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(Request/prompt) Frisk goes techno-goth with shiny black lipstick, torn tank top, shiny,straighter black hair, and HUGE feet-covering phat/shuffle/raver pants. Bonus: Blushing Chara sporting a kissmark from the raver child:)

chara too busy for dis bs

i had a lot of fun drawing this tbh! i hope you had this in mind or at least it’s close

Tea Time (Daddy!Bucky x daughter)

Author’s Note: Hey guys! I have been meaning to post this for a while and I finally have some time, so here you go! I hope you enjoy! :)

Summary: Bucky’s daughter comes to him for help on an important mission, recruiting Steve and Tony along the way.

Other Characters: Steve, Tony, reader

Warnings: It’s so fluffy that you might die

Word Count: 520

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IG Post: You With Your Kids(Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Dani Alves,Marc Bartra,Lucas Silva,Marcelo, Oscar,Willian,Hulk, James Rodriguez, Isco)

Marc-Andre ter Stegen:My wife and kids so beautiful

Dani Alves:Y/N and the kids

Marc Bartra:My growing family

Lucas Silva: He only falls asleep in Mommy’s arms

Marcelo:Family is what’s fun

Oscar:My girls

Willian: A kiss from Mommy & Daddy, and then she’s off to swim

Hulk:Mommy and Kayson

James Rodriguez:My curly fuzz heads

Isco:Our, babygirl

ClownBaby - Leto!Joker x Reader

Hey everyone! So when I counted up everyone’s votes the other day… Clown baby won out! (By a landslide really.) So I’m complying to your demands wishes and giving you my version of clown baby! I hope you all enjoy!! Request from anon. -J.xx

hey! love your blog sm❤️ i was wondering if you could do a story where the joker and the reader have a child and j’s like fluffy kinda?? like he loves his kid and he loves the reader even more and i dunno where i’m going with it but yeah😂thanks!


The Joker bounced the babbling child on his knee, anxious for Y/N to get back from her shopping trip. She had begged and begged to spend just one day out of the house, and he reluctantly agreed to get her to shut up. He regretted that decision now. He wished Y/N would just come home already and take care of the little tyke. He had important work to get done and babysitting wasn’t on that list.

The Joker peered down at his son. Bright blue eyes stared back up at him. His eyes. Y/N always went on and on about how he and his son had the same eyes. “Now I have two sets of beautiful blues to get lost in!” The Joker huffed. His eyes are the only ones Y/N should be getting lost in. This damn kid was stealing all of Y/N’s attention. Why did he ever get her pregnant?

“Oo oo oo,” the baby blubbered, giggling as the Joker continued to bounce his knee up and down. This damn thing.

“Oo oo oo,” the Joker imitated, making his son laugh even harder. Dammit. When was Y/N getting home?

Staring down at his son, the Joker took in the rest of his features. Brown hair like Y/N with a green streak that he had insisted on. Y/N protested for days but finally gave in after enough pestering and heavy persuasion. The Joker thought it looked quite nice on his son. Since Y/N would never let him give him a tattoo, the Joker had to settle with this.

“Why does he need green hair?” Y/N had asked, her arms crossed at him.

“So people know whose son he is!” he had reasoned, flailing his arms around like he normally does. And after some sweet words, well-placed kisses, and a fun night together, Y/N finally let him do what he wanted.

The Joker chuckled, thinking about how easy it was to get Y/N to do what he wanted when his son began to mimic him. With his head cocked, he looked at his son, squinting his eyes a little. The Joker laughed again, his son doing the same. Lifting him up to eye level, he turns his son this way and that, making him giggle even more.

“How the hell does this thing work?” the Joker mumbled, bringing him back to sit on his knee. “Huh? How do you work? How come Y/N always gives her attention to you? What’s your secret? She’s my Queen. She belongs to me. I should be the one getting all the attention around here, bub.”

His son smiled and raised his hands up, making a grabbing motion. The Joker raised a hairless brow, bringing him back up to his face. His son reached out and tried to grab his lip, blowing raspberries. The Joker chuckled again.

“You wanna kiss from Daddy?” he smiled softly, leaning forward and pressing a gentle kiss to his son’s forehead. After he leaned back, his son was smiling brightly up at him. “See? Daddy knows what you want. You can always count on Daddy.”

