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The Gym Scene With Craig In A Nutshell
  • Craig: Do you want a protein shake bro?
  • MC: Nah bro.
  • Craig: Why bro?
  • MC: Because you're the one who gives me the strength to keep going, bro.
  • Craig: *teary eyed af* bRO.

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(Request/prompt) Frisk goes techno-goth with shiny black lipstick, torn tank top, shiny,straighter black hair, and HUGE feet-covering phat/shuffle/raver pants. Bonus: Blushing Chara sporting a kissmark from the raver child:)

chara too busy for dis bs

i had a lot of fun drawing this tbh! i hope you had this in mind or at least it’s close

Timmy Todd - Part 5

So I know it’s been a while, but I’m picking back up my Timmy Todd series!! Here’s part 5! For anyone who hasn’t read the other parts, I’m going to put the links here:

Part 1: 

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


Once dinner is cleaned up you head out to the living room. Dick and Tim are sitting on the floor playing with Legos and Damian is sitting in his chair, sketching the scene.

“Mommy!” Tim squealed, running over to hug your leg.

“Hey, baby. What are you making? “

“’m makin’ Gotham! Gonna make the whole city! Uncle Duck is s’pposed to be helpin’ me” Timmy put his small hands on his hips, a pose he probably picked up from you, “but he wanted t’ build a car!”

“You have to have cars in your city, squirt!” Dick called

Tim grumbled something and then looked up at you, “Where’s daddy?”

You sit down on the floor and pull Tim into his lap, starting to help him build his city, “He’s talking to Grandpa, baby. I told you that they had to talk, and they might be talking for a while”

“Will daddy say goodnight to me?”

“Maybe, if you’re still awake when they stop talking”

“I’ll be ‘wake” Tim mumbled defiantly.

Silently you continue to help him build up his city. Once he gets bored of that you turn on a Disney movie. Tim was already rubbing his eyes, considering it was about 8:15 pm you weren’t surprised. You also knew that if Tim fell asleep without telling Jason goodnight, he would be heartbroken.

“Tim, sweetheart, I’m gonna go see if daddy’s all done talking”

“Okay, mommy” Tim mumbled, Curling into Dick when you hand him off.

Walking down the hall you press your ear against Bruce’s study door. Hearing nothing but muffled voices you knock.

“Come in”

“Hey, B. Do you mind if I borrow Jason for a minute, Timmy’s about to pass out and wants a goodnight kiss from his daddy”?

Bruce waved his hand, “Go ahead. We’ve talked enough for tonight” Bruce looks at his second oldest son, “I’d like you to come to the Cave tomorrow night. We can go over the plans that we talked about”

Jason smirked, “Yeah, B. I’ll come to the cave, but right now I’m going to say good night to my son.”

You and Jason walk down the hall in silence, only breaking it when you get to the living room. Leaning down you pull Tim into your arms, “Hey, baby. Open your eyes for me, daddy wants to give you a kiss goodnight.”


“Yeah, it’s me. Here, go to daddy”

Tim reached out and curled into Jason’s chest, “Hi, daddy”

“Hey, Timmy. Can I have a kiss goodnight?”

Tim leaned up and smacked a loud kiss to Jason’s cheek, and Jason did the same, “Goodnight, daddy” Tim leaned out of Jason’s arms towards you, “Mommy, home?”

You let out a soft chuckle, “Yeah, baby, let’s go home, we’ll see everyone soon.”

Tim was quickly passed around to everyone else, saying goodnight, and by the time he made it back to you he was practically asleep.

“Come, Miss Y/N, stay the night, there is no need for you to drive this late, stay the night”

“I can’t Alfie, I don’t have Tim’s blanket here, or any of my meds” You whisper, slowly rocking your sleepy boy.

Alfred sighed, “If you insist on leaving, then I insist you let us know when you arrive home”

“Of course” You lean forward and wrap Alfred in a one-armed hug.

Jason stepped forward, “I’ll take you home, Y/N, I don’t want you out in Gotham in the middle of the night”

“I’m good, Jay, this isn’t the first time I’ve made this trek.” You brush your fingers against his arm, “I’ll call Alfred when I get back to the apartment, he’ll let you know that I’ve gotten home safe”

Jason still looks unsure, “Fine, but you had better send out a text as soon as you get back”

You give him a soft smile, “Alright, Jaybird, I will”

Of course, on your way home you get pulled over. The red and blue flashing lights make it hard to see, especially when the officer shines his flashlights in your eyes.

