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plots i want

  • our muses meeting on an online dating website
  • 24 year old teacher / 18 year old student
  • lots of pregnancy / family plots
  • more older brother’s best friend and little sister hooking up
  • falling in love on new years and being each others kiss into the new year
  • polyamory???!!?!?!?!?
  • foreign exchange student / host families daughter or son falling in love
  • groupie / band member falling in love
  • kidnapped au
  • princess / commoner falling in love
  • ‘i have three months to live lets be spontaneous’ au

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Hi! Do any of you guys know the fic where Betty is an exchange student and her and Jughead kiss at a football game? Sorry if this is really vague but I only read the first chapter. Thank you!

One of my favourites, and adorable to boot. You are looking for Exchange Romance by @daisy-chain-gardens

Rating: Teen and Up

Chapters: 13/?

Summary:  Betty Cooper goes to America for a year as part of a student exchange and ends up living in Riverdale with the Lodges. A story about Betty’s year abroad and the people that help make it unforgettable.


Newly Found Friends: George Weasley One Shot (Requested by Anon)

Request: George Weasley x Exchange student from Ilvermorny school of witchcraft and wizardry. She gets put into Slytherin house but that doesn’t stop him from fancying her. Love at first sight story. Fluffy goodness and their first kiss ever. Please :)

Being an exchange student was hard. Knowing absolutely no souls was really lowering my self esteem, and being casted into the most presumably ‘hated’ house didn’t make anything better.

Every time I walked the halls of Hogwarts, many other students would look at me and just talk. Simple as that. But then again, I don’t really think it’s nice chatter. There was this one student who was in Hufflepuff, and him and his friends would constantly start erupting in laughter when I walked by. I grew confused as to what they might be laughing at, but I found nothing wrong. Believe me, I even checked in the mirror afterwards!

It had now been 3 months since my transfer, and still no one has even attempted to become my friend. I sit alone during meals, and spend most of my time sitting in the library and reading books that I have read before. During the nights I would sit by the fireplace in the Slytherin household and write to my parents, and even tell them about how my time at Hogwarts was filled with such ‘fun’, and ‘friends’, and what not. But little did they know that it was all a heated up lie.

I didn’t grow depressed or anything. Just sad. I still had a good few years left in my time here, and I was just hoping that they would soon be filled with the stories I had in the letters to my family.

“Hi there!” Someone said in my face.

I was dumbfounded. “H-Hello.”

“What’s your name, love?” The boy asked.

“(Y/N).” I said, still confused so to why he was speaking with me.

“You seem new here.” He said to me. I awkwardly nodded my head while my eyes were still opened wide, and the voice in my head said “Just run!”

“Yeah, I am.” I nodded, and tried to swerve past him and be on my way back to my dormitory. He quickly sped up and caught me, still walking very close to me. I internally sighed and just kept on looking forward.

“You can’t just go off without telling me where you’re from.” The boy said. I glanced at him. He seemed to be about my age, and the emblem on his robes let me know that he was a Gryffindor, but he did not act like one at all.

“My name’s George, what’s yours?” He spoke again.

I huffed and decided that it was time to be nice. He had an annoying aura about him, but if I was in his position I wouldn’t want to be treated so poorly. I turned into the corridor, finally facing him.

“You’ve already asked what my name was.” I said to him, chuckling dryly. I looked at him and he started to have a blush creep onto his cheeks, and I felt a warmness enter into my heart.

“Oh, right, sorry.I guess I got caught up on how pretty you are.”

I was taken aback once more. How complimentary can this boy be? Certainly nothing that I would ever suspect.

“No need to apologize.” I said to him sweetly. “Come, walk with me and I’ll tell you all you want to know.”

“I transferred here from Ilvermorny three months ago. My parents decided they wanted a more rural school experience for me, something more open. You know?” I said, looking at him. He nodded.

“I haven’t really made any friends yet. Kind of been on my own, I guess.”

‘Well that’s not good!” George spoke, causing my head to turn at just how cheerful his voice became.

“How about you come to the library with me after 5th period, and we can just talk and mess about!”

Little did he know that I already head down to the library at that same time.