His son still continued to reach for him though so the Joker leaned back into the couch, resting his son on his chest. This finally seemed to please his son, cuddling into the Joker’s lean chest and gently holding his shirt in his tiny hand.

“Maybe you’re alright,” the Joker whispered, softly smoothing a hand over his son’s head, admiring the green streak again. Closing his eyes, the Joker reveled in the silence.

When Y/N came home, she found her two favorite boys fast asleep, their son curled protectively into the Joker’s arms.


Well I guess Jealous!Mark had a pretty valid reason to smack that head..

Outta Time

Requested by anonymous: Bucky smut please, where he and the reader were making out on the bed, and then she cuffs his hands on the headboards without him knowing. He gets mad but sub!buckyxdom!reader please! Dd/lg :)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x chronokinetic!reader

Rating: M

Word count: 3.2k

Warnings: established dd/lg relationship, making out, sub!Bucky, dom!reader, daddy!Bucky, little girl!reader, unprotected sex, oral sex (male receiving, female receiving), face sitting and riding, total smut with basically no plot, daddy kink, handcuffs, light bondage, creampie, swears, Bucky panics for a bit and then calms down, little girl takes charge, sub!daddy!Bucky, dom!little girl!reader, multiple orgasms

A/N: what can I say? I love writing fics with dd/lg, and I love Bucky Barnes. Mix those two together, and you get this. Enjoy!

Being a member of the Avengers was never an easy feat. You risked your life every time you went on a mission, throwing yourself in the face of danger constantly. You were never guaranteed to come back. There was always that chance of a mission going wrong, for your life to be lost.

Having a boyfriend who was also an Avenger was even worse.

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Kurotsuki + baby! Kenma x omegaverse

Bc yeah

-Kuroo fucking flips his shit when he hears Kei is pregnant he cries a fucking river like holy shit he’s happy

-he over does it with buying baby shit like seriously no chill at least wait for the doctors to announce it’s gender

-Tsuki is super fucking hormonal if you ignore him for a sec he’ll burst into tears and if you don’t do what he wants he gets pissed like really pissed then emotional

-the baby’s room is super cute for being mixed with boy and girl things Kuroo painted the day and night sky it looks really good and painted cats on the walls with stars Kei fucking cries with every time he sees it he especially loves the huge plushy toys

-people are obsessed with Tsuki’s tummy especially Bokuto he really wants a family too sadly Akaashi is a beta

-Bokuto is a happy uncle and buys a bunch of shit too

-Daichi and Suga can’t believe their baby got knocked up by a ugly ass cat the poor baby is probably going to have his rat nest hair but they’re still supportive

-Tsuki eats everything even Kuroo’s food not to mention he craves pickles in vanilla ice cream and sprinkles with whipped cream also strawberries with tuna and relish

-Kuroo’s sweaters, shirts and sweatpants are now Tsuki’s and they’re too baggy for his skinny ass frame they hug his hips and tummy nicely tho

-Kuroo finally gets to feel how powerful Tsuki is because the doctors told him that Kei almost legit broke his hand when in labor

-Baby Kenma is born with some what curly blond hair with Kuroo’s skin to make it pop

-Kenma is a blessing because he rarely cries but rarely shows emotion at all they got him checked he’s fine just rarely calm

-The only times Kenma smiled or laughed was with Tsuki and it hurts Kuroo to know that he’s only showing emotion to Tsuki like he won’t even let Kuroo feed him

-Tsuki ends up taking a week off because Akaashi and Suga forced him it was so hard to get him far from his baby

-Kuroo takes the opportunity to get closer to his son he literally tries everything funny faces games stories and songs nothing worked it’s almost the weekend and he can’t get Kenma to at least smile

-Kuroo putting him to sleep giving a goodnight kiss when “daddy” comes from his mouth Kuroo tells him to say it again and he does he cries and Kenma laughs

- it’s been a while now Kenma’s hair grew with black roots Kuroo dresses him up in cat or dinosaur onesies too much Tsuki loves his baby and Kuroo everything’s great Kenma is the perfect mix of Kuroo and Tsuki even if he has more of his mommy’s side

Requested: Bonding Time with The Royal Family

Request: “Is it possible to have one about the prince (in bmp season 1 and/or 2) and mc having a happy family with adorable child or children? Maybe something like the prince looking after their kids or family day?  Thanks:)” @annalicescarlet

