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Hello, it’s me (sorry i had to) and i’m finally updating my ficrec (yay!) there’s ~40 fics on here, so if you happen to be bored give them a go!

As always my favorites are bolded, read the tags before you proceed to read a fic and leave lovely comments on the works if you can! Enjoy!

Here we go:

  • So are you saying yes? by itsmylifekay [8k+ | NR]
    Basically, Zayn works at London’s version of Say Yes to the Dress and has a bit of a celebrity crush. Liam is one of the best runners in the world but can’t seem to escape his attraction to a boy he saw on TV. Louis of course has to meddle and Harry is along for the ride. Liam’s sisters are just trying to help. 
  • The Way You Do by zenamored [2.2k+ | General]
    They don’t define it, not really. At least in terms understandable to everyone else. Right now, it’s them. It’s enough.
    (Alternatively, the one where Liam finds himself at Zayn’s house more often than not and nobody is complaining.)
  • Christmas Without You by ZaynedDown [3.2k+ | Teen]
    “They want me to do a Christmas special and perform.”
    “Liam, tell them no. Christmas is our holiday!”
    “I know that, love. They’re not giving me a choice here, but we’re still spending Christmas together. Nobody will ever take Christmas away from us.”
  • I’ll See You (in Gold and Blue) by Anonymous [50.5k | Explicit]
    Liam is a keeper for the Tutshill Tornadoes, a Hogwarts dropout, and, at seventeen, the youngest professional Quidditch player in England. Zayn is a seventh year Ravenclaw, most likely the next Newt Scamander, and maybe the only boy in the entire wizarding world who doesn’t keep up with Quidditch. It takes a dragon, three near death experiences, and most of the Daily Prophet’s gossip column journalists for them to figure it out but somehow, they get there in the end. Featuring Louis as Liam’s scheming teammate, Harry as a media intern who just wants an exclusive (and a boyfriend), and Niall as the world’s biggest Tutshill Tornado fan and Hogwarts’ biggest ladies’ man. 
  • The course of true love never did run smooth by Anonymous [24.5k | Mature]
    He lets them talk to look around the room while eating his roasted chicken and to his own despair, he meets Liam’s eyes across the room from where he sits with Niall and their friend Sophia. She talks to Liam but it looks like he is not listening, he is looking straight at Zayn and even in the distance, he can see the coldness in those brown eyes. Zayn lowers his eyes then and concentrates on his food, his chicken being a lot less judgmental than Liam fucking Payne and it hurts a lot less to concentrate on his food than to stare into those eyes. Welcome to seventh year Zayn, nothing really changed and he still hates you just as much.
    Or the one where Zayn and Liam are in Hogwarts and kind of hate each other.
  • Elevator to the Moon by hit_it_with_a_shoe [7.7k | NR]
    A few hours of the early morning in which things are barely said.
    Liam comes to visit Zayn’s hotel room. They order room service, have a smoke, and nothing really changes.
    Zayn feels like he’s falling apart inside of his own skull.
  • watch you on the red horizon by jmcats [35k+ | Explicit]
    Liam feels so warm, so overwhelmed. He sinks down into the sofa, pushing a content smile across his knuckles. He feels so honestly grateful for Zayn, just for a moment.The feeling will pass (he hopes) and it’ll lose its momentum like everything else in his life.
    (alternatively: Liam is a struggling writer and a single father who keeps getting stuck in his writing. Zayn is a line cook trying to make something of himself. They’re neighbors. And they definitely don’t act like they’re married. At all.)
  • Brighter Than The Summer Sun by Boyfriendsziam & zipplekink [10.4k+ | Explicit]
    Zayn has always liked going to the local park with his dogs and his homework, or his sketchpad. But he has liked it more lately, though he has been distracted from his work, because he can’t keep his eyes away from Liam, a volunteer for the youth summer camp, as he runs around and plays with the campers.

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hockey players kissing their goalies’ helmets after a game (✿◠‿◠)

hockey players with accents or able to speak 2+ languages (◡‿◡✿)

hockey players around/with kids (✿♥‿♥) 

hockey players’ arms/thighs/butts (ʘ‿ʘ)

hockey players with long/short hair, no beard/yes beard (◕‿◕✿)

hockey players (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

hockey teams (ಥ﹏ಥ)


player profiles: Dallas Stars edition 

#31. Antti Niemi. (Nemo). August 29, 1983. Vantaa, Finland. 6′2″. Goaltender. Undrafted. 1st NHL shutout: Oct 3, 2009 CHIvsFLA. Represents: 🇫🇮. Awards: Stanley Cup Champ 2010 w/CHI, Olympics bronze 2014. 

“Mistletoe? Mistletoe? Mistletoe? Kiss a goalie?” [kissing noises] “Mistletoe? Mistletoe? Mistletoe?” [That’s a cactus!?] “Is it? ahaha!