“Ma’am do you know what time it is?”

His voice sounds weird; you know it from somewhere but you can’t place him. “I’m aware officer. I’m actually on my way home now”

“Where are you coming from?”

“A family friend’s, we were having dinner” The officer tried to shine his light into your back seat, “Please don’t! My son is sleeping; I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t wake him up. Actually, would you mind turning off your light so I can see you”

“You don’t need to see me, Mama Bird, I can see you just fine”

Hearing that you freeze. There are very few people who know about your past, and most of them are back at the Manor. “Who are you?”

The eerie laugh is enough of an answer, “I’m hurt! You forgot about me!”

“Joker” you snarl, “What are you doing?”

He pulls two guns out of his belt, running the barrel of one under your jaw, his other hand is pointing the second gun straight at your sleeping son.

“Don’t be so hostile, birdie! We wouldn’t want little Timmy to get hurt, would we?”

“Please don’t hurt my son”

“I don’t want to hurt either of you, you were always my favorite little bird, Y/N, unfortunately I do want to hurt the Red Hood, and to do that, I need you.”

“What do you want?”

Joker sighed, “I want you to get out of the car, get your son, and get in the police car. No funny business. I really only need one of you”

You hold up your hands, slowly opening the door, “I’ll do what you want, I won’t fight, just don’t hurt Timmy”

“Get in the car, it’s time to send he bats into a frenzy” Joker cackled again, “It’s time to have some fun!!”

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Omg Shiro getting cancer and needing a amputation is really horrible. How did the kids handle the situation, especially with the initial shouting? Parents always think that kids don't notice but they do. I have five bedridden days to prove that shit like that affect kids negatively

clubspooky said: okokokoK BUT!! how do the kiddos react to daddy shiro’s cancer news?? how do the daddies tell them?? also how old are the kids when this happens?? 😭😭😭

leaderofteammysticblanche said: We’re the Voltron kids old enough to remember Daddy Shiro pre prosthetic. If so how did they react to the change?

bootyfeathers said: In the Voltron family au, how would the kids react to Shiro’s cancerous arm tumor, amputation, and prosthetic? (I too had been wondering if Shiro would get a roboarm in this au. Lol.) Also this family au is my life source. Always excited when you pop up in my notifications. For art or writings. 😁

Part 02: Shiro getting a prosthetic arm. [Part 01]

[The Voltron Family] All the kids remembered what happened to their Daddy Shiro. Pidge was only 11, Lance was 13 and Hunk was 14. 

Pidge was in her room when she heard Daddy Shiro’s car enter the garage. He was earlier than usual and it was only 11pm. Excited to greet her dad, she quickly got out of her room and went downstairs only to see her Daddy Keith hitting her Daddy Shiro’s chest, looking numb. She had no idea what was happening so she tiptoed towards them with the wall concealing her.

Then the shouting happened. 

Pidge’s heart was pounding so fast. She was scared. Her Daddies were fighting and she didn’t know what to do. They weren’t like this. They were very loving and cheesy with each other, and this was the first time she saw them like this. She covered her ears and her eyes started to water. She shook her head as the shouting continued. They were mad at each other. She wanted it to stop. She shut her eyes as she slid down the wall to sit on the floor all curled up.

A soft touch caught her attention. She looked up and saw Hunk and Lance. Her vision started to blur as she quickly got up and hugged Hunk.

Lance: *whispers* I’m scared. They’re shouting at each other. They never do that. Not even once. *grips his pajama tops*
Hunk: *caresses crying Pidge* W-we should leave. Go back to our rooms.
Lance: But Hunk, what if they… they break up? *shakes his head* I don’t want that. What will happen to us then?
Pidge: *shakes her head* No, no, no, no. 
Lance: We need to stop them!
Hunk: Lance! We’re just kids! This is adult stuff. We can’t just interfere.
Lance: *teary eyed* But they’re fighting, Hunk. They never fight. *shakes head* So why are they fighting? It’s wrong.
Hunk: *pulls Lance* Let’s just go back. 

The kids all stayed in Hunk’s room and cuddled up to sleep only to realize none of them were sleeping anytime soon. They all just stared at the ceiling, wide awake. They were scared of what was happening downstairs.

