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Hongbin vs. Makeup 💄

Superfamily Thing

Dad and pops were fighting again.

They had been for at least a week now. Peter was used to the occasional blowup for a night, maybe two, before they got all stupidly sappy with one another again.
This was new. Scary.

They avoided each other in the day and screamed at each other in the night when they thought he was asleep. Pops had been sleeping in the spare room for at least six of the seven nights it had been going on for. Dinner time had become a nightmare; Uncle Clint having to swap seats so he was sat in between them and prevent another fight from springing up while they ate.

He didn’t want them to split up. Divorced parents were a pain in the ass, according to the girl who sat next to him in math class. She was always talking about what a hassle it was, moving all her stuff from one house to another every weekend.

And it meant one of them would have to leave. Move out. Get a new life and a new partner and maybe even a new kid-

But Peter really didn’t want to think about that.

Today was the fifth day of Peter coming home to see only one of his parents in the kitchen, where there should usually be two. They tended to hang around, waiting for him in order to ambush him and ask questions about his day. Their latest fad was ‘so how was Wade today?’ or something along those lines, in that stupid sing-song voice that adults always did when they were being dicks.

It had been irritating- but Peter wouldn’t have minded now. If it meant they’d been doing it together, sending stupid smirky grins toward one another or just holding hands at the table rather than looking cold and tired- he wouldn’t have minded at all.

Today it was dad who greeted him. He was sat with a coffee in hand and tablet in the other, idly tapping at the keys and trying to keep his eyes open. Peter knew he hadn’t been sleeping well- it wasn’t exactly hard to tell. And although they never spoke to him about what they did with the avengers, Peter could guess that that had been the trigger for all the stupidity lately. 

He didn’t have to be the genius he was in order to figure that out. Pops hadn’t come back from the mission two Fridays ago; they’d hurried him off to hospital instead. And then three days later, once he’d been given the all-clear, dad had brought him home, where they’d proceeded to have  a huge argument. Right in front of Peter. 

Honestly, he’d just wanted to be able to sit with pops and make sure he was okay- let him stroke his hair and quiet his worries and say how tough he was, that he wouldn’t go down that easy. But instead he’d had to be hurried away by Uncle bruce, who was rolling his eyes and apologizing on behalf of them, saying that he’d be able to talk to his pops soon, but it wasn’t a good time right now.

Peter had scowled, told Uncle Bruce moodily ‘I’m thirteen, not an idiot- I know that’, and then slammed up to his room to wait it out. And, of course, Pops had hobbled up eventually; sitting on the bed with him and assuring him he was okay, he was tough as nails, and he would always, always come home to Peter.

Except he’d been alone. and usually, no matter how mad they were at each other, Pops and Dad had always talked to Peter about this together.

That had been the first warning. From then on, it had seemed things just got progressively worse.

“Hey squirt- how was school?” Dad asked, when Peter dropped his bag and began making his way into the kitchen in order to make himself a bowl of cereal (he was a growing boy, okay, shut up, cereal in the afternoon was perfectly fine, his Uncle Clint did it all the time).

he shrugged. “Eh- it was okay. Boring, as usual; they gave us a test, I aced it, again, as usual,” Peter explained, carefully avoiding the fact that they’d been learning about The Battle of New York in lesson that day. He knew it was a touchy subject for his dad, and he didn’t want to risk upsetting him.

Dad raised an eyebrow, taking a sip from his coffee and watching Peter with a look on his face. Peter just sighed. He knew what was coming.

“So how was Waaade?

He sighed. “Ugh, Wade was fine, he smiled at me while i passed on the corridors today and that was literally all that happened. I honestly don’t know why you’re making such a big deal out of this, he called me cute once-”

“Once is enough,” his dad shrugged bemusedly, poking Peter in the side as he walked around the table to sit next to him and get to work on his snack. 

“That is not a snack, Peter,” dad said, because unfortunately he was good at reading Peter’s mind like that. “That’s like, a full meal. We’re having dinner in an hour, are you serious-”

“School is hard work,” Peter complained, flopping on to the stool and leaning on his dad’s shoulder theatrically, “It drains me of energy that I need to replenish with Lucky Charms.”

“Natasha will blow her top if she sees you eating that- it’s her turn to cook tonight. And if she chooses to murder you for eating beforehand, then there isn’t much I can do. I know you’re my son, but the whole parent-bond thing only goes so far-”

Peter bumped him on the shoulder and he laughed quietly. It was nice to see the tension ease off his face a little.

