kiss from daddy

Tea Time (Daddy!Bucky x daughter)

Author’s Note: Hey guys! I have been meaning to post this for a while and I finally have some time, so here you go! I hope you enjoy! :)

Summary: Bucky’s daughter comes to him for help on an important mission, recruiting Steve and Tony along the way.

Other Characters: Steve, Tony, reader

Warnings: It’s so fluffy that you might die

Word Count: 520

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Season 2 of The Birthday Boys is now on NETFLIX!

IG Post: You With Your Kids(Marc-Andre ter Stegen, Dani Alves,Marc Bartra,Lucas Silva,Marcelo, Oscar,Willian,Hulk, James Rodriguez, Isco)

Marc-Andre ter Stegen:My wife and kids so beautiful

Dani Alves:Y/N and the kids

Marc Bartra:My growing family

Lucas Silva: He only falls asleep in Mommy’s arms

Marcelo:Family is what’s fun

Oscar:My girls

Willian: A kiss from Mommy & Daddy, and then she’s off to swim

Hulk:Mommy and Kayson

James Rodriguez:My curly fuzz heads

Isco:Our, babygirl

This feels like falling in love

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Pairing: Niall/Harry

Word Count: 7,000+

“I’ve been thinking about something,” Niall muses when he flicks the page of his maths book.
“Yeah and what’s that Niall?” Harry smiles and spins the chair around to face his friend. “Something to do about maths, because I’m rubbish at that and you know it.” He leans back a bit and puts his feet on top of the blonde’s back with a fond smile.
“I want to kiss you,” he says instead. 

It is a late Sunday afternoon. Harry is sitting in the office chair at his desk while Niall is lying in his bed, his head resting on his hand and his feet hovering in the air. Times like these where it is just Niall and Harry has been few ever since the summer holiday.

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We went to a family birthday BBQ today in Los Angeles and came home past Ashtyn’s bedtime.

As I got Ashtyn out of the backseat she said “oh wow, look at that star! I need to make a wish.” I braced for a long list of Star Wars action figures and eye shadow palettes, but she threw me for a loop:

“I wish for 10 kisses from you daddy, 4 hugs from mommy, and new soil for my raspberry bush.”

You melt my heart kid.


[ msg  →  him  💕 ] I don’t know what you’re talking about. This mouth is completely innocent ….. and just so happens to love kisses from Daddy.  😘

[ msg  →  him  💕 ] I’m sure that hand print is going to fade long before my birthday – but you can always give me another one. 


ANOTHER GPOYW: Kathryn and I as Brandi and Jasmine. Made a cameo in a sketch tonight by A KISS FROM DADDY at UCBTLA. 

They just said “You’re playing girlfriends” but we decided to do unnecessary character development. 

Thanks for havin us, guys (and Eva!)! You’re all DOLLS! We had a blast.