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Just a little Clark Gable & Rhett Butler appreciation. My God, he was a handsome man and he was pushing 40 at the time of filming Gone With The Wind. I still think Vivian Leigh was one of the MOST beautiful women EVER. You couldn’t have cast these two iconic roles better. Seriously, though…. everything about that man is delicious. That voice, laugh, that combination of rough-elegant-sexy-masculine-tender-arrogant shit stick that you want to smack but then kiss later after a tumble in the sheets.

I can’t help myself…. there are not many men that are this sexy.

A letter to all women
You are valuable. You were created to be light in this world, to bring joy, and on days that you can’t even pick yourself up, to let others know that life does not end there. That it’s also okay to break down for a little while, that we’ve all been there. Woman, you are free. Pay no attention to those, even fellow sisters, that tell you what to wear, what to do, how many boys or girls you can kiss before you officially become a slut, before you become used or impure. Do whatever feels right, feel whatever you truly want. Pay no attention to those who are capable of making the same mistakes as you but think they’re too perfect to ever fail. And maybe those mistakes aren’t even mistakes. Maybe it was just you, growing into the dazzling woman that you’re meant to be, maybe it was another experience in the book of all the things that you’ve done and that are to come. Maybe it was a lesson. Pay no attention to those that say you’re not as worthy as them, to those that tell you that you can’t be successful, smart enough, good enough, pretty enough. Rage. Fight. Live, breathe and cling to what you not only think but know that is fair, and not only fair, but merely human. Speak up. Resist. Engage, communicate and develop your right to rule your own body, to wear whatever you want knowing that if a person gets angry at you for being “provocative” it’s only their problem because they’re not enough of a respectful person to understand that you’re not “asking for it”, you’re just living. Wear whatever you want knowing that if someone makes fun of you, mistreats you or abuses you in any way because you chose to cover yourself up or dress yourself down, they just weren’t raised right, they just don’t know what it’s like to view things from different perspectives or just to be you. Shout. Protest. Be displeased, rebel and say no to people that think they have any kind of control over you. It’s your choice who you want to be with, it’s your choice if you want to keep the baby, it’s your choice if today you don’t want to go to the party, it’s your choice if you want to wear the sweatpants or the tight dress. It’s your choice if you’re going to let others rule your life or be enslaved by this intolerant world. Let your sisters know that we can’t afford to put each other down anymore. We can’t afford to keep on slut shaming when all we’re asking for is respect and we’re not giving it back, or setting the example to do so. We can’t afford to verbally abuse one another when all me might have needed was a little advice and a lot of support. We need to be there for every single woman out there because no one else is going to fight for equality or be informed of what equality really means, if we can’t even come together and stop fighting with each other instead of fighting towards a fair, respectful, equal and dignified world. Stop thinking that there’s already too many of us fighting for the cause and that you’re not needed, there aren’t enough people. We need every single woman helping, giving advice, letting people know of this injustice that we’re living, that not only because you’re comfortable and everyone accepts you as you are, does it mean that somewhere else in the world there aren’t girls who are not even allowed to dream. We stop being free when we give up our control. We stop being free when we remain quiet. We stop being free when we stand by and watch others live what you should or want to be living. We stop being free when we let comfort and tranquility seduce us into a life of nothingness. Be released.
—  macsun //

(Gif used is not mine)