A/N- Sorry for the long delay T_T, I hope you like it! Lol  Still haven’t played BMP2


Edward-  “DADDY!” the young princess’s voice exclaimed from the edge of the secret garden.  She was kneeling down facing the roses with a teddy bear in her arms.   Edward smiled as he walked over toward her.  His queen, MC, had to go off to do something with work leaving the two of them to have some alone time.  Since Edward had been very busy lately, he did not spend much time with his little girl– much to his dismay.  He was happy at the idea of finally having alone time to spend some alone time with his daughter.  Edward kneeled down beside the girl to see her pointing at a ladybug crawling on one of the leaves of the bush, “look ladybug!”

“Yeah, it’s very pretty,” Edward smiled, “not as pretty as my little rose.”  The young girl smiled up at her father before remembering something.

She stood up and exclaimed, “can I get another cookie?”  Edward gave her a curious look before realizing what she meant.  He smiled and nodded his head before the girl ran towards the table with tea and macarons on it.  She snatched the pink macaron off the table and stuffed it in her mouth before taking the another one.  She rushed toward her father and handed the macaron over with a big smile, “daddy likes the pink ones too, right?”

Edward smiled as he took the rose flavoured macaron from his daughter, “yes I do.  Thank you angel.”

“Do you think Mr. Robbie would want one?” the young girl asked as she lifted the bear up in the air.  The bear had been a gift from Roberto, she named it after him, and she brought the bear with her everywhere.  It comforted her when her parents were gone with work and she was left behind in the castle.

“I don’t think he wants anymore,” Edward laughed thinking about the young girl sharing her food with the bear earlier.  The bear will need to be washed soon.

The girl nodded her head, “yeah, he has a tummy ache.  Maybe a kiss from daddy will make him feel better?”  Edward smiled as he kissed the small bear on the cheek.  “Yay, he’s all better!” she exclaimed before hugging the bear to her chest, “thank you daddy!”

“Anything for you, my little princess,” Edward said as he picked the girl up.  He opened his mouth to say something before one of the maids rushed into the garden.

“Your majesty,” she said as she bowed, “the Queen as returned.”

The girl’s face light up at the news, “mommy!”

“Let’s go get mommy,” Edward said as she nodded her head.  Edward placed her on the floor and before he could take one step the young girl had already ran out of the garden.

Wilfred- The baby yawned as she gazed at her father from his arms.  Her older brother searched the bookshelves as their father smiled down at the sleepy baby.  She was holding onto his shirt as she fought the urge to fall asleep in his arms.  Her eyes shined as she turned away from her father and looked toward her brother who dropped a book in the floor.  With all the noise he was making she would not be going to sleep any time soon.

A smile appeared on his face as he picked up the book, “this one!  Mommy always reads it!  Sissy loves it!”  His voice was loud as he ran toward his father, nearly tripping over the rug.  The toddler attention was glued onto the book in her brother’s hands.  She let go of Wilfred’s shirt and reached toward the book.  The boy held it away from her so she could not get her small hands on it– if she did she would try to eat it.

“Is it her favourite, or yours?” Wilfred asked curiously.  MC usually read books to the kids before they fell asleep; however, she was out of the country doing some royal duties that Wilfred could not do himself due to the abundance of work left to do at the castle.  Wilfred decided to take up the tradition of reading the story since it was the only way to get the kids to sleep.  Claude offered to do it, but Wilfred wanted some alone time with his kids.

The boy smiled shyly, “she likes it too!”  The boy handed the book to his father who smiled when he saw the cover– it was his favourite book when he was a kid.  It probably was the same copy– the book looked well used.  Wilfred thought about MC somehow finding the book, or maybe getting it from Stephen, as he skimmed through the book.  Familiar memories of his childhood began to bubble up to the surface of his mind.//  “So, will ya read it?” the boy asked his father who nodded his head.

“This was my favorite book when I was a kid too,” Wilfred muttered as he turned back to the first page of the book.

The boy’s expression turned to shock as he sat down on the couch besides his father, “you were a kid?”  The baby girl laughed as Wilfred could not hold back a laugh.  The surprise reaction reminded Wilfred of his wife.

