kiss as many women as you can

A letter to all women
You are valuable. You were created to be light in this world, to bring joy, and on days that you can’t even pick yourself up, to let others know that life does not end there. That it’s also okay to break down for a little while, that we’ve all been there. Woman, you are free. Pay no attention to those, even fellow sisters, that tell you what to wear, what to do, how many boys or girls you can kiss before you officially become a slut, before you become used or impure. Do whatever feels right, feel whatever you truly want. Pay no attention to those who are capable of making the same mistakes as you but think they’re too perfect to ever fail. And maybe those mistakes aren’t even mistakes. Maybe it was just you, growing into the dazzling woman that you’re meant to be, maybe it was another experience in the book of all the things that you’ve done and that are to come. Maybe it was a lesson. Pay no attention to those that say you’re not as worthy as them, to those that tell you that you can’t be successful, smart enough, good enough, pretty enough. Rage. Fight. Live, breathe and cling to what you not only think but know that is fair, and not only fair, but merely human. Speak up. Resist. Engage, communicate and develop your right to rule your own body, to wear whatever you want knowing that if a person gets angry at you for being “provocative” it’s only their problem because they’re not enough of a respectful person to understand that you’re not “asking for it”, you’re just living. Wear whatever you want knowing that if someone makes fun of you, mistreats you or abuses you in any way because you chose to cover yourself up or dress yourself down, they just weren’t raised right, they just don’t know what it’s like to view things from different perspectives or just to be you. Shout. Protest. Be displeased, rebel and say no to people that think they have any kind of control over you. It’s your choice who you want to be with, it’s your choice if you want to keep the baby, it’s your choice if today you don’t want to go to the party, it’s your choice if you want to wear the sweatpants or the tight dress. It’s your choice if you’re going to let others rule your life or be enslaved by this intolerant world. Let your sisters know that we can’t afford to put each other down anymore. We can’t afford to keep on slut shaming when all we’re asking for is respect and we’re not giving it back, or setting the example to do so. We can’t afford to verbally abuse one another when all me might have needed was a little advice and a lot of support. We need to be there for every single woman out there because no one else is going to fight for equality or be informed of what equality really means, if we can’t even come together and stop fighting with each other instead of fighting towards a fair, respectful, equal and dignified world. Stop thinking that there’s already too many of us fighting for the cause and that you’re not needed, there aren’t enough people. We need every single woman helping, giving advice, letting people know of this injustice that we’re living, that not only because you’re comfortable and everyone accepts you as you are, does it mean that somewhere else in the world there aren’t girls who are not even allowed to dream. We stop being free when we give up our control. We stop being free when we remain quiet. We stop being free when we stand by and watch others live what you should or want to be living. We stop being free when we let comfort and tranquility seduce us into a life of nothingness. Be released.
—  macsun //

Something new. X

“Im okay
Im fine
Its okay
Its fine.
These common 4 phrases will undoubtedly be said many times in a women’s life. They start when youre young. Not young enough to be able to cry to mommy, but enough to feel the need to convince people that you truly are okay. Because to cry is to show defeat. Hurt and anguish are just like the plus 4 cards in uno. Everyone can get dealt bad cards, but if you loose your poker face, you’re sure to fail. And to show emotion: true emotion is to loose at the game of life. ”

—  A.P
things i witnessed today at LA Pride
  • LGBT policemen and fbi agents walking hand in hand with their partners and spouses. 
  • a cute girl running out of the parade to give @stormsdameron her number
  • cops openly embracing people in the street
  • a man who had been attending LA pride since 1976. he shook my hand and said “when I first came to pride back then there were 25 people here. look at us now.”
  • elderly LGBT people blowing kisses from a float. holding hands. 
  • a woman approaching us and saying “you are so beautiful, all of you, take care of each other”
  • elementary school trans children in gender ambiguous clothes. smiling and laughing. blowing bubbles. 
  • when an anti-lgbt church began protesting and walking along side the parade with a loudspeaker, the entire brigade of Dykes on Bikes revved their motor cycles to drown out the hate speech. no one could hear them
  • a man who gave us all a handful of condoms and said “take care of each other. be strong. your voices are so important”
  • women holding hands with other women. men holding hands with other men. 
  • trans women and trans men laughing and dancing. 
  • danny devito in a rainbow shirt pointing and waving at us
  • dennis from It’s Always Sunny wearing a shirt that says “You Can Pee Next to Me”
  • dozens of last minute signs and tributes to orlando. outcries of “we love you orlando” 
  • confetti. dancing in the streets. 
  • people supporting each other in every aspect. high fives. hugs. kisses on cheeks. affirmations. 
  • so many affirmations. 
  • words of kindness.
  • you are beautiful.
  • you are loved.
  • you are important.
  • stay strong. 
  • i love your shirt. 
  • i love your lipstick. 
  • stay strong. 
  • take care of each other. 
  • stay strong
  • stay strong
  • stay strong. 