  • Him wanting to do your hair or makeup all the time because he insists he knows what he’s doing.
  • Sweet kisses.
  • Him resting his hand on your lower back while walking around in public.
  • Smiles.
  • Yelling for no reason.
  • Singing when doing anything really.
  • Being held in his beautiful strong arms.
  • Kisses placed on your forehead.
  • Pranks, too many pranks.
  • Long showers together.
  • Resting your head on his shoulder.
  • Cooking together.
  • Random kisses and ‘I love you’s’.
  • Him begging you to forgive him after a fight because he can’t stand to be without you.
  • Wearing his jacket when you’re cold because he’s such a gentleman.
  • Wanting him to meet your parents because he is just perfect.
  • “The sign says takes what’s yours.” *Picks you up*
  • Him laughing while his head his dug into your neck.
  • All your wishes being granted.
  • Being spoiled because he thinks women should always be happy and get everything they want no matter what.
  • Dancing around on stage together when he should be doing soundcheck. 
  • Him wanting you to do his butt dance.
  • Sweet little hits being given to the public about the relationship between the two of you.
  • You being flustered 24/7.
  • Telling him that he is amazing no matter what.
  • Coming to his fan signing pretending you’re a fan and surprising him.
  • “You are the most beautiful person in the world.”
  •  He would love pleasing you sexually and just in general.
  • Sexual jokes.
  • Slapping his hand away when he squeezes your ass in public.
  • Slapping his butt when he decides to lay on top of you. 
  • “Ow! I’m not the heavy! Love meeee!”
  • Matching phone cases.
  • His Lockscreen being a picture of you and him kissing that he made Kyungsoo take.
  • Being so playful with each other.
  • Cheesy pickup lines.
  • “Princess”.
  • Laughing.
  • His eye crinkles.
  • Poking his cheeks when he smiles.
  • Babysitting his niece.
  • Blushing when she calls you her aunt/uncle.
  • His horrible aegyo that makes you laugh.
  • Going to clubs together because he likes to party.
  • Party being over once someone else touches you.
  • The two of you raising a happy Sims family together.
  • Over all sweet and caring boyfriend, Jongdae.



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We still don't know when they had sex and we'll never know probably. I guess that's okay since children are reading fairy tail too...

I’m pretty sure they conceived August when Mavis and him kissed. Not saying the kiss led to a baby, but that point in time was probably when the deed happened. She probably left it out because she wanted some privacy.

And I know children read Fairy Tail, but honestly it’s not as graphic as some people make it out to be. At least in my opinion. Yes there’s a lot of cleavage shots and inappropriate themes, but you get that in real life too. I can’t tell you how many times I went grocery shopping and saw women dressed in revealing clothes. (I’m talking one sneeze and they’ll pop out of their shirt)

And the topic of sex is not that scandalous. Besides, they didn’t explicitly say they had sex in the manga. It’s left up to your imagination. I’m pretty sure Mavis didn’t want to say, “and then I fucked the black wizard, Zeref,” to her guildmates. 

I dislike crude things, but so far Fairy Tail seems decent to me when it comes to its fanservice and adult content. I’m not 100% sure who the manga is targeted for, but if readers got to this point without being bothered by all the other stuff in the manga, I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to change things. 

And here’s the part where I go way off topic…

And by the way, I see some people saying Mavis was 12? She was 13, stuck in that body. Yes in our culture it’s considered disgusting for a 13 year old to have sex, but it was hundreds of years ago for them. I’m pretty sure I’ve read that in older times girls got married around 12 and started having babies not long after. Our modern society and the Fairy Tail universe are different places. 

(I am not saying people should have sex early, just saying in different cultures and time it’s allowed)

Here’s a bit of TMI, but I was 14 when I lost my virginity. I knew exactly what I was doing, I knew the consequences of my actions, but I did it anyways. I’m sure Mavis (who was mentally an adult at the time. She was mentally at least 19-23) knew what she was doing. If I’m not mistaken, Zeref is also trapped as a child. He looks to be around 16 (in my opinion) so honestly I don’t see what the big deal is? They were both consenting adults, even if their bodies weren’t adults. Should they have to miss out on things in life just because of their curses?

Anyways… This turned into a small rant. All of the above is just my opinion. (Aside from Mavis being 13 and her mental age at the time being at least 19. That’s canon) Your opinion may be different, and that’s okay. 

Hope I didn’t offend anyone, but if I did all I can say is I’m sorry? But I stand by what I said. 