Of course, then everything went wrong again.

“Hey Peter, didn’t know you’d be back so ear- oh,” his Pops said, entering the room and faltering when he saw Dad already sat at the table.

There was an awkward pause. Peter guessed they must have got the days wrong for which one of them was going to go and talk to him about his school day. 
That tended to happen when they didn’t actually speak to one another and acted like they were Peter’s Goddamn age.

Pops managed to collect himself, though- walking forward and smiling as he reached out to squeeze Peter’s shoulder, before heading to the cupboards and grabbing a mug. “You had a good day today?”

Peter shrugged, wishing it didn’t feel as tense as it did. Why the hell did parents have to argue anyway? It was stupid. They were being stupid, and Peter just wanted them to kiss and make up already- because that’s what they did, that’s what they always did, right? This wasn’t going to last, it couldn’t- Peter didn’t want to have two homes, he didn’t want Dad to marry someone else or Pops to have different kids-

It was only then that he realised Dad and Pops had moved, resting a hand on each shoulder while he leaned forward on to the table and hid his crumpled face in the crook of his arms.

 “Peter! Hey, baby, what’s happened, did something go down at school-”

“Do we need to go in, because we’ll go in, okay- whatever’s wrong, we’ll sort it out. Are you being bullied?”

“Did someone hurt you?”

“Did you have an argument with your friends?”

“Were y-”

“IT’S YOU TWO!” Peter yelled, jerking upward again and throwing his hands in the air. “God, this is the first time you’ve been this close to each other in ages! I haven’t seen you look each other in the eye when you’re around one another except to argue! Why the hell are you both being so stupid? I don’t…I don’t want you to get divorced! But you will and then you’ll both find stupid new people and have stupid new lives and leave me behind and we won’t be a family any more and I don’t want that so just STOP FIGHTING!”

He didn’t stop to listen to whatever stupid crap they tried to throw at him; instead kicking the chair he was sat on over and storming out of the room angrily, ignoring their calls and running up into his room before they could bother him. 

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A Revelation Long Overdue

EMMA:  (runs into Granny’s in a rush) 

REGINA:  (rushes toward the door and almost crashes into Emma at the same time) 

EMMA:  I need to say something. 

REGINA:  I do too. 

EMMA:  Okay, but me first.

REGINA:   (taken aback)   Why you first? 

EMMA:  (frowns)  Well, why you first?

REGINA:  (raises eyebrow)   Because I’m a queen.  I always go first. 

EMMA:  (rolls eyes)  Seriously?  You’re pulling rank? 

REGINA:  (shrug)  It’s one of the perks of being a queen. 

EMMA:  Well, what are the perks of being in love with the queen?   (The Diner goes completely silent, but Emma and Regina don’t notice) 

REGINA:  Being in love with the… (pause)  I beg your pardon? 

EMMA:  Regina, I’m in love with you. Truth is, I’ve been in love with you for a long time. 

REGINA:  (stunned) 

EMMA:  (sighs)  I know it’s probably not what you want to hear, but… 

REGINA:  I’m in love with you too. 

EMMA:  (pause)   What? 

REGINA:  I’m in love with you, Emma. 

EMMA:  (slow dopey grin)   For how long? 

REGINA:  (tilts head and eyes dart off to the side)   A long time. 

EMMA:  Sooo… you’ve had feelings for me, and I’ve had feelings for you, but we never did anything about it. 

REGINA:  It appears to be that way.  (witnesses the savior looking around, dumbstruck)   Well, you were dating that seafaring maggot. 

EMMA:  I was with Hook, mostly, because you had Robin. 

REGINA:  Well I was with Robin, mostly, because… (pause)… Actually I’m not sure why I was with him, but you weren’t available.  Anyway, how was I to know what your feelings for me were? 

EMMA:  Jesus, how many times does a woman have to sacrifice herself for you! 

REGINA:  (pointedly glares at Emma)  I have done some sacrificing of my own, Miss Swan! 

EMMA:  So you’re saying you sacrificed yourself because you love me?!

REGINA:  (nods) Aren’t you saying the same thing?! 



(At a table close by, Henry sits with his friends, Paige, Ava and Nick.) 

AVA:  Henry… your moms need their own reality show. 

NICK:  I’d watch the fuck out of that. 

