Los Angeles update with stunning HANNA-REETTA!

What is your story and how did you pursue modeling?

Originally i’m from a small inland city called Kankaanpää. It was a great place to grow up and in a small place where you know almost everybody around you it was also very secure. I had many hobbies, theatre one amongst others. After comprehensive school I decided to take my first step towards independency and applied to Tampere Arts-oriented senior secondary school. 

My time during High school went very quickly. I spent my time rehearsing at the theatre and seeing friends. I didn’t think about modeling at that time, thought many of my friends were pushing me to send polaroids to agencies. I applied to the Tampere school of economics and started to study there in 2011. That was the time when I got the courage to send my photos to Brand Model Management. They answered quickly and I went to the agency and spoke with Toni Korpineva about my goals and possibilities to work. At that point it was for me to try what modeling can offer and vice versa. Now I’m sitting in a cafe in Los Angeles… So many good things have happened during the past two years!  What has been so far the best experience? I started traveling as a model last January when I went to Singapore for three months. That was an amazing experience! I think the best work experience I had there was a Gucci fashion show. What I enjoy the most in modeling is to get to know new cultures and people. That is definitely the best part of it. I think this is an opportunity you shouldn’t waste..  After Singapore I spent a few months in Finland and right after that I flew here to LA. The city of Angels is a good place to work on my book, people are friendly and I did a lot of shows during LA fashion week. A show for Sue Wong was beautiful, it was held in an old theatre and the show was like a scene from a movie of the Great Gatsby. Life is totally different here, distances are very long so every day I spend couple of hours by sitting in a bus. How do you spend your free time in L.A.? During my free time I concentrate of taking care of myself for example by hiking. Recently, I hiked to the Hollywood sign with model, Ann-marie Ainikkamäki

Your stay is coming to an end in L.A, whats your next move? Time flies too fast, I feel like I just came here and now it is less than two weeks when I’m coming back home! I’m going to miss this place very much. Actually that is the thing I hate the most about modeling - when you are abroad you miss your friends and family back home, but when you are in Finland you miss all your new friends you have met during your trips. My goal is to go to New York. I think I would enjoy that place. Tokyo is a plan as well. Any tips for aspiring models? In my opinion models who really want to make it should always be themselves. Take good care of your health and focus on your good feeling. Traveling while you are young teaches a lot and you have a very special opportunity to see the world. Everyone should realize that and be thankful of being part of a wold-wide fashion community.