victor Nikiforov falls apart, puts himself back together, and loses something in the process.
By Organization for Transformative Works

YOU GUYS. you guys!!! @radialarch wrote me the fucking victor/christophe sad boning that i needed, that the rest of the world still needs.  the writing here is so sharp and clean and reflects the peaks and valleys of victor.  he’s so earnest and lost and all of his feelings are a just out of reach, and every line radiates with an undercurrent of austere beauty and distant loneliness distinctly like a map of his heart.  this is my victor and this is my christophe, just so many layers and so many well-realized characters broken up with so many lines that make my heart hurt, UGH.

They were close, close enough that Viktor could smell sweat, the last of Chris’s cologne, the champagne, and layered thickly above it the familiar smell of sex. They’d been doing this for — god, years. It was a lifetime in skating.

Viktor closed the gap between them, pressing his mouth to the side of Chris’s jaw in a clumsy kiss, and Chris laughed again in a sound like gravel.

“Fuck you,” he said. “Fuck you, Nikiforov.”

When he kissed Viktor full on the mouth, there was teeth, and heat, like he thought he could chip away whatever was wrong with Viktor, if he wanted it enough.


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Pairing: Calum & Y/N

Words: 1500+

Warning: sfw

Mornings with Calum would be amazing, writing this made me so emotional, it’s so fluffy and playful i want to die. This is literally how i picture Calum being in love, all playful and teasing and wow i hate myself for writing this


(gif isn’t mine)

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we both say "you're mine and only mine" like it's a broken disk. we're always too possessive and needy for each other; full of passion and eagerness, bruising kisses and clashing teeth. i love him, so much that i need to question my sanity from time to time. i want to paint his name across the universe, make people sing his songs and poetries. i love his profanities, his sarcasm, his laughter, his sulky face, his swollen eyes after crying. i love him, and i think i can't contain it.

wow just wow

Familiar Kisses: A Theo Raeken Imagine

This is terrible, but enjoy it anyway x 

He was awoken by her drawing of patterns on his bare chest, the sheet covering the couple leaving little to the imagination.

He smiled as she looked up, her heart fluttering as she saw that signature smirk.

“Morning,” she said, the lilt in her voice reminding him of why the night’s previous events had occurred.

“Morning”, he replied, his husky voice sending shivers down every inch of her body.

He lifted the arm that clutched onto her and stroked the purple marks he’d left on her neck with a feather-light touch.

She trembled, surprised she hadn’t fallen apart. His touch tended to do that to her.

“Something wrong?”

“No, just admiring my work.”

“Well, you should. You know I’m not going to be able hide these.”

He chuckled, a sound that sent her hormones spiralling.

“Good. Now everyone knows your mine.”

His. She was his. That thought warmed her heart, a smile spreading across her face.

“I’m pretty sure everyone knows that already,” she said, nuzzling into him and placing a soft kiss on his chest.

He kissed the top of her head.

“I suppose you’re right, princess.”

The pet name that he so often used gave her butterflies in the pit of her stomach.

By now, his hand had made its way down her arms and was resting on her bare hip, drawing small circles, making her reminisce of the night before.

Suddenly, the warmth had left her hip, and he was now drawing patterns across her stomach.



“Is there something you’re trying to tell me?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Her eyebrow raised.

“Oh, really?”

“Mm,” he said placing butterfly kisses down her jawline.

“So, you don’t mind if I go shower?”

He stopped, his eyes flashing gold.

“Only if I get to join you.”

It was her who smirked this time.

She cupped his face, stroking his jawline, and the slight stubble adorning it.

She was enjoying this way too much.

“So, I was right.”

“What do you mean?”

She swung her legs over, straddling him, before capturing his lips in a passionate kiss, full of teeth and tongue and lip biting, his hands making their way to the small of her back, pulling her closer, before eventually they pulled apart to take a breath.

“You do want a round two.”

His response was simple and familiar.

A kiss.

Dreams Come True

Prompt: You’ve been living in the bunker with the Winchester’s and have become quite enthralled with their feathered friend.
Pairing: CasXReader
Warnings: SMUT, language, edging, unprotected sex (Use condoms)

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You stood in the kitchen cooking, the boys would be home any minute and the agreement that you had given them for letting you stay home was that you would make spaghetti for dinner, Dean’s favorite thing you made. Sam requested cheesecake stuffed strawberries for dessert. He thought that would be a feat and you’d rethink staying behind. You had agreed and had to say that the strawberries looked great sitting in the fridge where they had been since the night before. You chuckled as you remembered the first time you insisted on cooking dinner and Dean had actually gotten a little possessive over kitchen duties… and then eventually he had to admit that it was nice having someone who actually knew how to cook in the house other than him.