HENRY:   (blushes and his eyes dart around in embarrassment at everyone in the room)  You know, I knew this day was coming, I just… didn’t know they were going to do this publicly

PAIGE:  I think it’s romantic. 

LEROY:  (at the counter)  We get it.  You’re stupid for each other.  Not like the rest of us didn’t already know.  Now can you guys kiss and make up?  I want to get back to my pastrami on rye.

REGINA:  (looks back at him like she’s about to curse him)  Why, you little…

EMMA:  (takes Regina by surprise, grabs the collar of her jacket and crashes their lips together) 

(The kiss softens and deepens. Sighs and sounds of “Awww” are heard throughout the room. Henry hides his head behind Paige’s back.) 

GRANNY:  Hey, now.  I don’t care that you’re the mayor and the sheriff, this is a place of work. (watches the women continue to kiss)  I can give you a room upstairs but you can’t make out on my diner counter.  Mayor?  Sheriff?   (looks to a back booth)  MARY MARGARET!  THEY’RE… YOURS, AREN’T THEY?  CAN’T YOU DO SOMETHING?

(In a back booth, Mary Margaret flushes a deep red, rolls her eyes closed and drops her forehead with a light bang on the table top as her husband reaches across to rub her back, chuckling.) 

DAVID:  Well Snow, you were right!   They finally did it.

We Need Someplace Quiet

Anonymous requested: #1 with bts v! Part of my prompt request series.

Originally posted by hellosarang

You’d been playing a game of “dodge Taehyung’s grabby hands,” since you’d come over. You knew it wasn’t entirely his fault. It felt like ages since the last time the two of you were able to be alone. His time consumed by practices, comebacks, and world tours. None of that bothered you, however because you knew dating an idol wasn’t going to be the easiest thing in the world. The last statement becoming more evident each time the two of you were left without any of his band mates around.

When Jin and Jungkook exited the kitchen, he’d wasted no time pressing himself against your back. His arms wrapping around your middle making you pause in finding a drink out of the fridge.

“Ya, Taehyungie,” you’d mused. “Can I find a drink in peace?”

He rested his chin on your shoulder and lovingly nuzzled into the spot.

“Just pretend him not even here.”

Taehyung’s voice advised in a rough whisper that sent your body into a heated mess. You forgot all about wanting to grab a water, although now you actually needed one. Your mouth having gone dry like the desert as his hands kneaded against your hips.

“Like that’s going to be easy,” you muttered.

His chuckle didn’t help matters when you reached in to grab a bottle, his hands still not letting go after you shut the door.

“Tae, I can’t walk like this.”

“How do you know if you don’t try?”

You let out a sigh of defeat, your feet turning back towards the living room where currently Jimin put on his first co-star in a drama, Hwarang. Taehyung had been embarrassed at first when his character made his appearance. The boys shouting and clapping and J-Hope even throwing a pillow at him that he’d easily caught. You all agreed after the third episode you all needed a break leaving Taehyung to become like a Koala stuck to your back.

The both of you shuffled back into the living room leaving Yoongi to teasingly scoff at your entrance.

“Ya, can’t you guys save that cute stuff for when you’re alone?”

“I tried to get him off, but he seems stuck here.”

Taehyung tsked in your ear and the sensation tickled the skin making your hand reach back to push at his face.

“We have to sit down, you pabo.”

You knew he wanted to tell you to just sit on his lap, but the both of you could already hear his hyungs remarks. Reluctantly, he released his hold on you and plopped down on the couch. His arm stretching back over the open seat next to him waiting for you to join him. You settled down beside him with your back set comfortably on his chest. The rest of you waiting for the others to return until you realized: “I need a pee break.”

Yoongi’s nose crinkled and you couldn’t help but laugh at the words you knew he was already going to say.

“Too much information, Y/N.”

You shrugged as you stood up and set your water bottle down on the coffee table.

“Just letting you know in case I go missing.”

“Who is going to steal you in our house?!”

Yoongi looked completely at a loss, and you didn’t bother answering him. He should’ve known the person who would steal you away was already seated on the couch.  

You were halfway down the hallway to the bathroom when someone grabbed your hand from behind. You went to let out a yelp of surprise when Taehyung wrapped a quick hand over your mouth. He let go to put his index to his lips to tell you to keep quiet and lead you to his bedroom. As soon as he had you inside you waited until he was finished closing the door to ask, “What the hell?”

His answer didn’t come right away, and came less in the form of words and more of action. His hands found their way to your hips and pulled you to his chest.