“Oh, I’d love to!” I exclaimed, jumping onto my toes a bit. “It’ll be grand.”

“Hey,” I asked, beginning to become a little unsure. “You don’t mind that I’m a Slytherin, do you?”

“What? Of course not! I could care less.” George smiled, wrapping an arm around me and bringing me in for a quick hug. “I don’t really care about what house you’re in, just as long as you’re nice, I don’t even care about these stupid boundaries people set between us.”

“Thank you George, that’s really comforting.” I looked up at him and genuinly smiled.

“No worries love, see you later!” He swooped down and kissed my cheek, quickly running off down the hall to meet with his friends before I could withhold any reaction. Before I could call his name, he had already turned into the corner and was gone.

I stood there for a moment and just chuckled to myself, nodding my head side to side and blushing like an idiot.

“Oh goodness, what have I got myself into…”

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What if gustav was comeback and tom feel sooo jelous bcs marco's closenes with him?

Here you are! This was really fun to write and I had a fun time doing it! It’s like a funny thing, just jealous Tom. he loves Marco very much.


“Hey Marco… who’s… this?” Tom asked, forcing a smile. Marco smiled excitedly and gave Tom a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Tom! This is Gustav! He’s our other exchange student!” Marco introduced. Tom nodded and eyed Gustav. He didn’t like how close he was getting to the human Tom has gotten so attached to. Tom held out his hand.

“Well Gustav… It’s nice to meet you.” Tom said. Gustav shook Tom’s hand.

“It’s nice to meet you too I- Wow okay you’re squeezing my hand REALLY hard if you could just lighten up a little bit.” Gustav laughed nervously as Tom crushed his hand, it began to burn. “Okay wow… it’s really hot! Oh wow you are burning my hand dude! Like really badly!” Gustav cried. Tom tilted his head.

“Am I?” Tom asked, with fake innocence. Marco nudged Tom.

“Tom, let him go.” Marco insisted. Tom sighed, gave Gustav one last painful squeeze and let go. Gustav cradled his hand and was gasping and screaming in pain. “Sorry Gustav, are you alright?” Marco asked.

“What is WRONG with you dude?” Gustav cried at Tom. Tom grabbed Gustav by his ridiculous hat and pulled him forward to look him in the eye.

“You listen to me and you listen good!” Tom hissed. “I don’t like you.” He growled. Marco grabbed Tom and pulled him away from Gustav.

“Tom! Come on, cut it out!” Marco criticized. “What’s your problem?” He demanded. Tom opened his mouth to argue but he pulled himself back.

“I’m just saying I don’t like him.”

“I’m right here.” Gustav reminded. Tom held up his hand to get him to stop.

“One minute, Gustav.” Tom said. Marco groaned and pulled Tom aside.

“You always do this!” Marco hissed at him. “Gustav is a nice kid who doesn’t want any trouble. Can’t you just be happy to meet one of my friends and be happy about it?” Marco crossed his arms. Tom sighed.

“Yes I’m sorry.” Tom murmured. Marco gave him a little kiss on the head.

“Alright, now come out and be civil when you stop acting crazy.” Marco told his boyfriend. Tom nodded and Marco left.

“You too?” Star came up behind Tom.

“Yeah right!? That guy is the worst!” Tom exclaimed. “Why does Marco think he’s so important!? And great!? He’s not that great! Do you know how easily I burnt his hand? It was so easy to inflict damage. I wasn’t even trying!” Tom stewed. Star gave him a sort of look.

“O… kay. I don’t think that’s something you should be especially proud of but… good job anyway?” Star decided. Tom nodded.

“Thanks.” Tom said. “I’m going to say something.” Tom went to the kitchen and smiled at Marco and Gustav. “Hey guys! Gustav I just want to say I’m sorry about before.” Tom told him. Gustav smiled and nodded, reluctant to accept the apology. Marco smiled.

“Well I’m happy to see you got a grip.” Marco teased. He kissed Tom’s head and went to walk off into the kitchen. “I think the meatballs are ready! I’ll be right back.” Marco said. He left the room and Tom turned to glare angrily at Gustav.

“I’m watching you buddy. You think what I did to your hand is bad? I’ve done a lot worse for a lot less!” Tom warned him. Gustav gulped.

