kiss & tell ep

thoughts i have when i’m trying to fall asleep: 

 what if alec leaves during their first date 

 what if something happens at the institute, or he gets a call about jace, and he just…bails 

 he makes some “i’m really sorry this is really important can we pick this up later” excuse, and leaves magnus at the hunter’s moon 

 and magnus will understand but also of course be hurt and a little pissed 

and whatever happens gets resolved, and then alec goes to magnus’s to apologize/beg for forgiveness 

 which prompts magnus’s line “there will always be war. if you fail to grant time for the things you care about, you’ll forget why you’re even fighting at all." 

and then alec (hopefully) says something about fighting for magnus 

and then they kiss (because from what we can tell that line and the kiss are all in the same ep) 

wouldn’t that be something??



me: *finds out there will be a Shandy kiss after 4x10*


me: *realizes that after 4x10 comes the hiatus*