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What do you think would trigger Rick's sub side?? Like where would you touch him or what do you think you'd have to say to get him into a submissive state?

i believe Rick has a two-command rule. it’s in my belief that Rick doms a lot and is “”“naturally”“” a dom? but boooyyyy can he BOTTOM

so i think what will immediately pique his interest is the previously mentioned Two Command Rule.

imagine maybe feeling each other up, kissing, biting, whatever your foreplay is, and you say, “get on the floor.”

“stop talking, b-babe, do that thing again -”

“get your ancient ass on the fucking floor. on your knees. now.

bam. command, rebuff, command. let him know it’s real. i imagine once he hears the firmness in your voice, feels how you stiffen up when he disobeys you, he slides gracefully off the sofa and kneels with wide eyes and parted lips

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What are your hcs about Raven!neil??

so i started this up in school and i literally shouldn’t be wasting time on this but Whatever. here @minyrrds to make up for the missing updates OK LET’S GO

(some) raven!neil hcs (this went into an andreil direction omfg Fight Me)

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