“I just want some time alone with my girlfriend. Is that so much to ask?”

His gaze left your pulse speeding up as his lips moved down towards yours. He claimed them softly; a peck here and there, until it deepened and it had your fingers digging into his shoulders. You didn’t protest when he nudged you back towards the bed. Your own hands now locked in his hair and bracing against his neck. A small giggle leaving you as you both landed in a heap on the bed.

Taehyung wasted no time in turning the sound into a moan. His hands working their way under your shirt until they were under both layers of clothing and rolled your nipple between his thumb and index. He tore his lips away from yours and moved down to lock his mouth on your breast, sucking gently to pull your nipple into his mouth.

You let out a gasp as your back arched into the sheets. Your reaction only making him nudge your legs open wider until his hips sat perfectly between them. The position giving him enough control to roll his hips allowing his erection to rub against your core.

Taehyung released your breast and moved back up to kiss you, his hands already making furious work of his shirt. You pressed your hand on his chest to stop him with his shirt halfway over his head.

“Are you sure this is okay? I mean…”

There was no denying you wanted this. God, did you want it. That didn’t mean you weren’t painfully aware of the other six bodies that were currently still very much inside the dorm.

“They’re all watching the movie. They’re not even going to notice.”

As if the universe wanted to prove how wrong Taehyung could be a solid knock echoed against the door. The surprise of it making you jump on the bed and your hands rushing up to cover up your scream.

“I’m gonna have to disagree with you there, Taehyungie.”

At the sound of Namjoon’s voice you felt your face instantly grow pale. How long had he been standing outside? Were they all standing out there?!

“I’ll give you guys a couple minutes to, ugh, situate yourselves but I expect you both out here in five.”

Taehyung let out a groan as his head fell down to your chest. You were too freaked to bother nagging at him, and quickly shoved him off to the side. The embarrassment of having to go out and face them, with all of them knowing what you were doing in here, probably had your face blazing red making you search for comfort by hiding your face in your hands.

“Just leave me in here to die.”

Your words came out a muffled groan, and no matter how hard Taehyung tried to pry your hands off your face, he remained unsuccessful. “No one was going to notice my ass.”

Worth It

Prompt: “There’s something you should know in case I dont make it back.”

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1620

Warning: angst, fluff, spoilers for season 12 episode 22, slight canon divergence

A/N: This is my entry for @kas-not-cas’s 2.5k Follower Writing Challenge! This reminded me how much I love writing Dean! lol -Jo

Originally posted by canonicallysoulmates

Your heart burst with pride as Sam told the hunters his plan to take the fight to the British Men of Letters. This man had been through so much, at one point having been hunted and killed by two of the same hunters in the room. Dean too…

You made a mental note to trip Roy and Walt out in the driveway.

You looked over and saw Dean’s small smile at his baby brother. He’d talked to you before about staying out of this fight, claiming it was because of his leg but you knew that it was because Sam needed to do this, and he needed to find a way to get Mary back. It didn’t make him any less worried though, especially when he would tell Sam.

Sam wrapped up his speech, and Jody herded everyone out of the front door. You turned to face Dean and bit your lip. “There’s something you should know in case I don’t make it back.”

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  • Oswald: when everything is over with you better hope I'll give you a quick death
  • Edward: not if I kill you first
  • Oswald: you already tried once and failed leave the killing to a real criminal Mr. "Riddler"
  • Edward: I should have drowned you
  • Ivy: oh you two just kiss and make up already
  • Ed&os: NO!

anonymous asked:

hi!! idk exactly how to word this, but do you know of any fics where d or p uses kisses/sex to shut the other up or convince them of something? thank you for all your hard work!! 10/10 scientists say ur the best

Just Shut Up (ao3) - Set directly after the last Impossible Quiz video. Dan’s a brat and won’t let a silly game go; Phil just tries his best to help.

Make Me - Phil Lester should know that if your enemy says ‘Shut up!’ you shouldn’t answer ‘Make me’. Pastel!Dan Punk!Phil High school AU

Make Me - d&p sharing a dorm room and at night dan is afraid of the dark so he talks and talks and phil is extremely annoyed until one day he tackles dan in bed “would you shut the fuck up already” “make me” and they kiss.

- Sam

*Warning EoS spoliers*

Guys, I don’t see the whole Lysandra acting as Aelin going too well in the next book.