“Like what?”

“You. Don’t. Want. To. Know.” Tom hissed. “Just know that that guy’s lower intestine is now where his brain used to be.” Tom growled. Gustav’s eye’s widened.

“What did you do to his brain?”

“Ever been to Peru?”


“It’s in Peru.”

Marco came back into the living room to see Gustav collecting his stuff. “Hey, Gustav? Where are you going?” He asked. Gustav scrambled to collect his things.

“Ou… o-out. Away from here away.” He rambled.

“Why is-”

“NOTHING’S WRONG!” Gustav shouted. “N-nothing is wrong. Nothing’s wrong. I just have to go and… just… give me a call when this,” Gustav motioned to Tom “is gone.”

Kissing lessons- Mark Tuan

Shamless Promotion for my blog by showing a work of my kpop scenarios. If you like come it then come and request for more scenarios or kpop reacts.

Is this the right place, I thought.

I looked at the piece of paper in my hand that has an address on it. I hesitantly raised fist up and knocked on the door. After a few seconds, I heard a voice from the other side of the door say ‘coming’ in English.

The door opened revealing a teenage boy with wet red hair and a towel around his neck, “oh you must be my new client. You’re just in time, I just finished taking a shower. Come in.”

I walked in scanning his apartment. If you don’t know what I’m doing here, let me explain. I here visiting this guy, Mark, whose known for being a great kisser. He’s doing this business thing where he’s giving kissing lessons, but who are we kidding, people come here to kiss a cute guy. He’s actually a foreign exchange student doing this business to pay for rent.

I was dared by a friend to do this, so it wasn’t really my choice.

We both sat on his couch, keeping a half-foot distance from where we’re each seating.

“Okay do let’s get started, now let’s get started with the basic closed mouth kiss, now face me.”

I did as I was told and faced him, he looked at my lips a he started to move in. He pressed his lips on mine, I didn’t know to respond, it was my first kiss to be honest. He took a moment to whisper to my lips, “respond.”

I hesitantly start to respond back. He rests his hand on my neck and pulling me closer. We both pull away after like a minute.

“Its was pretty good for an beginner,” he says slightly panting.

“Thanks,” I responded shyly.

“Now,” he said with a clap of his hands, “moving on to the next part which is open mouth kissing. Ok, so move your lips comfortably, don’t force yourself.”

He got closer to me once again planting his plump lips on my thin ones. As we were moving our mouths, our entrances widen. His hands rose to my cheeks. His lips were soft and just fit perfectly against mine. His ocean scent filled my nose.

He lets go momentarily and said, “I’m guessing you understand what happens after this right?”

I nodded shyly knowing exactly what’s gonna happen next.

The corners of his lips curves up giving me a soft smile. He soon reattaches his lips to mine and tongue was let free as expected. We entwines our tongues and fought for dominance, and as I predicted, Mark won.

I now understand why so many, and I mean many, girls come to him. He has this sweet yet hot touch to him that makes his so alluring. It wasn’t about just kissing (though that’s what it mostly is), it was you feel loved, special, and treasured as if you’re a dying flower waiting to bloom. And Mark had made me feel something that I never felt before from anybody besides my family.

After we let go after what seem to be like half an hour (exaggeration people ~), I was slightly disappointed.

“Wow,” we both exclaim.

“Can I be honest with you,” he asks.

“Sure,” I answer nervously, because usually starting with a question like that doesn’t always mean something good.

“You’re honestly…the best student I’ve ever had.”

My eyes had widen in pure shock.

“I mean my usual students were sloppy and desperate during their lessons which made the completely unattractive, but the way you moved your lips were pure passion. It made you amazing and just hot.”

Is this really what he thinks, he thinks my kissing is…hot? From the master of kissing himself.

“But that shouldn’t stop you from coming back here, I mean you could always need more practice,” he said with a sexy smirk.

“Sure, I’ll think about, oh and,” I dig in purse and pull out my wallet, picking a 20,000 won ($20) from inside and leaving it to Mark, “heres your money.”

He picks it from my fingers. “Hehe, thank you,” he says like as child who just received a piece of candy.