Hunk: *holds Pidge and Lance’s hands* Everything will be fine in the morning.

Everything wasn’t fine in the morning.

Pidge: You have… cancer. *stares at Shiro*
Shiro: A cancerous tumor.
Pidge: Daddy Shiro… are you… *sniffs* dying? I’ve read about cancer. That’s some awful stuff that has no cure—
Lance: *drops his mug* Has no cure?! *turns to Shiro* You promised me you won’t die. *shakes his head as he gets up* You promised! 
Shiro: *stands up* Lance—! *sees Lance retreat back to his room* *sighs* *looks at Hunk* You’ve been awfully quiet.
Hunk: You will get cured, right? You can’t just let this kill you, right? You’re a doctor. You can cure yourself. You have to. You can’t just…
Keith: *sighs* Your Daddy Shiro needs to have his arm cut off.
Pidge: *gasps* *covers her mouth* *hugs Shiro* I will always love you even if you only have one arm left, Daddy Shiro.
Shiro: *smiles* *hugs back* Thanks, sweetheart. That’s very reassuring. 

When Shiro came home, the kids only had one reaction: they marveled at his prosthetic arm. 

Lance: *stares at it* That is so cool. Can I touch it?
Shiro: Go ahead, captain.
Lance: *touches the prosthetic arm* *giggles* Flippin awesome.
Pidge: *looks at the arm in different angles* Has this been properly calibrated? Are you allowed to make some modifications to it? Am I allowed to make modifications to it? *rubs chin* Titanium alloys?
Hunk: *touches* Most likely titanium alloys, Pidge. Can you feel this, Daddy Shiro? Does it have sensory motors?
Keith: *softly chuckles* Alright, kids, enough. Your Daddy Shiro needs to rest. You can ask him questions tomorrow. 
All three kids: *groans* Oh cmon, Daddy Keith. 
Lance: *crosses arms* *whispers* Party pooper.
Keith: *rolls eyes* Yeah, yeah I’m the boring Daddy. Now, go brush your teeth and head to bed. It’s way past your bedtime. *pushes the kids to the stairs*
Pidge: But we haven’t even gotten our goodnight kisses from Daddy Shiro yet!
Keith: After brushing your teeth. You can get all the kisses you want.
Shiro: *smiles at them* I’m not going anywhere, sweetheart. 

Tea Time (Daddy!Bucky x daughter)

Author’s Note: Hey guys! I have been meaning to post this for a while and I finally have some time, so here you go! I hope you enjoy! :)

Summary: Bucky’s daughter comes to him for help on an important mission, recruiting Steve and Tony along the way.

Other Characters: Steve, Tony, reader

Warnings: It’s so fluffy that you might die

Word Count: 520

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Well I guess Jealous!Mark had a pretty valid reason to smack that head..

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I. Am. EXTREMELY. shocked. bc one of my real life close friend who doesn't appear to have any interest in anime was viewing your blog in front of me today. She doesnt have tumblr but thanks to google she found your blog and she casually told me that she sometimes asks you stuff in anons 0-0 thiS WORLD VERY SMALL. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, NEVER ASSUME SOMEONE DOESN'T LIKE HARDCORE ANIME YAOI SMUT JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE THAT ONE FRIEND WHO ONLY TALKS ABOUT PERCY JACKSON AND HARRY POTTER.

this is my favouriTE STORY EDFUYHRYGEF

Well hello darlings~ If either are you are reading this, hello and lots of kisses from daddy~ xx

Random Barisi Family Headcanon

Shit, y’all, I just had the cutest picture come into my head.

So like, imagine, if you will, Sonny and Rafael are getting ready for work one day before they get the kids up, just moving around each other in the bathroom and trying to not be in each other’s way as they brush their teeth, and Sonny perfects his hair, and they get dressed and pull their ties around their necks, and Rafael’s trying to shave because he has an afternoon in court that day when Sonny accidentally bumps him with an elbow, causing Rafael to nick himself right in the middle of the cheek.

Sonny feels so bad, of course, and he’s immediately trying to rush over and look at Rafael’s face, see how bad it is, offering him up some toilet paper so he can try and stop the bleeding when Rafael glares at him and snaps, “Can you get of the way and go be of use somewhere else and get the kids up?”