In case anyone wants proof: This picture is taken from my “Fairy Tail Zero” manga. 

She was 13 when her body became immortal. The rest of the pictures are from the Fairy Tail manga, volume 53. Mavis’ first impression of Zeref:

When she first meets him she refers to him as a boy. Years later, it changes a bit. 

It says 6 years later, but I think it meant 6 years after the war ended. If not, Mavis is at least, mentally 19 years old. She refers to him as a young man here. Don’t know why it changed considering neither of their bodies have aged since they first met. 

The reason I said she’s at least 19-23 years old mentally is because in this last panel it says “well, it has been ten years, you know.” Meaning Zeref hadn’t seen Yuri (and Mavis) in 10 years. 13 + 10 =23. At this point Mavis is 23 years old mentally. I think that’s definitely old enough to have sex. 

And finally…

Zeref confirms that Mavis is still maturing. She’s not mentally stuck at 13, only her body is. 

I’m not saying what they did was right, but I don’t believe it’s necessarily wrong either. It’s in the gray area. They had a very specific circumstance around their relationship. If they were in the modern world then no, it would have been gross and wrong for them to have sex and conceive a child, but Fairy Tail isn’t the modern world. 

Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and end this because it’s getting a bit long. Feel free to share your opinions, but keep in mind I ignore hate and fandom drama. Those are very different than just opinions. 

All of these pages were taken straight from my official English manga. 

A love interest in the story of Moana would have made no sense. The context doesn’t leave any room for one. But it’s not “sooo progressive” for Moana to not have a love interest.

1. Love/romance isn’t weakness in and of itself - it can be written badly, but so can a blank and badly written Kick-Ass Female ™ so it comes down to how it’s done. It can be SO BADLY shoved into stories but honestly it’s USUALLY badly shoved into Male Fantasy Action Hero Movies ™… explosions, running, more explosions, boom, running, then a kiss or sex scene thrown in for no damn reason. You want weakly-written love stories? Look no further, they’re in every Dude Movie out there.

2. Find me all these women of color who are reduced to their love stories… I’ll save you some time, it isn’t that many, and people who know way more about this than my white-girl ass does can elaborate on this (and have) - it’s easy enough to google but to summarize, women of color aren’t offered the same “luxuries” white women have to freely express romantic softness. Is it a double-edged sword for us white women? Sure. Everything a woman does can feel like a double-edged sword. But the expectation of the Strong Woman of Color automatically meaning “single” (”Don’t Need No Man”, anyone?), and romantic vulnerability seen as making them “lesser”, both in fiction and reality, is a problem. Again, actual women of color have written in detail about this and they actually know their shit, I’m just echoing, so I’m keeping this part short.

3. Even all the “white girls find love” stories AREN’T “just love stories”. Let’s stick with just the usual handful of Disney movies that are used in this argument. Cinderella. Her story is one of ESCAPE and emotional survival. She wanted to go to a damn ball and have a good time and have one night away from an ABUSIVE HOUSEHOLD. She found love, yes, but her story is one of strength and perseverance and the HOPE of getting away from an abusive family. Snow White. The prince was BARELY IN THE STORY, she was ALSO surviving and escaping… from some one who literally wanted to cut her heart out. She went from princess to living in a small cottage with seven other people and she made the best of it and never let it dim her gentle nature. Belle. IT WASN’T GODDAMN “STOCKHOLM SYNDROME”, her goal wasn’t to find a prince and live happily ever after, her goal was adventure and a change in her life and then she fell in love with some one unlikely in the process of a big life change for her that was prompted by saving her father. And lastly (because I could go on forever), Ariel. Eric was a catalyst. Ariel craved humanity, she wanted to be human, her love was by and large for humanity. Her story is one of courage and seeking her own happiness even if it meant leaving her family and her life behind her. She DID NOT “change for a man”… she changed for herself.