who even are you to kiss harry’s ass, saying he has something the other members of 1d don’t, and saying he’s all high and mighty when you can’t even fucking respect him? no, you shit, we were not fucking angry that you “changed their image” to us, we don’t give a shit about your vampire rip off shots. we care about the insanely invasive things that article kept shoving at harry. asking a 19 year old about how many women he’s had sex with and not stopping until he answered, then still saying they don’t believe him when he was fucking tired and frustrated? that is fucking invading harry’s privacy and just beyond human decency! don’t fucking pin anything on us, don’t fucking say we are vulnerable to whatever preconceived shit you conjured up saying we’re afraid of their image changing. no, you shit, we’re pissed because the interview was disgusting and vile, vulgar. we respect harry, don’t you dare act like you ever did.

You Selfish Sokovian!

‘Morning boys!’ Your voice echoed through the gym. You were not usually a morning person but you’ve already had a coffee AND when you came downstairs there was a plate of cooked bacon with your name on it. Literally. A sticky note was placed on the edge of the plate with Steve’s distinct handwriting.

Good morning, Grumpy Face! Accept this offering as a goodwill gesture and an advanced apology for the training we’re putting you through this morning.
See you at 8AM Sharp. X X

‘Ooh, double kiss?’ You wondered out loud before grabbing the crispy strip of perfectly cooked bacon with your bare hand. That’s how you knew it was shaping up to be a good morning, indeed.

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Something to chew on...

Black men have watched and applauded Tommy Sotomayor for talking shit about black women like it’s running out of style for over 5 years.

Not a peep.

Chrisette Michelle performs at Donald Trump’s inauguration then she’s all kinds of black b*tches and coons. Her career is in the gutter - she gets canned by Spike Lee. Yada yada yada.

While Steve Harvey, Kanye West, and the leaders of HBCU (mostly men) colleges take photo ops with Donald Trump with no real harm coming to their careers or reputations.

Do you not find it interesting the hell black women get for “colluding” with the enemy while black men get barely a chuckle towards them and no real harm done to their bank accounts whenever they play kiss ass with white racists OR show adamant hatred towards a segment in the black community (in this case - black women)?

Why did it take Tommy Sotomayor calling BLM protests “r*tards” for black men to finally back away from him? Why? Was not talking about black women like they are less than dog shit not convincing enough? You have to wait for him to talk shit about you too before “enough is enough”?

I can see why so many of my black female friends are getting the hell out of “Blackistan”. The mindset…the hatred…the indifference towards black women can really be too much to bare for the average black women who realizes what’s going on.

[TL] Otona no Meruhen Vol.2

This is one of the cutest drama CDs I’ve ever listened to!! omg Peter Pan is just so precious and pure and innocent. I hope you guys love him like I do. (♡ơ⌄ơ) Just get some tissues ready for later. Like usual, correct me if I translated something incorrectly.

WARNING: This is a r18 drama CD!!

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Fetishization of Same-sex relationships

Oh my god.

I literally was on The Spoiling Dead fan page (the comments have been deleted now) and I saw this girl say that “Aaron’s boyfriend is a ginger, anorexic creep” and that “Aaron and Jesus would be better together”. Literally an example of fetishization of gay men and same-sex relationships. It angers me so much that 1. Some people can be so shallow and rude 2. They want two men to break up or the one they don’t find hot to be killed, simply for two other gay men to get together to satisfy and for their own sexual gratification; ignoring the fact that Aaron and Eric have been together since before the apocalypse and that they are in love. If you are one of those people that only like same-sex relationship representation because they sexual gratify you and you find it hot and you want to break one up because you don’t find it “hot” - then fuck you. You are homophobic and are reducing gay/bi men to sex objects and that you only care about representation if it get’s you off. This happens all the time with straight men fetishizating lesbian/bi women too.