Glenn-  “DADDY!  DAD!” the boy yelled as he ran up to his father with a piece of paper held tightly to his chest.  There was a huge smile plastered on his face that reminded Glenn of his younger brother at his age.  His eyes shined innocently as he handed the paper to his father.  “Mommy said that you liked them!  I’m going to make one for her for when she returns too!” he exclaimed, “what do you think?”  The boy watched excitedly as Glenn looked at the drawing his son handed him.

A gasp slipped his lips.  It was nothing extraordinary.  It was a normal child’s crayon drawing; however, the picture was different than what the boy usually drew.  It was a picture of the boy, Glenn and MC sitting in a field of sunflowers eating a picnic.

“Mommy said you liked sunflowers,” the boy said smiling, “and you both have sunflowers!  You have the pen and mommy has the ring.”  Glenn’s cheeks reddened as he remembered the pen he had kept from his childhood, he never had the heart to get rid of it even when the pen went dry.  He honestly did not even think MC still had ring, since he had not seen it since they were reunited.

His boy’s expression began to falter as he began to believe his father did not like the drawing.  Did he draw the sunflowers wrong?  Did he not like them anymore?  Did he draw his dad too fat?

“This is great,” Glenn said breaking the silence as smile at his son.  The boy’s face light up in relief at his father’s words.

“Do you think mommy would like one too?” he asked.

Glenn nodded his head, “your mom would love anything you made for her.”  The boy smiled as he rushed back toward his crayons and paper that he left abandoned on the coffee table.  He stopped midway and turned back to Glenn with a curious expression.

“Daddy, can I get a sunflower thing too?” he asked, “like mommy and you?”


Roberto-  “I now understand what Al had to deal with,” Roberto muttered to himself as he quickly rushed through the park.  His heart was racing in his chest and he did not know if it was due to the childish excitement of being free once again or fear of the unknown that haunted his thoughts.  He was gasping for his breath as anxious feelings kept a tight grasp on his mind; frightening images passed through his mind at the speed of light.

Children’s laughter echoed around him.  He looked at his surroundings, searching for any hint of a living being.  Nothing, just nature.  A wind blew through the bushes and tree causing them to shake under the slight pressure.  The laughter quickly stopped as it began as Roberto groaned.

He felt the urge to call Alberto up and say sorry, then call MC to tell her that she should never leave him alone with the kids again.  He will never sneak out of the castle with them again– he thought it would be fun, but now he does now he wants to go home and keep the kids as sheltered as possible.  Oh god, Roberto thought, I am turning into Al.

“BOO!” the voices yelled in union as the jumped from the bushes with mischievous smiles.  Roberto’s heart skipped a beat the the sight of the duo as his hand flew up to his chest.

“Don’t run off like that again,” Roberto cried, “unless Alberto is around.”  Alberto would be able to keep them under lock and key– he had enough experience.

The two identical young twin boys laughed at their father’s reaction, “dad!  You look so pale!”

“You two will be the death of me,” Roberto muttered with a smile as he ushered the two boys back toward where they come from.

“We don’t want to go home yet!” the first twin cried.

The other twin said, “can we stay in the playground!  I wanna go on the swing!”

“Me too!”

“Fine, go ah–” Roberto began and before he could even finish the sentence the twins ran toward the swings… and then passed it.  Roberto muttered under his breath as he chased after the boys again.

Keith-  Keith’s eyes shined as he looked down at the smiling face in his arms.  The baby gazed at the soon to be king as if he was the center of her universe, and at the moment he was.  MC had went to go visit her sick father, and since she left Keith had spent most of his time around the infant.  They did not want to risk the baby getting sick and Keith had too much work to do to go with her– he was not getting any of that work done.  Papers that he was supposed to look through were stacked on his desk, they had not moved an inch since being placed there earlier in the day.

“Your ma–” Luke began to call as he opened the door.

“Don’t you know how to knock,” Keith cut him off as he kept his gaze on the baby.  He was making strange faces at the baby to make her laugh and they were working.  Luke bit his bottom lip to try to prevent laughter from slipping out.  He was used to this sight by now.  Ever since the baby girl was born, Keith has been taking a page out of Prince Roberto’s book and avoiding work every time he can just so he could be around his little princess.  Everyone is afraid to tell him not to do so because he would snap at anyone that tried to separate him from the girl.  MC and Cathy found the whole thing to be adorable.  Keith is an amazing father.

“You have a meeti–” Luke began for Keith sighed before standing up with the baby in his arms.