You’d been cook for about 30 minutes when you heard the door open in the other room, perfect timing. You threw the pasta into the boiling salt water and turned the burner to simmer for your meat sauce.

You pulled your shorts down just enough to be seen under the long flannel you stole from one of them, didn’t want the cracks about not wearing pants, “Hey!”

“I smell garlic,” You heard Dean’s rough voice excitedly call out.

Then an unexpected voice, “You requested spaghetti, is it not customary for there to be garlic involved?”

You breath hitched, they brought the angel with them, you ran to look in the glass of the stove to see if you looked alright. Messy but ok.

Sam came in and immediately went to the fridge for a beer and looked at you squatted on the ground, “You alright?”

“Just checking the garlic bread,” you blushed and pushed a stray lock of hair behind your ear.

He chuckled and took a long drink.

“I didn’t know you were bringing company,” You mumbled.

He cocked an eyebrow and the other two men came in.

Dean walked over to the stove and inhaled before pulling you into a one armed brotherly hug, “That’s what I’m talking about.”

Sam cleared his throat and looked at you wantingly.

“Don’t worry I didn’t forget you, Sammy,” You moved to the fridge and opened the large tupperware container with the berries, ignoring his glare at the nickname.

He reached in and pulled the biggest one out and bit into it.

“You have to eat dinner first, young man!”

He laughed and ate the other half, “Young?! I’m ancient compared to you.”

You scoffed and went to check and drain the pasta. They started putting plates and silverware on the table and you turned almost forgetting he was there. His blue eyes capturing yours, “May I help?”

“Uh,” you handed him the bowl of salad that you’d made, “Sure, take that to the table?”

He looked overjoyed to be part of doing the tasks.

“Rabbit food?” Dean whined, you looked back at him and he shot you a wink.

You mixed the pasta and meat sauce together into a large serving bowl and carried it to the table. Dean sat down and started piling his plate full.

“You want a beer? I got some wine that would go well with it too… i think.”

Dean grimmace, “Beer would be good.”

“Great,” you plopped down, “They are in the fridge, get me a glass of my wine while you’re in there.”

You grinned at him and he rolled his eyes, shooting Sam a look, “She’s like the sister I never wanted…”

You feind hurt.

“But glad I have.” And ruffled your already messy hair.

You pulled your knees up and perched on the chair while getting your food, knowing that Sam would help you with the salad. Everyone sat around the table and laughed while eating. Periodically Cas would catch your gaze but you would break talking with the boys about the case and sharing stories.

“Aren’t you going to eat, Cas?” You looked at his empty, clean plate.

“I don’t require sustenance,” He looked very serious.

Dean moved and you could tell he nudged his friend under the table.

“Oh,” He spooned some of the food onto his plate, “But it just smells so good.”

You smirked, “You don’t have to, Cas. Really.”

He slurped up a noodle and smirked, “Dean made it apparent that I do.”

Dean put his head in his hand and chuckled, shaking his head. You finished eating and laughed at the angle as he calmly emptied his plate. You finished the last bit of wine, feeling the warmth hitting you knowing that it was reaching your cheeks at this point but didn’t care.

You went and grabbed the strawberries and when you turned Cas had followed you, “Dean said you might need help.”

You smiled and held up the container, “No just getting dessert.”

He looked at his feet and then met your eyes, “You are an amazing cook.”

“Cas, I know you don’t like food. It’s ok.”

“But I’m telling the truth,” he looked down his sharp nose at you, standing just close enough to make your already burning cheeks hotter. You went to walk away and he caught you by the elbow so gently you barely noticed, “Could we talk later?”

You cocked and eyebrow, “Sure, Cas.”

You finished dinner and the strawberries were a huge hit. Sam and Dean agreed to do the dishes since you did all the cooking and they had thoroughly stuffed themselves. You looked at Cas once you were alone sitting across from each other.

“You wanted to talk?” You pulled your knees tighter against your chest.

“Somewhere we won’t be interrupted, Dean likes to tell me how to speak to women,” He looked so serious but you couldn’t help but giggle a little. You got up and motioned for him to follow you.

You walked back into your room and closed the door, “They won’t come in here. Been scarred too many times.”

Cas watched as you perched again in the chair next to your bed, you motioned for him to sit. He chose the edge of your bed. His eyes looked at (Y/S/C) legs as you rubbed them and then his gaze went completely away from you, “I’ve been talking with Dean about some things and he told me that I should talk with you about it too.”