First and foremost, Lysandra doesn’t know every little detail from Aelin’s life, she could slip up (Ilias, Galan, Ansel have no clue what happened since they arrived to the scene like ten minutes late. Like come on guys, she gave you coordinates and a time to arrive, you couldn’t have shone up early? Well, I doubt Aelin told Lysandra about every little thing that happened in the Red Desert and Mistward so that could end badly).

Second, Aedion is being a crabby bum even though he would totally have done what Lysandra is doing if he was in her place. He would do whatever Aelin asked of him as he is in her court and he loves her. You can bet that Lysandra doesn’t want to live her life as any more of a lie, and that she is doing this because Aelin asked and she answers to her. Also she did not know that Maeve would take her. She only knew that Aelin believes she will die before all this is done. But if Aedion keeps up his crabbiness for too long and keeps ignoring her then someone will for sure notice since he’s been so dedicated to Aelin after all this time, even the 10 years they were apart. Forgive her already you butt hole! I ship you like crazy.

Third, what’s going to happen when Aelin can’t use her fire when trouble comes to Terrasen? When she’s expected to help the Bane or save someone’s life? Does Lysandra hold back? Or risk shifting and being caught?

Fourth, if they don’t tell Evangeline and instead lie and say Lysandra went with Rowan or something, she will probably figure out that she isn’t the real Aelin because of the tattoo that never leaves her wrist in any form or because she just knows Lysandra too well. (this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but Evangeline could accidentally say something and then we’re screwed).

Fifth, Darrow will still be a complete a-hole and will probably notice things like the lack of flame or the tattoo and that will completely suck (if that happens I vote we hog tie him up and let him sit in a dungeon for awhile, he was rude.) Even worse he would probably point something out in front of a lot of people, including the other lords (so we hog tie them all up for not putting any trust in Aelin and leave the Allsbrooks alone because they’re decent people).

And the Sixth reason?

Fleetfoot will know.

Make Me

A/N: it wouldn’t surprise me if the person who sent this prompt in has forgotten they’ve sent it in given it was so long ago but it was too cute to pass up alright

it’s funny cause these are pretty much my own thoughts at night lazily fashioned into a semi-romantic duologue

prompt: college au, d&p sharing a dorm room and at night dan is afraid of the dark so he talks and talks and phil is extremely annoyed until one day he tackles dan in bed “would you shut the fuck up already” “make me” and they kiss 

words: 2,440


It’s like sharing a room with an eight year old, to be honest.



“Phil…?” Dan nibbles his lip, stirring in his bed to face his roommate’s bed.

Followed by another expected silence.

“Are you awake?” Dan whispers again, his voice penetrating the heavy quietness between the two beds in the dimly-lit room, with only Dan’s laptop screen with Netflix as an effective enough nightlight, although Inception had finished hours ago.

“I am now.” Phil hisses, and Dan doesn’t need the light to sense Phil’s glaring the shit out of him.

“You went to sleep ten minutes ago.” Dan narrows his eyes. “No-one can fall asleep that quickly, surely.”

“When you’re tired as fuck, it’s surprisingly possible.” Phil replies through gritted teeth, his sleep deprivation due to having to go through this every fucking night finallygetting the better of him. In all honesty, he can’t remember the last time he’d slept solidly for longer than half an hour the nights Dan’s in the room, and he aches with the memory of how heavenly his bed had felt when Dan visited home for a weekend. “Anyway, seeing as it has only been ten minutes, you’ve barely given me any chance. ”

Dan gives him a tentative smirk, although he’s unsure if Phil’s looking at him or not. “What’s the time?”

“Late enough for you to go the fuck to sleep.” Phil mutters, followed by a brief, obedient pause, and a quiet shuffling and moment of a glowing phone screen. “Two forty-five.” He sighs, horror flooding his voice as he remembers it’s only four hours until his lecture and the only attempts at sleeping he’s made are undeniably very pathetic ones.

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anonymous asked:

Hey can you link me to a fic i guess it's called "Make me" i'm not sure about the title but it was the fic where phil (?) said "shut up" and dan (?) responded "make me"

Make sure to check the library if you think you know the title! :)

Make Me - d&p sharing a dorm room and at night dan is afraid of the dark so he talks and talks and phil is extremely annoyed until one day he tackles dan in bed “would you shut the fuck up already” “make me” and they kiss.

