kiss e tell


How you choose to express yourself, it’s all your own and I can tell, it comes naturally, it comes naturally. You follow what you feel inside, it’s intuitive, you don’t have to try, it comes naturally, mmmm it comes naturally. And it takes my breath away, what you do, so naturally. You are the thunder and I am the lightning, and I love the way you know who you are, and to me it’s exciting, when you know it`s meant to be, everything comes naturally, it comes naturally, when you’re with me, baby.

Older men declare war. But it is the youth that must fight and die - Herbert Hoover


Hush little boys.
It is t i m e to put up your toys.
Don’t you dare cry.
There is a war going on and you are the f r o n t l i n e.
Kiss your mother. Tell her goodbye.
There will be no sound sleep tonight.

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