You furrowed your brow.

“I’ve been having these feelings… for you.”

You gulped and your grip on your ankles tightened letting you know this wasn’t a wine induced dream.

“And seeing you dressed like that and just so comfortable and happy. It’s truly mesmerizing,” he looked up through his lashes at you and you just stared back at him, mouth hanging partially open. He sighed, “I understand if you don’t feel the same way about me but honestly I couldn’t keep it to myself. I am much more comfortable with honesty, keeping things from the people i care about hasn’t exactly turned out well in the past.”

He didn’t move, didn’t look at you just sat there and looked at his folded hands. You swallowed hard, knowing that what you were about to do might be the most ballsy thing you have ever done and possibly fed by the wine but you didn’t really care. You’d been having dreams about him since you met him and every time those icy blue orbs caught yours, you couldn’t breathe.

You moved to stand in front of him, he watched your hand as it hesitantly moved to touch his face, the stubble prickling your fingers.

He stood and didn’t break his eye contact, you looked up at him and grabbed the back of his neck to pull him and meet him halfway on your tiptoes. You hesitated just slightly before crashing your lips into his. His arms enveloped you and pulled you as close as he could.

He pulled you away and searched your face for something before smiling, full teeth and came back to kissing you again.

You gently pushed him back so he was sitting on your bed again, straddling his lap and moving to kiss and lick every inch of skin you could find. He let out a gravely moan when you nipped his ear with your teeth.

“I don’t want to be too forward, (Y/N),” his voice sounded shakier than you had ever heard it and the heat growing between your legs responded to it.

“Cas, do me a favor,” you locked eyes with him again, “Don’t be so polite with me.”

He pulled your face back down to his and copied what you had just done to him, he moved further down to the buttons of your shirt and pulled it open. Revealing your black bra, thankful you’d worn one of your sexy sets. You rolled your hips into the angel and felt that he was rock hard beneath his slacks.

He pulled the bra off and attacked one of your swollen nipples, you cried out and threw your head back. Rolling your hips against him again, he snapped his fingers and both of your clothes were completely gone. You looked down at the perfect man under you. His muscles were softened lines but still strong. He circled his tongue around the other nipple now and looked up at you.

You mouth hung open and you could feel his length prodding against you dripping entrance. Cas groaned again as he lined himself up with you and you teased him, sinking just enough to feel his head. You gritted your teeth, “Tell me what you want, baby.”

He tried to thrust upward and you sank slowly onto him. He let out a sigh and grabbed a fistful of your hair and thrusted hard, hitting deep into you. You cried out and started riding up and down on the angel. You would go until his breath got shaky and slow and he would actually whimper your name.

You felt yourself building with him though, when you felt close you would hold off. You pulled his earlobe in you teeth again, “I want you to come with me. I’m so close…”

He stood, holding your thighs around him and still inside. He laid you on your back and started thrusting hard and deep, fucking you into the mattress.

He would grunt and moan with every thrust. Your legs started shaking as you felt yourself building again. You reached between your bodies and started stroking your swollen clit, “I’m so fucking- shit- CAS!”

You both screamed out as you released around him, clenching hard and him coating your walls. He pumped a few more times, completely emptying himself into you before collapsing on top of you, breathing heavy.

“I didn’t think angels could get winded,” you chuckled and ran your fingers through his sweat soaked hair before kissing his temple.

He leaned up and looked down at you, kissing your lips again, “That would have made anyone winded.”

You sighed.

“Well I’m glad I followed Dean’s advice,” He smiled ear to ear again, “and I hope it happens again.”

You cocked an eyebrow, “Oh we are so not finished, not by a long shot.”

Drunken Love


  • Can you do a revenge era gerard smut??? ^_^
  • Could you please write a story where y/n is dating gee and has a major daddy kink? And it’s really smutty and stuff? Your imagines are great btw
  • Ok so first of all you are awesome. Somewhat kinky Gee smut?¿ Any era, but preferably Danger or Revenge.
  • Morning after smut with Gerard

I woke up to a loud beeping noise, groaning at the severe ache in my head. I slowly sat up and rubbed my eyes, feeling oddly sore. That’s when I noticed, this wasn’t my bed. this wasn’t my room. Realization dawned over me when I realized all I was wearing was an over sized shirt that wasn’t mine, i hooked up with someone.

“Shit,” I cursed under my breath, frustrated at myself for getting so drunk to go home with some guy.But I would have time to reflect and be disappointed with myself later, but for now I had to get out of here. 

