kiss already jesus


Pairing: pre-war!Bucky Barnes x Reader (ft. pre-serum!stevie)

Summary: Bucky has a thing for Y/N, so when a date of hers tries to take advantage, of course he steps in.

Word Count: 929

Warning: jealous!bucky lol, hints at sexual assault(?), fluuuuuff

A/N: requested by anon!

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Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers and Y/N L/N had been best-friends for the longest time. The three of them did everything together. But, Bucky had always had a thing for Y/N. Steve knew, obviously. Steve also knew that his thing for Y/N was the reason Bucky went on so many dates, he needed a distraction. Little did Buck know, that was the same reason Y/N went on so many dates too.

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cAN WE PLEase talk about the beginning of “steal wheels” (S3E1)

where the thing falls on drakken’s foot and shego is all like “glad i’m not you” like trying to act like she doesn’t give a shit

but then like 3 fucking seconds later he falls backwards and she catches him with no hesitation whatsoever

that was a legitimate friggin like, trust fall moment. without warning. and she nailed it


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Egobang where arin always carries dan around bridal style and dan always complains but they both know he loves it.....ending with kisses

Arin grunted as he lifted Dan into his arms. “Wha-Arin, dude, you gotta give me a warning before you do shit like this man.”
“Sorry, i couldn’t resist,~” Arin teased, sticking his tongue out.
“Pfft- whatever, man. Can you put me down?”
“Nope, I don’t think so.”
“And why not?”
“I don’t feel like it”
Danny was beginning to become flustered over the feeling of being in Arin’s strong arms.
“C'mon, dude let me go,” Dan pouted.
Arin suddenly bent over, causing Danny’s head to be inches from the floor. Dan shrieked.
“Arin! Oh my God that fucking scared me.”
Arin gave Dan a smug look.
“I’m afraid I cannot put you down, my sweet. We still haven’t had our honeymoon,~” Arin joked, causing the red in Dan’s cheeks to darken.
“Quit fuckin’ around, dude,” he whined.
“I will never stop fucking around, and you of all people should know that.”
Danny giggled and wrapped his arms around Arin’s neck. He’ll play his stupid little game.
“You better not drop me, O Charming Prince,” Dan grinned.
“Or what?” Arin pushed
“Or I won’t kiss you, nerd.”
“WOAH! That’s a little harsh don’t you think?”
“Not at all.”
“Wow, rude. I do so much for you and all I get in retu-”
“Shut the fuck up and kiss me already, Arin, Jesus!”
…And they made out all night.

Sometimes I forget just how much of a shoujo heroine Albert is

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Do you think Drarry would have been canon if Harry was put in Slytherin?

I’m not sure. I’m sure that the sexual tension would be x1000 though. Eventually I’m sure someone would be like jusT KISS ALREADY JESUS

Oh boy, more boys got married! You know what that means…more girls! Well, just one girl ;p the last one we need. 

Yep, it’s time once again for some more Lunaaaaaaaaaaa Lessbiannnnssss~

Gasp, future girlfriends’ first words… 

Ah and they already are finding similarities! …Though….Mitama, why the hell are you blushing at that line????

D’awwwwwww, unlocked this line with Kagero… what no she didn’t say “husband” in the second half what are you talking about

Apparently she was so filled with gay by that that she promoted to berserker, damn girl looking good!

…Also, it’s time to recruit this beautiful dorky princess to Sinead’s Sapphic Sweethearts. As is royal custom, Ryoma passed Astra to his daughter ;p She’s gonna wreck shit in Nohrian style with a Hoshidan twist. also imagine hinoka as her aunt and sakura and takumi omg

…I’ll admit there was a long gap between me playing this level and making this post. So I don’t remember how the level went. Ofc i won and the army got that much gayer.

ah yes, her to-do list

Apparently Caeldori has interesting ideas of what it means to look good, since she shortly changed into this…

that’s how you get the girl, caeldori. go for it. 