4. Those are pretty much it, really. All these “lol Disney is all about mindless love stories and weak-ass princesses and Moana is a STRONG character BECAUSE she doesn’t fall in love” comments are really starting to irritate me. Women of color rarely get their love stories and if they DO get their love stories IT DOES NOT MAKE THEM WEAKER.

Stop ignoring every facet of a female character just because romance is PART of her. Stop praising female characters SOLELY for a LACK of romance. Moana has so many AMAZING qualities that make her wonderful and the fact that she’s single has jack shit to do with it. All the Disney ladies who DID fall in love have amazing qualities THAT ALSO HAVE JACK SHIT TO DO WITH THEIR RELATIONSHIP STATUS.

Romance is not the enemy. You’re not “progressive” for hating a genre or trope that is largely seen as “feminine”. There is nothing wrong with exploring romantic love in a story, and there’s nothing wrong with Happily Ever After endings. If you’re ONLY seeing that in these stories, look harder.

Kissing Booth

Tony leans against the booth, hand propped atop his chin. He stares out at the people passing by, and wishes he never met Janet Van Dyne.

Earlier in the week, Tony told her that he needed some extra cash, since Howard cut him off for being “unagreeable,” and Jan told him that she had the perfect job for him at the oncoming carnival. Tony agreed, and found himself standing behind a “Kissing Booth.”

Now, Tony has no problem kissing men or women, but he’d rather not kiss any random person that walks up, who might have bad breath, or, God forbid, mono.

He looks over to Jan, now forever labeled in his heart as a traitor, and curls his lip in disgust.

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what are some of your favorite things about berena?

Hey anon, this is a good question because I haven’t often stopped to think about my favourite things about Berena, most of the time I’m just like I love everything!! Haha so if I had to pick some favourite things, I would start with the beginning of their relationship. 

I love it, right from Bernie shouting to Serena “Engine been growling or whining?” From there you can see how their relationship slowly starts to grow, it’s just subtle moments. Bernie trying to help Serena, Serena asking Bernie out for a drink numerous times because she knows that this woman in front of her is wonderful and she wants to get to know her better.

I love that it’s two middle aged women, that in itself is important for many of us and that it’s on prime time television. I think the build up to the first kiss was brilliant, it wasn’t forced, it felt real and that goes with the other kisses too. 

There are many things that would fall into my favourite category, the ‘arm wrestle’ that scene when Serena says “Still, it’s nice to see love blossoming.” the looks they both give one another but I think my top favourite thing about Berena is the fandom. Everyone in this fandom is amazing, talented and lovely! 

The fics, the fan art, the gifs and just general Berena posts, I love going onto tumblr and scrolling through my dash and seeing what incredible stuff has been posted! :) 

Family- Bash

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It was a rare occasion for a man to be present for the birth of his child, but luckily your husband refused to leave your side.

The natural light had faded and you could only see what the faint candle light shone on. The room was cold even with the blanket thrown over you middle.

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💄 Black Widow;

❝They will not see me coming.You can take many disguises… But when you’ve got the intel, you can become the master of disguise.❞ - Rømāñõvá ☭

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“...How many have you kissed?” The question is asked with a disdainful curl to one side of her mouth. The way Victor acts toward her, placing a hand on her shoulder, almost kissing her hand, almost brushing the tears from her face... Disgusting, but it hints at a flirtatious nature and Milla is curious despite herself. [maybe this is much later on? (and only if you want to)]

kiss starters | accepting

The question surprises him, and he looks up at her over the book in his hands– after a moment, he sets it aside. She’s asked him a real question– an unusual occurrence and one that gives him a sliver of hope that she’s willing to learn about him– so he’s decided to also answer as seriously as he can.