I pick up my stuff and stood up front the couch, “I should be leaving, thanks for letting me take some of your time for, you know this.”

“No problem, all in a good days worth.”

I nod in agreement and reached for the door. Mark stopped me before I could completely open it.

“Wait, just let get something real quick, a minute that’s all that takes.”

He quickly runs to a room to retrieve something that is apparently for me and quickly comes out for like what he said, a minute.

“Here,” he stretches his arm giving me a note. I was open it, but he quickly told me to open it after I leave.

“Okay, bye.” I turned my body to walk out the door.

“Wait,” he stops me once more.

I gave him once again.

He walked closer towards me, “”

He rested the palms of his hands on my warm rosy cheeks, he bends his head to level at my face. He gave me an intense stare before moving in to kiss me passionately. He slyly moves my hands holding my waist and I grasps on to his shirt, pulling him closer.

He reluctantly lets go and cutely bites his lower lip, “just one more before you leave.”

“Okay, bye…again.”

I give him a small wave as I walked out the door. He waves back and closes the door.

I take the out the note from my pocket and started to read out.

I still can’t believe how good of a kisser you are. I really want you to visit me again. It can be free next time, the kiss I mean. So please, please come.

I cracked a smile at his message. How cute. Well, I know one thing for sure, I was definitely gonna visit Mark again.

@omgjustinoluransi feeding me with that Top Notch Poly shit… i just wanna contribute 

  • tater singing to justin in russian when he’s in Coral Reef Mode to help him coax with the shitstorm of midterms
  • justin and adam getting like FUCKING STOKED when alexei speaks english like, really well, and he is so proud of himsEFL and his boyfriends are PROUD and its so much HAPPINESS (lots of kisses just saying)
  • new russian exchange student at samwell plays hockey really well but eric is having a really difficult time connecting with him so he calls up holster and he’s like “bro i got this” *hands the phone to justin* “we got this” *hands the phone to alexei* “я получил это” (i got this)
  • jack damn near fainting when he walks into tater’s apartment and sees ransom sucking holster off on his couch
    • “i need an eye rinse”
    • “o H HEY we didn’t know you’d be here” *nervous laughter*
    • “i did not sign up for this”
    • *alexei enters* ZAMMBONI!??!?!
  • ramen noodle night when justin orders like 7 takeout boxes of ramen and tater Falls In Love and holster’s sc story is just 130 seconds of alexei consuming box after box, repeating his love for food in english and russian, and lots of gross kisses
    • chowder snapchats him his own story with all caps, FOOOOOOIIINNNNNEEEE

that is all i have take it pls

Love me for me

Word count:2,500k

Warnings: Mentions of sex, depressing thoughts, mentions of self-harm, self-loathing, stuff like that.

Based off of this tumblr post.

Tbh I don’t even know where this came from I just sort of wrote it.

Niall had never thought of himself as insecure.

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Schooled: Part 1--Punch Kissy

Hello, minions! This is my offering for SoMa week 2016 for the Day 1 Prompt, Different Types of Kisses. It is part of the HS Teachers AU that will be the setting for the week.

It’s short and silly and fluffy.  Thanks to @sojustifiable , @redphlox, and @makapedia for looking it over. 

You can also find it on FFN here and on AO3 here.

 Day 2 / Day 3 /  Day 4 / Day 5 / Day 6 /

“Neck kissy!”

He felt the blow to his arm just after the loud stage whisper as they circled the room, rubbing it ruefully as he turned his eyes onto her wide grin. He’d known her long enough to know her punches, even the ones done in jest, hurt, but still couldn’t bring himself to regret any game that made her smile like that.

He really, really liked her smile.

“Where–” he ground out. “I don’t see–” ah, and there it was, a certain tall, red redheaded vice principal off in the shadows with the dance teacher. No wonder she’d punched him so hard.

As his eyes moved back across the room, past the gym full of orange and black streamers and balloons and pumpkins and dancing teenagers under the lowlights of a disco ball, he spotted an 11th grader shyly moving her face up to her date and missing his mouth to plant one on his nose. Soul couldn’t stifle the small chuckle as he whispered, “nose kissy,” and punched his companion softly in the arm the way you might mock punch a child. Maka might not pull her punches, but there was no way in hell he could ever stand to hurt her, not even a little, not even in the spirit of the game.

