kiss feet

ok but octavia would have died within 5 minutes if she tried to go up against all the warriors and the only reason she survived and could kill luna was because she used bellamy’s advice

and the only reason she didn’t die before THAT was because bellamy noticed echo was cheating and went to get rid of her

aka bellamy is the real reason they won, wish i was surprised

Today, I had to travel and leave my mistress for some days… Before I left I begged her to let me kiss and lick her feet… What a pleasure to do so, especially since I won’t be able to be at her feet tonight. She was wearing perfect nylons stockings from Cervin and let me worship her feet and legs for more than 30min before leaving. She also put a panty of her in my luggage to remind me who I really belong to… See you soon, mistress.


halla. halla.