God, does Rafael regret his words as soon as they leave his mouth.

Because Sonny now looks like a kicked puppy, because he had to go and be an asshole and snap at him even though it was an accident, and he didn’t mean to go off like that, he’s just stressed and nervous because it’s a pretty high-profile case that he’s trying that day and now it looks like he had a bad run in with the corner of a cabinet.

And Rafael tries to apologize immediately, says softly, “Sonny…”, but Sonny already has a hand up, to match the wounded expression still on his face and to stave off Rafael’s grovelling, and he’s saying, “I’ll go and get the kids up.” while Rafael watches him go and feels like the world’s biggest jackass.

So Sonny goes off to the kids’ bedrooms and gets them ready, gets Elisa up and dressed and her hair styled for school, gets Oliver up and sat in his highchair downstairs across from Elisa at the kitchen bartop while Sonny starts on pancakes for them both.

It’s taking Rafael forever to come downstairs, and Sonny knows, with a little bit of satisfaction, exactly why: it’s a quarter because Rafael does actually need to go over his notes for the case that afternoon, and about seventy-five percent because he’s trying to think of a way to portray just how sorry he is for snapping.

And honestly, at that point, Sonny’s pretty much over it. He knows Rafael didn’t actually mean to snap, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to be petulant and milk the hell out of how guilty Rafael feels anyways. 

So when Elisa pipes up, mouth full of pancakes, “Why’s it taking papi so long to get dressed, daddy?”, Sonny grumbles into his coffee, “Because papi knows he’s not getting any kisses from daddy this morning because he was an ass.”

And when the man himself finally does make it downstairs, Sonny makes the most dramatic show of completely turning away from him and ignoring him as he walks into the kitchen, going stock-still as Rafael tries to wrap his arms around his waist from behind.

Rafael’s trying so hard, too, using all of the sweet endearments that make Sonny melt, whispering, “love”, and “sweetheart”, and “baby”, and “I’m sorry”, but Sonny won’t budge. He even ducks his neck when Rafael tries to press a kiss to his jaw, completely wriggling away, because nope, that’s not happening this morning.

So Rafael sighs exasperatedly, peels himself off of Sonny and says, “Fine. You won’t accept my apology? I’ll find someone else who’ll take my kisses.”

And he marches over to where Elisa’s sitting, still stuffing her little face with pancakes, and kisses her right on the tip of her nose, causing her to giggle.

Rafael looks up at Sonny expectantly after that, and Sonny just glares back, unamused, arms crossed over his chest, trying to portray with the rest of his body that he won’t break even though his heart is pounding in his chest.

So Rafael kisses Elisa’s cheek kiss, blowing a little and turning it into a raspberry, so she’ll giggle even harder and grin even more as she exclaims, “Papi, you’re being silly!”

Then her forehead comes next, and her little fingers, each brush of Rafael’s lips causing her to giggle, especially the kisses that go to her hands because he pulls back after each of those and says, “Why do your fingers taste like syrup, princesa? Is the pancake monster going to have to come out and eat you up?”, which just makes Elisa giggle harder as she shrieks, “There’s no such thing as a pancake monster, silly papi!”

Sonny’s trying so hard to stay mad, but he can’t.

It’s a losing battle when his husband is being so sweet and is obviously trying so hard to make their baby happy, and Sonny by extension, because he knows that Rafael knows there’s no other thing in the world that makes him happier than their familiy.

With one last kiss to Elisa’s hair, Rafael perches his chin on her head, and asks again, “Are you still mad at me?”

All Sonny can do is petulantly roll his eyes and throw his arms down, uncrossing them from his chest, as he grumbles out, “No.”, Rafael immediately coming over to wrap his arms around his thin frame and press his lips against Sonny’s.

And he pulls back after a moment, really looking into Sonny’s eyes, in that serious way of his that he always does when he makes sweet declarations that make Sonny’s heart pound out of his chest, and says, “I’m sorry for being an asshole. I love you, and you’re perfect, and you mean everything to me, and I will never tell you to leave me alone ever again because the whole point of asking you to marry me was for you to never leave me alone ever again. Can you forgive me?”

Sonny nods, smiling softly at his man before pressing another kiss to his lips. And he says, “Yeah, I can forgive you for being an asshole, Rafi.”, not realizing he isn’t being quiet like Rafael was during his apology.