Briefly reclassed Subaki!Mitama to get darting blow and hell yes she looks made to ride a pegasus.

W-wait, don’t you two think you’re taking things a bit too fast–! 

…Ah. Well, wow Rhajat, I’m impressed you got over Sinead so quickly. You really know the way to Mitama’s heart. 

Oh gosh the crushing has officially begun. Look at that gay haiku Rhajat drew out of Mitama…

Meanwhile, Caeldori is busy not being subtle at all and taking whiffs of Sophie’s hair…

…Okay never mind Mitama has also ceased the subtlety .


meanwhile Caeldori counters with her closetedlesbianopinions-worthy awkwardness. “friends,” sure honey. suuuuuure. 

Also redheads in dark blue at night is my freaking aesthetic 

…I recruited Shiro somewhere within all of that, but apparently I forgot to take any screenshots. Oh well ;p That level I beat on my first try anyway.

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 “I’ll accept that challenge,” said Poe. His eyes drifted shut again. “But I suppose that means you still won’t kiss me, since I’m not in the Church.”

 “If you stay awake until the doctor comes, you can kiss me whenever you like,” Luke promised, reckless and brave, brushing the back of his fingers against Poe’s lower lip. “Just stay awake.”

 “Whenever I like?” Poe repeated, delighted. “I’m going to hold you to that.”

-And the light that shines in darkness by @leupagus

Never make promises to a concussed individual, post-traumatic amnesia is not always your friend.


This one was also a request and for me personally a difficoult one to write. That’s just because there were so many ways this could’ve gone and I started over a couple of times, but I’m happy enough with this one to post it. So I hope you like it too!!

!!!!!If you have a request, feel free to send them in!!!!!

Warning: There is a tiny bit of language, but I’m sure we’re all used to worse… ;)

You smiled when the girl who had just asked her question thanked the three of you, Jared, Jensen and you, for answering her question about the show. This was your first con with the guys and you were beyond happy to finally be here. Too bad that it was almost finished, since this was going to be the last question.

“Hey, I have a question for Y/n & Jensen,” I shot Jensen a bright smile and stuck my tongue out to Jared. He just rolled his eyes, and playfully turned his back to you. 

“Go on, sweety and ignore these two children,” Jensen said through the mic, making the audience laugh. 

“Okay, so has the fact that Dean and Caroline gotten closer and started to fall in love with each other, because let’s face it, they totally are,” others clapped and laughed in agreement. The girl asking the question had gotten your full attention now,

“But has that influenced your relationship off set?” You looked over at Jensen with raised eyebrows, silently urging him to take the question. If only there was a way for you to tell him how you felt. Sure, you and him have always been close ever since you joined the show, but you wanted more. Thanks to the writers, you got to experience how certain things felt with Jensen, even though you were acting. And you had found yourself longing for those scenes to come and longing for them to never end. But you never told anybody about it, let alone Jensen. You had been hurt before and while you doubted he would hurt you, you were a little scared.

“Well, we’re all good friends,” ouch, “but I think she and I have grown closer since Dean and Caroline have. I just think that’s something that naturally happens when actors spend more scenes together and when those get more intimate,” he shot you a smile and you managed to return it. You couldn’t help but feel unsatisfied. Maybe this could be the best way to actually hint at how you feel about him? But the fans could catch on too.

“Yeah, I think this friendship is never going to die,” you continued, making some people awe at your words, “and Dean and Caroline still have a long road ahead of them and so do we. And I honestly love working with Jay, it’s a real delight,” you were interrupted by a scream, a loud booming male scream:

“JUST KISS ALREADY! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!” the words died on your lips and you looked out in the crowd with wide eyes. For a moment everything fell silent, even Jared didn’t say anything. Suddenly, cheers and screams erupted and you couldn’t understand why. Until you felt Jensen’s hand on your shoulder. You looked up and before you had the chance to say anything, his lips were on yours and everybody went wild.