Wanting a same-sex couple to become canon because you think they would be a cute, interesting couple is not fetishization. In fact, finding same-sex intimacy/kissing/sex arousing is not fetishization either. Studies have been shown that (more so in women) many people, regardless of the sexuality or whether it is a same-sex or opposite sex couple, will get aroused by many different types of porn regardless of the person’s own sexuality and the nature of the porn. Watching gay porn when you are a woman is also not fetishization either. Just like a man being aroused by seeing the naked female body doesn’t mean that he is fetishizing/objectifing the female naked body - it’s just something he finds arousing and is attracted to. You can not help what you get’s you aroused (it is something that is biological and psychological, something that is in your nature) and as long as it is not non-consentual, paedophilia, bestiality situation or porn that arouses you then there should be no problem with what arouses you.

What is fetishization is when you want a same-sex couple to become canon simply on the grounds of you wanting to watch them kiss/have sex. Fetishization is dating a bisexual person for the expectation of having a threesome with them. Fetishization is the asking intrusive questions about an lgbt person’s sex life for your own little fantasy and gratification. Fetishization is seeing a lgbt person as a sexual object or objectifying same-sex relationships as to something that simply gets you off. For example, Youtuber Onision constantly fetishizes lesbian/bi women and talks about their sex life explicitly and how he finds it really hot to watch lesbian/bi women have sex, in literally every video he makes. That is fetishization.

Regardless, back to what I was ranting about. It got me really annoyed because I have been someone out of the few people alongside others like @thegaymerist @thereadersmuse @askdarus and @paullrovia that have been angered by the lack of interaction between Aaron and Eric and how AMC have completely ignored their relationship and the bad treatment of same-sex relationships in TWD in general. The fact that there are some people that want Eric to die or break up with Aaron because they don’t find them a “hot couple”, they don’t find him attractive and want Aaron to be with Jesus because it would be “hot” is down right shallow, rude, disgusting and objectifying of same-sex relationships. Literally I am annoyed as hell because I once got accused of fetishising gay people simply because I said is that Daryl might not actually be straight and that him and Jesus would make a groundbreaking, cute and interesting couple (they were a stranger in the youtube comments so they don’t know me). It’s people like that one person that makes people like myself, who has been angered by AMC’s treatment of ALL their LGBT characters (killing off both of Tara’s gfs, Aaron and Eric little to none screen time), be lumped together with people who actually fetishises/objectify same-sex relationships. Finding same-sex relationships cute or interesting is not fetishization; objectifying them as to something that gets you aroused and that you only care about lgbt representation if you find the couple hot/want to watch them have sex is.

All our LGBT characters in The Walking Dead (and all others shows tbh) deserve that respect of treating them as people, not objects like some people do. We are allowed to get angry when they and their relationships are ignored or when one of them dies unnecessarily before we can see more of their relationship grow. We should also call out, calmly and non-aggressively, when people objectify them. 

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All Night: Tom Holland x Black Reader

 Lemonade Oneshot:

Pray You Catch Me

Hold Up

Don’t Hurt Yourself


*6 Inch

Love Drought

Sandcastles Part 2


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1 year later

You were finally able to fully forgive him. After giving birth to your beautiful baby boy you two hit a small rough patch. You were stuck at home with the baby while he was out working. You were anxious that he would repeat the past but he never did. 

You reluctant to go back to therapy but with a different therapist, you two finally solved all the issues. You finally got down to the root of his infidelity and you felt that a huge burden had been lifted off of you. It was never you, it had never been you. 

Found the truth beneath your lies

Your love for him was strong and no matter what you would always love and forgive him. 

True love never has to hide
I’ll trade your broken wings for mine
Trade your broken wings for mine
I’ve seen your scars and kissed your crime
Seen your scars and kissed your crime

“I’m off to set.” He walked over to you and grabbed your son out of your arms. “My little guy is getting so big.” He said kissing him in the cheek. You smiled at the site, “He is.”

“I’ll be back in about 3 weeks. I’ll call you when I get off of the plane.” He said turning to give you a kiss. Tom wanted to make sure you were fully aware of his whereabouts and he wanted you to completely trust him. He was very famous and in popular demand, more than you liked. He had no problem attracting women and you hated it but you relaxed and remembered, Forward.

“You don’t have to call me.” You said. “What?” He asked. “I-I trust you Tom.”

It took some time, actually a long time before you could fully trust him again but it felt good. 

So many people that I know, they’re just tryna touch ya
Kiss up and rub up and feel up
Kiss up and rub up and feel up on you
Give you some time to prove that I can trust you again
I’m gonna kiss up and rub up and feel up
Kiss up and rub up and feel up on you

His eyes lit up and softly kissed your lips, “I swear I’ll still-” You interrupted him and smiled, “I said I trust you.” He nodded while you grabbed your baby back. “You need to go. We don’t want you missing your flight. Isn’t that right?” You asked your giggling child. Tom didn’t want to leave, he wanted to stay with you and Y/S/N. “Go!” You joked, pushing him out of the door, “Go shot an award winning film!”