Because the next thing he knows, he has a very indignant five-year-old, yelling at him around pancakes, “Why are you calling papi mean names, daddy?!”, and all Sonny can do is laugh and laugh while his sweet husband presses one last kiss to his cheek.

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How about a sad reader that is down on themselves and guzma tries to make them feel better by listing the reasons he loves them?

Lately when I write sad things it always turns out short… I’ll probably rewrite this later.

In the span of fifteen minutes you had degraded yourself to “useless, lazy, a hopeless cause and probably trash”, too tired to cry anymore but still tired enough that you had collapsed on your shared bed.

“Stop.” Guzma had commanded, “Quit talkin’ like that about yourself.”

“I suck.” you mumbled from the dusty pillow, “I can’t do anything right.”

“Yes ya can!” Guzma insisted, “Come on now, do I gotta start gettin’ mushy with ya babe? Does Daddy gotta start tellin’ you everything he loves ‘bout you?”

You whined, kicking up your sock feet and pounding them against the mattress.

“Imma do it babe.”


“You’re askin’ for it…”


“What I love most ‘bout ya is that way your nose scrunches when you’re all mad at me. Then I love when you get all huffy with me and hide in the pillow~…”

His hands trail dangerously down your side, causing you to tremble. Contain the laughter. Don’t let it out. He continues his assault. Naming various things, your smile, your taste for moving to the rhythm of smooth jazz, chasing the music with cigarettes after pledging love for one another in that special way. He continues, the smooth baritone of his voice caressing your heartstrings and making you wish that sadness was never a thing. That it didn’t exist so you could listen to him uninterrupted for hours about the things he loved in you.

“The way my baby girl battles…”

“No Guzma, no… I’m too sad.”

“The way that pretty mouth a yours puckers whenever you want a kiss from your Daddy…”

“But why do you want to kiss me? I’m so damn ugly and gross and no one likes me…”

A trail of kisses begins at your neck and ends at the place where one of the many blossoming “tattoo artists” of team skull had done a stick and poke of his initials on your hand at his behest, moving down your arm until his tongue trails against the lettering. The ink hasn’t even begun fading, the name of what devil this kid has sold his soul to has escaped you, but it’s as if the mark has branded the both of you for life. He bares a similar set up on the opposite hand, your initials engraved in his knuckles so that whoever gets a beating gets one from you vicariously.

“You know what I really love most about my baby girl?” He asks quietly.

“This?” You ask, and he smiles. Nodding approval.

“Know why? ‘Cause it’s the closest thing I got to a weddin’ ring for my baby.”



Season 2 of The Birthday Boys is now on NETFLIX!

IG Post: You With Your Kids(Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Dani Alves,Marc Bartra,Lucas Silva,Marcelo, Oscar,Willian,Hulk, James Rodriguez, Isco)

Marc-Andre ter Stegen:My wife and kids so beautiful

Dani Alves:Y/N and the kids

Marc Bartra:My growing family

Lucas Silva: He only falls asleep in Mommy’s arms

Marcelo:Family is what’s fun

Oscar:My girls

Willian: A kiss from Mommy & Daddy, and then she’s off to swim

Hulk:Mommy and Kayson

James Rodriguez:My curly fuzz heads

Isco:Our, babygirl

ClownBaby - Leto!Joker x Reader

Hey everyone! So when I counted up everyone’s votes the other day… Clown baby won out! (By a landslide really.) So I’m complying to your demands wishes and giving you my version of clown baby! I hope you all enjoy!! Request from anon. -J.xx

hey! love your blog sm❤️ i was wondering if you could do a story where the joker and the reader have a child and j’s like fluffy kinda?? like he loves his kid and he loves the reader even more and i dunno where i’m going with it but yeah😂thanks!


The Joker bounced the babbling child on his knee, anxious for Y/N to get back from her shopping trip. She had begged and begged to spend just one day out of the house, and he reluctantly agreed to get her to shut up. He regretted that decision now. He wished Y/N would just come home already and take care of the little tyke. He had important work to get done and babysitting wasn’t on that list.

The Joker peered down at his son. Bright blue eyes stared back up at him. His eyes. Y/N always went on and on about how he and his son had the same eyes. “Now I have two sets of beautiful blues to get lost in!” The Joker huffed. His eyes are the only ones Y/N should be getting lost in. This damn kid was stealing all of Y/N’s attention. Why did he ever get her pregnant?