The number one rule of one night stands was to get the hell out the there as fast as you can and I planned on doing just that. My clothes were no where in sight, but I did find my purse with everything still in it. Just as I was considering burrowing whoever’s clothes these were and leaving a note, the bedroom door opened.

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting, either a stereo typical douche bag like the ones who swarmed the clubs like wolves or maybe a well dressed, business looking man like the ones I usually swooned over. The last thing I was expecting was for Gerard Way to walk in wearing nothing but a towel on his waist.

I stiffened, not sure what to say or do besides stare at his dripping chest. Despite just shagging me and showing up practically naked, he had a shy smile on his face and tucked his hair behind his ears awkwardly. 

“Good morning,” he said kindly, walking over to his closet to grab some clothes.

“Good morning ,” I replied, a little star struck and proud that I imagined to screw a celebrity. “Can you…feel me in on what happened last night?”

“You don’t remember?” He frowned, turning to face me.

“Nope. I’m assuming we did it, but I can’t remember anything.”

“What a shame, you seemed to be enjoying yourself last night,” he winked, chuckling when my face heated up. “By the way, I put your clothes in the washer, they had beer spilled all over them.”

“Thank you, you didn’t have to do that.”

He waved his hand in the air, shaking his head. “It’s nothing. You were pretty good to me last night so I thought I would return the favor. Do you really not remember it?”

“Nope,” I sighed.

“Maybe I should show you watch you missed out on,” he winked.

“I think you’re all talk,” I challenged, watching a smirk form on his lips. He towered over me, hand curling behind my waist and dipping his lips down to mine. He nibbled and sucked on my bottom lip, begging for an entrance. I let him, moaning softly at the feeling of his tongue.

Gerard groaned deeply, his hard length nudged my thigh, letting me know he was probably just as horny as I was. He pulled off the large shirt that I assumed was his, leaving me completely bare to him.

His left hand groped my breasts as we continued to make out passionately, after sensing my desperation he started to trail his mouth lower, kissing my neck, collarbone and finally my hard nipples. He suckled each pink bud into the warmth of his mouth and pulled back letting them snap back into place. “Uhmmm…that feels incredible,” I gasped.

“Call me daddy,” he mumbled into my skin. The word oddly turned me on even more and I happily moaned it out.

He looked up at me with his famous smirk and quickly pressed his lips to mine before saying, “How would you like to feel that down here?” he said grazing his thumbnail over my slit, making me shiver. 

“I’d love it” I answered him.

 “I can’t wait to taste you baby girl,” he growled into my ear, tongue flicking my earlobe.

At this point I was writhing desperately, my body begging for him. Gerard gestured for me to sit on the bed while he got on the floor, hooking his large hands on the bend of my knees to pull me towards the edge of the bed and closer to his face.

He licked his pink lips and dove in between my thighs. I let out a loud moan and started squirming underneath him. He looked up at me as his tongue laved up and down my center, then the tip of his tongue lightly touched my throbbing clit and moved in tight circles.

My hands flew to his hair, grasping handfuls while mewls and high-pitched moans spilled from my open mouth “Please Daddy, please give me more” I cried out. I heard Gerard chuckle, sending vibrations into my clit.

Two of his large fingers entered me at once and his mouth latched on to my clit, sucking it harshly and sliding his hot tongue over it, driving me insane; his fingers curling and hitting my g spot perfectly the entire time.

He kept humming low and palming himself through the towel. He started to suckle, pull and snap my clit back into place, just as he had done my nipples earlier. “F-Fuck,” I cried.

The sight of it and the electrifying sensations coursing through my body brought me closer and closer to my orgasm. Gerard looked up at me and doubled his efforts with his fingers, getting deeper and sucking on my clit deliciously, when suddenly my first orgasm hit me like nothing I’d ever felt before.

I screamed and came around his fingers, enjoying him letting me calm down a little by just kissing my thighs. “You taste like fucking sugar babe.” I could see him lapping up my wetness from his cheeks with his tongue, and a cocky smirk spread across his face, as he started wiping his face and sucking his fingers clean.

I flipped us over when he came up to my lips to kiss me, straddling his waist. “Your turn,” I smirked, running my hands up and down his pale chest.

I trailed kisses down his chest, abs and V lines, while pulling off his towel, my gaze never straying from his perfect face, as I made my way down to his length. I took the base of it in my soft hand and licked the pre cum off the head, taking my time relishing on the taste of him, twirling my tongue around it and sliding it over my full lips as I kissed it tenderly.