- Tori

Thank you, @shinelikepurple (it’s not letting me tag you for some reason!), this was so much fun to write! Since I couldn’t really work Jaehee into this one, just imagine her watching all this happen with amusement.

Requests are open.~


  • another fight with Jumin
  • he’s talking about how he hates that “trust fund jerk”
  • you are grinning at your phone screen
  • “When are you two just going to kiss and make up already?”
  • assumes you’re joking “very funny MC”
  • “No really…you two would be SO CUTE together!”
  • Offended™
  • nononono NO
  • he is NOT OKAY
  • “Please just tell me you’re joking…please” “nope”
  • feels the need to rethink his existence tbh how can you think I fit with that jerk
  • [insert angry emoji]
  • never quite gets over it tbh


  • once Saeran is integrated into RFA, you notice he and Yoosung are talking a lot
  • you ship it so hard tbh
  • you are convinced Saeran is flirting with him
  • and that Yoosung is just oblivious
  • so you invite Yoosung to dinner with yourself, Saeyoung, and Saeran
  • he pulls you aside
  • “MC…this restaurant seems kind of…romantic”
  • “Yoosung that’s the point this is a double date”
  • “WHAT?!”
  • he’s totally shocked and can’t believe you tried to set him up
  • Saeyoung ships it too tbh
  • Saeran and Yoosung both glare daggers as Saeyoung snickers which makes you ship it even more tbh why can’t they see they’re perfect together
  • Yoosung’s face is beet red for the rest of the date dinner


  • you tried not to meddle but it was killing you
  • Jumin and V were too perfect together
  • childhood friends, super close, he even kept the letters V used to write him how could he not see it
  • “Jumin…why are you and V not together?” you just blurted it out
  • *coughs loudly* “Ex…cuse me?”
  • your face goes red as you explain stammering over your words
  • “Are…are you really sure he’s not the reason you’ve never been interested in women…?”
  • does jumin han is gay i had to
  • “That is ridiculous.”
  • “You didn’t answer my question.”
  • he’s not acting annoyed but you can almost imagine him sighing over his phone
  • “Is there even a point in answering? You have already made up your mind what you believe.”
  • well…true


  • not…even remotely fazed tbh
  • you weren’t even nervous to bring it up
  • “You sure do love to tease Yoosung”
  • as if he could argue that
  • “You two would make a really cute couple…”
  • [insert heart emoji]
  • “Oooooh, Yoosung! Did you see the messages?? Did you??”
  • [Yoosung crying emoji] nooo he’s so mean
  • isn’t actually interested in Yoosung but relentlessly “flirts” w/ him in the messenger from then on out
  • i mean…he’s an S and Yoosung is an M, it works
  • “Nah, in all seriousness MC…I’m too dangerous for that kind of relationship” but the boy is fun to tease
  • whatever, you still think they’d be great together
  • you refuse to let your ship sink and he will always play along bc it makes you happy tbh


  • you were never planning on telling V tbh
  • but he always seemed…so sad
  • you knew he was still hung up on Rika
  • but you noticed the warmth and familiarity whenever he was around Jumin
  • as if he forgot, even for a little while, everything he’d gone through
  • best friends? great. but you thought they’d be perfect together
  • you made a throwaway comment to another member V wasn’t even online
  • and then you got a call from V oh shit he actually still reads the messages???
  • “MC…what did you mean when you said that?”
  • Ahahah…haha…uhm…I think you two would be perfect together.”
  • “………”
  • omg you are so embarrassed you don’t know him well enough for this
  • “I may not agree but I appreciate you thinking of me.” why is he so pure omg


  • you really can’t help it
  • grumpy cutie pie with precious cinnamon roll?
  • it’s p e r f e c t
  • you brought it up to Saeyoung first and he laughed
  • “No wait…I can see it”
  • they seemed to get along really well, Yoosung was always a literal ray of sunshine
  • and neither of you thought you’d seen Saeran smile as much as when he’s talking to him??
  • you cautiously approach the subject no idea how he’ll take it
  • “no”
  • face goes red he tries to hide it by storming off
  • the fact that you thought he could be a match for anyone astounds him tbh
  • and…makes him happy? not that he’ll ever admit it
  • you don’t bring it up again but still highkey ship it and stick to spazzing with Saeyoung about it

Writing a fic brings up the strangest conversations sometimes.

Case in point: “Say… if you were, hypothetically, a guy in the 18 century who was bi, how would you make a convincing argument for why that was not wrong, despite everyone thinking it was?”