“Oo oo oo,” the baby blubbered, giggling as the Joker continued to bounce his knee up and down. This damn thing.

“Oo oo oo,” the Joker imitated, making his son laugh even harder. Dammit. When was Y/N getting home?

Staring down at his son, the Joker took in the rest of his features. Brown hair like Y/N with a green streak that he had insisted on. Y/N protested for days but finally gave in after enough pestering and heavy persuasion. The Joker thought it looked quite nice on his son. Since Y/N would never let him give him a tattoo, the Joker had to settle with this.

“Why does he need green hair?” Y/N had asked, her arms crossed at him.

“So people know whose son he is!” he had reasoned, flailing his arms around like he normally does. And after some sweet words, well-placed kisses, and a fun night together, Y/N finally let him do what he wanted.

The Joker chuckled, thinking about how easy it was to get Y/N to do what he wanted when his son began to mimic him. With his head cocked, he looked at his son, squinting his eyes a little. The Joker laughed again, his son doing the same. Lifting him up to eye level, he turns his son this way and that, making him giggle even more.

“How the hell does this thing work?” the Joker mumbled, bringing him back to sit on his knee. “Huh? How do you work? How come Y/N always gives her attention to you? What’s your secret? She’s my Queen. She belongs to me. I should be the one getting all the attention around here, bub.”

His son smiled and raised his hands up, making a grabbing motion. The Joker raised a hairless brow, bringing him back up to his face. His son reached out and tried to grab his lip, blowing raspberries. The Joker chuckled again.

“You wanna kiss from Daddy?” he smiled softly, leaning forward and pressing a gentle kiss to his son’s forehead. After he leaned back, his son was smiling brightly up at him. “See? Daddy knows what you want. You can always count on Daddy.”

His son still continued to reach for him though so the Joker leaned back into the couch, resting his son on his chest. This finally seemed to please his son, cuddling into the Joker’s lean chest and gently holding his shirt in his tiny hand.

“Maybe you’re alright,” the Joker whispered, softly smoothing a hand over his son’s head, admiring the green streak again. Closing his eyes, the Joker reveled in the silence.

When Y/N came home, she found her two favorite boys fast asleep, their son curled protectively into the Joker’s arms.

Outta Time

Requested by anonymous: Bucky smut please, where he and the reader were making out on the bed, and then she cuffs his hands on the headboards without him knowing. He gets mad but sub!buckyxdom!reader please! Dd/lg :)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x chronokinetic!reader

Rating: M

Word count: 3.2k

Warnings: established dd/lg relationship, making out, sub!Bucky, dom!reader, daddy!Bucky, little girl!reader, unprotected sex, oral sex (male receiving, female receiving), face sitting and riding, total smut with basically no plot, daddy kink, handcuffs, light bondage, creampie, swears, Bucky panics for a bit and then calms down, little girl takes charge, sub!daddy!Bucky, dom!little girl!reader, multiple orgasms

A/N: what can I say? I love writing fics with dd/lg, and I love Bucky Barnes. Mix those two together, and you get this. Enjoy!

Being a member of the Avengers was never an easy feat. You risked your life every time you went on a mission, throwing yourself in the face of danger constantly. You were never guaranteed to come back. There was always that chance of a mission going wrong, for your life to be lost.

Having a boyfriend who was also an Avenger was even worse.

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I love your writing!!! And if you want to could you write a leathermøuth frank smut where it’s like after a show and he has a daddy kink ( idk in my head leathermøuth frank would be super into that and dominant)
anyways….I absolutely can boo! And thank you for the compliment! Again, I tried something a little different with this, I hope this is okay! Xx
(There’s a slight POV change halfway through that I’ll mark with italics just for reference sake)

Warnings: Smut, Daddy Kink, Big egos… among other things…

Clutching your pillow tighter, you yawned softly as you turned snuggling on the opposite side of the bed. The blaring red of the clock on the bedside table was the only light in the dark room, squinting as you saw it was nearing 12am. Normally you’d be burrowing into your boyfriend Frank at this point, but with the older man out tonight it was just you. Having just gotten back from a long business trip in Europe, you’d stayed home, still not over your jetleg. You’d felt really disappointed, though Frank had told you not to worry.

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