He stopped at the door and kissed you again, “I love you.”, “I love you too.”

Tom came back after after wrapping his film. He came in the house, dropping his bags at the door and immediately ran to you. “SH!” You giggled begging him to put you down. “He’s sleeping!” You pointed to your son peacefully sleeping in his rocker. 

He smiled and looked back at you, “What are you doing tomorrow night?” 

“What?”, “What are you doing?”, “Nothing, I guess.” You shrugged. “Well tomorrow we’re going out, just you and me. I already found someone to watch Y/S/N.” You smiled, “Okay.”

“Where are you taking me?” You asked, tugging at your blindfold. “Be patient darling.” He squeezed your hand as he finally pulled up to your destination. He helped you out of the car and you heard the sound of the ocean. You took in the salty air and figured, the beach. 

He stopped and placed his hands on your shoulders, “You ready?”, “Yes.” He pulled off the blindfold and you gasped, “It’s beautiful.”

After settling down, he sat close to you and grabbed your hand. “Y/N,” You looked up and smiled, “Yes?”

“I love you.” He said sincerely while kissing your hand. “I know.”, “No, I know you know but I want to tell you that after everything that I have put you through that you are amazing and I am-”

You pressed your lips against his, sparks that you thought would never come back ignited and rushed in. He pulled back and he swore his eyes were going to pop out of his head. You two hadn’t had any sort of physical contact, especially after the baby-maybe you two exchanged small kisses here and there. 

Our love was stronger than your pride
Beyond your darkness, I’m your light
If you get deep, you touch my mind
If you get deep, you touch my mind
Baptize your tears and dry your eyes
Baptize your tears and dry your eyes

“I love you too.” He smiled and kissed you again. “Are you hungry?” He ran back to the car for the picnic basket. “So I made your favorites.” 

You finally loved Tom again and you were glad that feeling was back. You two were giggly and touchy. You sat in between his legs and rested our head on his chest, while he wrapped his arms around your torso. The conversation was amazing and when he kissed you he sent shivers up your spine. 

“I have something for you.” He said. You got up and watched him pull something out of his pocket, he stood you up “What are you doing?”

He smiled and got on one knee, “This isn’t a proposal but it’s just me spilling my heart out.” He pulled out a huge ring. “Y/N, I have put your though so much shit and I want to thank you for never give up on me. I know I’m not perfect but I will not disappoint you again.” He wiped a tear from his eye, “I love you. I love. I love you. Will you please take this ring?”

They say true love’s the greatest weapon
To win the war caused by pain, pain
But every diamond has imperfections
But my love’s too pure to watch it chip away
Oh nothing real can be threatened
True love breathes salvation back into me
With every tear came redemption
And my torturer became my remedy

You were trying to hold back tears, “Yes.” He slipped the new wedding ring on your finger and hugged you. “I will be the best father and husband to both you and Y/S/N!” He brushed the hair out of your face and kissed you passionately. 

One thing lead to another and you two laid naked, bodies intertwined. “Is this illegal?” You asked. “What?” He asked softly rubbing your bare back. “Having sex on the beach.”

He shrugged and kissed your shoulder, “There’s a possibility of public indecency.”

Lucky Tom made sure to rent out an area of the quietest part of the beach. “I love you.” You said rubbing his his cheek. “I love you.” He smiled and kissed you again. 

You saw his honesty and his sincerity, while you were certainly still going to be watchful, you trusted him and glad things were back to how they were. The rest of the night was spent with you to passionately making love and laughing. You had your husband back- a better version and you were not going to let him go. 

All night long
Sweet love all night long
Sweet love all night long
Sweet love all night long
All I wanna, ain’t no other
We together, I remember
Sweet love all night long

How I missed you, my love

All Yours Love


Pairing: Klaus x Reader

Summary: I’d like to request a Klaus Mikaelson imagine where he’s already dating the vampire reader and they get jealous of someone Klaus sees and he reassures them that he’s all theirs? I often see this request but like to see it in reverse. Thanks

Drumming your fingers on your knee, observing from afar the famous Klaus Mikealson who you also just happened to be your over-protective boyfriend, talking to Cami the bartender. Normally jealously wasn’t your thing, in fact, there was usually nothing that you had to be jealous of. But the way Klaus was interacting with Cami just rubbed you up the wrong way and you had no idea why. Using your vampire hearing you leaned in a little to concentrate on their conversation.