“Too many,” he admits simply. “Mostly women… a few men. But it only meant anything with one woman. With Ralle. The rest were only… well, transactions, I suppose.” He raises a hand. “And before you and your sensibilities go getting offended, every one of them knew exactly they were doing. I don’t lie about things like that. They got something they wanted, and I got something from them that I wanted. Sometimes it was information, sometimes companionship… That’s probably not the answer you wanted, but… well, I was alone a long time and I needed ways to vent other than murdering random travelers. I’m sure you can appreciate that at least?”

Lets talk about Onision

How many of you can see videos of your dad kissing various women on YT? Well, sadly, Troy will be one of those unlucky children.

What kind of person, A FATHER, would have no morals and would profit from such videos? I don’t think that any of these women, including his current wife, would want such stuff floating on the internet!

And you don’t need to be a fucking genius or a stalker to find those vids! They’re all on his main channel, and these are only the few I found by simply typing their names!!!

One with Sk

Another with Sh

IT’S FUCKING PATHETIC yet funny how his current wife tolerates all of these videos. However, I’m sending my kindest sorries for their child. I’m so sorry you’ll have to see all of the bullshit your father did. Amen

I tilt the bottle I think it’s rosy, but my room never had any sane lighting so I really can’t tell.
I’m more drunk off the fact that you’re out there, somewhere, walking beside people who don’t give two shits and leaning on walls that have cracks and still don’t moan. I wait behind windows that have too many grills on, I kiss my bottle deeper, I french it up, like I’d do if you’d give it in my mouth.
Yes of course those people who read this will say all sorts of things but being me, I’ve always borne that like dreams being killed by reality.
They call me all sorts of things when I’m just struggling to be sort of there, and they whisper about my hair colour as I walk past as if having red hair is like committing a crime and as if falling in love is all about my sexual parts and as if talking about sex is something I should be ashamed of.
I don’t think I can keep hearing these voices anymore and so I start containing myself in nights that offer intoxication and in men and women who’d keep shut about my endeavours. My books smell of cheap whiskey and my fingers of typewriter ink; and they think using condoms at eighteen is bad but do they even know the lies they tell?
They think they can hold me within their fists and they can fit me in the jar of their narrow mindedness but I’m a woman and I contain a spark and I will not apologise for that.
It’s a little early to get drunk but you say being sober is a sorry state of mind and so I raise my toast to you and spit on our society, I’m in love with you and they with what they think are my sins, all of us will sleep smiling tonight, I’ll think of your face, you, of your ex, they of the next tale they’ll spin around a poem I wrote because hey, writers are just narrators of what they contain in their old fucking spirits and my lungs are so bad I think I use more inhalers than I take drags off my joint.
Tomorrow I’ll wake up to positive comments and another round of stories so I think it’s better I kill my lights and weep to sleep.
(Maybe you don’t really know me?)

So it ocurred to me, that I have a type:

I fall for a man, that

  • has awesome cheekbones
  • a great profile
  • beautiful eyes with awesome eye-lashes that make many women jealous
  • is lean
  • mid-thirties
  • loses his hair
  • his eyebrows have a life of their own
  • has a beautiful smile, that he often shows
  • is passionate about something
  • which usually leads to him being uncontrollably excited
  • is an absolute dork at times
  • but can be serious and overwhelmingly smart
  • stays calm even under stress
  • yet if he gets angry it is strangely very sexy
  • enthralls me with his hands and the way he can’t hold them still
  • or bites and licks his lips
  • seriously you want to hand him lip balm or better kiss him
  • looks awesome clean-shaven or with a beard
  • and he rubbs his beard all the time with his beautiful hands
  • though the best look is stubble
  • is funny and makes me laugh
  • either by behaving like a five-year-old
  • or with his witty sarcasm
  • or by using stupid innuendos
  • is an absolute tease
  • when he laughs he lights up the room and you can’t keep from laughing with him
  • has a great voice
  • which is great when he dosn’t stop talking
  • and is a great reader
  • uses accents while doing so, which is absolutely charming and enticing
  • loves food
  • has an horrible dress sense, whick makes him even more charming
  • though he also likes to dress up (again a reason to laugh that makes me happy)
  • all in all entertains me no matter what he does

you, your best friend and luke on a roadtrip would involve:

  • singing so loudly in the car that the cars passing you on the highway give you some serious side-eye
  • your roadtrip playlist includes hollaback girl, burnin’ up and mr brightside
  • referring to yourselves as the ot3
  • “what about the holy trinity”
  • “you mean the unholy trinity”
  • “ok true”
  • stopping at every starbucks you see “cause hipster as fuck, son”
  • feeling really proud when fans approach him as you’re all sat drinking your coffee and seeing how invested and generous he is with them
  • making decisions on the flip of a coin
  • going through a car wash and purposely screaming the whole time
  • laughing until you’re breathless
  • wearing his snapbacks
  • piggyback rides
  • one of which is luke in the middle and you and your best friend kissing his cheeks ):)
  • “guys, when can we get food” luke every hour
  • noticing luke checking out a girl and you both wiggling your eyebrows at him until his cheeks flush
  • laughing when you check into a hotel and the reception guy is giving luke a questionable stare cause he’s sharing with two women
  • “WAIT-NO I’M NOT A PIMP ohfnfbjsa my god dhgt they’re my best frieinds pleas enos ajdj”
  • pizza and how i met your mother marathon parties in your hotel room while you look online and decide where to adventure to next
  • “vegas?” “[quotes the hangover from start to finish]” “luke, chill”
  • posting twitter videos of him signing while he drives
  • “i don’t actually know what i’m doing, i’m just pretending to look like i know.. can we call someone?” luke when ur car breaks down
  • being so sad when it’s all over but promising to make it a regular thing

C: I hate that as a black woman I can’t be as open about my sexuality without being looked at like a whore. I haven’t had many partners & I don’t go out much. But when I do I make the most of it, including kissing random dudes to being felt up all over & in between. But I try to remain as incogneto as I can because I know if I’m there with someone I’m about to be judged and shunned for what I was doing. Please stop slut shaming me like you’re so perfect.

Luke in that interview reminds me of that guy that you swipe right on tinder because he’s hot enough to ignore his douchey profile hoping that he’s actually a sweet guy and then he messages you and proves that he is indeed, a flaming douchebag and then you unmatch him and go on with your life + I really hope that the interview isn’t real but if it is he can kiss my ass and the asses of many other beautiful, smart women goodbye

Repeat after me: women are not disposable for your m/m slash ship. Women are not disposable for your m/m slash ship. Women are not disposable for your m/m slash ship.

We queer men are not the only ones lacking in representation. Women rarely get the spotlight in so many stories. Even the poorly written love interest (and many are, though not all) can be vital as a result. Hating them, demonizing them, or erasing them from the narrative to make space for the male leads to kiss is not progressive.

Sincerely, a bi man who doesn’t think his love for his boyfriend in any way requires or is worth pushing another marginalised group under the bus.

So, people still hate on Ginny to this day for saying “check cable,” but Kristen Bauer straight up says the exact same thing except completely flat out, and people are just like “ooo she kind of implied she would make out with Lana if they were on cable!” Fuck that. She flat out said that two women kissing would not be appropriate for broadcast. There’s nothing cute about it.

I know I’m barely on here anymore, and I apologize, I will try to get on more. But right now I just need to rant.

These two…these fucking two women are giving me more feelings than any other fictional character(s)/couple has before. I don’t know what it is with them but when they fight, my heart breaks, and when they kiss, my heart melts. The last scene from yesterday’s episode was so powerful in so many ways. Watching Bea sit there and take care of Allie during her withdrawals almost brought me to tears. This woman lost her daughter to a drug overdose and you can tell she was so worried she’d lose Allie to the same thing. You can tell just from that scene that Bea loves Allie. There’s no other way to describe the feelings between these two women other than pure love.