“Okay, you watch the baby then,” Keith said handing the baby to the butler who looked at his boss in shock, “she might need a diaper change.”  Luke’s expression fell at the words.  The only times Keith is willing to hand over the baby is when she needs to be changed.

Joshua-  Joshua was reading his papers as he sat in his office.  He lost track of time and did not realize how late it was until he went to take a sip of his tea that had grown cold.  He peered out the window and sighed as he was greeted by the star drenched sky.  He had made a promise and he had also broke it.

Joshua stood up from his seat and left the office and walked down the corridor toward his goal.  The closer he got to it, the quieter the castle seemed to become– his footsteps seemed to become mute.

He opened the door and peeked through the crack to see the little purple haired toddler sitting in his bed with his teddy bear lying in front of him.  An oversized picture book sat in his lap as the boy ‘read’ the book aloud.  His words were incoherent and made-up, but there was a huge smile as he said them.  He was making up the story as he went along.

There was a sad smile on Joshua’s face as he watched the child read aloud.  Joshua promised MC that he would read the nightly bedtime story to their son, but like usual he lost track of time.  MC would have done it herself but she had become ill and did not want to risk getting the baby sick.  Joshua sighed as the toddler turned toward his father.  His expression turned from confusion to fear to excitement.

“Dada!” he said jumping off his bed and running toward his father.  He grabbed his father’s hand and pulled him toward the bed, “read!”

Joshua bit back laughter was he allowed himself to be pulled along, “okay.”  Joshua picked the boy up and placed him on the bed before sitting down on the side of the bed.  The toddler climbed underneath the covers and rested his head on his father’s side as Joshua picked up the book he was ‘reading’ before.  There was a drawing of a cat on the cover, which made Joshua inwardly cringed.  “Meow!” the toddler exclaimed as he pointed at the cat.

“Yes… meow,” Joshua grumbled as he opened the book.  The boy began to drift off to sleep a few pages in, and about midway the boy and his father had fallen asleep.  Jan took a picture of the scene to show to MC sometime during the night.

We went to a family birthday BBQ today in Los Angeles and came home past Ashtyn’s bedtime.

As I got Ashtyn out of the backseat she said “oh wow, look at that star! I need to make a wish.” I braced for a long list of Star Wars action figures and eye shadow palettes, but she threw me for a loop:

“I wish for 10 kisses from you daddy, 4 hugs from mommy, and new soil for my raspberry bush.”

You melt my heart kid.

Here Without You

Even though he tried his best to talk to them every day, it wasn’t the same as being there with them. He knew she understood, because she never pressured him or complained about his extended absences, but he was missing out on so much.

A/N: I shared the picture below with @yespleasehawkeye and she made me begged me to write something about it. Then the muse took over and did this. More notes at the end.

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Here Without You

It had been a rough day and he was exhausted. He didn’t even know what time it was but he was sure it was almost midnight. He pulled his phone out of his pocket to check the time and the notification on the screen caught his attention. One unread message. He unlocked the phone and hit the message icon. The message, only two words, was from her.

Call us.

For a few seconds he panicked and wondered if something was wrong but he knew she would have tried to called him if it was urgent and needed him.

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You and Your Baby

Scenario: He tweets a photo of you and your child!

Jack Gilinsky:

jackgilinsky: My lovely ladies looking stylish for today’s events. Love my girls!


camerondallas: My happiness is with this beautiful lady right here holding our new wonderful addition to the family.


Nashgrier: Came home to see my favorite two people in the world fast asleep, i see my little guy has taken my place haha

Jack Johnson:

jackjackjohnson: my beautiful girls twinning it today haha, gotta love my princess and queen


carterreynolds: day out with my little man and sexy lady. only boy i’ll let steal my girls heart.


hayesgrier: y/d/n wouldnt let me join in on the ‘girly hug’ haha already a sassy diva


Shawnmendes: morning kisses from mommy and daddy to our wonderful bundle of joy


themattespinosa: my babies, love these two beautiful girls more than anything


taylorcaniff: chill day with the cheeky devils #thisphotoislife #lovethem


sammywilk: these cuties, words can’t describe how happy my beautiful ladies make me


Hope you enjoy! Send in requests, my ask box is open 24/7 so message away lovely people!! Ships Will Be Coming SOON!