“You really don’t know when to stop, do you?”, Cami asked Klaus who flashed his award winning smirk. “I’m quite persistent when I want to be, love”. He replied, while you were sitting meters away fuming. Cami walked back to the other side of the bar and started to wipe down the bench. “The answer is still no, and nothing you say is going to change my mind”.

Klaus lightly laughed and put some money on the table, most likely to pay for the lunch you and him were suppose to be enjoying. “I’m a patient man Camille, I will get you to change your mind”. That was the last straw for you and without making a noise you vamp sped out of the bar. Klaus turned around and his face dropped when he longer saw you sitting at the table.

When you returned to the Mikealon’s compound it was empty, and thank god for that. You didn’t have the energy to talk to anyone at the moment. Something you did when things got a bit too much as a human was play darts. Now that you were a vampire you were able to hit the board with accurate precision, so it wasn’t as nearly as much fun. However all you wanted to do was throw things and darts seemed to be the safer option. Grabbing the three darts off the board, you stood a fair distance away and threw one after the other.

On the second go, you were aligning the last dart when Klaus appeared in front of the dart board blocking the shot. But even that didn’t stop you from actually throwing the dart, which to no surprise Klaus immediately caught. “Aren’t you suppose to be at Rousseau’s?”, snarkily remarking to him as proceed to walk away. “Well I would be, expect my girlfriend decided to disappear without a single word as to why or where she was going”. He retorted, following you up the stairs.

Being a vampire meant that all your emotions were heightened, some days you could control it other days, like seeing your boyfriend flirt with another women, made it difficult. “I know you got this reputation Klaus that you have to uphold, but is it too much to ask for you to not flirt with the god damn bartender!”. Throwing your jacket towards the nearest chair caused the flowers nearby on the table to be knocked over causing a mess on the floor. And all Klaus did was stand with his hands behind his back and smirk. “Great, nice to know you find all of this amusing!”.

“Well I’d be lying if I wasn’t at least a little entertained love, but it seems you’re missing a few details”. He explained, making his way over to you. Not making eye contact, he continued. “Like for instance I have absolutely no desire to flirt with Camille. Marcel is the one who has his eye on her”. Looking down to hide the guilt, Klaus was just inches away. When he reached your position, he lifted your chin. “My eyes have always been on you Y/N, so you questioning my devotion and commitment not only hurts, but it’s quite insulting”.

Sighing, you felt idiotic for overreacting and you should of known better. “I’m sorry okay, there isn’t a how to on being a vampire, so yes my emotions do get the better of me sometimes. Your Klaus Mikealson, you can’t blame me for being worried that some other girl is going to catch your eye”. It was hard to admit, but nonetheless it needed to be said. Klaus took this moment to lean it and share a gentle kiss. “I can promise you Y/N no other women will ever compare to your beauty. I’m all yours love”.

Smiling, Klaus was like a different man with you and even though he was feared by many there was nothing about him that made you afraid. “Are you sure? Because we are immortal, so you’re kinda stuck with me”.

“Even better, I wouldn’t have it any other way”. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you vampire sped him towards his large, king sized bed. Completely indulging in all the love you two had for each other.

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j**lockers's idea of subtext: J**LOCK IS REAL -------- john's idea of subtext: punch Sherlock in the face.


Since we’re on the subject..How about a little context now…

Interesting how this scene from TLD gets a free pass from the cult. I mean sure they were mad and upset like the rest of us, but they let it slide because ya know it’s Jawn and he’s grumpy and mad that Mary lied to him and he didn’t really want to be married to her anymore and that’s why he cheated on Mary, because ya know she made him so unhappy and oh yes let’s not forget she SHOT SHERLOCK! and ya know all the usual bullshit the cult likes to blame John’s outrage on. 

However, sad and shocking that brutal beatdown scene was to watch, it really didn’t strike a chord in the cult’s outrage choir as much as this scene from HLV: 

I used to follow jlock blogs before I knew about all this shipping business and I would read post after post about how Molly is abusive and she has anger issues and how dare she hit him like that, he has an illness and that is not how you deal with drug users and blah blah blah. The outrage choir was lock up Molly Hooper in the tower and throw away the key. 