The really stupid game she had just made up, on the spot, tonight. The really stupid game he knew damn well she’d made up just for him, to distract him, because she knew how much he hated crowds.

That made him want to kiss her, not that he would. He wasn’t quite that suicidal.

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Can do do a Jin fluff where you are a freshman (exchange studant from abroad) and he is a junior, and he becomes your best friend and you two start to have feelings for eachother? Thank yooooooou!

Rated S for Sly Jin that sneaks in kisses even as an exchange student?

Originally posted by vminv

You were supposed to be a representative. Supposed to be professional, calm and collected. You were supposed to make a good impression, you sighed.

You weren’t close minded or anything, but there were just some things you didn’t expect to happen on your Monday mornings.

1. Being picked to show the exchange student around school.

2. Finding out how heartbreakingly attractive the said exchange student (“I’m Jin,” he had provided helpfully as you stared at him with your mouth hanging open) really was.

3. Also getting locked on the school roof with the exchange student.

Of course, you did what any rational person would do.

You panicked.

“Oh my god, this isn’t supposed to happen,” you say, trying to ram the door open which remained tragically and stubbornly unyielding. The thing was rusty and unaccustomed to use, and despite Jin’s (extremely impressive) arm strength, it was clear they were stuck.

A warm hand finds your shoulder and you whip around, verging on mental breakdown.

“I’m so sorry,” you mumble out, incoherent to yourself under your layers of extreme embarrassment and disbelief.

And Jin has the nerve to laugh.

You look at him, incredulous.

“You’re surprisingly cute when you panic,” Jin gets out, and you can’t blame bad room circulation as to why you feel yourself burning because of course, you’re out in the open.

His presence of mind is seemingly a lot better than yours, which is evident because by the time you finish regretting all your life choices, he has called school management, who assure him ‘they’ll get help within the hour’. The words seal your fate.

An hour.

An hour up here.

With the drool worthy exchange student.

No school education or life experience had prepared you for the real struggles of life, clearly.

“We can take turns on truth or dare,” Jin suggests at last, after you’ve finally calmed down and you nod numbly, counting off on your fingers how many more ways you could make an idiot of yourself. So he ends up starting.

“Turn offs?” Jin questions, and you raise an eyebrow, trying your best to ignore the smug grin he’s giving you.

“Oh you know, the usual. Bad boys. Exchange students. The kind with muscle just inadequate to get us out of here,” you say.

Jin fakes hurt and you giggle, and you want to explain away why your heart is beating this damn fast, but even you can tell it has something to do with a certain Kim Seokjin whose smile you can’t seem to tear your eyes off of.

And so you continue, with every question seemingly more personal and daring until finally, it’s Jin’s turn when he says it.

“Best kiss you’ve ever had,” Jin says. You shrug, trying to look like you get asked this all the time by guys as cute as him.

“I haven’t.”

“And pigs fly,” Jin quips, rolling his eyes.

“Well, excuse me if no one wanted to kiss me, disregarding third grade when some kid kissed me in the playground and later cried about it.”

“You really haven’t?”

“Nope,” you say, popping the ‘p’ sound, face blushing furiously. When did they say they would get the door to open again?

Jin looks at you for a long moment, and suddenly everything is quiet, and he’s looking at you with an intensity that burns through you, makes you want to look away. But you can’t.

“Better get started then,” he whispers. “Because we don’t have a lot of time.”

And then he’s kissing you, and it’s not like the movies, you realize. Fireworks to do not erupt and it does not come with background music. But it does come with Jin’s hand gently cupped behind your neck, his lips soft and warm and caring on yours, his eyes closed.

And that, you figure, is just as good.

In the end, it takes then 20 more minutes to get the door open and you’ve made new lists in your head of things you hadn’t expected to do on a Monday morning.

1. Get stuck on the school roof with Kim Seokjin.

2. Tell a cute boy how you’ve never been kissed before.

3. Kim Seokjin kissing you like he meant it.

But this time, you find yourself thinking, you weren’t going to complain.


A/N : The ending is a little different, but I liked it better this way.

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