His teeth dug into his bottom lip and his green eyes smoldered as he stroked my cheek and carded his fingers though my hair, making my eyes flutter shut for a second. “Enough teasing baby, put me in your pretty mouth” he said.

I took as much of his length as I could fit into my mouth all at once, and slowly pulled out sucking it hard and hollowing my cheeks. “Ugh fuck baby…so good” he breathed. I hummed around him and picked up the pace but kept the same pressure on his member, while laving my tongue along the underside of his shaft.

My hand worked in time with my mouth, stimulating his entire length while I bobbed my head getting him deeper in every thrust. He nudged the back of my throat a few times, and finally held me there, pushing deeper inside, hardly pulling out anymore. The back of my throat ached a little and my eyes watered, but I didn’t mind, enjoying the deep grunts and groans he was making.

He pulled out finally, touching his thumb to my swollen lips, “Such a good girl for me, taking all of me so well, I could get lost in that pretty little mouth” I hummed in approval, a feeling of pride radiating in my chest. 

His hands pulled me up easily. He leaned against the headboard and lifted me onto his lap so I was straddling him, facing him with my legs wide open.

He kissed and groped up and down my body and I ground myself against his length, feeling his tip brush against my clit. 

He grunted and I knew he couldn’t take any more teasing. He grabbed himself and guided his tip into me, I whimpered in anticipation and felt my walls flutter wildly as his thick cock made it’s way into me, thrusting an inch deeper and pulling out, until he bottomed out, reaching my g spot. “Fuck yeah Daddy, just like that” I half spoke, half moaned into his lips.

Gerard started to thrust faster into me “You like that baby?” he growled through clenched teeth. 

“Yes…mmm yeah” I answered him, barely being able to keep my thoughts straight when my body was feeling this good. 

“Yes what?” he asked harshly taking two handfuls of my ass cheeks and pulling them apart as he canted his hips up higher hitting my G-Spot with more force, so deep that I could feel him in my lower abdomen. 

“Yes Daddy!” I screamed. 

“That’s better” he said. Gerard looked down and moaned, pinning my thighs to his sides with both hands, immobilizing me and impaling me further into his cock. He started to roll his hips up with more force, creating slick friction between my clit and his pelvis. My head dropped to his shoulder and I scrunched up my face making wild noises, I didn’t know it was possible to feel this good, and I felt another orgasm approaching. 

“Daddy I think I’m gonna cum again” I whimpered on his shoulder. 

“Okay baby” he grunted “but look at me when you cum” I bucked my hips forward, meeting his deep thrusts, enjoying the way his cock nudged my insides at this angle.

I clenched around him and my clit throbbed uncontrollably as I came hard. “Who’s making you feel this good huh? Who owns you?” Gerard moaned in my ear. 

“You Daddy, only you!” I mewled and moaned as my orgasm kept rocking my body.

Slowly I came down and I tried to regain my breath. Gerard’s soft mouth kissed me hungrily swallowing the last of my whimpers.

 “Now its Daddy’s turn, hands and knees baby” he rasped out. I turned around and got on all fours, sticking my ass out and pressing my face down on the mattress. 

He entered my heat once more, and started to pound into me from behind, he rolled his hips into me, once he was all the way in, getting as deep as possible.”Fuckin’ sh-shit,” he choked out. He growled and picked up the pace of his thrusts.

His pounding kept hitting me hard and filling me up when his other hand came around and pinched my clit, rolling it between his fingers making me squeal and scream into the sheets. “You think you can come one more time for me baby girl? Do it for Daddy, come with me” he spoke raspier than ever, his thrust never loosing their stride.

I came harder than ever, my vision going white, losing my grip on reality and fireworks erupted all over my body. Gerard came at the exact same time, moaning and grunting loudly. I felt his warm cum filling me up inside, a moment later I felt the heat of his body enveloping my own and curving over my back. He held onto me tightly as we both came down from our highs, regulated our breathing and started to calm down after the earth shattering sex we had just shared. “Oh my god baby…wow” he smiled and flashed his dimples.

“I know…that was amazing,” I blushed.

“Told you you missed out,” he said with a cocky smirk, planting a kiss on my forehead.

Drabble: Unusual
Characters: Hinata Shouyou/Nishinoya Yuu (Haikyuu!!)
Warning: sorta on the naughty side

It started out as innocent as ever with the most endearing of pecks on the lips and giggles and laughter. But a too-lasting peck turned into a breathy mess of interlocked lips, and it led to such a hot disaster.

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