Of course the cult would later go on to change their view on Molly Hooper after this scene from TFP:

Their outrage went from abuser with anger issues to poor Molly! How could sherlock treat her so badly!? How could the Mofftiss let this great female character be treated so poorly by a male character!?? For the love of god how can Loo Brealey let her character get treated so poorly!?? Sherlock is lying to her and Sherlollies are happy about this??!! whyyyyyyyyy?? Suddenly they were the Molly Hooper choir of justice..cos ya know Sherlock was lying about loving her and anyways that ILY was really for Jawn. It’s always about Jawn, isn’t it…

AND let’s not forget this scene from ASIB. Sherlock wakes up in his bed with a kiss on cheek, planted there by Irene Adler. She was returning his coat. I used this gif instead of the bed one because you can see the kiss better. Oh! I can tell you how many ridiculous comments I read from cult members about how that lipstick kiss was abuse! and not only that, it was comparable to sexual abuse! The cult outrage choir was really at their terrible best when it comes to the subject of Irene Adler. 

So dear Anon, I know yer message wasn’t really about this and it was probably supposed to be in jest, but it brought up thoughts about what outrages the cult and how they link most of the abuse to the women in Sherlock’s life and that their real beef isn’t with Molly or Irene or even Mary. 

Their beef is with John Watson. He has the anger issues. He beat up his bestie because he couldn’t handle that his wife jumped in front of a bullet to save his besties life AND that he was emotionally cheating on his wife. John wasn’t really a good person towards the end, now was he…BUT that’s ok because the subtext tells us that jlock is canon and that John doesn’t have to apologize to Sherlock for that brutal take down. NOPE. Jawn doesn’t have to pay for what he’s done because he doesn’t have a vagina. 

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Loving Dean - Part 3

By @ravenangel33

Summary: Dean continues to recover from being raped by Toni Bevell.

Characters: Dean x Reader; Sam; Jody; Toni mentioned

Word Count: 1653

Warnings: TRIGGERS As mentioned in the summary, this series deals with rape and its aftermath.

A/N: It’s taken awhile for me to get this next part out there. Thanks for your support and comments. Feedback is appreciated. It’s a little daunting dealing with a topic like this; I’m doing my best to be sensitive and address the fact that male rape does exist.



Dean’s eyes were quiet, reflective, and sad. He was looking past you, his gaze fixed on a spot on the wall. He shifted his eyes to meet yours. “I need to tell you everything. You should know the truth about me.”

You moved your hand over to his and held it remembering the way he had just asked you to kiss him, unsure, believing you wouldn’t. “Dean, tell me anything you want me to know. There’s nothing you can say that will change the way I feel about you.” You squeezed his hand. “I love you, no matter what.”

He started slowly, his voice faltering. “Toni said things about why you wouldn’t want me anymore and what she said was true.” He wouldn’t meet your eyes. You kept a secure hold on his hand. “I’ve been with so many women, Y/N. I don’t even know how many.”

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Guinevere-Kingsman Imagine

Requested; No

Warnings: some sensuality, and violence

A/N: Rewatching Big Little Lies inspired this story and I promise after this, I will start publishing the requests! 

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  The low sound of the current football match along with a few shouted curses filled the small London apartment. It was a normal Friday night: Marcus was probably upset that Manchester was losing and would undoubtedly want to throw around his beers, a table lamp, and kick around the TV table. Then, he was going to want to take his anger out on his mousy girlfriend, Liliana, because something she had not done right was the reason his team lost. He would come storming into the bedroom and yank her from the windowsill by the hair at the nape of her neck, not caring that the cigarette she had been smoking would ruin the carpet—-all the more reason the crow deserved this beating. 

   That’s what I was counting on as I sat in the windowsill, overlooking the squalid dark streets of Brixton. I took a long drag of my cigarette before blowing the smoke into the air. It was a cool London night and there was only mugging after mugging after rape occurring in the streets. Of course, I had seen worse but it was gross to know how many horrid things were happening in my own city.

    Something smashed in the living room.

   “LILIANA, COME OUT HERE YOU BITCH!” Marcus screamed.

   “Show time,” I muttered.

   I waited patiently until Marcus stumbled into the doorway. He wasn’t a tall guy at one hundred and seventy two centimeters but he had to be at least twelve stone. He stunk of beer and a cheap TV dinner and he wore a dirty wife beater and boxers. He staggered over to me and just when we reached for my hair, I turned and jabbed the butt of my cigarette into his face. He screamed and lunged for me, but I grabbed his hand, using the vulnerability to kick him in the chest. He landed on the floor and his bloodshot hazel eyes filled with terror.

   “Who the f-ck are you? Where’s Liliana?” he demanded.

   “Liliana is in a safe space far, far away from you,” I said. “As for me, I’m the woman who’s going to make you wish you never laid a hand on Liliana.”

   He tried to defend himself, but it was useless as I duct taped his hand above his head and duct taped his mouth shut. Then, I proceeded to exact the revenge Liliana wasn’t able to give herself. When I was finished, I was sure that Marcus would never lay a hand on any other woman again.

   I quietly slipped out of the front door and back into the cool London air. The estate Marcus lived in was filled with promiscuous couples as well as people in screaming matches, so no one would pay any mind to me. I pulled my cell phone out of my jacket pocket and called Liliana.

   “Miss Stone?” Liliana’s voice sounded panicked, which was normal with most of my clients.

   “It’s taken care of, you will never have to worry about Marcus Smith again,” I said.

   “Thank you, thank you so much. How will I pay you?”

   “It’s been handled already.”

   I hung up and shoved the phone back in my jacket pocket. Though I did have some adrenaline still running after my session with Marcus, I still felt unsatisfied. Marcus was only one scumbag, but what about the other men beating women senseless?

   I flexed my sore knuckles and groaned before jogging down the steps and leaving the estate. As I started heading to the bus stop, I passed by a tall, athletic man wearing a charcoal gray suit with a black tie and matching patent leather oxford. His light brown hair was combed back, out of his pale, strong face that was framed with thick black glasses.

   “Impressive, Miss Stone,” he said.

   I paused for a split second. “I don’t know what you are talking about. You must have me confused with someone else.”

   “Isn’t that what you’re calling yourself these days? Miss Stone.” He stepped closer to me as I turned to face him. “It’s amazing that it took you only two hours to get Liliana Wood away from that wanker, but it took you thirty minutes to handle him yourself. Used to take you ten from what I remember, you’re slacking now.”

   I swallowed thickly and narrowed my eyes at the man. “Whoever you think I am, you must be confused.”

   “Who could ever forget you Guinevere?” he asked.

   I stiffened at the old code name. “You will want to be more covert when you canvass for former agents; I made you ages ago. If you excuse me, I’ve had a long day and I’d like to go home now.”

  “You left because you wanted to rest, right?”

  This kid was persistent, I had to give him that.


  “If that were true, you would’ve taken a simple desk job, worked at a cafe, or stopped working altogether. Instead, you are a hitwoman for abused women, a noble profession indeed but requires little to no rest at all.”

  I sighed. “I got used to the line of work, so what?”

  “Merlin and I need your specific skill set to help us and the rest of the world as we know it,” he said. “No one else has quite the combat skills like you do.” 

  “I am sorry…”


   “…Galahad but Kingsman are more concerned with helping people on a global scale, not a local one. As much as I enjoyed working with the service, there were too many evils we weren’t fighting at home. Hopefully, another agent will be able to help you.”

   I sighed and started walking to the bus stop again, willing away all the faces of men and women that I had beaten to death while interrogating them or looking at the faces of people I hadn’t saved.

   I would definitely need a glass of wine later.

   “Miss Stone,” I turned again to see Galahad walking towards me, “perhaps I can persuade you.”

   “Galahad, you’ve already tried but—”

   He cut me off with a kiss. It wasn’t passionate or anything, but it was quite steamy and I would’ve shoved him away if I wasn’t surprised. However, when he pulled away everything went fuzzy before turning black.

    “…Guinevere, are you all right? Guinevere!” Merlin’s eyes were narrowed at me when I blinked them open.

    I glanced around and saw that I was sitting in a chair in the old tailor shop, surrounded by the different high tech gadgets disguised as haberdashery. In front of me was Merlin, wearing his usual gray sweater vest, along with Galahad, who looked a little anxious.

    “What…what happened?” I muttered.

    Merlin straightened up. “Eggsy used a solvent disguised as a lip balm on his lips that was laced with chloroform.”

   “Eggsy?” I glanced at the handsome young boy standing at the front. “That’s your name?”

   “Yeah, what, got a problem with it?”

   “No, not at all. It’s different, I will say that.” I leaned back into the chair. “You must be extremely desperate to be talking to me.”

   “Not desperate at all, Y/N. No other Kingsman agent has measured up to you in hand to hand combat or in handling weapons. We have a greater threat that attacked our headquarters,” Merlin said. “If we are going to take them down, we need you on our side.” 

     I glanced at Eggsy again and he shifted. He knew it was risky drugging me of all people. However, it was for a good cause and I had always been loyal to Kingsman.

   “You haven’t said anything that really convinces me to join.”

   “If you do this, you can leave, for good.”

   “Do you really have that power, Merlin?” 

   Merlin’s mouth went into a straight line. “Because for the time being, I am also acting as Arthur.”

   “Fine, and I also want to be paid accordingly whenever you can scrounge something up.” I flexed my sore hands again. “May I leave now?”

   “Of course. It’s good to have you back, Guinevere.”

   “We’ll see about that.” I stood and began strolling to the door, but I stopped at Eggsy. “Don’t drug me the next time you kiss me.”

   “There will be a next time?” Eggsy looked ridiculously smug.

   “Goodbye, Galahad.”

   As I walked away, I couldn’t help but smile since I had forgotten how much it was fun to play with boys in a non violent way. 

freakyfetish  asked:

What's the best way to meet someone?

Search online. This can be a great way to do it because both you and her potential lover know what they’re looking for. That said, you have to be very careful because Internet talk is cheap and some of the pictures and profiles bear little or no resemblance to the guy you meet in the bar for an “interview” (that’s one of our rules, by the way –My husband get to meet the guy first. If he’s not man enough to do that, he’s not man enough for me). We’ve done it this way and found a couple of lovers for me before now, but it’s not our favourite – too many weirdos:/ Try a ‘Swingers’ Club’. While is sounds a bit tacky, this is actually a great way for beginners, especially if they’re not sure. The reason is, everyone there is there for the same thing – if one or both of you chickens out at the last moment, then no one’s got no ego invested in it to bruise. It’s also a good way to test the water to see how you actually react to another man kissing and smooching with your wife. It’s a fairly safe way to ‘test-drive’ the lifestyle. We haven’t done it this way ourselves, but we do know couples who have and they tell us it’s been very successful and a non-threatening introduction to hotwiving. One thing I can tell you, though, and it’s actually quite funny, is women tell me they have a hard time getting a man to ‘play’ with at these events because… so many of the men are there just to watch their wives having fun.😙👅💦


💄 Black Widow;

❝They will not see me coming.You can take many disguises… But when you’ve got the intel, you can become the master of disguise.❞ - Rømāñõvá ☭


John x Fem!Reader (Smut)

Requested By Anon

Warnings: smut, public sex, swearing

Bloody hell, (Y/N) will you go get Arthur?” Poll snapped.

“Yeah.” You sigh as you stretch and hop down off the table you’d been sat on. It didn’t take long to get to the Garrison and find John and Arthur in the private room.


“Poll wants Arthur.” You grumbled.


“Alright, here (Y/N) on me.” Arthur sighed as he dropped a few coins on the table. John chuckled when you sat down and let you head drop against the wall behind you.


“Poll keeping you busy?” John asked as he watched you.

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Family- Bash

Originally posted by minxinheels

It was a rare occasion for a man to be present for the birth of his child, but luckily your husband refused to leave your side.

The natural light had faded and you could only see what the faint candle light shone on. The room was cold even with the blanket thrown over you middle.

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Okay, let’s talk about Azriel’s heart a little. I honestly believe that Azriel knew about Morrigan’s relationship with the mortal queen, c'mon, he is a spymaster, his work is know this type of things. I also think that he had known many of her relationships, both with men and women, and he just supposed it wasn’t serious, that it was an one night stand, just like Cassian’s, until he saw her with Andromache.

And I was thinking about it, in my way to college, when I remembered a song that fit perfectly. Let me share with you some (many) parts of it:

Feeling used
But I’m still missing you
And I can’t
See the end of this
Just wanna feel your kiss
Against my lips

And now all this time
Is passing by
But I still can’t seem to tell you why
It hurts me every time I see you
Realize how much I need you

I hate you, I love you
I hate that I love you
Don’t want to, but I can’t put
Nobody else above you

I hate you, I love you
I hate that I want you
You want her, you need her
And I’ll never be her

And there’s more:

Friends can break your heart too
And I’m always tired but never of you

And more:

You ever wonder what we could’ve been?
You said you wouldn’t and you fucking did
Lie to me, lie with me, get your fucking fix

[ … ]

Always missing people that I shouldn’t be missing
Sometimes you gotta burn some bridges just create some distance
I know that I control my thoughts and I should stop reminiscing
But I learned from my dad friends that it’s good to have feelings
When love and trust are gone
I guess this is moving on
Everyone I do right does me wrong
So every lonely night, I sing this song

And if your heart isn’t broken yet, here goes the major blow:

All alone I watch you watch her
Like she’s the only you’ve ever seen
You don’t care, you never did
You don’t give a damn about me
Yeah, all alone I watch you watch her
She’s the only thing you’ve ever seen
How is it you never notice
That you are slowly killing me?